Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 1080


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After Lin Court Manager left, the Court Managers continued to perfect this conquest of the two factions. Not long after, the light flashed, and the daoist of Ming Zhou appeared on the great hall and bowed to the court.

Court Manager Chen looked down and asked, “What’s going on next week?”

Tomorrow’s daoist said: “There was a report from the dísciple just now, saying that Jiao Yao High Venerable had found him, and he said that he would meet with court managers.”

“Jiao Yao?”

Court Manager Wei surprisedly said: “Why is this old dragon here? Does he have any intentions?”

Ming Zhou daoist said: “Never.”

Zhong Court Manager said: “This old dragon always knows how to protect himself. At this moment, I saw that Shangchen Heaven was overturned, so I came to my Celestial Xia.”

Dai Court Manager said: “I heard that he thought he was relying on the airspace opened by Shangchen Heaven to survive. After this battle, Shangchen Heaven was broken. There is no suitable place to survive in the void. Without these shelters, he wants to come. There is nowhere to go, and the only way out is for me, Celestial Xia.”

The first daoist looked towards one side and said: “Chao Court Manager, you should first ask him where he came.”

Chao Huan bowed, Shi Shiran got up, transformed into an Avatar and came down.

At this moment, Jiao Yao was waiting on an altar in the sea of ​​clouds, looks at unperturbed, he heard the sound of fairy wafting from the clouds, and immediately showed attention, seeing that a speeding car was coming by.

He squinted, but when he saw someone coming, his eyelids twitched.

Not long after the speeding car arrived and stopped on the altar, Chao Huan drove up and walked off by himself. Jiao Yao stepped forward and proactively said: “I don’t want to be the Court Manager coming, Jiao is panicked. , It’s polite here.”

Chao Huan gave a gift in return, looked at him up and down, looking thoughtful and said: “Jiao Fellow Daoist does not seem to want to see me?”

Jiao Yao said resolutely: “Jiao decided not to think so!”

If someone else is here, he can still try to say a few words and have some friendship, but in the face of this person, he knows that the less said the better, the more he says, the more wrong.

Chao Huan said: “Jiao Fellow Daoist, what you think is fine, the court sent me to ask, what is your purpose this time?”

Jiao Yao smiled, stroking his beard and said: “Jiao has always admired Celestial Xia. Today I heard about Celestial Xia’s feat. Jiao is willing to bow down and bow his horse, believing Celestial Xia is driving it.”

Chao Huan raised his eyebrows and said: “Can Jiao Fellow Daoist say it again?”

Jiao Yao immediately changed his words and said: “Jiao saw that Shangchen Heaven was destroyed, lest he would be dismantled, so he came to take refuge.”

Chao Huan said: “It is so, Jiao Fellow Daoist and stay here, and wait for me to report to the court.” He turned to the car and drove away for a moment.

Seeing him leaving, Jiao Yao shook the head and sighed. It was unfortunate that he met this one. He couldn’t show his ability, so he could only give up this face.

Not long after, Chao Huan returned to the court and said to the Court Managers: “The old Dragon Fruit Jiao Yao has nowhere to go, so he belongs to Celestial Xia.”

Chong Court Manager said: “If this is the case,” he looked around, “This attack on the two factions just drove this old dragon, and it can be considered a test of his sincerity.”

Court Manager Chen said: “You can give it a try.”

Faced with this suggestion, there is no objection from the Court Manager in this room.

If Jiao Yao can join in before the start of the war, Celestial Xia must attach great importance to it. After all, the opponent’s high rank attainment can control the situation.

But now the situation is clear, and he has nowhere to find refuge. Although Celestial Xia doesn’t embarrass him too much, don’t expect too much trust and courtesy.

After a few words, after deciding Jiao Yao to stay, the Court Managers continued to discuss countermeasures. Short time, they decided on a rough plan. With one after another token issued in Dao Palace, it was used to attack Shangchen. Heaven’s power shifted to the two-world passageway, and the Qi Qiqi began to pour into the Wan Yao great array.

It’s just that this array needs further reinforcement to withstand more clear air when opening the two-world passageway. This may take one to two days.

On the other side, Court Manager Lin stepped out of the Profound Court and fell into the great array of Wan Yao. When he met Zhang Yu and Yan Ruohan, he informed the Profound Court of the decision and announced the Profound Venerable. It is clear that this battle is not yet over.

Because Shangchen Heaven has already been attacked, the time is pressing. In order to share the pressure of Shangchen Heaven, the two factions of Shenzhao and Huanyang dispatched the cultivator who picked high rank attainment to try to break the blockade. Dao Zhibao never came, so the two cultivators can’t actually exert their full strength.

Now they need to get there, because things are not very urgent and can be arranged calmly, so everything is being arranged in an orderly manner.

Zhang Yu is still sitting on the array pivot at the moment. Although the Court Manager Lin is here, the latter is only responsible for expanding the array pivot, and here he and Yan Ruohan are the highest in the cultivation base cultivation. Yan Ruohan just has to have an ordinary name that doesn’t matter. , So the great array is still hosted by him.

Not to mention this. He has repeatedly defeated powerful enemies, and the prestige in the hearts of Profound Venerable here is also the highest. With him as the center, everyone is undoubtedly more confident.

