My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 96

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If the Black Fiend wants to take charge of Fengxian Town, he must clean up the Black Armor Army.

It seems that it has been done now, and it is not difficult to think about it. After all, the cultivation base of Method Release Immortal Master is there, and it is difficult for anyone to fight against it.

“It has nothing to do with me anyway.”

Lu Chen didn’t rush to see Fang Hong, he stayed in an Inn, took out the little Yin Sector, lifted his foot into it, Then, with a wave of his hand, he released Yanyang Armor. This Yanyang Armor is Yuan Qingshan’s blood refinement Magical Artifact.

Pour out the tainted blood.

Lu Chen sat cross-legged, Spiritual Qi surged out of his body, and after a while, he opened his eyes and shook his head helplessly. Difficult to remove, not overnight.


He wasn’t helpless either.

“Yaoyao, come and wish big brother a helping hand.”


Meng Yao, who was playing with Hu Niu in the distance, touched her. Touching Hu Niu’s big head, warned repeatedly:

“Niuniu, be obedient to yourself, Yaoyao go to help big brother.”

“ao wu ~”

Meng Yao flew back and landed on Lu Chen’s shoulders.

The little hand tore off a prayer coin hanging on his neck and started to make a wish. As each prayer coin was consumed, the progress accelerated rapidly. A pool of blood was forced out in the middle, completely removing the mark left by Yuan Qingshan.

Never stop.

Smear Yanyang Jia with your own blood while refining with Spiritual Qi.

After one hour passed, all the prayer coins were used up. Lu Chen gently put out a breath and finally opened his eyes.


Yanyang armor suddenly disintegrated and turned into pieces of armor, which instantly merged into Lu Chenโ€™s body, flowing back and forth throughout the body along the blood, Lu Chen stood up, and with a thought, the Yanyang Armor in his blood instantly reorganized and appeared on the surface of his body.


A sense of security enveloped the body and mind.

โ€œpeng~ peng~!โ€

โ€œGood! Itโ€™s good!โ€

Lu Chen tapped the thick nails on his body, very happy, until Now, he lacks a defensive spell, and now with this body protection, even the ordinary Method Release Immortal Master will hardly hurt him.


This Yanyang Armor can not only be activated with Spiritual Qi, but also consume blood night to reveal its power.


“Take the sky!”

“Defy the law!”


“Red flames!”

Lu Chen wears dark red body armor and stomach, lifts his feet to the void, like walking on the ground, constantly showing all kinds of rune abilities.



“It’s so good!”

Lu Chen grinned, his thoughts moved, and the armor and stomach converged into his body.

This Yanyang Armor can only be used as a hole card, and it is not suitable for showing it in front of outsiders. After all, Yuan Qingshan is not dead. If you know that Lu Chen stole his Yanyang Armor, it must be irreconcilable.

Refining Yanyang Jia, Lu Chen didn’t rush out and took out a jade box.

Open the jade box.

I saw a fire bird the size of a finger belly in it. The head was born with a brocade crown and red feathers. It was extremely beautiful. At a glance, I knew that it was not an ordinary thing. The fire bird spread its wings and flew from the jade box. Lu Chen opened his mouth and took a breath, then swallowed it into his stomach.

Sit down.

Refining slowly.

On this day, Lu Chen refined the spiritual object of fire, Dual Spiritual Roots transformed into three spirit roots!


As the sun sets in the west, in the Lutang Hall, Fang Hong is drinking cup after cup of stuffy wine in the small courtyard. A loud noise came from outside, he frowned, put down his glass, came to the courtyard gate, and asked the two soldiers guarding the gate:

“What happened?”

“Go back to the Guard Lord, the people from Punishment Hall are searching for the fugitive.”


Fang Hong’s eyes flickered, and he patted the other party’s shoulder casually, saying with a smile:

“Little Brother, do you want to search here too?”

“I don’t know.”

“Oh, good work.”

Fang Hong walked back worriedly, his eyes widened, he saw that there was one more person in front of the table, his heart skipped a beat, and he quickly lowered his voice:

“You…why are you here?”

Lu Chen flipped out his hands and took out the first rank spirit wine, Baihua Brewing, poured three glasses in a row, put it away carefully, drank one cup himself, and handed the other cup to Meng Yao on his shoulder, watching Meng Yao squinting. Bright big eyes, sipping the spirit wine, he said with a smile:

“Pick you back.”

“Go back?”

Fang Hong He quickly shook his head and said solemnly:

“I can’t go back, my precious daughter will suffer when I go back.”

“This time is different from the past.”

Lu Chen laughed dumbly and briefly recounted what had happened in the past few days. Fang Hong was stunned and said surprisedly:

โ€œJun Wuji died?โ€

โ€œen !”

“Fengxian Town recovered?”


“Red Devil is dead?”

” en!”

“Heisha is going to take the top?”


Fang Hong calmed down after a while, and drank the spirit wine in one gulp. , shouted:

“Good wine!”

Speaking, pulled up Lu Chen’s sleeves and walked to the room, whispering:

” Let’s go, boy Lu, I’ll take you to meet someone.”

