My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 99

“big brother, you’re out.”


Seeing Lu Chen coming out, Meng Yao, who was playing with Hu Niu outside, flew up and down happily. On the shoulder, Xiao Qiong sniffed and whispered:

“The smell of elder sister…”

Lu Chen smirked and quibble. Dao:

“The big brother is teaching them the exercises, very serious.”

Meng Yao looked up at Lu Chen and said innocently:

“big brother, can Yaoyao learn?”

“Yaoyao also try?”


Seeing Meng Yao seriously nodded , Lu Chen gave a bad laugh, reached out and scratched Meng Yao’s creak nest, causing Meng Yao to shake her shoulders and laugh non-stop.

“hehe, big brother is bad~”

“big brother is bad!”

The two frolic for a while, Meng Yao got tired of playing and got into Lu Chen’s long hair and beautiful sleep, Lu Chen took the tiger girl out of the room and took a walk in the backyard of Long Spring Temple. When he came to the pavilion, he saw a silhouette standing outside the pavilion in the night, with a red tassel in hand, motionless.

“Tong Xin?”

Lu Chen walked into the pavilion and was slightly surprised. Seeing that the other party didn’t respond, he took another two steps forward. face with tears.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s okay.”

Tong Xin shook his head and turned his back stubbornly.

Lu Chen didn’t know why, but he didn’t ask too much. He sat down in the pavilion, looking at the bright moon in the sky, said without thinking:

“Did Old Fang send you here?”


Tong Xin nodded, explaining:

“It was the Guard Lord who made me look at General Point.”

“This Old Fang…..”

Lu Chen muttered, thought about it, and then said:

“If you feel that Fengxian Town is not going your way, you can take you with you. When your brother leaves, you can also take two hundred soldiers and horses with you, and no one will stop you.”

“I still owe you three lives.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

Lu Chen waved his hand, Tong Xin was just a secret hand that he hid beside Jun Wuji. Since everyone is dead, he doesn’t care. It’s best to stay and help Fang Yuqi. If he doesn’t want to, he won’t persecute it, and he still has the heart.

Tong Xin fell silent.

Lu Chen also stopped talking, brushing the smooth hair of Tigress.

After a while, Tong Xin opened the mouth and said:

“I…I plan to Promote Grade.”

“Second realm? “


“What is your cultivation base now?”

“Five Elements are complete, Qi Refinement Perfection!”


Lu Chen was a little shocked. No wonder they all said that Rouge Tiger was one step away from the Method Release Immortal Master. It turned out to be one step away. He carefully weighed the opponent’s step into the second realm After discussing the pros and cons, he asked:

“Can I help you?”

“It’s useless.”

Tong Xin shook his head and wiped his face. Tears, she said decisively:

“I already have the will to die!”


Lu Chen opened his mouth, whispered :

“So exaggerated?”

“Well, Five Elements has a complete Qi Refinement Perfection, but it is just the threshold of entering the second realm. It is a cultivation technique, the second is spirit vein, and the third is God’s will. I have no inheritance, I am repairing the most common “Qi Refinement Art”, and I have no spirit vein to rely on. …I’m afraid it’s less than 10%.”

Lu Chen understands Tong Xin’s purpose, which is to give it a shot, and also, even if he dies, it can be regarded as repaying his gratitude with death, helping him explore the way ahead of time. .

“What is your last wish?”

“Yes, I heard from my brother that he has some personal grudges with you, I hope you don’t care about it.”

“Okay! “

Lu Chen nods, but Tong Guan slashed him at the beginning, but now his identity is different, in fact, he didn’t care about it for a long time, thought about it, and

“Why did you originally?” Do you want to leave Fengjia Army?”

“Jun Wuji sent someone to contact me and gave me two promises, one is to promise me an Authentic Level Qi Refinement method, and the other is to let me enter the spirit The vein will break through.”

“Is there any Fengjia Army?”

