My Summons Can Learn Skills Chapter 599

Xiling Taoshan, a cold wind suddenly started, from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the mountain.

Taoshan has a hillside square transformed from three cliffs. There are four temples, thousands of priests, and cavalry near Deacon Wan. This is the temple where Taoism has ruled the world for countless years, and it is also the Holy of all Haotian believers. Land.

At this moment, from the sky to the underground, there was an uproar above the entire Taoshan Mountain. The sound of surprised and angry roar resounded like a sea of ​​anger, resounding through the world.

Whether it is a priest wearing a red robe, a deacon wearing a black clothed, or a cavalry wearing a black and gold armor, the black is waiting in full battle everywhere in Momoyama, and everyone is angry.

For them, the temple master is Haotian incarnation, extremely lofty, infinitely bright, and almost god.

But the idiots who used to be idiots, but now they are uttering wild words in the public, wanting to kill the master…

This is blasphemy and the sin is unforgivable!

“Ye Hongyu, you dare to commit the following crimes, even if I still miss my old love and spare your life, the temple law can’t tolerate you!”

The tone of Luo Kedi is cold. , Holding the long sword hanging from his waist with his hand, slowly pulling out, the white holy light on the rune armor on his body also began to flash.

At the same time, the color of greed in his eyes is also stronger, and the crazy possessive desire can’t even be suppressed.

For Fanghua’s peerless Ye Hongyu, Luo Kedi has been coveted for a long time, but he has always been jealous of his identity and strength in the past, so he is guilty but not guilty.

But now it’s different. Ye Hongyu openly turned against the temple as an enemy, so as long as he captures him, and then relies on the master’s favor to him, the rest is not left to him?

“Follow the crime?”

Ye Hongyu ignored Luo Kedi in front of him and didn’t even look at him. Instead, he looked up at the top of the mountain and vaguely saw that Dai Wearing a golden mask, the sun looks like a silhouette of rays of light ten thousand zhang.

The head teacher of Xiling is like the god of the world.

red-clothed Dao Chi showed a contemptuous sneer: “Why is a base and shameless person taller than me? Although I am just a maid now, he is not even worthy to carry me shoes. “

Luo Kedi growled low: “You can see clearly, you are an enemy of thousands of people in the entire temple!”

“So what?”

Ye Hongyu looked back at Chen Gou. When she turned her head, there was no fear between her beautiful eyebrows, and her calm jade pierced strong confidence and determination to press forward.

“Today we are going to the top of the mountain, gods block then kill gods, buddhas block then kill buddhas!”

“Impudent, with you two, dare to speak wild words and speak out?”

Luo Kedi shouted angrily. Now everyone is watching him. As the first line of defense, he must take Ye Hongyu in the shortest time.

Otherwise, the prestige of the temple will continue to be damaged, so even though Taoshan is big, it may be difficult to have a place for him.

Ye Hongyu’s lips were closed tightly, no longer said.

But between his hands, a rune sword nearly four feet long was already condense.

The name of the sword is Fangzhi, and the name is endless!

Different from the ancestor of Wuming Wu, Ye Hongyu did not let the talisman shoot out like a flying sword, but directly grasped it with his hands, and then raised the sword forward.

This is a rune sword, but it feels so real.

Luo Kedi also fought back with a sword. He used the Hao Heavenly God technique, the endless Clear Sky Divine Splendor, sprayed out of his body.

Part of it surrounds the sword in the hand, condensed into sharp and unmatched sword energy, and part is absorbed by the rune armor on the body, transforming into mysterious and profound light lines.

Sword energy is vertical and horizontal, rune Divine Armor is as majestic as a mountain, coexisting with solemnity and majesty!

The strength of Luo Kedi is Fifth Stage Peak, and he can become the leader of the gods, he is trusted by the master, and his strength is naturally good.

At least in Zhimingjing, it definitely belongs to powerhouse.

In fact, he didn’t want to be enemies with Ye Hongyu in the past, it was just because Ye Hongyu was too pure and didn’t want to fight this crazy woman.

Now that the whole temple is eye-catching, he must go all out.

War Sword vs. Sword!

Xiling divine technique has supernatural powers on Canglan!

Ye Hongyu’s proficiency in the divine technique of Xiling is definitely better than Luo Kedi.

But she directly abandoned the divine technique, and took out Chen Gou’s rune sword, not only because she believed that the rune sword was strong enough to help her kill all enemies, but also because he hated bears. First ink.

Under the hatred of the house and the black, I don’t even want to use the divine technique.

Like a pin against an awl, the moment the sword tip collided, the rays of light in front of the mountain gate suddenly increased in temperature, and the surrounding rocks were instantly burned to ashes.

This is the most common attribute of the Heavenly God technique. The extreme high temperature like the sun can burn all the tangible things in the world.

The collision process was expected by everyone in the temple. After all, as far as they knew, the two were of equal realm and evenly matched strength. The scene of the battle was naturally amazing.

However, Xiong Chumo, the teacher of the mountaintop temple, had his eyes dimmed and couldn’t help taking a step forward from the steps.

At the same time, in front of the mountain gate below…

With a sound of “pu chi”, the blood arrow breakthrough blazing rays of light, splashing more than two meters high, like a fountain A head is raised high.


The head of Luo Kedi!

His eyes were wide open, and the last moment his eyes were frozen in disbelief.


