My Summons Can Learn Skills Chapter 600

The ruling priest is one of the three priests of Xiling Temple, and his position is extremely high.

The strength is in the world of Jiangye, which is also called a first-class powerhouse, but it is definitely not in the top class, let alone super products like Master and Haotian.

In the final analysis, the ruling priest is just knowing Peak.

And Ye Hongyu is now the sixth stage transcendence, the realm has been crushed to a level, and the result of the battle is naturally impossible.

However, Xiling Temple didn’t know that Ye Hongyu had broken through to the five realms.

A few months ago, she was not yet known for Peak, and this is already the strongest among the younger generation.

No one would have thought that she would be able to break through overwhelming majority in just a few months. The cultivator will never be able to break through in her entire life.

Ye Hongyu continued to pace forward, his hands turned back, neither fast nor slow.

Momoyama went up and down absolute silence, she didn’t say a word, but she made all the deacon and Knight in the temple feel a monstrous conceit and arrogance.

Although it is a bottom-up climb, it seems to be higher than the top of the mountain and overlooks everyone.

On the mountain path, no temple Knight appeared to stop him.

Everyone knows that once the strength and realm exceed a certain limit, the number of people will lose meaning.

The worm shaking the tree is just overestimate one’s capabilities which makes people laugh, but if the ants want to challenge the elephant, they have to use their lives as a price.

And the result is often just as humble that’s all like a dust.

Time passed every second, Ye Hongyu’s posture was always lithe and graceful, bathing in the shining sun in the sky.

focal point of ten thousands, holy and beautiful as God World Saintess.

It wasn’t until Ye Hongyu came to the mountainside that an old man wearing a big red robe finally appeared and stopped on the road.

Tianyu the great priest!

One of the three divine thrones of the Xiling Temple. It has a pair of extraordinary eyes. Legends can see the past and predict the future.

At this moment, these eyes stared at Ye Hongyu unblinkingly. The eyes were pure white, exuding infinite light, like a mirror polished by the sun.

“Ye Hongyu, anyway, you are from the temple after all. Even if you are captured, you should not turn against the temple and make today’s actions.”

The great priest did not reprimand as severely as the ruling divine throne, the mood grave and deep, obviously wanted to play the emotional card.

Ye Hongyu looked up towards the top of the mountain, and the cold jade was indifferent as water: “I am only killing Xiong Chumo today, whoever blocks me I will kill who.”

The cleric frowned: “What hate do you have with the master?”

Ye Hongyu coldly spit out a few words: “Bone-cut hatred, absolutely irreconcilable!”

The Tianyu priest was silent, although Ye Hongyu did not say what his hatred was, but he had already expressed his attitude that there is no room for compromise in this matter, and one person must die to end it.

“Then you will step on the old man’s corpse.”

The white light in the eyes of the great priest suddenly became brighter, condensing into two incomparably dazzling lines The light, like sword glow, suddenly slashed out.

Ye Hongyu continued to hold his hand forward, until the Holy Light Sword came in front of him, did he stick out his right hand from behind, stretched out in front of him, like a spider web of invisible laws spread out, The two sword glows came to the palm of the palm and stopped instantly as if they fell into a quagmire.

No matter how hard it is to move forward half an inch, even as Ye Hongyu’s palm flips, the two sword glows are also controlled by it to swim.

Like a fish swimming, turning the direction in an instant, and then aiming at the divine throne…

Seeing this scene, the great priest immediately trembled, and Ye Hong was in front of him. The strength of fish is beyond his cognition.

“Hao Heavenly God technique, you can and I will too, but you.” Ye Hongyu said coldly.

Between my fingers, two sword glow flew out from my fingertips, and came to the divine throne at a faster speed than before, and broke through with a thunder and thunder. The latter was already hasty. Defensively, tearing open the skin of the robe, fiercely penetrated in.



The great priest was shot by his own holy mang, and the whole person was knocked into the air, smashing the stone steps behind him , Dive deep into the mountains.

Another fiasco!

The two divine thrones of the Xiling Temple, did not add up to stop the idiot? !

The many deacons and Knights in Xiling Temple were dumbfounded.

The great priest complexion pale, with blood stains on the corners of his mouth. Although he is not dead, he has obviously suffered extremely severe injuries.

Looking at Ye Hongyu, who was so young and unbelievably young, his face was full of shock, as well as the horror of hard to describe.

This famous Daoist in Daoist history is incredibly strong. At such an age and such battle strength, it is simply unprecedented.

Don’t talk about the door, even if you add those Direct Disciples from the Master of the Academy, how many people can mention on equal terms with them?

Even if Ke Haoran, who singled out Demon Sect with a single sword, might not have achieved such an achievement at such a young age.

Although some people have accumulated knowledge and deliver it slowly, late bloomers can give the world the most shock and the most eye-catching, often those who show their peerless talent from the very beginning and are invincible along the way Heaven’s Chosen.

Now, Ye Hongyu is such a person…

“What realm are you now?”

Looking at the hands behind ones back again Coming forward, Ye Hongyu, who was in a red-clothed long skirt and glared with dust, said solemnly, the great priest of Tianyu was forced to endure the severe pain within the body.

“Above the five realms, detachment.”