“Yes, there are two Authentic Level Qi Refinement methods in Baiyunguan, but…not rumored, in spirit Breakthrough on the vein is even more reluctant, no matter whether it is successful or not, it will overdraw the spiritual vein, and it will be difficult to breed a spiritual object within 30 years.”

β€œSo it is.”

Lu Chen Suddenly, even if he was in another place, it would be difficult for him to refuse such a condition. The three words [not rumored], I don’t know how much sadness and pain there is.

Thinking about it, Lu Chen probed:

“If I give you an Authentic Level secret art and help you find a spirit vein, what are your plans?”


Tong Xin turned back suddenly, a row of red tassel pistols stuck behind her back screeching in the night wind, she stared at Lu Chen with deep eyes, Biting his thin lip:

“devote one’s life to ?”

“cough cough ~”

Lu Chen coughed violently, almost choked, and waved his hand Dao:

“That’s fine.”

Tong Xin’s looks are very good, and his face is immature and his body is exploding. The second time we met, he was completely devastated and looked embarrassed. Lu Chen really didn’t have any other thoughts.

Appears to feel rejected.

The rouge tiger Tongxin was furious, she put the red tassel on the ground, took off the armor she was wearing, the head of Qiong shook, her full head fine black hair fell, she walked into the pavilion, standing tall Looking down at Lu Chen who was sitting, he said angrily:

“You actually despise me?”


Without waiting for Lu Chen to refute, Tong Xin dropped the red tassel helmet and sat on Lu Chen’s lap.


Tong Xin walked away holding the red tassel helmet, leaving Lu Chen sitting there. In the pavilion, dazed, muttered:

“How do you feel, it seems like I’m at a disadvantage…” …but really wild.”


In the early morning of the second day, a Guard Soldier came to report that the Thousand Eyes Taoist had left the Immortal Palace, Lu Chen. Immediately took Fang Yuqi away from Long Spring Temple, walked through the streets and alleys, and soon came to Caishikou in the west of the town.

“I have merit, and I can teach and transform people~”

“I have Dafa, which can eliminate disasters and relieve misfortune~”


The two of them stepped forward quickly, and saw the Taoist Thousand Eyes sitting cross-legged on the high platform, solemn appearance, opening and closing his mouth, and venting out mad words, all around the people cannot tell good from bad, and one by one followed him.

“Okay, well said!”

“This person is not bad, he seems to have a culture.”

“Hurry up and teach the Fa, hurry up!”


Fang Yuqi looked solemn and asked:

“Do you want to drive these people away?”

“If you drive people away, I’m afraid there will be a big fight. This is Fengxian Town. If there is a fight, no one will be able to seek benefits. The casualties are inevitable.”

“What should we do then? ?”

“I have a solution.”

Lu Chen laughed and whispered: “You asked Guard Soldier to change into plain clothes and sneak in among the people to make a noise, it seems that , the other party is mostly trying to promote his naked eye technique, it doesn’t need to be too real, just make the people suspicious and no longer blind.”

“This is a good way.”

Fang Yuqi’s eyes brightened, and he immediately asked someone to go down.


Thousand-eyed Taoist really began to preach the red-eye technique. Even though he talked about it in hype, there were always doubts in the crowd. The Taoist knew that someone was making trouble, but he couldn’t investigate it. Since he wanted to use his mouth to deceive the people, People can also slander him, and if they really want to kill people, they will backfire.

The Taoist couldn’t, so he just closed his eyes and preached.

A morning passed, and the Taoist Thousand Eyes spoke dryly, but there were fewer and fewer people all around. Most of them had seen enough of the excitement and went back home, but only a few people really listened.

“Now that the religion of the gods is established, everyone will be enlightened!”

After the preaching of the Taoists, there are only a few dozen people left all around, all of them showing fanaticism.



There were two people who were so excited that they poked their eyes and dug out an eyeball directly. They applauded and immediately followed suit. Naturally, some people woke up with fright and fled in a hurry.

In the end, only a dozen people remained standing.

Lu Chen shook his head, this thousand-eyed Taoist didn’t know what the purpose was, the dignified Method Release Immortal Master was actually swindle, what kind of red-eyed sect was established, the effect is really average, you can see it at a glance. Not skilled.

