My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 98

Lu Chen has thick skin and an innocent face:

“What’s wrong?”

Fang Yuqi shyly said:

“I’m afraid… I’m afraid the father won’t allow it.”

“Old Fang again.”

Lu Chen was furious and complained:

“What’s going on with this Old Fang? , at a given age, can you still beat the mandarin ducks?”

“Father said, I want… to let you in.”



Lu Chen was a little stunned, looked down at Jiang Hong’e, and saw Jiang Hong’e looked calm.

As expected.

Jiang Hong’e was very happy when he saw Lu Chen thinking about himself. He leaned on Lu Chen’s chest, drew circles with his hands, and didn’t make a sound, as if he recognized Lu Chen, no matter what Mingjie, no matter what the situation, as long as she stays with this little man all her life, she doesn’t care about anything.

Thinking about it, Lu Chen said:

“Old Fang is worried that your Fang Family will break the incense?”

“Probably yes.”


“Then I’ll find time to talk to Old Fang. After the worst, I will have a baby with your surname Fang, so that the incense of your Fang Family will not be cut off.”

“hmph, no one Serious!”


Lu Chen laughed, holding the two girls in his arms one by one, Fang Yuqi’s heart was sweet, no more words, enjoying the rare comfort After a while, Qing He and Qing Cao came back together and said happily:

“Young Master, what do you think I found?”


When Lu Chen opened his eyes, he saw Qing He’s pretty face almost sticking to his face. His long eyelashes flickered, unable to hide his joy. His youthful breath assumed the senses.


Qinghe showed off a thin book from behind.

“What is this?”

Lu Chen took the book and saw two words written on the cover.

“Red Eyes?”

Lu Chen was slightly surprised, and turned back page after page, the more he looked, the more splendid his face became. This was actually a method called [Red Eye Technique]. The language in the book is vulgar and easy to understand, even an ordinary person without Spiritual Qi can cultivate, but the practice is too sinister and vicious.

It is necessary to feed on the eyeballs.


If you want to repair red eyes, first dig one!

Sorcery, proper sorcery!

“Qing He, where did this book come from?”

“I picked it up.”

“Where did I pick it up?”

“In the street market, when I was shopping with my elder sister, I saw someone running through the street, throwing books while running, and shouting, ‘Sacred Eyes, everyone is enlightened’, many people scrambled to snatch it, my elder sister and I happened to be I also picked up a copy.”

Lu Chen’s face was solemn, warned repeatedly:

“This is an evil method, don’t repair it indiscriminately!”

“Well Mmmm.”

“I know Young Master!”

Qiao Qinghe saw Lu Chen’s speech, and quickly nodded it seriously. Qing Cao also complied. Indiscriminate cultivation, Qing He repaired the Azure Vine Technique, Qing Cao learned origami, but the cultivation base is still shallow, and he has not yet developed a name for it.

Fang Yuqi took over the book, flipped through a few pages, the complexity changed slightly:

“This is a cult, I’m afraid that some cult people have sneaked into Fengxian Town, I’ll do this. Take someone to capture.”

“Don’t worry!”

Lu Chen stopped Fang Yuqi, performed the Qiankun image method, reached out and beckoned, and took a stream from the book. Light gray breath, the left hand is spread out, the light is interlaced, and a picture is revealed.

One person hurriedly walked into an Inn.

This man was dressed in ordinary clothes, slightly short in stature, with a gray cloth shackle on his shoulders, and a black eye patch on his left eye. He pushed open a room, where there were tables and chairs, and there was another person. Eyes closed cultivation on the bed.

He has long hair and a black cloth wrapped around his forehead.

The person closed the door tightly, took out two roasted chickens wrapped in lotus leaves from the shackles on his shoulders with a smile, put one on the table, and devoured the other in his arms:


“It’s delicious, so does the Senior Brother.”

“How are things going?”

“There’s a big show today, the streets are lively, and all the brochures are Went out.”

“Tell me about it.”

“Okay, I’ll avoid those stupid Guard Soldiers and go all the way…”

“Too reckless!”

“Aiya, Senior Brother, don’t worry, I have already inquired clearly, there is no Method Release Immortal Master in Fengxian Town, we have the Master personally gifted Fayan, there is no need to worry at all.”


The senior and junior brothers were talking, thinking they were secretive, but they didn’t know that everything was in Lu Chen palm presented.

It was getting dark.

β€œTa Ta Ta~”

A group of soldiers marched fast, surrounded the ‘Fu Lai Inn’, the senior and junior brothers who were meditating suddenly woke up, just about to make a move .


The door burst open, and Guard Soldiers came in.



After a fight, Junior Brother was hacked to death on the spot, Senior Brother almost survived, a handful of He pulled the black cloth wrapped around his head, revealing a vertical eye embedded in his forehead, and saw a blazing white light line, the Guard Soldier was instantly cleared, and the entire second floor of the Inn was directly shot through.

“Is this what they rely on?”

“It should be!”

