My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 97

Lu Chen put on his clothes and got up, and as soon as he walked outside, he saw two little girls staring at the dark circles with sad expressions, pretty and daring, and jumped directly into Lu Chen’s arms , can’t wait to get into his body:

“Young Master, Qinghe misses you~”

“little girl~”

Lu Chen laughed dumbly and hugged Qi Qinghe turned around, making the other party “ge ge” to laugh, and put him down, Qinghe stood cheerfully, with her full head fine black hair scattered behind her, and her bulging little chest, letting Lu Chen Look up and down.

A pair of brows and eyes are ashamed.

Have not seen each other for half a month, and the pretty green lotus is more and more slim.

“Yes, I’ve grown up again, and I’m almost as good as your Qing Cao elder sister.”

“hehe ~”

“Young Master!”

Qing He’s face was full of joy, and Qing Cao, who was beside him, was quiet and quiet, but he couldn’t hide his joy.

The three of them frolic for a while. Lu Chen walked out of the Cave Mansion and released the two tidal boats. The two boats were exactly the same, majestic and magnificent, far from being comparable to ordinary boats.

After placing the boat properly, Lu Chen Yujian flew out of Toad Island and landed on the distant river bank, starting the cultivation of Aoki Longevity.

“Hold Kunlun with both hands~”

“Left and right drums~”


Yellow leaves fill the sky Flying, endless vitality gathers, and the longevity pill in the lower abdomen also grows slowly.


After a long time, I opened my mouth and took a breath, slowly withdrawing my power.


At this moment, a red light suddenly shot.

Lu Chen looked alert, raised his feet and took a step back in a hurry, the red light swept past him, and with a sound of “dole”, it pierced into the big tree next to it, making a muffled sound, piercing the hole. tree.

Lu Chen turned his head to look, and saw a patch of water on the Akutagawa River gradually calming down.

β€œΓ‘o hΗ’u ~”

Meng Yao, who was playing in the distance, rode a tiger girl and ran, gestured with small hands, panting with rage:

β€œbig Brother, he’s a red bad guy.”



Lu Chen looked thoughtful and took Meng Yao with him. Look carefully.


“big brother, here!”


Lu Chen stepped forward and saw Meng Yao sitting on Hu Niu’s back, leaning up. Holding his little head, his little finger pointed to the big tree in front of him. He looked up and saw a red object embedded in the tree.


Lu Chen jumped up, reached out and pulled the thing off.

This is an item similar to an arrow, the size of the little finger, triangular, dark red, bone, and the front end is very sharp. Lu Chen silently performed the Qiankun mapping method, reached out and beckoned, and took a shot. Shallow red breath.

The left hand slowly spread out, revealing a picture.


This is Akutagawa Hanoi, where the undercurrent is turbulent, a monster is diving fast, this monster is humanoid, covered with dark red horns, face looks sinister, like a corpse that had been stripped of human skin, with a long tail dragging behind him, with a small section missing from the tip of the tail.

The missing part is similar to what Lu Chen is holding.

“It turned out to be Jiang Nu.”

Lu Chen suddenly recognized this thing. It was this monster who traded with Zhou Ziyu at the beginning. The items in the trade seemed to be two dead. baby.

Lu Chen watched seriously, Meng Yao dragged her cheeks, and looked at it with interest.


Soon, Jiang Nu finally dived into the bottom of the river, got into a narrow cave, and swam all the way to a larger space. , This seems to be Jiang Nu’s lair. As far as the eye can see, on the top of the cave, there are small silhouettes hanging, all of which are dead babies.

These babies are wrapped in viscous liquid and hang from the ceiling of the cave.

Some of them have grown small tails, and have dark red horns on their bodies.

“Good guy, I’m afraid there are hundreds of them.”

Lu Chen’s eyes flickered, and he saw Da Jiangnu holding out a glass bottle from the corner with his claws, breaking the bottle body, revealing the dead baby in it.



Da Jiangnu kept vomiting at the dead baby, and the viscous liquid gradually wrapped the dead baby for a moment. After that, Da Jiangnu stopped and hung the dead baby on the ceiling of the cave. He also pierced the rock wall with his tail, closed his eyes on his head and feet, and began to rest.

“A strange species.”

“A strange way of reproduction.”

Lu Chen took Meng Yao to the bank of the Akutagawa River with a sigh of relief. Shaking, a five-stringed wire shoots out from the index finger, and the spirit snake generally swims and dives into the water, diving all the way down, and extending to the end after 100 meters.

“Fortunately there are five.”

The thought moved slightly, and the five strings were hooked together and continued down.


Da Jiangnu was resting when the five-stringed silk suddenly struck, entangling the opponent’s neck and tying a dead knot.


Da Jiangnu screamed and struggled, tearing with force, but to no avail.

Lu Chen sat down on the shore and began to “slaughter fish”. Can no longer resist.