Fang Yuqi said worriedly:

“What about the rest of the people?”

“They kill themselves, we can’t help it, it’s life or death. Die, let them go.”

“That’s the only way to do it.”

The two were talking in the distance, and the Thousand Eyes Taoist slowly got up and said loudly: “I Today, I founded the Crimson Eye God Cult, and all of you have the power to follow the dragon, and you can come under my door and call me Master.”

“Meet the Master!”

“pay respects to Master!”

“I kowtowed to Sir Master!”


A dozen people shouted excitedly, and paid a great tribute.


The thousand-eyed Taoist laughed, waved his sleeve robe, and saw the gust of wind raging, and a dozen people disappeared in the blink of an eye. He stopped staying and left step by step. After arriving at Fengxian Town, heading west for 20 li or so, I suddenly saw a silhouette blocking the way.

The man was dressed in dark red armor, tall and folded his arms.

Thousand-eyed Taoist frowned:

“Who are you?”

“Yuan Qingshan!”

The man took off his visor, With a rough face, he put his visor back on and smiled: “Come on, let me see how many catties and how many taels you have!”

After he finished speaking, he leaped like a fly, strode towards the Thousand Eyes Daoist, each step fell, and a deep pit exploded under his feet.

“overestimate one’s capabilities!”

Thousand Eyes Taoist coldly snorted, spit out:

“huhuhu ~”

A dragon The tornado flew out of his mouth, getting bigger and bigger, and instantly shrouded the running silhouette, and was about to tear the opponent apart. After the tornado touched the opponent’s body, it suddenly collapsed.

“Contempt for the Law?”

Thousand-eyed Taoist experienced and knowledgeable, seeing that man punched, so he stepped on the Seven Stars Step, hurriedly avoided, and then showed his sleeves :

“Qiankun sleeves!”


With a loud explosion, people were sent flying several hundred meters.

Lu Chen fell confused, it felt like a roller coaster, it took a while to stop, but fortunately this Yanyangjia has a Second Rank rune [Strength], which not only blocked most of the power, but also No damage at all.

“Come again!”

Lu Chen relaxed, after getting up, he rushed towards the Thousand Eyes Taoist again.


Thousand-eyed Taoist was a little surprised, then coldly snorted:

“Look at me, I won’t tear you apart!”

Having said that, he stepped on the Seven Stars Step, his fists and feet came out, and he actually fought with Lu Chen, punching and kicking, going back and forth. When he saw the punches, he used his sleeves to resolve them, relying on a movement method. Body protection, not falling behind in a short period of time.

“Tear down you!”

Daoist Thousand Eyes loudly shouted, his right hand was buckled on Lu Chen’s visor, and he pulled hard, but he couldn’t pull it. Lu Chen sneered, he can take off the visor, but it doesn’t mean that others can take it off. This Yanyang armor is blood refinement Magical Artifact, which has already been refinished by him, how could it be so easy to resolve, and took the opportunity to punch the opponent’s heart:


Six thousand jins of strength added to his body, directly smashing the mana of the Thousand Eyes Taoist’s body protector, flying upside down for dozens of meters.

The other party fluttered to the ground, his face was blue and white, and when he saw Lu Chen attacking again, his eyes widened:

“Thousand-eye method!”

” shua brush~”

Two azure lights flew out from the eyes, shot on Lu Chen’s visor, and instantly disintegrated, Lu Chen leaned back slightly, with no difficulty draining all the power, once again rush to the opponent.

Thousand-eyed Taoist complexion ashen, showing his sleeves and robes to greet him, and fighting with Lu Chen, he drew with one hand to remove the power of Lu Chen’s punches, his sleeves shook suddenly, The robe stretched, wrapping Lu Chen all over his body.

Lu Chen struggled a few times, but couldn’t break free.

β€œpeng~ peng~!”

Thousand-eyed Taoist took the opportunity to smash Lu Chen’s key points with his fists. The formidable power is not small, but the effect is almost nothing. Lu Chen looks up to the sky. Laughing: “Too light, too light!”

