Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 1082


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Above the clear sky and sea of ​​clouds, the Court Managers sit in the suspended Heavenly Dao Palace, where they urge the clear sky and send them to the great array that has been expanded several times.

It is difficult to know how the Shenzhao and Huanyang factions have specific strengths. Even if they lose several upper layer cultivators one after another, there are still a lot of Essence Soul cultivators left by the two factions, and they have two treasures of township. It is not so easy. Can be wiped out.

The key is still to strike the enemy across the void, so Profound Court does not mean to underestimate these two families. At this moment, it has completely taken out the previous battle against Shangchen Heaven.

At this moment, the first daoist suddenly heard a misty sound coming from the sea of ​​clouds. He looked at a certain place, and after a little thought, there was an Avatar Shadow Transformation standing up from the seat and heading to the back hall. Walking, the rest of the Court Manager in the seat was completely unaware of it during the whole process.

In the depths of the void, in a floating Heavenly Palace, Gamber sits on a high cliff, his face full of entanglement.

When the daoist revealed the location of the City Lord in each sub-city, he hadn’t been missed, and he knew now that Celestial Xia already knew about his hiding place and was sending people to find him.

Gloom City Heavenly Palace was originally evasive, otherwise it would be impossible to escape Celestial Xia’s search in the past.

The question is, how can a daoist make it so easy for them to get out?

The person told them the news when the time was right.

At this time, move to Celestial City to avoid it. It will definitely leave traces. Celestial Xia can easily catch him by following this.

Now his options have become very limited. Either leave this city, go to the main city alone, and evacuate with Xianding Daoist, or wait for Celestial Xia to find the door, and then wait to be imprisoned in prison. within.

But if you accept the shelter of the daoist, he will undoubtedly be instructed by him in the future. He is very reluctant.

More importantly, after leaving this world, he will probably not be able to climb Dao Chapter again.

How does this work?

He had the ability to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. If he noticed something was wrong, he could avoid it in advance, but it was obvious that Daoist didn’t know how to avoid Heavenly Secrets, so he didn’t notice it beforehand. , This also made him grind his teeth with hatred.

He thought about it, and felt that there is actually another way. He hummed and called out Xuntian Dao Chapter, then found the talisman seal representing Zhang Yu, and tried to deliver it. A subpoena passed.

Zhang Yu suddenly felt it. He glanced at Xuntian Dao Chapter. He saw the content of the transmission. His heart moved slightly. After thinking for a moment, he sent a transmission back there, and then I found the wind daoist again.

After a while, the wind daoist’s voice sounded: “Fellow daoist Zhang, what’s the matter? But what happened to the other side of the void?”

Zhang Yu said: “It’s not the opposite of the void, but I’m also a little bit involved. Just now, a fellow daoist in Gloom City found me, saying that the daoist had deliberately exposed their location. Tell them that I am waiting to find the past, and this is that they force them to go to Gloom City and evacuate with them.”


Wind daoist expression congeals, said: “Before the court inferred that Gloom City was a way of retreat due to the destruction of Shangchen Heaven, it is very likely to find these two factions. It seems that this generation really made such a choice. “

Zhang Yu said: “The fellow daoist is unwilling to withdraw along with Ming Ju and the others. He is now willing to point out the main city of Gloom City for me in order to redeem my past guilt.”

Fengdaoist thought for a while and said earnestly: “This matter is important. I should talk to the court about this matter, Zhang Shouzheng, before the court has made a decision, please don’t do it yet.”

Zhang Yu nodded.

In fact, even if you find the main city of Gloom City, in terms of importance, this place must be leaned back.

Gloom City itself is a loose alliance. Most of the internal cultivators escape Celestial Xia because they don’t want to be bound by the rules. They are not at all too aggressive, and the threat to Celestial Xia is not to be compared to Shangchen Heaven. , Even Huanyang and Shenzhao are inferior, even evil god is more troublesome than them.

And Gloom City’s daoist does not have a sect foundation like Shangchen Heaven that needs to be maintained. When faced with danger, he can get rid of it alone. This one has picked the high rank attainment, and also holds the township. Bao’s cultivator wants to escape, so it’s hard to catch it.

So he thinks that this time, after finding this place, you don’t need to rush to besiege it. You might as well print this place with a photo of Yuandu Xuantu and then look for opportunities to deal with it.

At the same moment, in the main city of Gloom City, the obvious daoist walked out from the depths of Gloom City, but his expression was much more solemn than before.

He glanced at the void outside, took a step forward, and once again came to the side hall.

Seeing that he was coming back again, Yu Lingbi said, “Senior, what else can I take care of?”

Daoist looks at her and said: “The fish is in charge. After half a day, I hope to see the array pivot. I wonder if it is possible for the fish to be in charge?”

Yu Lingbi didn’t ask why, but said: “As Senior wishes.”

Daoist un’ed, he walks from inside, returned to the main hall, and ordered dísciple to find Daoist Wang.

