My Summons Can Learn Skills Chapter 597

Ye Hongyu is now the fifth stage, and wants to be promoted to the sixth stage according to the route planned by Chen Gou…

First, you need to use some kind of Divine Ability without cultivation as The basic tempering element gate stimulates the Primordial Spirit natural phenomenon.

Then I will take Heavenly Tribulation and I will be naturally detached after going through.

As for Ye Hongyu’s tempering Yuanmen skills, Chen Gou finally decided to pass her a Heavenly Book!

Compared with Ning Que, this woman has no less meaning to Chen Gou, and is even more important.

Because Ning Que, after all, is just a piece that Chen Gou uses against Haotian, at least for now.

As for what level Ning Que will grow up to in the future, that’s all for the rest.

Ye Hongyu, with the special attribute of Daozhi, can always help Chen Gou to understand the Profound Truth of Dao and speed up the cultivation time. It is worthy of being given a Heavenly Book.

Heavenly Book has five volumes, representing ghosts, demons, gods, immortals, and Buddhas respectively. After thinking for a while, Chen Gou decided to teach the scrolls of God.

Under the guidance of Chen Gou, Ye Hongyu only took three days to tempering out of the Yuanmen of the gods…a Spiritual God whose appearance and figure are very similar to her.

Its Primordial Spirit natural phenomenon is naturally also a divine image similar to Chen Gou Celestial Emperor.

After that, the lame Old Huang pulled the carriage and continued to the south.

Chen Gou is still sitting on the sarcophagus, where the butcher’s vitality has been swallowed by most, but he is still struggling to persevere, not at all completely dead.

According to past experience, according to this trend, life is swallowed up, and then body dies and Dao disappears is only a matter of time.

However, Chen Gou still has a little hope, hoping that the butcher can create miracles in the desperate situation.

81 days is a very delicate number.

Nine is the number of the supreme, so 81 also contains Taoism, which is often regarded as a dividing line of a small cycle. At the limit of breakthrough, unknown mutations can occur.

On the way south, because the butcher has been struggling to die, he has not yet reached the last minute to complete the transformation of Chen Gou’s hopes, so Chen Gou’s Life and Death Samsara order, also Failed to get a qualitative breakthrough.

On the contrary, Ye Hongyu, under the guardianship of Chen Gou, successfully passed the Heavenly Tribulation and was promoted to the Sixth Stage.

The entire Transcending Tribulation process can be summed up in four words-there is no danger.

Although there were twists and turns in the process, especially in the final eighth and ninth two calamities, Ye Hongyu, who was a little hasty in the pass, fell in the sewer, but fortunately, it finally relied on the endless talisman sword and the cage The sword array supports the past.

During the period, Heavenly Tribulation appeared a kind of derivation that Chen Gou had not seen before, let him eyes shined, not only kept this kind of Heavenly Tribulation derivation method in my heart, but also kind of be eager to have The feeling of a try.

If you want to let the ancestor of the life witch take out the Thunder God Burying Soul Seal, summon Tianlei realizes this kind of evolution to test its power…

Ye Hongyu naturally doesn’t know Chen What Gou was thinking, she was completely immersed in her world.

In fact, she has become the youngest person to break the Five Realms in the history of this World!

In fact, if the age at which Red Fish breaks through the Five Realms, it must be the youngest night, but that may not be true.

After all, Jiang Ye World has experienced more than one Eternal Night Tribulation. Even if it hasn’t been in the last thousand years, there may not be anyone younger than her before the past few reincarnations.

However, at her current age, she has become a legendary existence above the five realms, and she can undoubtedly overlook all her peers.

Through the method of breakthrough taught by Chen Gou, it is neither infinite, immeasurable, nor heavenly demon, apocalypse… There is no magical special ability possessed by Jiangye world Sixth Stage cultivator.

However, the unique and unmatched Divine Emperor Primordial Spirit natural phenomenon makes her positive battle strength stand out from the crowd.