The Taoist Thousand Eyes was furious, took Lu Chen to the sky, sleeve flicked, and fell hard:

“I can’t see it falling. Damn you!”

“Tread the sky!”

Lu Chen loudly shouted, instantly stopped falling, leaped in two steps, grabbed the right foot of the Thousand Eyes Daoist, and pulled hard, He clenched his left hand tightly and punched his head:

“Red Flame!”

The flames were raging, “Boom” smashed the head of the Thousand Eyes Taoist, no When I thought about it, my brain cracked, and I saw a piece of talisman paper burning automatically. The Taoist was covered in golden light, and his fists and flames were blocked.

[Name]: talisman

[Information]: Second Rank Golden Light Talisman


β€œNo Stop fighting.”

Lu Chen was a little depressed, stepped on the void, took one step at a time, turned his head and ran.

“Where to go!”

The Thousand Eyes Taoist angrily chased and killed Shili or So, but in the end he still couldn’t help Lu Chen. into the Akutagawa River.

Without looking back, foul-mouthed away from the wind.

β€œcrash-bang ~”

Lu Chen climbed ashore from the Akutagawa River, tired of gasping for breath, this thousand-eyed Taoist was really difficult to deal with, and the opponent fought with him, and there was no way for him to fight. He exerted his full strength, at least his eyes were not revealed, and the other party seemed to have scruples and did not dare to put him into the Qiankun sleeve. Of course, he did not use the Nine Heavens Demon Slayer.

Even so.

Lu Chen’s battle strength is also very impressive.

Facing other Method Release Immortal Masters, it’s totally worth it. If you face Heisha, you may even have the chance to kill the opponent directly. There is no great means.

“I’m already so strong??”

Lu Chen was proud for a while, put away his body armor, and flew to Fengxian Town with his sword.

Just flew to Fengxian Town, I saw Jiang Hong’e, Fang Yuqi and Meng Yao, standing at the top of the city cheerfully waiting, seeing Lu Chen flying back, all relaxed, concerned:


“How is it?”

Lu Chen Yujian fell, said with a smile: “birds of a feather, no one can do anything.” ‘e also had a smile on his face, twisted his waist and threw a big wink at Lu Chen: “I’ll treat you to me at night…”

Meng Yao landed on Lu Chen’s shoulder and stood on tiptoe Embroidered shoes, a mouthful of “baha”, printed on Lu Chen’s face, said with a smile:

“Yaoyao also rewarded big brother 吆~”

Lu Chen’s heart was warm and his face was warm Yisu:

“Tonight… continue to help you spread the exercises.”

“wishful thinking!”

Fang Yuqi spit, pretty face Blushing, as if remembering the tossing of last night.

A few people frolic for a while, and Lu Chen said again: “Tell me a serious matter, Rouge Tiger Tongxin already has Five Elements complete, Qi Refinement Perfection, and now I’m thinking about breaking through the second realm, but I’m not ready enough. , mostly nine deaths and still alive, what do you think?”

“UU reading Tong Xin?”


Fang Yuqi didn’t know the key, and asked in doubt:

“Breaking through the two realms is difficult?”

Jiang Hong’e has been in Qianqingzong, experienced and knowledgeable. He closed his ears and explained seriously:

“It’s really difficult. When breaking through the second realm, you need to absorb a large amount of Spiritual Qi in a short period of time, and Spiritual Qi is suddenly transformed into mana, which is a difficult test. , there are usually three results.”

“One is lack of ability, delusional control of mana, mana will explode in Spirit Orifice, body dies and Dao disappears, many loose cultivators are like this ; One is knowing that it is impossible to control, and venting out the mana, since then the cultivation base has been destroyed and become a mortal; the last one can be controlled smoothly, we have the [Yuanxi Jue] passed down by Lu Lang, which has a great advantage. Big.”

“So it is.”

Fang Yuqi looked at Jiang Hong’e and said in unison:

“Lu Lang Decide for yourself.”

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