β€œcrash-bang ~”

Lu Chen began to take up the line and quickly dragged Da Jiangnu to the shore.



Meng Yao rode a tiger girl and looked around Jiang Nu curiously, and turned away Cherry Xiaozui, Lu Chen laughed, this Jiang Nu can trade with Zhou Ziyu, and can naturally understand people’s words.

Akutagawa River is another spiritual river.

The water depth is several hundred meters.

Among them, the aliens are hard to count, and it is impossible to kill them. Lu Chen can only occupy Toad Island at most, and it is difficult to set foot underwater. If he can capture this nest of Jiangnu, he can take care of the underwater. .

The previous Zao Nu was an idle chess player.

Now it’s time to move on.

Threats and intimidation.

Jiang Nu just refused to give in and showed extraordinary willpower, but Lu Chen gave him a high look, he looked thoughtful, stretched out his hand and threw Jiang Nu into the Akutagawa River, With a slight shake of his left hand, the five-stringed silk tied to his neck was automatically untied.

β€œcrash-bang ~”

Jiang Nu escaped from the dead, crying with joy, fluttering a few times, and disappearing in the blink of an eye.

“Big brother, why did you let the bad guy go?”

“It’s going to be a long time in Japan, we’re not in a hurry.”

Lu Chen reached out and squeezed Meng Yao Yuandu Du’s small face, with a correct smile, Meng Yao tilted her little head, seemingly understanding but not understanding. For the next two days, Lu Chen did not leave Toad Island.

Dive into Cultivation with Jiang Hong’e at night and play hide and seek with Jiang Nu during the day.

Two days.

Seven escapes and seven verticals.


After capturing him for the eighth time, Jiang Nu finally gave in and paid a salutation to Lu Chen.

Crawling on the ground.

Respect like a god!

For the past two days, it has tried its best to do everything possible, but it can’t escape the opponent’s palm. will yield.

“Get up.”


Jiang Nu stood up tremblingly, bowed his body, and the pair of fins on his face opened When he closed, the tail behind his back swung back and forth, no longer standing tall as before.

“Fairy Wood”

“Very good!”

Lu Chen is satisfied nodded, warned repeatedly:

“Since following I will help me pay attention to the underwater movement, and if there is any abnormality, you need to report it to me in time.”


Jiang Nu nodded hard, indicating that he should keep in mind.


“Pu Tong!”

Jiang Nu jumped into the Akutagawa River, Lu Chen turned his head and saw Jiang Hong’e carrying Two little girls came out of Cave Mansion and walked towards this side. The two little girls were each holding a Small Fox.

“Is everything cleaned up?”

“I don’t have much to clean up, and it’s not that I won’t come back.”

Jiang Hong’e closes his ears Bian Qingsi looks more and more charming, the skin on her face can be broken by blowing bullets, and her phoenix eyes are as gentle as water. Compared to Jiang Hong’e’s calmness, the two little girls are much more excited.



For more than a month, isolated from the world, the two miss the lively Fengxian Town.

“Okay, wait a minute!”

“What’s the matter?”

“I have a spirit plant seed on me, which I just planted. “

Lu Chen said, found a relatively flat ground, dug a shallow pit, buried the spiritual seed, went to the cultivation quiet room again, and poured some spiritual spring water, Pour on top.

“That’s it?”

“Almost, this Toad Island has a spiritual vein, and Spiritual Qi is quite strong. When you have time, pour spiritual spring water a few times, and you should It can sprout.”


Jiang Hong’e didn’t quite understand either, she stepped forward and clenched Lu Chen’s big hand with beautiful eyes:

“Let’s go.”


Lu Chen nodded, stretched out his hand and waved, Peach Wood Sword landed on the ground and expanded several times. Get on Peach Wood Sword, with a sword cry, Yu Jian flew to Fengxian Town.


When I flew to Fengxian Town, it wasn’t noon yet. People coming, people going in the market below was quite lively, Lu Chen was driving Circling overhead with Peach Wood Sword, sharp-eyed townspeople pointed fingers at the sky.

“Look, there’s a Divine Immortal!”

“What a Divine Immortal, it’s just a cultivator for learning a little spell.”

“che, you have Can you fly one too?”


Lu Chen ignored these and asked:

“Where are we going, it’s Scarlet Chamber Garden or Long Spring Temple?”

“Long Spring Temple.”

Jiang Hong’e smiled and was in a good mood, she explained: “This time is different from the past. , and then live in the Scarlet Chamber Garden…somewhat out of place.”

“That’s right!”

Lu Chen still misses the Scarlet Chamber Garden, and put his arms around Jiang Hong’ e weak and boneless waist, bad said with a smile:

β€œDignified Mrs. Jiang, I can only go to Long Spring Temple to be a Mrs. Temple Master, I am wronged.”

“No point!”

