Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 1081


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After Zhang Yu’s order, Zhu Feng, Mei Shang, and Jin Zhixing said yes. According to the arrangement, they are preparing to search separately this time and find their own targets.

Because the Yuandu Xuantu can be moved at any time, if they encounter danger, they can leave at any time or ask for rescue, and they can safely and boldly separate. The same is true. Once the Gloom City is found, it is impossible for the other party to escape from the seal of Yuandu Xuantu.

Zhang Yu waited for the three to leave, looked up in the sky, and saw that one after another array plate was floating from the void, falling in the great array of Wan Yao, the array pivot was being strengthened continuously, pouring in The air of clearing the sky is gradually increasing.

This formation is not like just now. When I was at Shangchen Heaven, there was still a layer behind. Now the array pivot can withstand as much air as the clear sky can be poured in.

He looked at the void channel again. Under the impact of the array strength, this channel is gradually expanding. Although the opposite side is trying to block it, the response at this moment is very weak. If this continues, if the opposite side cannot take it out What effective means, then at most one day later, they will be able to launch an offensive relying on the formation.

After changing his mind, he withdrew his gaze and continued to think about the dao technique.

He believes that, like Guan Chaosheng, Guyangzi and the others, they should have taken their own magical power and divine ability cultivation to the extreme, and fully understood the various changes, before cultivation became their own dao technique. Of course, there are also dao techniques. The role of the treasure of mutual assistance, but I am afraid that it is more on the divine ability than the dao technique itself.

This is also understandable. The treasure of Zhendao only allows the cultivator to better comprehend the upper layer power and enhance its own cultivation cultivation base, but if its own dao technique follows this, it may only become the magical item. Attach, that is to lose oneself.

A cultivator of a sect, at the time of the initial cultivation, the cultivation technique looks at each other may be very similar, but the farther behind, the greater the difference.

So it can be seen that although the three Guyangs are both Shangchen Heaven’s direct lineages and the same masters of the Qingling Tianzhi, each person’s dao technique is completely different. If you don’t know in advance, you can rely on their own It is difficult for outsiders to see that they are the same in the same way.

But here undoubtedly it is necessary to change the magical power to a very high level of cultivation. Generally speaking, it takes hundreds or even thousands of years of cultivation to achieve such an achievement. There seems to be no shortcut. .

But the difference is that he owns three Grand Dao Seals and can also use the Speech Seal to dial the road machine. I don’t know if I can find some inspiration in it. He doesn’t want to be able to do it right away, but only to avoid some crooked paths on the road. I thought to myself: “It seems that I need to go back and look at dao writing.”

In the depths of the void, above the Gloom City platform, the daoist and Daoist Wang are playing Taoist chess. When they are immersed in the game, dísciple comes over and clicks in the distance: “High Venerable, Celestial Xia seems to be Profound Venerable went to several daoist locations.”

Xianding Daoist did not immediately respond, and after he fell a son, he said: “Then tell them the news that Celestial Xia already knows where they are.”

He didn’t really want to ruin these people, but used Celestial Xia’s hands to force these people to make choices. Now that Shangchen Heaven is dead, after realizing the threat of Celestial Xia, how many people are willing to be arrested and sent to prison?

Daoist Wang hesitated after falling a son, and asked: “High Venerable, if you guys ask, how does Celestial Xia know where they are…”

The daoist expression indifferently said: “If they come here with the heart, then they won’t ask more.”

Daoist Wang thought for a while, then stopped talking.

Although doing this will make those with the same dao heart stubbornly, but it is obvious that he wants to take this opportunity to integrate the power of Gloom City, he can see it, and those comrades can also see it, if they are willing to come , That means that my mind is already acceptable to a certain extent.

Xianding Daoist played against him for half an hour, and dísciple sent the letter to him. He waved his sleeve, and the game stopped and sealed. Daoist Wang also retired.

Xianding Daoist left Guangtai and came to a partial hall, which has already been allocated to Yu Lingbi to arrange the array pivot. After he walked in, he saw that the entire great array was almost completely arranged. Now we are sorting out the interior.

When Yu Lingbi noticed his arrival, he sent an Avatar forward, and the chief inspector said: “Junior is guiding the array pivot and cannot meet him personally. The front is rude.”

Xianding daoist laughed and said: “The fish has been in charge, so much courtesy, business is important, I don’t know how long it will take this array to build?”

Yu Lingbi said: “If only a few people like me are sent, the current position is enough, but if Gloom City and everyone in the city are transferred together, it will take another one or two days.” At this point, she apologized slightly, “It’s also a failure of Junior cultivation. If a few High Venerables came, maybe it would have been done early.”

Xianping Daoist said: “The fish has been in charge, and he can see the next step in a short time. This is already very fast.”

He is also acceptable to postpone this two-day period. When the time comes, the City Lords of the cities who feel the threat of Celestial Xia will come within this time as long as they want to understand.

