My Summons Can Learn Skills Chapter 596

The alcoholic died and the butcher was imprisoned in the sarcophagus!

Chen Gou’s purpose of this trip has been achieved. These two people are experts who make the night world can be counted on one’s fingers. They are extremely afraid of death and do everything to survive.

Today is Chen Gou himself. If Haotian comes to him in the future, he will definitely become his running dog.

So, to solve them in advance is also to remove hidden dangers and obstacles for the final killing of Haotian.

After Chen Gou left the town with Ye Hongyu, a spectacle appeared on the Great Tang border…

A lame Old Huang horse, pulling a broken On the car, there is a sarcophagus on the car, and a purple clothed man with a Bronze Ghost-mask is sitting on the top of the coffin.

No matter how you look at it, it is gloomy and scary, but the one who drives the car is a stunning red clothed woman. The combination of such a beauty and a “wild ghost” gives people an extremely strong visual impact.

Chen Gou sat on the sarcophagus, always feeling the butcher state in the coffin.

After his vitality passed, every slight change in his body was within Chen Gou’s perception.

In this process, Chen Gou gradually developed a deeper and different clear comprehension of the way of life “from life to death”.

What is life and what is death?

This is a seemingly simple, but in fact it is all-inclusive and extremely profound.

Some people say that life is life, and death is death.

Some people also say that existence is life, and if there is no existence, it is death.


These statements are all correct, but they are not absolutely correct.

Because the answer is not unique.

Just as everyone has a different understanding of the same Tao, everyone has a different definition of life and death.

In Chen Gou’s view, life and death are actually relative.

Because of the existence of life, it is possible to set off and contrast death, and in the same way, death can also set off birth.

Otherwise, if everyone in the world is Eternal Inextinguishable, what is the difference between life and death?

Chen Gou calls this the special theory of relativity of life and death.

When Ye Hongyu heard his theory, he was speechless. If Chen Gou hadn’t been serious, he would almost think he was funny.

“I don’t have a culture to terrifying, and I’m idiotic.”

Chen Gou couldn’t help shaking his head and sighing: “If you are in my hometown, you can also choose a bad job. Majoring in theology, mathematics, physics and chemistry are destined to be a mess.”

Ye Hongyu couldn’t understand this, so he was full of question marks.

At this time, a burst of colorful fairy lights flashed across Chen Gou’s body, and his entire body instantly seemed to have changed from the rising morning sun to the scorching sun in an imposing manner.

Strong, majestic, lofty, stalwart…

Ye Hongyu looked at Chen Gou’s silhouette, and these words came up involuntarily in his mind, but he felt that they were all used in him. Not too much.

Chen Gou suddenly changed his imposing manner for two reasons.

First, the seal on his body has been completely unlocked, which means that the strength is completely restored!

Secondly, although he hardly killed any powerhouse after entering the night, he still raised the level to Level 1 through Enlightenment, reaching 62!

Enlightenment is cultivation, and the awakened can naturally increase their level in this way.

It’s just that the awakened people used to kill people to improve their realm too comfortable, so few people do it.

But as the realm gets higher and higher, the cultivation base obtained by killing creatures becomes less and less. This way of enlightenment and cultivation will inevitably become the mainstream among the awakened.

Up to Level 12, Chen Gou can once again upgrade one of his skills to Level 7, achieving the ultimate level of sublimation.

In addition to the real summon that has been upgraded, Chen Gou now has Transformation, Feathering True Dragon, Divine Disaster, Eternal Soul Fire, Illumination Candle Eye, Iron-Eater Real Bear, and the word divine talisman. Skills.

After a moment of contemplation, Chen Gou decided to upgrade the emperor’s fate.

This is Chen Gou’s bloodline skill. It was originally a diamond-level Celestial Emperor obtained from the devil fruit in the form of Emperor Jun. Later, it was upgraded to bloodline skill and gained the ability to seal disaster.

It is no exaggeration to say that the reason why the Guardian has such a powerful battle strength is that the true summon talent skill only accounts for 50% of the credit.

The remaining 50%, half belong to the Fengshen, and half belong to the disasters.

Think about it, if the Divine Physique and Non-Phase Divine Physique, and cannot simultaneously cast multiple spells at the same time, how could he become the almost invincible guardian figure behind Chen Gou?

Or, if the ghost monk can’t open the Tathagata ghost-like golden body, can’t enter the state of immobility of natural disasters, can he be able to overcome the world and be invincible?

So, upgrading the “Emperor Conferred Divine Disaster” will undoubtedly enable Chen Gou to get the greatest battle strength improvement at the moment.

This skill upgrade originally required Spiritual God with divine force as a medium.

In Shanhai God World, Chen Gou with no difficulty got more than a dozen items that met the requirements, and it was more than enough to upgrade his skills ten times.

The upgrade process is long and painful.

Because it is a bloodline skill, the body shakes particularly intensely during the sublimation process.

Chen Gou only felt that the blood all over his body turned into lava. To melt him from the inside to the outside, the pain was so intense that Chen Gou couldn’t bear it.

Compared with other cultivators, Chen Gou’s tolerance for pain is not high.

Because other people, even “mages” with long-range attack methods, can grow to Half Divinity Realm, they must be experienced and have suffered multiple physical injuries.

As for Chen Gou, all the people who were injured were the Battle Guardian. Since Tier 4, the body has hardly been injured once.

Especially tempering and immortal physique, after possessing the gods, it is a luxury to want to get hurt.