At this moment, he was before thinking about his talents. This time he played against a number of cultivators who had picked high rank attainment. In terms of strength, Dan Xiaochen was in the bottom; Chen Baixiao and Yu Qingrong were in the middle; Guan Chaosheng and Gu Yoko two people live on top.

Especially Guan Chaosheng and Gu Yangzi, these two are far superior to the first three. And if the two were compared, he felt that Guan Chaosheng might be even better.

Although Gu Yangzi was facing a joint attack between him and the Court Manager Chen, he was backed by the Qingling Tianzhi at that time, and could use the power of this treasure of town at any time.

When Guan Chaosheng and him were fighting, they were separated by a layer. There are actually a number of Jieyang powers that can be used, and he has also divided a part of his power to support the two-world channel. He inferred privately that his true strength was better than what he had seen before.

Regardless of strength, these two people actually have one thing in common, that is, they both master and understand their own dao technique.

In fact, it is not only Guyangzi, but Tianhong and Lingdu are undoubtedly in this stage. They are all dao techniques based on the foundation.

With this layer of dao technique, it is possible to reject all kinds of divine ability dao art and even all kinds of magical items. It seemed that Qian Guan Chaosheng turned sword light, and the sight of Gu Yangzi moving to Jianshang Yuanji was very impressive.

In contrast, what is your dao technique?

While he was thinking about it, at this moment, Xuntian Dao Chapter sent his feelings, knowing that there are differences, he took a look, his heart moved slightly, and he came out from the array position. Turn to Lin Court Manager.

When Lin Court Manager saw him coming, he politely said: “Zhang Shouzheng, what’s the matter?”

Zhang Yu said: “Court Manager Lin just said that the next step in the court is to eliminate the remnants of enemies. This also includes Gloom City. It’s just that I received a report that someone revealed the location of several Gloom City. It’s just now that I’m not sure whether it’s true or not, but I checked it and I can confirm that its source was passed from the void.”

Court Manager Lin thought for a while and asked: “Can Zhang Shouzheng have any suggestions?”

Zhang Yu said: “Since Gloom City is already on the list, you must ask about this. You need to send someone to see what happened.”

This is a matter of keeping integrity, and he has the right to ask about it, but now in wartime, if you want to do it, you need to informing Profound Court first.

Lin Court Manager thought for a moment, and said: “Zhang Shouzheng, you still need to sit here, you can arrange for others to do this.”

Zhang Yu nodded and said: “I will invite Zhu Shouzheng and Mei Shouzheng to go there. In addition, I need to ask the court to borrow one person.”

Court Manager Lin said: “Who does Zhang Shouzheng need?”

Zhang Yu said: “Jin Zhixingjin is a fellow daoist, he was originally from Gloom City, and he knows Gloom City very well. Since this is an inquiry about Gloom City, he must be inseparable from him.”

Lin Court Manager said: “The person chosen by Zhang Shouzheng is also suitable. I will be the informing court, and I will adjust these people to the right place later.”

Zhang Yu thanked him and returned to the array pivot.

Waiting for a while, Zhu Feng and Mei Shang came first because they were in the formation. After paying respect with him, a moment later, a golden light fell, and Jin Zhixing fell on the altar. He saw After Zhang Yu, he hurried forward and gave a very respectful greeting, saying: “Jin Zhixing has seen Shouzheng.”

After Zhang Yu paid the gift, he said: “I have called three fellow daoists here today because I just received a message, and I need three to verify it.” Then, he roughly said the matter.

After listening to Mei Shang, he lowered his head and thought for a while, speculated: “Zhang Shouzheng, could this be the overturning of Shangchen Heaven? Someone in Gloom City wanted to take refuge in my Celestial Xia, so this thing was thrown out?” /p>

Zhu Feng also feels this is possible.

Zhang Yu said: “I also thought about it at first, but Gloom City is in a different situation. They are not mutually exclusive, and only the main city knows where their respective positions are. If this news is true, that many half are from the main If the city flows out, if the main city wants to take refuge, it will come by itself, and there is no need to do this extra thing.”

Jin Zhixing pondered for a while, then looked up and said: “Shouzheng, this Jin has an idea.”

Zhang Yu said: “Golden fellow daoist, please tell me.”

Jin Zhixing said: “After listening to Shouzheng Fangcai’s words, this Jin feels that Xianding might want to force Profound Venerable to make a choice.”

He paused and said: “Everyone normally just shelters in Gloom City. It can be said that they have different minds. It is obvious that if they want to leave this world, maybe some people are willing to leave, or some people are not willing to leave, so in order to persecute these cities Lord submits, it is clear that it is very likely that these news will be released intentionally, and I use Celestial Xia to force them to submit.”

Zhang Yu slightly nodded, Jin Zhixing’s remark is extremely reasonable, but no matter how specific Gloom City thinks, since the location of these Gloom City is most likely to be real, they can’t let it go.

He said: “Zhu Shouzheng, Mei Shouzheng, and Jin Fellow Daoist, I have the Profound Court instructed to take care of this, and now the three of them are ordered to go to these places separately. If they are confirmed to be true, they must be confirmed. Watch and report back in time, and don’t let them go.”