Lu Chen and Fang Yuqi stood outside the Inn and asked:

“Do you need me to shoot?”


Fang Yuqi shook his head, calmly said:

“I’m ready. “

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw the man flying up from the second floor and quickly fleeing out of Fengxian Town, not waiting for the two of them to take action.

“Boom bang bang~”

In the night, a series of bowstrings sounded all over Fengxian Town. Crossbow.


A scream came, and the man fell from the air.

The two quickly chased after them, and soon found the silhouette. They saw that the man had been shot through the body by three crossbow arrows, and his entire body was almost torn apart.



Lu Chen took two steps forward, turned the body over, and stared down at the other side’s eyebrows. Eye.

[Name]: Fayan

[Information]: Second Rank


“What is this? Magical Artifact?”

“It’s not like that!”

Lu Chen frowned slightly, and was about to dig out the vertical eye to take a closer look, but saw that the vertical eye dries up in an instant. It turned into a shriveled eyeball, which fell from the center of the eyebrow.

[Name]: Fayan

[Information]: Dead



Lu Chen picked up his eyeballs, browsed slightly wrinkle, faintly felt familiar, he tried to perform the Qiankun image method, reached out and beckoned, took in a trace of ash-gray from it, slowly Spread out his left hand.

The light is interlaced, and a picture is presented.

β€œcrash-bang ~”

Here is the Akutagawa River, the current is fast, there is a silhouette sitting on the bank of the river, wearing a wide-sleeved daoist robe, disheveled hair, in Lu Chen When he saw the other party, the other party also suddenly opened his eyes, and two azure lights shot from his eyes.


Lu Chen’s breath stagnated, and the palm of his hand instantly collapsed.

“Who is this?”

“Thousand-eyed Daoist.”

Lu Chen slightly frowned, explaining to the puzzled Fang Yuqi: “He is Tianmu daoist’s Junior Brother, Tianmu daoist chased and killed him before, I also contributed, didn’t expect the other party to escape, this person is not simple, most of the Chimu sect was also created by him, I don’t know if there is What’s the purpose?”

Fang Yuqi heard this and was very worried:

“I killed the other party’s two disciplines just now, will they attract people?”

“I can’t tell you.”

The two looked at each other and flew to the north city wall with their swords. Just as they landed at the top of the city, they saw a thousand-eyed Taoist swinging his wide-sleeved daoist robe under the night sky. , Come on a big walk, stepping on two wind whirlpools under your feet, each step has nearly 100 meters.


Lu Chen grabbed the Peach Wood Sword in his hand, and seven sword stars flew into the air:


β€œwu wu wu ~”

The Taoist remained unmoved, his sleeves were swollen, and a strong wind was generated out of thin air, and the sword star was blown away several hundred meters. At this time, the sound of bowstring bursts It sounded, and a salvo of crossbow arrows came.

“get lost!”

The Taoist shouted angrily, the wind was raging, and the arrows flew in all directions, but there were still five arrows piercing the wind and hitting the surface directly. At the door, the Taoist was not afraid. He stepped on the Seven Stars Step, swung his long sleeves, and entangled the five crossbow arrows.


Suddenly, there were several screams at the top of the city.


The Taoist was about to enter the city when he saw a Peach Wood Sword hanging in front of him, blocking the way, he gave a light “Yi” and finally stopped. , looked down and saw a man and a woman standing side by side at the head of the city, without fear.

“It’s a little bit capable.”

The Thousand Eyes Taoist muttered, and his sleeve robe moved forward.


With the explosion, the stabbed Peach Wood Sword flew upside down for kilometers, see all directions, seven pocket swords stabbed randomly, the Taoist heart shivered With cold, I dare not be careless, and show my sleeves:

“Qiankun sleeves!”

In an instant, the Taoist’s sleeves swelled several times, and the sleeves danced wildly.

Lu Chen hasn’t reacted yet, all the seven sword stars have been captured by the opponent, and he can’t sense how to motivate the Seven Stars Royal Sword Art.

“Be careful”

Fang Yuqi cry out in surprise, Lu Chen looked up and saw the Thousand Eyes Taoist waving his sleeves, like an iron curtain slamming on his head, he quickly pulled Fang Yuqi to avoid .


The rocks splashed, and the city head was smashed into a gap by the Taoist’s sleeve robe, and the Taoist struck several times in a row, playing like a joke, knocking Lu Chen and Fang Yuqi away Forced to be covered in dirt, battered and exhausted.


With a muffled sound, the entire City Wall section collapsed, drowning the two together.


The thousand-eyed Taoist laughed loudly, shook his sleeves, and finally stepped into Fengxian Town.

In the small Yin Sector, Fang Yuqi and Lu Chen sit opposite each other in the house.

“Let him go into the city?”

“Let’s go in.”

Lu Chen is also helpless. 】It will not be able to be used until tomorrow, and Yanyang Armor is also inconvenient to use. Now that I am facing Daoist Qianmu, I am not confident enough. Since I cannot stop the opponent, I simply show the enemy to be weak and avoid the edge for the time being.

