Myriad Realms Gene Chapter 621 – Comrade Mao

Myriad Realms Gene Chapter 621


“What is he trying to do?” The cultivator outside the Formation watched the chicken-raiser’s movements, again confused and shocked!

Suddenly, Jiang An’s eyes twisted: “Must he want …”

“He is going to resurrect the entire Tongtian Indus with Supreme divine liquid.” Emperor Wuwei took the box!

“Go on, don’t bother this Emperor!” Jiang An said with dissatisfaction with the emperor, “Hurry up and find a way to break the Formation, leave it alone!”

The imperial imperialism: “…”

The always powerful Emperor Wuqian has never felt so aggrieved. If he can fight, he would have shot Jiang An long ago!

In the formation, Gods Vestige really appeared! The dark-green liquid was sprayed on the Tongtian Sycamore tree, which not only dispelled the endless black gas shrouded in it, but also renewed the dried Sycamore tree. Although the dried sycamore tree has not yet taken root and sprouts at this moment, its state has changed, it has become rich in life strength, and is recovering!

The dark-green liquid doesn’t know what it is, it has the incredible Divine Power, and the effect is called heaven defying!

The dark air shrouded in the roots of the sycamore tree is terrifying, which is much more terrifying than the special powers of Jiang You that Jiang An obtained. It is their existence that deprives the entire Tongtian Sycamore tree of life strength and vitality, and makes the Tongtian Sycamore tree completely dead!

Now, under the cover of the dark-green liquid, the richest and most terrifying black gas at the root of the Tongtian Sycamore tree is also dissipated and invisible!

“That’s the divine blood of the Goddess of the Legendary Life ?!” Emperor Wu looked at those dark-green liquids with the effect of there is God, exposing the color of astonishment!

“That dead old man is too rich.” Emperor Wucai looked at the chicken breeder, and he felt a little uncomfortable!

The people who have raised chickens for many emperors are out of the ordinary, and even the blood of Goddess in life can be obtained!

“Goddess of life, she came a long way?” At this time, Jiang An did not let Emperor Shut up, but patiently asked!

The emperor is full of emotions, saying: “Goddess of life, that is the Great God of Supreme, masters the laws of life, has mysterious and magical creative power. Everything in the world has life and vitality, which can be used by Goddess of life! She created everything, which can make the spring comes upon a withered tree, make the broken universe come to life in an instant! And what can make Divine Wood, such as Tongtian Indus Tree, dead and revive, is only Divine blood of Goddess of life! Her battle power is not so Strong, but her creative ability, no other emperor can match! “

“She has created countless divide objects that have filled Heaven Realm with vitality! Before the age of the gods, the sight of all things has a great relationship with Goddess of life! Her presence can make Heaven Realm’s Life continues. Unfortunately, in the age of Godfall, that extremely dark age, Goddess of life was not spared, and was washed away by blood, and finally died! After Goddess died of life, Heaven Realm changed greatly, far less vibrant and dim than before. , Withered! “

Even the most amazing emperor will wither in the age of God’s Fall! Even the few powerhouses that broke the Great Emperor’s Palace were not spared and were brutally slaughtered!

At this moment, all the black gas in the Formation is gone, and the whole environment has changed. It is full of unprecedented vitality, and life strength is flourishing! Those life strength and vitality come from the divine blood of Goddess of life!

Divine blood of Goddess is too out of the ordinary, and it is extremely precious and rare! However, the old fogey of the chicken had a bottle gourd. People outside even suspected that the old fogey had done Goddess to life, otherwise, where did he get so many divine blood!

divine blood floats and falls to every place of Tongtian Indus. Then, Gods Vestige reappeared, and the Tongtian Sycamore tree began to take root and sprout!

the spring comes upon a withered tree, dead trees are reborn, Jiang An, they are really eye-opening!

This is not an ordinary Willow Tree, but a heavenly sycamore tree that is hard to find!

Tungtian Indus tree re-roots and sprouts, that speed is fast, naked eye is visible, it is incredible!

Seeing that the chicken farmer can bring the dead Tongtong Indus to life, those onlookers in the powerhouse are more and more convinced that the other party has the Supreme method to be able to escape!

“Anyway, must get that method!” Several powerhouses secretly sound transmission, and are contacting other powerhouses, intending to besiege the chicken farmer!

And with the ebbing of time, that sycamore tree has completely come alive, covered with lush green leaves, exuding endless vitality, full of life strength!

Also, it is blooming Divine Power, and it looks divine. A sky-shaped parasol, a leaf, is as large as a planet! It’s still growing, it’s getting more and more lush!

Seeing the Supreme Divine Power blooming from the Tongtian Indus Tree, Phoenix Female shivered and looked extremely moving!

She used to lack the nourishment of Divine Power, so she was congenitally damaged, making it difficult to develop the day after tomorrow!

At this moment, she wants to go to the under heaven tree to receive baptism. It’s a pity that she can’t get in with the Formula!

The Emperor Wucai is also trying his best to break open the Formula and send Phoenix Female in! He knows that Phoenix Female needs the nourishment of Divine Power, so he works very hard!

There is a huge bird’s nest above the branch of the sycamore tree, which is the former Phoenix nest. In that transcendence, the true Phoenix Divine Bird was born. It’s just that now it’s broken and lost in divinity!

I saw the chicken breeder leap forward and jumped into the huge Phoenix nest. At the next moment, he took out some rare materials and repaired the Phoenix nest.

The materials he brought out were extremely precious, full of divinity, and quite scarce!

There are several types. Don’t tell everyone, you haven’t even heard of it!

Even the big-headed people of Emperor Wucai, when they saw the materials, they all booed!

“This old bastard is really not ordinary rich. What does he do to build a nest, does he want to hatch eggs?”

After speaking, Emperor Wuqian was dumbfounded suddenly.


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