“Who is it?”

“You’ll know when you see it.”

” Squeak~”

The door was pushed open, Lu Chen and Fang Hong entered the room, and saw a person lying on the bed, eyes closed, motionless, with a black cloth covering his cheeks, eyebrows and eyes Vague has several points of familiarity.

Lu Chen stepped forward, stretched out his hand and tore off the black cloth, surprisedly said:

“This… Jun Wuji?”

“No! “

Fang Hong shook his head and explained, “It’s just that they look similar. When I was eating in the morning, I heard some movement. When I came out, I saw that this man was lying in the yard. He was seriously injured. Help him.” When bandaging the wound, I found that the other party was hiding a token, which confirmed his identity, it is the [Xiyi Lang] of the Great Hao Dynasty.”

Speaking, Fang Hong took out a token, This token is very small and has a big thumb. One side is engraved with the flying Three-legged Golden Crow, and there are two characters “Great Hao”, and the other side is engraved with three characters:



“Yes, Xiuyi Lang is similar to a spy. Although his identity is not obvious, he has direct advice and can reach the sky to listen. Now the Divine Province is in turmoil, Wind and rain are swaying, and Embroidery Lang is the emperor’s ears and eyes, and his identity is more important.”


Lu Chen understands that he lacks interest.

This embroidered man is probably Jun Wuji’s stand-in. If Heisha wants to control the Black Armor Army justifiably, it is best to get the approval of the little emperor. Talk to the little king.

For Lu Chen.

It’s not really useful.

Maybe he can become a secret hand to occupy Fengpo City in the future, but Lu Chen is more willing to believe in his own strength. This should be the difference between him and Fang Hong. One still believes in tricks, and the other only relies on strength.

“peng peng peng!”

“Open the door, open the door!”

There was a hurried knock on the door outside, and Fang Hong panicked:

“Quick, hide people.”

“Don’t panic!”

Lu Chen took a step forward and waved Xiuyilang into Xiao Yin Sector, don’t stop, hands form a secret art, silently said:

“Five ghosts and heavens!”


The searched pawns Breaking in, the silhouettes of Lu Chen and Fang Hong are long gone.

“shua~ shua~ shua~!”

The two moved out of thin air again and again.

“This… this came out?”

“en. โ€

Lu Chen nodded with a smile and said again:

“Old Fang, I have put you in a Secret Realm, please bear with me, it won’t take long to return to Fengxian Town.”

Fang Hong said blankly:

“Oh, good!”


Lu Chen waved his sleeve robe and put it into the little Yin Sector.

He then squeezed his sword fingers, stepped on the Peach Wood Sword, and flew all the way to the north. Soon, he came to the vicinity of the mass grave, and saw thousands of corpses standing in the mass grave from a distance. At this time, the setting sun was like blood, and a thousand corpses were drilled out again. They were almost finished growing, and only a calf was still stuck in the pit.

The wound originally cut by Lu Chen was completely healed. The entire body was 100 meters high and consisted of headless corpses, with countless flying heads flying around.

It’s terrifying.



With a sword cry, the Peach Wood Sword under his feet grew a little longer, Lu Chen’s sleeve robe waved, Fang Hong stepped out of Yin Sector as a child, and stood carefully in the Peach Wood On Sword, looking into the distance, the complexion greatly changed:

“This…is this weird?”


Lu Chen nods , explained:

“In order to win over the army, the black and red Shuangsha ordered the surrender of more than 10,000 phoenix armies to be executed. Almost overnight, this thing was formed. Its strength is as high as the third rank. Sha.”

“third rank…”

Fang Hong’s voice trembled and said solemnly:

“This thing is just a coincidence Formed, the sooner you get rid of it, the better. When it is fully born, hundreds of thousands of miles around will become its hunting park. At that time, these flying skulls will hunt around, and their strength will become more and more terrifying, and the harm will become more and more serious. , Fengxian Town and Fengpo City will bear the brunt, and there will be no peace.”

“So serious?”

“Even more serious, I know why Mozhou is a vast sea ?”

“I don’t know!”

“It is said that a long time ago, Mozhou was not called Mozhou, but Xihezhou, because there was a strange, that strange The name is [Immortal Drought], and there is a lot of noise. Wherever it goes, there are thousands of miles of bare land, which makes Xihe Prefecture turn into a vast sea.”

“so that’s how it is.”

Lu Chen suddenly, frowned:

“It’s not easy to destroy it now. We can’t do anything by relying on Fengxian Town alone. In this case, it is best for the entire Yuluan Prefecture to participate. Letโ€™s work together to exterminate them.โ€

โ€œThatโ€™s right, but we donโ€™t show our identities, but we donโ€™t have the ability to contact all parties.โ€

โ€œIsnโ€™t there a black evil?โ€

“That’s right, this incident has nothing to do with Fengpo City. A river of evil water can’t stop a thousand corpses. Heisha knows about this, and he will definitely make preparations early. Maybe he is already contacting various Fang.”

“Mostly so, let’s just wait and see what happens.”