Ye Hongyu walked by the divine throne indifferently, look steadily forward, never looked down, never took another move Kill it completely.

For her, in fact, up to now, there is no deep hatred with Xiling Temple. The reason why she turned against her is because Xiong Chumo is the head of the temple.

Tianyu Divine Throne has always been upright and fair, and has a high prestige in the temple. He did not shout and scream when he came up like the ruling priest, so Ye Hongyu saved his life.

After defeating the ruling priest and the Tianyu priest one after another, in theory, no one is qualified to stand between Ye Hongyu and Xiong Chumo.

So, although there are still half of the Dao Altar level left, Ye Hongyu has only the silhouette he hates.

Time goes by, it seems slow and fast.

When Ye Hongyu was moving forward silently, the entire Taoshan was in a huge shock, and thousands of people gathered.

Above the Five Realms!

These four words came out of Ye Hongyu’s mouth, giving the people in the temple an unimaginable shock.

For the cultivator of this World, after transcending the five realms, he is no longer a human being, but a higher level existence.

Now in the entire Xiling Temple, only the head teacher has reached this realm, and how old is Ye Hongyu, is he already one step ahead of everyone? !

“Stop, how honorable is the palm teacher, how can you be offended!”

When Ye Hongyu was about to reach the top of the mountain and only a hundred steps left, finally there was the Temple of Knight. The top of the mountain watched Ye Hongyu violently drink.

At the end of the mountain road, hundreds of Paladin, the most elite of the temple, are heavily armored and lined up neatly.

Everyone has a cold expression, and the imposing manner of seeing death is permeated, and he will kill Ye Hongyu after only a command.

Even if everyone is crushed and killed on the spot, they must be stopped.

Because they are already the last line of defense around the head teacher, there is no retreat.

At the same time, most of the other temple warriors also clenched their weapons, gathered mana, and were ready to fight at any time.

For thousands of years, Xiling Temple has suffered the calamity it is today, and it was the first time that it was unprecedented. It can be called extraordinary shame and humiliation.

So, no matter how much you pay today, you must stop this woman and capture or kill it on the spot, otherwise the temple will be discredited by this day.

“Xiong Chumo, if you don’t want to watch them fearless go to death, then fight with me yourself.”

Ye Hongyu doesn’t care about the life and death of these temples, right. As far as she is concerned, as long as she stands in front of her, they are all enemies that can be killed without the slightest hesitation.

She just finds it troublesome and doesn’t want to be delayed by these irrelevant people.

She just wants to kill her enemies personally now, she doesn’t want to wait for a second.

However, the headmaster of Xiling, wearing a golden mask, looked indifferent like a dead water, and said in a voice without emotional fluctuations: “It is their glory and luck to dedicate themselves to the light.”

“Then there is no need to say more.”

Ye Hongyu took a deep breath, pinched the seal with both hands, once again gathered the Fangzhi Talisman Sword, ready to forcibly kill to the top of the mountain.

At this moment, a loud and crisp phoenix rang from the foot of the mountain, resounding through the world.

When everyone looked down in surprise, they saw a Phoenix of rays of light ten thousand zhang soaring into the sky, spreading its wings.

The sarcophagus on the original carriage appeared on Phoenix’s back, and Chen Gou moved with it and sat cross-legged on it.


“Really Phoenix?”

“Who is this person, who actually uses Divine Bird as his mount?”


There was an uproar up and down Taoshan, and Divine Bird was born, just like Gods Vestige.

Be aware that although there is a god named Haotian in this World, there are very few or even no gods.

Chang’an City’s Divine Formation can summon Phoenix, but it’s actually just a Dharma form.

Of course, the golden light cloud-shou-derived Phoenix is ​​essentially just a Dharma form. But it has some of the attributes of Phoenix’s power, so it is difficult for people who meet for the first time to distinguish it from the real Phoenix.

Also, the birth of Divine Bird is amazing, but even more amazing is that some people use it as a mount!

Divine Bird is comparable to a god, but what kind of existence can take a god as a mount?

For a while, everyone’s eyes turned away from Ye Hongyu, and Chen Gou was attracted to him.

“No one is allowed to intervene in the battle between Ye Hongyu and Xiong Chumo!”

Chen Gou’s voice was flat, but it fell in the ears of the people in the temple, and it shook like a thunderbolt. Divine Soul shuddered.

At the moment the voice fell, the rays of light on Phoenix’s body suddenly changed from red to dark, like a hell fire phoenix.

The endless dark rays of light spread down from a high altitude, and when they fell on everyone, I saw the densely packed rays of light begin to gather and entangle each other, and quickly interweave into one after another pure black with thick thumbs. light line.

Heavy and cold, just like substance, there are tens of thousands of ways.

Don’t give everyone a chance to resist, these light beams turn into dark chains, binding all exposed to the rays of light and imprisoning them in place.

Except for Xiong Chumo and Ye Hongyu, there are no exceptions!

The reason why Xiong Chumo is excluded is not that he can resist, but that Chen Gou deliberately did so in order to create a fair chance for him to fight Ye Hongyu.

Otherwise, even if he has super five realm strength, he is absolutely impossible to resist Chen Gou Half-God Realm Divine Ability.

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