Since the way of Primordial Spirit natural phenomenon can become the mainstream strengthening path for the God World and the Awakened, it can be seen that compared to other avenues, it must have its incomparable tyrannical out of the ordinary.

I don’t know how long it took, when Ye Hongyu finally recovered from his joy, he immediately looked towards Chen Gou, two line of sight in the beautiful eyes stared at him unblinkingly, his beautiful neck high: “I think I’m… very strong now, very strong!”

fighting intent!

The surging fighting intent was unabashedly surging. At this time, only Chen Gou was in front of her, so it was self-evident who the fighting intent was aimed at.

“Do you think your wings are hard, you can challenge me?”

Chen Gou glanced at her with a squint, said with a smile: “I think you are itchy I don’t know the immensity of heaven and earth.”

“Please enlighten me, sir!”

Ye Hongyu is holding the scabbard of the sword with his left hand, and holding the hilt with the right hand. I really want to challenge Chen Gou.

In fact, since she knew that the enemy she hated was Xiong Chumo, she knew that her break with Xiling Temple was inevitable.

In this way, her reasons and motives for killing Chen Gou before are no longer valid.

At this time, he still has to fight him when his strength is greatly increased, and more simply want to challenge the powerhouse and test the limits of Chen Gou’s strength.

She has never been able to determine what realm Chen Gou is, but she has always been curious about it.

“Do you know what your behavior is? The light of firefly delusion competes with the sun and the moon!”

When Chen Gou said this to Ye Hongyu, it is definitely not arrogant. , But just stating objective facts.

Not to mention the gap between Demi-God and Demi-God. Even in the same realm, Chen Gou, the young supreme of the Divine Race in the mountains and seas, cannot be challenged by Ye Hongyu.

As soon as the voice fell, Chen Gou appeared behind Chen Gou, the ghost form and immobility of natural disasters, and all the basic agility was transformed into strength in a very short time.

The monk, buddha, and ghost state are only superimposed for three layers, not at all enter the limit number, and do not get the bonus of strong battle growth.

But the truth is, it doesn’t need to.

One finger!

Just when Ye Hongyu was shocked that Chen Gou even cultivated Buddhism supernatural powers, the Tathagata with several dozen meters raised his hand and pointed his index finger towards Ye Hongyu without fancy.

Like a stone stick, like a divine spear, like a sky mark, like a divine talisman…

One character!

This finger of Tathagata is straight and majestic, like an imposing manner, the majestic word is dotted vertically, with no difficulty, it evolves into divine talisman, and has the corresponding blessings.

Although the Tathagata did not wear an angry elephant mask at this time and did not trigger the tenfold attack of Heavenly God’s fury, but with the blessing of the word divine talisman’s Profound Truth, the Buddha’s Finger still has the terrifying Space Power.

Where you go, crush the space inch by inch, leaving a void crack that can tear and shatter everything.

The Divine Emperor’s Primordial Spirit natural phenomenon is revealed behind Ye Hongyu. She holds the sword in her hand and then casts the Sword God pass.

I saw a piece of talisman light flying out of it, gathering around the sword, and finally turning into a rune giant sword more than ten meters long, moved towards the sky, quite thorny.

I want to fight against the Buddha!

From the outside, Ye Hongyu’s rune sword, no matter its imposing manner or its vastness, is not lost to a finger that does not move.

However, the moment the tip of the sword collided with the tip of the finger, the rune sword that had a superior hole through the Profound Truth and was blessed by the Divine Emperor method began to collapse.

First the sword tip, then the sword body, and finally the sword hilt…

The sword body that is more than ten meters long collapses in an instant, until it is about to touch the Ye Hongyu Life Source magic sword. It stopped suddenly when it was sharp.

If not, she will definitely not be able to keep this sword, she will be crushed directly into dregs.

Also, even if Ghost Xiang Tathagata stopped pointing at the last moment under the control of Chen Gou’s mind, Ye Hongyu still received a huge invisible countershock, and the whole person was pressed down from midair.