“hehe ~”

Jiang Hong’e glared at Lu Chen, two little girls frolicked along, in happy laughter and cheerful voices , Lu Chen Yujian landed in Long Spring Temple, and took the three of them to visit everywhere, the garden in the front yard, the pond in the back yard, the pavilions, the rooms, the scenery, and all the places.

The more I see it, the more I like it.

The more you look, the more satisfied you are.

Two little girls volunteered, brought storage bags, energetic and bustling to the market to buy items, Jiang Hong’e took Meng Yao and Hu Niu, and two Small Fox to clean the courtyard.

The cool Long Spring Temple has gained popularity again.

Lu Chen smiled, looked at him, was very happy, turned around and saw Fang Yuqi in white clothed walking in, followed by the little White Tiger fairy, and many people behind him.

β€œWhy is General Fang here? The small road excuse me for not going out to meet you.”

With a teasing sound, Lu Chen took two steps forward and went to pull Fang Yuqi’s slender jade hand, Fang Yuqi couldn’t let go in the crowd, and glared at Lu Chen angrily.

Lu Chen smiled embarrassingly and retracted his palm.

Fang Yuqi looked at the entire Long Spring Temple and met Jiang Hong’e from a distance.

in a flash.


Immediately, it was not only removed, and replied: “The current Long Spring Temple is no longer a few broken houses in the past, and it has to be taken care of from time to time. I brought four old mothers here, and there are them. It’s always easier to help clean up.”


“They’re all old people from the former Guard Lord’s mansion, don’t worry.”

” That’s fine!”

Lu Chen saw that the four of them were good-natured, honest and dutiful old women, and nodded agreed, and saw that there were four other people in the crowd, two men and two women, and the maximum was no more than ten years old, surprisedly said:

“Who are these four?”

“You forgot the three thousand boys and girls? The four of them are the only ones with spirit root among them. , one Dual Spiritual Roots, three single spirit roots, the aptitude is not bad, I am afraid that it will be buried in other places, this time I came here, just to ask if you will accept it?”

Four little fellows He stepped forward, bowed to Lu Chen, and said in unison:

“Meet your benefactor, thank you for your life!”

“Get up.”

Lu Chen helped people up, but for the time being, they couldn’t see their personalities, and they had no plans to accept apprentices.

However, Long Spring Temple is quite big, and the backyard is enough for him to live with a few girls, and more than enough. As for the front yard, it can accommodate dozens of people, and it cannot be empty all the time, housing four women. It’s more appropriate to have four little fellows.

“Just live in the front yard and see how you behave in the future.”

“Thank you, Grace!”

“Call me Temple Master from now on .”

“Yes, Temple Master!”

After placing a few people properly, the four wives began to help clean up the Taoist temple, with neat hands and feet, and the little fellows were also busy. , Lu Chen took Fang Yuqi and Jiang Hong’e back to the inner courtyard and sat down in a pavilion. Fang Yuqi said worriedly:

“Yesterday Heisha sent someone.”

“What do you say?”

“A military order was issued to let Tong Xin and I lead troops back to Fengpo City.”

“Don’t worry, the two places are too far apart, UU Reading Now Fengpo City is supported by him alone, it is difficult to free up his hands, and there are thousands of corpses. He does not dare to go north alone. Immortal crossbow?”

“en. ”

Fang Yuqi chose to shoot the immortal crossbow, and his face softened a lot:

I am going to set up a separate battalion, special purpose , tentatively named Shexian Camp, used to contain the Method Release Immortal Master, but this is only an expedient measure, without its own Method Release Immortal Master, it is difficult to be stable after all.”


“Fang, what’s your plan?”

“Now that the army is strong, there is only one Method Release Immortal Master left. I plan to continue to operate the Akutagawa River Ferry and vigorously mine it. Salvage spiritsand, fully supply Lu Lang’s cultivation, and strive to achieve Method Release Immortal Master as soon as possible.”

“This is not necessary.”

Lu Chen shook his head, he was not short of resources.

The spirits and Spirit Stone on him are also enough for cultivation, but the strength is increased, pay attention to step by step, impossible can be accomplished overnight, but it is a good idea to develop the ferry, he subdued Jiang Nu, with Jiang Nu’s help, salvage the spiritsand will Much more convenient.

The three get along well and talk about their own plans.

Enjoy the future!

Full of confidence!

Meng Yao rode Hu Niu and Xianxian to chase and fight on the Chaoshou veranda, and the two Small Fox demons were running around under the grape trellis.


Lu Chen hugged the two girls in his arms, feeling that it was already the peak of life. Seeing the afterglow of the sunset, it was not early, and he said warmly:

“Yuqi, will you stay tonight? “

“hmph ~”

Jiang Hong’e lightly snorted, jade hand squeezed the soft flesh around Lu Chen’s waist, as if seeing through some crafty plots and machinations, Fang Yuqi Pillowed on Lu Chen’s shoulder, pretty face Weixia, hesitant to say anything.

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