My Summons Can Learn Skills Chapter 598

Where did the seven-volume Heavenly Book of Jiangye World come from? Does it have a connection with Zhurong Heavenly Book?

All are unknown.

But as far as Chen Gou knows, it is certain that it should have nothing to do with Haotian.

In fact, the Heavenly Book of the Seventh Volume of the Night is a method used by the Dao Sect to control the world under the guise of Haotian, and it is also a way for Dao Sect to restrict Haotian.

At first, Haotian was not the main god of this World. It was the founder of Dao Sect who made a bet with Haotian. The bet was the whole world. He lost the world to Haotian, so Haotian became the only god in this world.

Since signing the gambling agreement, Daomen and Haotian have been using each other.

Everyone knows that both the door and Xiling believe in the light and worship Haotian, making themselves an existence above the mortal and below the Haotian, and they have been conveying Haotian’s will to the world.

But I don’t know, how can Haotian Divine Kingdom, which is far above the sky, always care about the humble voice of the world?

So, all this is just a way for the door to consolidate its authority and power in the world.

Haotian became a god, enjoying incense worship. Daomen and Xiling create the glorious images of their god’s messengers, win over believers from all over the world, and call the wind and summon the rain in the world.

Haotian has always been bound by the gambling contract, confined to the human world and the Divine Kingdom. Collecting seven volumes of the Heavenly Book can break the gambling game and let Haotian leave here and return to the chaos where he came. .

As the only Heavenly Dao who rules the world, Haotian left, the seat of the Taoist god is vacant, and when the seat is empty, naturally someone can go up and sit on the seat of god, and people can naturally change Into this world Heavenly Dao.

And Chen, the leader of Taoism, has been coveting this. He wants to become a god. He is the only person in the world who knows how to crack the game, and the only person in the world who knows the true function and secret of Heavenly Book.

Of course, it’s the only one now.

Chen Gou naturally had the idea of ​​the seven-volume Heavenly Book very early. Even if it was just a coincidence and the same name, and has nothing to do with the Zhurong Heavenly Book, if you combine the seven-volume Heavenly Book, it is at least Treasure above the diamond grade.

Not to mention being able to restrain Haotian, even if it is only possible to comprehend the magical powers of Taoism, it is worth looking forward to.

Chen Gou still has several skills that have not been upgraded. He just wants to wait for the fusion of attributes to match.

As for where the seven volumes of the Heavenly Book are now…

If Chen Gou remembers correctly, six of them have been collected by Zhishouguan, and the seventh they have been looking for The book is in the hands of Li Slowly, First Senior Brother of the Academy.

Everyone in the world knows a book. A water scoop is an item that Mr. Da never leaves his body, but no one would think that the broken book Mr. Da casually puts on his waist is what everyone wants to get. “Ming” scroll of Heavenly Book.

As time goes by, Chen Gou and Ye Hongyu are getting closer and closer to Taoshan where the Xiling Temple is located, and the atmosphere of the surrounding environment along the way becomes more subtle.

Because the temple apparently knew that they were coming, and the destination must be Momoyama.

In the largest temple at the top of Taoshan, the high-level temples were surprised and angry, roaring endlessly.

“What does he want to do, he has captured the people in my temple, and dare to send it to the door by himself? He is blasphemy!”

“Maybe he thought that Yuye Hongyu was a hostage, Is there any fear?”

“hmph! Compared with the majesty of the temple, a Ye Hongyu, I can only choose the latter.”

“Yes, I have to sacrifice She’s gone, not to mention devoting herself to the light. It’s the best destination for someone like her who has failed and been captured.”

“But I heard that Ye Hongyu doesn’t seem to be forced by a captive, but rather voluntary. ?!”


In the bright and magnificent temple, suddenly fell into dead silence.

Compared with being captured, the betrayal of the temple’s most outstanding young discipline is a huge blow to the temple and has an extremely bad impact.

From ancient times to the present, in the last thousand years, only the people of the world have sharpened their heads and want to squeeze into the temple, even if they are just the most common deacon, it is the glory of Supreme.

Is there ever a fascinating successor to the world to betray the gods?

“If things are true, there will be no room for Ye Hongyu in the world!”

The person who spoke was the ruling divine throne, who was also Ye Hongyu’s head boss in the temple.

However, the divine throne was supposed to be maintained, but at the moment he expressed apathy, and the murderous aura in the voice was awe-inspiring.

Xiling Temple is the center of Daomen’s rule of the world. It is headed by the sect leader, and is supplemented by three divine thrones: Guangming, Tianyu, and Ruling.

Among them, the teacher is in charge of all affairs. The great priest of Tianyu is responsible for perceiving the order of Haotian and training priests. The great priest of Guangming has no specific affairs, but it is the most transcendent existence.

As for the ruling priests, they are responsible for maintaining the order of the Daomen, executing the canonical punishments, and killing apostates and Demon Sect cultivator. They have great authority in the punishment of life and death.

Because of this, the adjudication of divine throne has to maintain his impartial and incorruptible image in front of outsiders, and Ye Hongyu must be punished heavily.

At this time, with a golden mask on his face, and the silhouette of the incomparably noble head teacher on the divine throne finally spoke, and said in a very powerful and awe-inspiring voice:

“The temple is so majestic. Offensive, if you dare to come, let them come. There are only three words in this seat-kill without mercy!”