The number of injuries is small, and the pain experienced is not much, the endurance will naturally not be too strong.

So, in order to make himself a little better, Chen Gou simply closed his mind and let himself pass out.

Naturally, other people would never dare to do this. After all, after being unconscious, they can only be slaughtered. Once a danger occurs, the consequences will be unimaginable.

But Chen Gou has a life-saving ancestor of witches to guard automatically, so don’t worry.

I don’t know how long it took, when he woke up, he realized that it was night.

The fragrance of refreshing came out, and when eyes opened, I saw Ye Hongyu’s face, and then I found myself resting on the lap of the idiot girl.

“Didn’t you think you can kill me? Such a good opportunity, why don’t you start?” Chen Gou looked up at the stars, faint smiled.

Ye Hongyu’s complexion was slightly red, and he hummed: “You have that many divine technique. I just learned a rune sword. How can I easily let you die?”

” Isn’t it?”

Chen Gou’s head left the plump and round thighs of the red clothed woman, stood up, raised his hand and stretched his waist, while checking the changes in the bloodline skill Emperor Fengshen, he said: “You know where I am going all the way south?”

Ye Hongyu thought for a while, probed: “Back to Chang’an?”

“The temple!”

The night breeze is blowing, Chen Gou’s hair and clothes are light, unspeakable and free.

“Your enemy is in the temple. Now I am almost invincible in the world. It’s time to help you get revenge.”

Ye Hongyu’s eyes pupil suddenly shrink: “That person Who is it?”

“The temple palm teaches Xiong Chumo!”


The voice fell, and Ye Hongyu felt a thunder in his mind. , The silhouette staggered for a while, and almost fell unsteadily.

Where did she think that the person who insulted her back then was always in front of her, and she was the bright and majestic temple teacher in the eyes of the world.

She doesn’t doubt that Chen Gou will lie to herself. With his cultivation base, there is no need or motivation to do so.

Ye Hongyu was caught in extreme pain and surprised and angry. Murderous aura raged like violent waves, which could not be calmed for a long time.

At this time, Chen Gou let her digest it all by herself, and she put all her mind on the changes of the bloodline skill, Emperor Peak Divine Disaster.

“The quota and effect of the gods are the same as before, and the maximum number of people who can be enshrined is still the same as the skill level.”

“The sublimation all falls on the disaster, now the Guardian will fight once Entering the Calamity Tribulation incarnation state, all attacks will be the same as Heavenly Tribulation, with the blessing of the avenue order-irreconcilable!”

irreconcilable, as the name implies, it is necessary to kill the target before stopping.

In fact, one or two attacks alone are naturally difficult to guarantee that any target can be killed.

But from now on, after the Guardian in the Calamity Tribulation state launches an attack on the enemy, whether it is a physical attack or a spell, it will directly lock the target.

No matter how you dodge, it’s useless. Even if you escape into the void, your attack will hunt down like a tarsal maggot.

Especially spell, even if the target escapes to the ends of the earth, it will always be chased and killed.

Before hitting the target, spell can draw energy from Grand Dao Law to maintain formidable power.

The more terrifying place is that, like Heavenly Tribulation, it can only be sustained by the target being attacked.

If someone else intervenes and wants to help, they will suffer doubled backlash!

Like the cultivator Transcending Tribulation, if others take action, they will be regarded as a provocation by the order of the road, and Heavenly Tribulation will be more fierce.

In this way, the Guardian battle is infinitely close to Heavenly Tribulation incarnation, and those who are punished will have no way to go to the sky or to the ground!


“Am I too strong?”

“Why is there a sudden feeling of extreme emptiness?”

“This…is it…legendary…lonely at the top, lonely as snow?”

Chen Gou complained for a while, when he calmed down and came back to his senses , I found that Ye Hongyu was staring at him unblinkingly.

“What are you doing? Don’t blame me for not reminding you, don’t think too much about this Young Master, I am the man you will never get!”

Chen Gou hurriedly said solemnly to Wang’s promise.

“I want to avenge myself!” Ye Hongyu solemnly replied.

“Then you have to be above the five realms at least.”

“You can definitely help me.”

“Of course, for me It’s easy.”

Chen Gou said arrogantly: “I have the Supreme secret technique, which can make you one of the strongest detachments in this world…”

Ye Hongyu moves forward Two steps: “Give it to me!”

Chen Gou confirmed: “You want?”

Ye Hongyu nodded: “I want.”

Chen Gou said again: “I still have a holy method that can help you cultivation the strongest Primordial Spirit natural phenomenon. Even if Xiong Chumo is detached many years before you, you can personally chopped Xiong Chumo with the power of natural phenomenon. up ten-thousand times by a thousand blades.”

Although the technique of cultivation in each abyss world is derived from the Laws of Grand Dao, there are differences and advantages and disadvantages in details.

Although the method of night world is very unique in the use of space and energy, it can hardly cultivation the Primordial Spirit natural phenomenon.

At least so far, Chen Gou has not seen anyone cast it.

Neither the High Priest in the original grassland nor the Yu Lian, drunkard, butcher later.

So, if Ye Hongyu first cultivation the Primordial Spirit natural phenomenon with the help of Chen Gou, and then transcending Tribulation by the method of Shanhai God World, its battle strength will inevitably be crowned the Sixth of the night world. Stage.

Ye Hongyu hearing this, firmly spit out three words: “I want more!”

……………………………………………… ……………

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