With a sound of “peng”, it hit the ground stiffly, and the hem of the red-clothed skirt was blown upward by the air current, revealing two beautiful legs.

Very white, very round, very smooth…

After a while, the dust settles, and the red dress also falls.

Ye Hongyu looked at Chen Gou, looking up from the bottom up, with complicated eyes: “How long will I have to cultivation to have your current strength?”

Chen Gou sighed: “In my hometown, a great writer named Lu Xun said…Some people want to become immortals as human beings, and they want to go to heaven when they are born on the earth.”

Ye Hongyu: “…”

As time goes by day by day, Chen Gou and Ye Hongyu are getting closer and closer to the Xiling Temple.

In the sarcophagus, the butcher’s breath is getting weaker and weaker. There are more than ten days left, but it doesn’t look like it can survive.

“Sure enough, are miracles not so easy to be born?”

Chen Gou couldn’t help but sigh. The reason why a miracle is a miracle is because the probability of occurrence is too low.

He originally expected the butcher’s unique experience to allow him to create this miracle, but now it seems that it is also the same.

In the past dozens of days, Chen Gou has also gained some gains from the disappearance of the butcher’s vitality, but it is far from enough to help him further sublimate the seeds of the Life and Death Samsara order.

However, many things are not until the last minute, and the result is never known.

Perhaps, the butcher still has a chance…

“Young Master, what do you tell me is really the Heavenly Book?”

Ye Hongyu sat in the front of the carriage and suddenly looked back and asked.

Chen Gou faintly replied: “Do you want to say that the door also has a Heavenly Book?”

Ye Hongyu nodded: “The Taoist secret, there are seven Heavenly Books in the world. Qi, there will be the mighty power of Changing the Heaven and Switching the Earth!”

“I know more detailed than you…The seven Heavenly Books are Sun, Fall, Sand, Ming, Sky, Fallen , Open, each have a different mysterious.”

Chen Gou spoke eloquently: “At that time, only the Master had read all the seven volumes, and once said: Among the seven volumes of the Heavenly Book, the most important thing is The Tianzi scroll, but the real meaning is the Mingzi scroll. As for the other scrolls, don’t read it.”

Chen Gou naturally knew about the existence of the seven-volume Heavenly Book of the night world.

But he does not think that these seven volumes of Heavenly Book can be mentioned on equal terms with the Heavenly Book mention on equal terms left by Zhu Rong Celestial Emperor. He thinks that it is just the same name.

But I have to admit that these seven volumes of the Heavenly Book itself also have a very mysterious power and effect.

Among them, the Volume of Days is a book used to record the powerhouse of the world. The name of Chen Gou and pretty close have also appeared in this volume of Heavenly Book.

The Japanese scroll is automatically updated in real time.

If a person’s name disappears on the Japanese scroll, it is either that the person has broken through the five realms, or is dead, or there is a possibility that he has cut off Heavenly Dao’s gaze.

The function is unknown, and Chen Gou is also unclear.

The sand scroll records the cultivation cultivation technique and the method of refining medicine, all-inclusive, and everything.

Mingji scroll, recorded, the most essential law of the world.

Let’s say nothing else, what is certain is that getting this volume of Heavenly Book will definitely be of great help to the Comprehend Law Avenue.

Take ten thousand steps to make the Master’s evaluation the most interesting. Chen Gou must take a look.

The specifics of the Tianzi Scroll are unknown, but the name of Jun Mo is recorded in it. The judge who read this book shocked the cultivation talent of Second Senior Brother.

It can be seen from this that this Heavenly Book may record the existence of some talents…

Heavenly Book inverted scroll, as the name suggests, is related to inversion.

In the original plot, the master Chen opened the scroll of “inverted”, and the quiet lake in the depths of Congling Temple of Xiling Temple suddenly caused waves. The seven thatched huts were on the lake. The reflection, suddenly came straight!

When the scroll was opened, it was also unfathomable. The legend was related to the opening of the passage of the Hao Heavenly God country…

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