My Summons Can Learn Skills Chapter 595

Unlike nuclear bombs, the power of the divine eclipse neutron star, the ancestor of the life of Wuming Wu, all centralize in one point, with very little spread out.

So, the terrifying power of this blow is almost entirely borne by the butcher!

Because of this, the air wave that spread from the impact site blows all the houses in the town, but not at all hurts many people.

All the damage was on the butcher.

This is the biggest advantage of the eclipse neutron star. It can centralize all power in one point. Although the weight has not changed, the threat to a single target has increased explosively.

All the residents of the small town are looking at the deep pit. They never thought that in their ordinary town, these two old men who all met every day turned out to be powerful cultivators in the legend.

I knew it a long time ago. If you have a good relationship with these two old men, even if you only learn a half move, it is a chance to change your destiny.

Unfortunately, this hope no longer exists.

Both old men were defeated by this mysterious young man from outside. Even if they were ordinary persons, they could see that the battle strength of both parties was not at the same level.

Now one is left with only the soul, and the other has been beaten into the Bottomless Abyss. Life or death is unknown.

Only one blow, survived over 10,000 years, second only to the master of the school in the world, and the butcher who knew Chen was suppressed to the depths of the earth.

As if falling into the dark!

With the power of immortal physique, the diamond-level supernatural powers are transformed into Celestial Phenomenon. After the attack, the eclipse neutron star descends-really possess the power of extinguishing soul!

Dao Chi Ye Hongyu’s eyes are frantic: “Young Master, is this a divine technique?”

Chen Gou nodded: “Well, this Young Master created it himself The Supreme divine technique.”

Ye Hongyu was slightly paused, and immediately said in his tone: “Is this divine technique easy to cultivation?”

Chen Gou again nodded: “Easy, no matter what The realm can be cultivation.”

Ye Hongyu’s beautiful eyes stared at Chen Gou unblinkingly, with a beautiful arc at the corner of his mouth: “Women can also be cultivation?”

Chen Gou had to nodded again: “Of course, this technique is not Sunflower Treasure Scripture. It can be used by men, women, and children.”

Ye Hongyu doesn’t know what Sunflower Treasure Scripture is and is not interested in knowing it. .

Seeing that Chen Gou remained indifferent to the unspoken implication in her words, and could not help but gnash the teeth secretly, but did not dare to attack.

So, I could only say in a bitter voice: “Can surnamed Ye women be cultivation?”

This time, while Chen Gou is nodded, he looked at her with unfathomable mystery eyes: “Of course, not only surnamed Ye women, but also surnamed Ye men. Why do you have so many questions today?”

Ye Hongyu: “…”

Chen Gou secretly With a laugh, he turned his head.

He has seen more demons and ghosts than Ye Hongyu has seen. This girl still wants to use trifling to teach her the imprint of the stars. How could it be possible?

As the saying goes, if you are too good to one person for no reason, you will often make the other person ignorant of cherishing, and even turn your head against each other.

Pay and return must always be relatively equal in order to last for a long time.

Chen Gou’s gaze stayed for a while in the long-lasting pit, then he crossed the pit and looked towards Primordial Spirit, an alcoholic who was panicking on the ruins of the butcher shop.

The latter Divine Soul trembled. In his perception, Death Aura was stronger than ever.

This kind of feeling is not to describe a foot into the gates of hell, but to have fallen into a ghost!


Chen Gou raised his hand, and a long purple shadow flew out of his sleeve cage.

In the sky like a whip of magic, it came to the sky above the Primordial Spirit of the drunkard, and then fell down, winding him layer by layer in an instant.

At this time, Ye Hongyu saw clearly that it was a string of Buddhist beads that bound the Primordial Spirit of the alcoholic!

“He actually has a connection with Buddhist Sect?!”

Ye Hongyu’s heart was shocked, and he felt that the person in front of him became more mysterious and difficult to predict.

Brahma Purifying the World Rosary!

Undoubtedly, it is the Life-Source Magical Treasure that binds the alcoholic Primordial Spirit at this moment.

Since Chen Gou and the Battle Guardian are the same, he can use all of the four major battle Guardian’s Life-Source Magical Treasure.

It’s just that the formidable power is relatively speaking, there may be differences when it is activated by the Battle Guardian.

But to deal with an alcoholic who lost his Fleshy body and Primordial Spirit, even if Chen Gou took out the rosary, it was more than enough.

I was burned by the Buddha’s radiance on the rosary and the fire of God, the drunkist Primordial Spirit was extremely painful, his eyes were full of fear of death, apart from this there was shock and confusion.

He still can’t understand how a young man who was previously unknown had suddenly emerged.

He and the drunkard, two of the top five people in the world, were swiftly suppressed, and even their lives could not be guaranteed. What kind of tradition can cultivate such a mysterious heir?


The only Infinite Rune Sword that had previously been controlled by the ancestor Wuming to smash the body of the drunkard flew back from the sky, like a nine Heavenly God sword, from top to bottom, piercing his Primordial Spirit head straight.

An incomparable gigantic word divine talisman was drawn in the sky, and the sky was cracked wherever it went.