Seeing Fang Yuqi’s depressed expression, he comforted:

“Looking at him, it doesn’t look like he’s going to kill, let’s see what he’s going to do.”

“That’s the only way.”

Fang Yuqi sighed and asked again:

“Can you get your sword star back?”


Lu Chen shook his head and explained, “Seven sword stars are nothing to me, I still have spare swords.”

Said, turning over He took out the refining parting sword, slapped with both hands, “ka-cha!” With a few crisp sounds, the parting sword’s blade was broken into seven pieces, Lu Chen used Qixingyu Sword Art to re-refine it, and it was quickly refined again. Seven sword stars.

He pays more attention to methods than weapons.

Even if the Peach Wood Sword is gone, it can be replaced at will without affecting the battle strength at all.

Putting away the seven sword stars, the two left the little Yin Sector and appeared on the ruins of the city head. Seeing that the entire Fengxian Town was peaceful, they were all relaxed.

“Report to the general, the Taoist entered the Shou Immortal Palace.”

“Is there any abnormality?”

“Not yet!”

“Okay, send someone to keep watching, and report any movement immediately!”


Fang Yuqi sent the Guard Soldier who came to report and left, hoping To Lu Chen:

“What should I do?”

“Wait a minute and see what he wants to do first.”


Seeing Fang Yuqi wanting to turn around the Weapon Suppressing Mansion, Lu Chen reached out and grabbed the opponent’s palm and scratched his palm:

“Tonight…follow me back to Long Spring Temple, right?”


“Old Fang sent someone to inform you, don’t think about it, I just want to pass you something.”



Fang Yuqi blushed and squeezed the nodded. Lu Chen was overjoyed and dragged Fang Yuqi to the Long Spring Temple.

The night is sultry.

Inside Long Spring Temple.

On the bed, a man and four women face each other. The four women are wearing close-fitting underwear. They have outstanding looks.

“Tianshu Point!”

“Guanyuan Point!”

“Shui Point!”

“Neiguan Point! “

“Yanggu Point!”


Every point, Spiritual Qi in the body will cross into a trace, Jiang Hong’ e winked with spring, his lovable body trembled, and when Lu Chen stopped, he couldn’t hold on any longer.

“Take your heart!”


Lu Chen looked solemn, reached out and patted Jiang Hong’e’s buttocks, ‘e put on a side-lying position, move the fingers on the lovable body, fast and slow, and then use the secret technique to connect the acupuncture points pointed out before with a trace of Spiritual Qi, Jiang Hong’e slowly closed the phoenix Eyes, Spiritual Qi in the body flows along with it, and breathing gradually becomes even.

Lu Chen used the same method to put Qing He and Qing Cao in the same pose, and then looked at Fang Yuqi:

“Yuqi, it’s your turn. .”

Fang Yuqi bowed his head, the snow white jade neck was already red, and asked in a trembling voice:

“What kind of cultivation technique is this?”

“Yuan Xi Jue.”

“Secret Treasure Level?”


“It’s no wonder that teaching the practice requires such torture.”


Lu Chen nodded and said with emotion: “After all, it is the Secret Treasure Level, which needs to be taught in secret, except for personal understanding, ordinary methods are simply difficult to describe in detail, even if If you say it, outsiders can’t learn it, and it’s incomplete.”

β€œHow many times do you need to teach yourself?”


Lu Chen touched his nose, speak frankly:

“It’s hard to say, it’s almost the same for a smart person a dozen times. If aptitude is worse…it should be more difficult.” Want to be like him , it is almost impossible to become proficient in one fell swoop.


Fang Yuqi took a deep breath and said seriously:

“I’m ready.”

“it is good!”

Lu Chen nodded with a solemn expression, and pointed out Fang Yuqi’s chest.


Fang Yuqi breathed out of breath for a moment, opened his beautiful eyes, glared at Lu Chen angrily, and Lu Chen smiled shyly:

“That… the wrong place.”



Lu Chen clicked a few more times, Still not in the right place, Fang Yuqi was teased by Lu Chen with a flushed face, panting, his limbs softened, and fell into the arms of Lu Great Demon King.

Lu Chen hold the beauty tightly, UU reading www.uukanshu. com opened his mouth and bit his red lips.

“I’ll get some interest first.”

“Looking at…”

“It’s okay, they don’t feel it.”

“Don’t…wu wu wu ~”

After a lot of tossing, Fang Yuqi’s clothes were messy, and the spring was half-baked. Lu Chen was satisfied and started to teach the practice, and waited for the cultivation technique to finish. , Lu Chen looked at the four beauties neatly arranged on the bed, and some began to stir.

Jiang Hong’e.

Fang Yuqi.

Pretty green lotus.

And the quiet Qing Cao.


Lu Chen took a few deep breaths, and then suppressed the churning thoughts in his heart. He didn’t dare to look at it, didn’t dare to think too much, and left Little White Tiger behind. Xianxian stood guard and walked out of the room alone.

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