As soon as the voice fell, the whole Taoshan , The entire Xiling Temple was a sensation.

Like a sleeping giant resurrected, there are tens of thousands of people walking out of the temples and courtyards in the mountain!

All of these are the most loyal believers in the temple of Xiling, and the most elite force in the temple. If the academy hadn’t existed, these 10,000 people would be enough to sweep the entire continent.

At the same time, on the official road outside several dozen li, the lame Old Huang horse was still pulling the sarcophagus slowly forward.

Chen Gou sits in the coffin and Ye Hongyu drives the car.

Because of the improvement of Xu’s strength, Dao Chi looks more and more beautiful and glamorous at this time.

Originally aggressive, killing intent, she calmed down as she got closer and closer to the temple.

“There are temple deacons and tens of thousands of guards on Taoshan Mountain.” Ye Hongyu said calmly, stating a fact she knew.

“Don’t talk about tens of thousands of people, even if hundreds of millions are ahead, I want to go, then I will go.” Chen Gou also stated in a calm tone.

“There are also countless experts, including the three major divine thrones and palm teachers.” Ye Hongyu said again.

“The people who trifling Zhiming and Sixth Stage are also worthy of expert?”

Chen Gou looked disdainful, but said seriously: “I didn’t mean to target you, I It means that in front of the true powerhouse, all Sixth Stages are ants.”

Although this is not pleasant, it is true.

Chen Gou doesn’t know how big the gap between Jiangye’s world Sixth Stage and the seventh realm is, but in front of the Tempering Half-God Realm, it is indeed no different from ants.

Of course, there is no need to come up with some rare exceptions such as Chen Gou himself.

“Why do you want to help me?”

When Ye Hongyu spoke, he suddenly turned his head and stared, as if to see through Chen Gou’s heart.

Originally, she was just a prisoner, and Chen Gou didn’t need to avenge her by opposing the temple or even the entire Taoist gate.

In the world view she has cultivated since she was a child, Taoism is too powerful, and it takes great courage to be an enemy no matter who it is.

“Don’t be passionate, I can do whatever I want, what does it have to do with you?” Chen Gou hummed softly from his nostrils.

In fact, his trip was to kill people to weaken the power of Daomen, the other was Heavenly Book, and the third was to avenge Ye Hongyu by the way.

If there were no motives for the first two, just to help Ye Hongyu, it really might not have come here in person.

However, Ye Hongyu naturally did not know what was going on, and therefore misunderstood something.

She suddenly laughed.

Women are often duplicity, aren’t men?

The crisp laughter echoed on both sides of the road, and she showed her pride without restraint. The soft waist faintly visible in the red dress dancing in the wind gave her a natural taste of purity and charm. .


Three days later, the Old Huang horse finally limped and pulled the carriage to the foot of Taoshan.

Taoshan is facing the sea, and the newborn morning sun is covered by the clouds on the sea, only a little light leaks out, and it becomes even darker by the cold wind between the peaks of Taoshan. The solemn white temple on the top of the mountain suddenly It became cold.

There is a huge platform halfway up the mountain, which was expanded into a square by the Xiling Temple.

At this time, thousands of members of the temple stood on it, condescendingly looking down, looking at the first person who blocked the gate of the temple to provoke in a thousand years.

After seeing clearly that what was pulled on the carriage turned out to be an ominous sarcophagus, everyone was suddenly surprised and angry.

Since ancient times, if it weren’t for blood and blood, no one would bring a coffin to the door.

If someone does this, it means either he is crushed to pieces, or the enemy is killed.

So, in the eyes of the people of the temple, the provocation brought by the sarcophagus is beyond any words.

At the foot of Peach Mountain, there has long been a team of elite temple guards waiting.

The leader’s name is Luo Kedi. He is a veteran who is known for fate and wears rune armor. It is a divine talisman armor made by the division of Xiling Temple divine talisman and the Southern Jin Industry Department.

Even in the entire Xiling Temple, there are only three armors of this level. If it is not for today’s headmaster to favor him, he is not qualified to wear it.

However, with his realm and rune armor, the strength is really not low. Although Ye Hongyu was confident that he could win in Life and Death Battle before his detachment, he still had a realm at that time. Not as good.

At this time, Luo Kedi’s eyes linger on Ye Hongyu, and a greedy rays of light flashed deep in his eyes, but his face devotion to righteousness that inspires reverence shouted: “Ye Hongyu , You still have the face to come back?!”

“My appearance is devastatingly beautiful, why don’t I have a face to come back?”

Ye Hongyu’s plain voice sounded, and there was no fear between her beautiful eyebrows and eyes. Sorry, the indifferent emotion reveals the determination of press forward and unprecedented confidence.

Behind her sits “Invincible”, what is she afraid of?

Luo Kedi slightly startled, it seems that Ye Hongyu didn’t expect that Ye Hongyu could say such things calmly.

Furthermore, no one can refute that, a woman in this world, who would dare to say that his appearance is above the idiot?

“Then what are you doing back?” Luo Kedi solemnly asked, returning to the subject.

“Killing.” Ye Hongyu’s tone remained calm.

Luokedi pupil suddenly shrink: “Kill who?”

Ye Hongyu coldly highlighted a few words: “Palm teaches Xiong Chumo.”


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