Not long after, Daoist Wang came to the temple and asked carefully: “High Venerable? Can you explain it?”

Daoist instructed: “Things have changed. After half a day, I will leave as soon as I wait. Those who want to come will come, and those who do not want to come will let them go.” He looked towards the case, “That half A game of chess, only to be played against fellow daoist in the world.”

Daoist Wang suddenly raised his head and looked at him, feeling a little surprised. I don’t know why he suddenly changed his mind, but he didn’t dare to ask more.

Half day passed quickly.

Xianding daoist brought Daoist Wang and two other daoists to the side hall. He looked at the formation covered with the great hall under his feet, first glanced at the winning rush standing aside, and then looked towards Yu Lingbi asked: “What happened to the fish in charge?”

The head of Yu Lingbi said: “It is roughly done.”

Xianding Daoist said: “It shouldn’t be too late, then we will leave.”

Yu Lingbi said hello, she took off her hair worn in a bun, and the black hair poured out like a waterfall. She took out a jade ring, stretched out her hand to tie a bunch of hair behind her ear, and stepped in great array.

She walked all the way to the altar, before she stood still, and one after another light pattern spread under her feet. When the brilliance passed, one dao talisman floated out, and at the same time, the sound of flowing spring water sounded in the array. .

With this array, plus three Sect Founders recognized as the master, she can barely reach the level of solitary yangzi controlling this green branch.

She adjusted her internal qi, closed her eyes and felt it carefully, and quickly found the green branch that was fixed in the two-world passageway, and sensed where it extended.

After a while, she opened her eyes, held the green branch in her hand to the next finger, and a branch fell on it, and the entire great array of rays of light flourished. This branch grew slowly and extended upward, but But not at all outside of Gloom City, but when he was about to go to the highest point, he burst through the void, where a whirlpool of light gas instantly melted.

At the same time, a violent air wave rushed down, and the daoist robe and black hair on her body fluttered along with it, and the ring on her body kept clanging and clinking, and the entire great array rumblingly vibrated and flashed out The erratic rays of light.

Daoist Wang looks at complexion changed, he can tell that the entire great array is on the verge of collapse, and once that force is vented, I am afraid that the entire Gloom City will be affected. He unconsciously takes a step forward, passing Channel: “High Venerable?”

The daoist is obviously still calm, indifferently said: “It’s okay, just looks at.”

Yu Lingbi is standing in the formation, holding the magic mantra in his hand, and holding the green branch from time to time to point the array pivot on all sides. The branches growing in the formation gradually become stronger and stronger, and the amount of violence seems to be gradually because of this Be smoothed out.

Especially the swirling current on the top of the branches, which was only about one zhang size at first, but as the branches grow and grow, the ones that are stretched are more and more vast. Just a few ten breaths, part Gloom City shrouded in.

Yu Lingbi stopped her movements until now, she turned around, smiled slightly, and said: “Senior, the array pivot to that world is complete, and it should be passable.”

At this time, Wanyao great array is here, after a day of crossing the Qi, the Qi of the clear sky hits the wall of the void like a tide, and the two-world channel has been slowly opened.

Zhang Yu and the Profound Venerables in the formation are all watching there. If this continues, it will take at least half a moment to open a large enough gap and launch an offensive.

At this moment, a sea of ​​scorching air suddenly surged across the two-world passageway, and accompanied by a glare like a blazing sun, suddenly the Qi Qiqi that had flowed there melted away.

Anyone with profound cultivation in the formation can see that a person is walking out from the other end of the two-way passage in the inner circle.

Zhang Yu only distinguished the person from the internal qi that was passed on.

The silhouette walked to the edge of light and shadow, and the true face was also revealed. Many Profound Venerables in the formation could not help but take a breath. The person here was the Huanyang School High Venerable Guan Chaosheng who was suspected of being suppressed and killed before.

As soon as the person appeared, a bright glow appeared in the pair of phoenix eyes, and he looked up at Zhang Yu.

Zhang Yu is also paying attention to him. He can feel that his magical power is far stronger than when he was fighting before, and he should be at the peak time.

It’s not just this person, the situation now is very different from before.

array pivot Yan Ruohan in another place suddenly had a feeling in the heart at this moment. I looked up and saw a golden light crashing down from the sky. After several breaths, it was a golden light again. Another…

Chen Court Manager, Wu Court Manager, Righteous Purity daoist, these Celestial Xia’s cultivators that have picked up high rank attainment, all appeared here one after another, and they all moved towards Guan Chaosheng.

Guan Chaosheng’s expression changed slightly, and he couldn’t help but pause under his feet.

Just when the battle was about to start, there was a long chime sound. This sound came from the clear sky of clouds and fell here from the clear sky, and it echoed over the entire great array.

Afterwards, a flashing edict of light glow came down, and the daoist appeared from the Qi of Qingqiang in the next week, bowed, saying: “Everyone, High Venerable, the first commander is in charge, and the offensive is suspended, and two Court Managers Go back to the court for discussion.”