The drinker looks pale, staggering back.

He was afraid of death, wanted to live, and wanted to escape.

However, after losing his fleshy body, he can no longer use the distance, no escape.

“Wait, don’t kill me, I can do things for you, do anything!” When life hanging by a thread, the alcoholic raised his head and shouted in pain.

Speaking this kind of thing in person means that he gave up all the dignity of being a Great Cultivator in order to survive, and is willing to become a dog driven by Chen Gou!

This is naturally a great blow to him who has been free for thousands of years, but in order to survive, he can’t take care of so much.

In his heart…

Death is the most terrifying thing in this world, and it will always be!


Chen Gou’s tone was calm, his rune sword stopped when he spoke, and a black ball flew out of his mouth.

It is his tempering Life and Death Samsara order seed.

“Then help me die.”

The ball flew towards the Primordial Spirit, an alcoholic imprisoned by the rosary, into the center of his brows, and began to devour his life.

This is currently the only ability of the seeds of the reincarnation order of life and death.

When the ball is mainly black, it can swallow the vitality of other creatures, and when it is white, it can back-feed the vitality as the goal of healing and replenishing life.

It is difficult to play a big role in the battle, but it helps Chen Gou understand the Profound Truth of life and death and the order of reincarnation.

In fact, Chen Gou doesn’t value the remaining Life Power in the Primordial Spirit of the alcoholic. What is really important is the process of being swallowed up…

From life to death!

When the vitality of the alcoholic is swallowed, the Primordial Spirit will naturally die completely, which is a life and death Samsara process.

The seeds of order get involved personally, as if Chen Gou has experienced everything personally, and can more intuitively feel the great horror and mystery between life and death, and then speed up the progress of gathering the seeds of order.


The drunkard howled in anger, and shot out a Void Sword aura. This was a struggle when he was dying, but it was completely useless.

For a moment, the Primordial Spirit of the drunkard gradually faded and dispersed like light smoke.

Until the end, completely disappeared in the world.

The last thing people saw was his eyes full of unwillingness and anger. If there is a dead body, he will surely die.

A Great Cultivator that has lived for over 10,000 years, just like this body dies and Dao disappears.

Those who don’t know the origin of the alcoholic, don’t know what an amazing major event this is for Jiangye world.

Those who know its origins are even more shocked. In the world, there is such a young Great Expert. It is not an exaggeration to call a young Dao Venerable.

“The alcoholic is dead.”

When Chen Gou took the Brahma rosary back, his eyes once again fell into the bottomless pit created by the eclipse neutron star.

The tone still has no fluctuations, as if muttering to the air, stating a well-known fact.


A scorched palm suddenly protruded from the deep black hole and slapped on the mud at the mouth of the hole.

Then a whole body fresh blood dripping, as if a “bad guy” struck by a train at full speed climbed up from the pit with difficulty.

The butcher is not dead!

Although the bones and muscles are broken, the whole person is like a puddle of mud, and he has obviously suffered severe damage, but he is still alive anyway.

“You are right. The Master is not as good as you at 20 o’clock. If you give you another 500 years, I am afraid that the Master now is not as good as you.”

The butcher is spitting blood, with Hoarse as the sound of two stones rubbing said solemnly.

avoided a catastrophe, there is no fighting intent in his eyes, only the hesitation of the present and the fear of the unknown.

Chen Gou indifferent expression, a turn of the conversation, indifferently said: “Want to live?”

The butcher laughed: “Can you?”

Chen Gou carried it up Pointing to the sarcophagus standing on the side: “Go in and hold on for 81 days. If you are alive when you open the coffin, you can live.”

The butcher looked towards the lonely sarcophagus that always exudes ominous aura , Complexion pale like wax.

“Has anyone come out alive before?”

“No, I hope you can be the first.”

Chen Gou said sincerely: “Frankly, it’s very difficult. Let alone you, even a god with a higher cultivation base than you can do it. But you have lived long enough and have experienced the eternal night. There are some different things in the mark of life. Maybe it can make you the only possibility among those 10,000 impossibles.”

There is still the last half of this sentence.

That is Chen Gou’s comprehension of a higher level of Life and Death Samsara order. It is too slow to comprehend the life and death process step by step!

He needs an odd number!

If the butcher can really pass through the life and death of the sarcophagus, it means that he has the Life and Death Dao secret that no one else does.

As long as you find and master it, Chen Gou will definitely be able to go one step further on Life and Death Samsara Avenue, even more than one step.

Faced with this survival condition, the butcher’s hesitation lasted only a few seconds.

Then he walked to the sarcophagus resolutely.

In this life, he is not afraid of anything except death.

Therefore, as long as there is a trace of hope of survival, even if it is just a straw, it will be grasped firmly…

However, before entering the sarcophagus, the butcher could not help but turn around and said: “You Think of me as a pig and sheep for slaughter, so I am not afraid that I will become the fish on the cutting board of others in the future?”

Chen Gou smiled dumbly, suddenly looked up at the sky, and then replied indifferently: “Then kill the world No one dares to hold a knife.”

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