Myriad Realms Gene Chapter 620

It can only be said that the chicken farmer has seen the world and lived too long, too many means!

Phoenix Female hissed, and the Phoenix Divine Power spurted out against the rune outside the Formation! She tried to crash rune, break the Formula, and get inside!

Phoenix Race is the famous Divine Beast. Its Phoenix Divine Power is beyond imagination. The current Phoenix Female spare no effort, the power that bursts out is unimaginable. However, Rao is so, she has not been able to break the mysterious Formation. Not only was it not broken, but it was also shaken by the mysterious rune!

Di Wucai looked at this scene, frowning for a while: “Strange, there is not such a Formation in the record!”

“In my inheritance memory, there is no such powerful formula here!” Phoenix Female awakened some inheritance memories when she saw the Tongtian Indus Tree!

At that time, it was also home to the Phoenix Race. At the time, she was still an egg. Fortunately, she spent a day in the nest on the Tongtian Indus tree, and absorbed some of the holy aura blooming on the Tongtian Indus tree!

Unfortunately, one day later, the Phoenix Race changed a lot and was attacked by the enemy. Phoenix Race ’s powerhouse was massacred, the entire Phoenix Valley was also breached, and the sky tree was also affected, and it was broken!

Phoenix Female and other eggs that were still eggs were sent away by an old Phoenix by big means! Those Phoenix eggs have drifted endlessly in Space-Time, without the care of the old Phoenix, and have not been able to absorb the deity of the heavenly sycamore tree, most of which have turned into stillbirths and cannot hatch.

Finally, only Phoenix Female survived. Later, she drifted to Secret Place, where she stayed for countless years. Because of her inborn damage, she was unable to break through the shell and waited for Emperor to appear.

The emperor broke into that Secret Place and saw the Phoenix egg. He brought Phoenix Female back to his hometown, and used Supreme Secret Technique. After paying his blood, he finally hatched Phoenix Female!

Phoenix Female has shown super innate talent after being born! It is a pity that she was congenitally damaged, lacking in divinity, and still weaker. She also needs to take Supreme medicine to completely cure the first Heavenly Dao injury!

Because of her inborn damage, it also affected her inheritance memory. It wasn’t until she came to the Phoenix Valley again, bye bye, the Sky Tree, she awakened some inheritance memories!

“Is the formation laid by the chicken?” Di Wuchang suddenly murmured!

Now it seems that only chicken farmers have the means to arrange such a powerful Formula! As for the purpose is very simple, that is to stop everyone, he must do things with peace of mind!

“Do you have a way to crack it?” Jiang An asked the imperial glance and asked!

Di Wuku squinted his eyes and looked at the powerful Formula carefully, saying: “Not yet!”

Jiang An heard a moment of disappointment: “It’s also a waste that you still inherit the Dao Lineage of Supreme!”


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