The two agreed, and Lu Chen said nothing more , As soon as the thought moved, he reached out and held the upside-down blood saber, and slashed it with a wave of the saber.


Scarlet knife rainbow swept across the sky, slashing the body of a thousand heads, leaving a terrifying wound, and hundreds of flying heads died. Lu Chen kept going, another knife in the backhand, and a large number of flying heads died. Thousands of corpses were almost smashed in half, and countless flying heads screamed in horror.

They sank into the mass grave together and never came out again.

[Nine Heavens Demon Slayer Upgrade Condition]:

[1]: Four thousand dead souls (924/4000 not reached!)

…. ..

Fang Hong next to him was stunned, looked at Lu Chen as if he was looking at another weird one, and said in a trembling voice:

“You…what kind of cultivation base are you? “

“Qi Refinement 8-Layer!”

Fang Hong looked dazed and said blankly:

“Qi Refinement 8-Layer is so strong?”

โ€œhehe ~โ€

Lu Chen smiled mysteriously and flew towards Fengxian Town with Fang Hong. Now he can use Lesser Divine Ability to suppress thousands of corpses until the other party is completely born. , If he thinks about it again, it will be difficult.

All the way is safe.

Not long after, I finally returned to Fengxian Town.

The two fell at the top of the city, Fang Hong was very emotional, looking at the lights of thousands of homes, his lips trembled:

“It’s back~”


Fang Yuqi, dressed in white clothed men’s clothing, came in a hurry after being summoned by Lu Chen. The father and daughter met each other. It was an inexhaustible bloodline love, and the three ate at the Guard Lord’s house. After dinner, Lu Chen walked into the boudoir with a pair of slender hands.


“Lu Lang~”

Four eyes are facing each other, the husband is in love with his concubine, the two hug each other tightly, Ermos On the temples, Fang Yuqi’s breathing was messy, his pretty face was slightly red, and Lu Chen’s bloodline was sputtering.



The clothes are flying, the red tent is hanging down, Fang Yuqi is shy and timid, his apricot eyes are warm, and Lu Chen slowly Bend over.

Dry firewood flames.

at the crucial moment.

“cough cough ~”


A few soft coughs sounded outside the door, Fang Hong knocked on the door and called:

“Boy Lu, accompany me to drink a cup!”


Lu Chen was depressed for a while, and lay on his back On Fang Yuqi’s lovable body, the two looked at each other with a wry smile.

“Next time?”


Lu Chen sighed, his big hands were very dishonest, making Fang Yuqi full of red clouds His face was slightly short of breath, Lu Chen moved his index finger, and heard Fang Hong shouting:

“Little Lu, come out quickly, the food and drinks are ready.”

“Where is there you? The girl is delicious…”

Lu Chen complained in his heart, biting a pair of lips, so much entanglement, so much reluctance, Lu Chen got up reluctantly .

Good where water flows, a canal is formed.

Putted by father-in-law.

Lu Chen was furious, thinking about pouring the other party down, and then continuing the front, but the old man was very alert, and only drank three cups and then ate peanuts, Lu Chen was helpless, chatting awkwardly After one hour, Qi Jiu got out of the Guard Lord’s mansion and flew all the way to Toad Island.

Walking through Tibetan Mountain.

Through the sea of fog.

Lu Chen landed on Toad Island, UU reading quietly opened the door of Cave Mansion, and saw the red fox Chu Yiyi lying behind the door guarding the door, looking alert.



Lu Chen made a gesture and crept into Cave Mansion, all the way to the deepest room, Quietly walking through the outer room where the two little girls lived, bypassing the beauty screen, I saw Jiang Hong’e lying on his side on the show couch, with a graceful back, not covering an inch, only a thin brocade quilt covered him.

Lu Chen felt a fire in his heart, shook his clothes lightly, put the dust-sweeping robes into the Spirit Orifice, lifted the quilt, and slipped in quietly.

โ€œen? “

Jiang Hong’e exquisite lovable body trembled, woke up, a red glow appeared on his pretty face, and complained:


The front chest was pressed against the back, Lu Chen hugged Jiang Hong’e tightly, smelled the fragrance of the beauty, and said softly:

“I’m back. “


“Did you miss me? “

“I think~~~”

Jiang Hong’e’s voice trembled, and Yingying, the little white fox in her arms, finally realized something was wrong and woke up. Crawling out of his arms, he looked around with big smart eyes, saw Lu Chen, glared angrily, and said fiercely:

“Bastard, don’t bully mother~”

“What does the little child know. “

Lu Chen rolled the eyes, waved the little fellow into the little Yin Sector, and said warmly:

“Hong’e, let’s continue.” “


“Tonight…you won’t go home if you don’t get drunk!” “



Without sleepless nights, Jiang Hong’e is radiant and Lu Chen is in high spirits , the two of them were lying on the same couch, hugging each other tightly, whispering whispers and talking about all kinds of experiences going south.

Jiang Hong’e sometimes asked, sometimes exclaimed, and was not satisfied until late in the morning Go to sleep.

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