He was waiting to say something. Suddenly, there was a faint sound coming from his ears. He felt a little bitter in his heart, then ended the conversation with Yu Lingbi, came out of the side hall, and then he looked like a rainbow. light, suddenly came to the ring hole in the deepest part of Gloom City.

When I settled on the edge, I saw thousands of hectares flowing back up like water and gravel in the hollow, forming a huge daoist shadow inside, and the looks at are still flowing and changing from time to time.

He was so busy and respectful, saying: “The teacher has called dísciple, I don’t know how to take care of it?”

At the same time, on the opposite side of the two realm passages, when the cultivator of the Shenzhao and Huanyang factions saw Celestial Xia strengthening the Wanyao great array and trying to expand the void gap, they also knew that Celestial Xia did not destroy Shangchen Heaven. Ready to stop there, but plan to deal with them all at once.

After realizing this, they also began to lay out the array behind the passage. In fact, this move started after Guan Chaosheng was killed by Zhang Yu.

In spite of this, several elders of the Huanyang faction are still very uneasy. After all, they no longer have the cultivator cover to extract the upper layer attainment. The power that can be obtained from the robbery is very limited. How to be confident in resisting Celestial Xia’s offensive?

In fact, if it weren’t for Sect Founder’s order, they would not dare to defy at will, and Li Mizhen, the only High Venerable of the two factions, insisted to wait until the rest of Gloom City and Shangchen Heaven came to vote. At this moment, they are afraid they are already He shot and destroyed the green spirit sky branch that was holding the passageway, and withdrew it since then.

Shen surnamed elder looked at the outside room with a solemn expression, and said: “Uncle elder, looking at this look, at most one or two days, Celestial Xia will attack we, and I don’t know when the Gloom City will come. Wait any longer, I’m afraid it will be bad.”

My uncle Daoist also feels wrong, Celestial Xia is accumulating strength, waiting to attack with all his strength, only if they can stop it, even if there is Li Mizhen, the person who protects his own sect is too late, how can I divide it? Heart to cover them? He pondered for a moment and said: “I will ask Li High Venerable again.”

Shen surnamed elder and said: “That must be as soon as possible.”

As they spoke, all of the elder’s hearts suddenly throbbed. They all looked out and saw that the surrounding flame celestial spheres floating in the void seemed to be attracting. Throw it into the sky and the sun, and blend into one after another magnificent rays of light.

When I saw this natural phenomenon, my uncle and grandson Daoist felt happy and said: “It’s High Venerable and I’m coming back soon.”

The rest of the elders are also refreshed.

As the raging sun celestial spheres were thrown in, after about half a moment in the past, the rays of light above the refining sky and the sun seemed to be a little bright, and then the light swirled, and a scorching gas shot Below, there is a vague silhouette condensed inside.

When the elders and the Essence Soul cultivator behind saw this, they bowed and saluted.

As the rays of light distorted, Guan Chaosheng silhouette walks from inside. He glanced around and said: “Where are the junior brother Chen and Yu Junior Sister?”

His memory is only up to the moment before the dignity peeled off, and he doesn’t know what happened after that.

It is precisely because this ray of spirit is completely separated from the main body, that it is possible to avoid various divine ability magical items and preserve oneself.

My uncle and grandson Daoist was busy telling what happened just now, but with their ability they couldn’t see the specific details before, and it was difficult to tell how Guan Chaosheng was defeated, so he just told the whole story.

Those who can see this more clearly are Li Mizhen of the Shenzhao school, but they are not easy to let outsiders tell about the fact that their High Venerable was destroyed by their opponents.

After Guan Chaosheng heard this, he was somewhat surprised, “Oh? I was defeated by a profound cultivator?” He was very interested in Zhang Yu suppress and kill his own methods.

He glanced outwards and saw that the two realm passages were being supported by a clear sky, and were still expanding, and said: “Since Shangchen Heaven is destroyed, why are you not retreating?”

My uncle Daoist hurriedly said: “I just came to Gloom City’s high Venerable, and he said he would like to join forces with we to resist Celestial Xia’s invasion. Later he said that this matter must be instructed by the upper layer mighty figure. You can also ask Sect Founder. I waited to think, this may be an arrangement between Sect Founder and several mighty figures, so I dare not retire.

Leaving Guan Chaosheng, they have actually lost the communication channel with their own Sect Founder. It only involves the upper layer mighty figure. They believe that Xianding daoist must not dare to speak nonsense.

Guan Chaosheng said in a negative sleeve: “You wait and keep your position, I will find Sect Founder to confirm this matter.”

Uncle-sun Daoist and several people, such as the amnesty, bowed, retreated.

Guan Chaosheng turned his head at this time and looked out along the two-way passage, his gaze fell on the opposite array pivot.

Zhang Yu was originally sitting on the array pivot. At this moment, he felt the gaze like the last time again. He also looked up. Although he didn’t see it clearly, he had a feeling. came back.