When the rays of light dissipated, Luo Kedi’s tall body fell backwards and hit the bluestone floor heavily, not squinting his eyes.

The divine talisman armor rays of light on him is still heavy, and it feels like an indestructible mountain, but now it has become a decoration, and it has not been able to protect its former owner.

Weak spot penetrates!

Although Ye Hongyu’s rune sword cannot be endless, the mysterious penetration and weakness attack attributes are of common origins.

Therefore, although the rune armor on Luo Kedi’s body is extremely defensive, it is directly with no difficulty breakthrough by the rune sword from a weak point that cannot be defended, thereby slashing one of the swords.

Ye Hongyu now has a higher realm than Luo Kedi. Winning in a duel is as it should be by rights.

But if you want to slash the serene with one sword like this, the formidable power and mysterious of the sword of rune itself are also indispensable.

All the sounds up and down Xiling Taoshan suddenly disappeared, and the entire world was silent as death.

No one didn’t expect that Luo Kedi would be defeated so badly.

A face-to-face room, 1st move, was headed by a sword owl.

In front of the Light God Palace at the top of Peach Mountain, the temple giants, including the great priest of the heavenly decree, the great judge of the ruling, and the head teacher, changed their expressions and suddenly became extremely solemn.

Only a short while before someone else came back to his senses from the shock, the silence was broken, and the whole Taoshan was suddenly noisy.

“How could this be?”

“Luo Commander is not the enemy of One He?”


No one can Reply.

Although many people hope that Luo Kedi underestimates the enemy, or Ye Hongyu good luck, everyone knows that these are just delusions.

The death of Luo Kedi is all because of his inferior skills!


“Holy Land, don’t allow evil and rebellion to trespass…”

The team of hundreds of blacks behind Rock’s enemy The Cavalry Guards of the Temple of A were still performing their duties loyally, everyone pulled out their weapons and stood in front of the mountain road.

They are the most loyal and steadfast believers, as long as they sacrifice for Haotian and the temple, death is fearless to them.

Faced with this, Ye Hongyu snapped his fingers out of the talisman sword in his hand.

The sword of rune swept across the void, tracing a straight trace.

This is “one”, it is divine talisman, Tearing the Void!

The word divine talisman “一” is a perfect match with the talisman sword or sword energy. Every sword can be regarded as a divine talisman since its birth. On the way, Chen Gou passed this divine talisman to Ye Hongyu.

With the natural attribute of Dao infatuation, any divine channel law is a rapid progress, and it is omnipotent.

Of course, it also includes divine talisman. It took less than ten days for this character to be brought to the point of perfection, which made Chen Gou feel awe-inspiring.



pu~ ~~~

The prestige of the word divine talisman of the Wuzhifujian family, yes As far as the cultivator under the five realms is concerned, it is absolutely shocking.

Hundreds of Knights in heavy armor, all of them are paper-like in front of a character sword, unable to withstand a single blow.

While breathing, the talisman sword passed through it, like a plow, a path of blood flowed out of the plow, blood splattered, and pieces of meat flew everywhere.

On both sides of the bloody road, hundreds of mutilated corpses fell, all silent.

The dark clouds on Taoshan Mountain suddenly felt cold in the tailbone, and the whole body had one’s hair stand on end.

Hundreds of guard cavalry were slaughtered with one sword!

Today’s Ye Hongyu, beyond their imagination, completely subverted previous cognition and impression.

This female idiot seems to have become a murderer at this moment.

Ye Hongyu stepped between the blood and the corpse, and stepped onto the steps to the top of the mountain. The corpse was everywhere behind him, and Blood Lotus was born under his feet.

Chen Gou is still sitting on top of the carriage, looking at her lithe and graceful unparalleled back with a smile, like an artist looking at his most outstanding work.

After a while, Ye Hongyu came to the middle of the mountain and stood in front of her alone.

This person is one of the giants of the temple, not someone else, but the ruling priest.

“Ye Hongyu, kneel down.”

The ruling divine throne is a red robe, hands behind ones back, and said solemnly with a heart and soul: “I think you are a talent.” , As long as you kowtow to apologize, this seat can plead with the master and forgive you for not dying, but you are imprisoned in the cage to repent.”

Ye Hongyu hearing this, expressionlessly replied: “You are also worthy to make me kneel , Xiong Chumo deserves to kneel by me?”

“Arrogant, can’t tell good from bad!

The ruling priest is furious: “Do you know who you are talking to? ? “

“Do you know who you are talking to? “

Ye Hongyu took the words back, and while pacing forward, he flicked his fingers again and shot out the talisman sword in his hand.

The traces of the sword are still the same, wherever he goes. The void is broken.

Apart from this, there is nothing fancy, compared with the rays of light of Hao Heavenly God technique, it even looks a little simple.

Divine throne The Clear Sky Divine Splendor on his body is so strong that it seems to condense into a solid, but…

still useless!

All the weak spots on his body have been clearly understood, Clear Sky Divine Splendor It’s not invincible in the whole world.

The ruling divine throne couldn’t hold for a second, and the chest was pierced by the sword, and the whole person was taken up by the ferocious force, and flew backwards. .

Finally, he was nailed to a higher step by fiercely, life and death are unknown.

While Ye Hongyu continued to step up, his voice faintly sounded: “Dare to ask the great priest, this Is a sword arrogant enough? “

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