Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 1083


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The announcement of the Daoist in Ming Zhou surprised all Profound Venerables in the formation, and they did not know why they had to stop the offensive.

Fortunately, the initiative in the war is still in their hands. Celestial Xia now has an overwhelming advantage against the enemy. On the other hand, they are unable to make progress and can only passively defend, so they can stop at any time.

Court Manager Chen said: “Zhang Shouzheng, I will return to the court with Wu Court Manager and Lin Court Manager. I will trouble you to guard here first.”

Zhang Yu nodded: “Yu Zi will take care of this place.”

Court Manager Chen didn’t worry about this. This time just called out their three Court Managers. In addition to Zhang Yu, Righteous Purity daoist and Yan Ruohan, they were enough to maintain a certain advantage against the opponent.

After a while, as an oval shadow appeared in the sky, a golden light fell on the top. He, Wu Qingxu, and Lin Huaixin, all of them, left one after another.

Before the passage between the two realms, Guan Chaosheng had a solemn expression. Faced with five cultivators who picked high rank attainment, the pressure was unprecedented.

It’s just that he suddenly noticed that two strong auras suddenly left. He was a little surprised and didn’t understand what Celestial Xia wanted to do there.

But even if you leave the two, the remaining three are not easy to deal with.

While his whole body was on guard, he suddenly heard a strange noise, like a rumbling drum, and at this moment no one but him heard it.

He was a little surprised. He glanced at the array pivot and saw that the other side didn’t mean to invade any more. After thinking about it, he returned to the channel.

When the Essence Soul cultivator of the Huanyang Sect saw him back, they were all a little surprised, but he was ignorant, and he went straight to Liankong Jieyang to escape, and the whole person instantly turned into a burning rainbow. Light penetrated into it.

As he continued to go deeper, one after another appeared in front of him. The overlapping layers seem to be endless. After passing through an unknown number of layers, his own momentum was exhausted, so he stopped and paused, standing on top of a flying air, he said to the huge Jieyang: ” The dísciple is here, can you tell me a few Sect Founders?”

After the voice came out, three huge daoist silhouettes emerged from the light wheel. They themselves were immersed in the rays of light, but because of the changes in the rays of light, the three silhouettes would interact with each other from time to time. Change it, and sometimes it even merges into one, making it hard to tell who it is.

One of the daoist silhouettes said: “Calling you to come, this battle is now ready to end, no need to fight with Celestial Xia, the Huanyang faction can just retreat.”

Guan Chaosheng said: “This is going to retire? My Huanyang faction can retire, but does Celestial Xia agree?”

The daoist said: “Just do it.”

The daoist silhouette on the right is also opened the mouth and said: “Gloom City and Shangchen Heaven are coming soon. After the Huanyang faction retreats, you can join forces with them.”

The daoist silhouette on the left is also saying: “Chen Baixiao and Yu Qingrong are dead, you should pick two suitable people as hosts as soon as possible, and don’t let the host position be vacant for too long.”

Guan Chaosheng met several Sect Founders, although the words were still tough, but no matter how they said they were actively choosing to retreat, this may be a loss in the upper layer communication.

He said casually: “I see.”

After the three daoists took care of him, the huge silhouette also disappeared from the robbery sun.

As soon as Guan Chaosheng’s thoughts changed, he retreated from it. He summoned several elders from the Huanyang faction and said: “The order goes on, there is no need to confront Celestial Xia. I will leave later.”

Uncle Sun Daoist was startled and said: “High Venerable, let’s go now, in case Celestial Xia takes advantage of the situation to attack…”

Guan Chaosheng said: “Celestial Xia shouldn’t be attacked anymore. If you don’t worry, just leave a few people here to guard, and the others will follow the order.”

Uncle Sun Daoist and the others dare not defy. Among the Huanyang School, Guan Chaosheng is undoubtedly the most authoritative, and only his person can communicate with a few Sect Founders, so they can only respond respectfully.

“Yes, there’s one more thing,” Guan Chaosheng gave a few elders a glance, “Sect Founder takes care of you. You need to choose a new host. You decide for yourself. If you have a candidate later, you can report the result to me.”

Several elders looked at each other, all leaning over to say yes.

At this moment, Ni threw a streak of light on the opposite side and landed near Qi Er. Li Mizhen appeared in the distance and bowed to him, saying: “Close the fellow daoist.”

Guan Chaosheng waved his sleeves, and several elders bowed and bowed, all withdrawing. After waiting for people to leave, he said: “Fellow daoist Li must have gotten your faction Sect Founder’s report?”

Li Mizhen said: “That’s right.”

Guan Chaosheng said: “Fellow daoist Li, although Celestial Xia has stopped the offensive now, I may not really let me wait. I won’t come right now, and will eventually come in the future. In fact, this world is no longer safe. , Before regaining my strength, I need to find another life to live in. Here I need the help of a fellow daoist.”

Li Mizhen pondered for a moment, and then said: “It is better to have the fellow daoist of Gloom City and Shangchen together, so as to avoid Celestial Xia search.”

And he also thought, this time Celestial Xia can let them go, it should be the result of the combination of several upper layers. In this case, even if they are only in one place in name, Celestial Xia might be afraid of it. .

Guan Chaosheng didn’t care about this. He waved his sleeves and the rattan seat appeared behind him. He sat down on the top and said, “Wait for them.”

At this time, the three Court Managers Chen returned to the Heavenly Dao Palace. After entering the temple, the first daoist said to the three: “Several Court Managers, sit down first.”

Chen Court Manager, the three bowed, sat down in the court.

The first daoist said: “Only the five insisted on calling me to go. I can leave various factions without having to go chasing and suppressing them. I think about it, or I can act accordingly. I can’t decide right now, so I invite you three Court Managers to come back for a discussion.”

Listening to his words, the court managers are all thinking.

The five deacons generally do not come to interfere in world affairs, and calling the chief deacon to speak is actually to convey some of their own meaning downward.

This may involve a more upper layer game, and the Court Manager cannot know the details, nor can they ask.

However, judging from the meaning revealed by the chief executive, it is obvious that things have not reached the point where they must be followed. Otherwise, the five executives will not use such gentle suggestions, but directly come forward to announce.

According to the Celestial Xia rule and order, if it is not a formal announcement, then if all Court Managers feel that these suggestions are inappropriate, or that they can’t live up to the court, they can also try to refute them.

Yu Su daoist said at this time: “Yu Su dare to ask, the chief executive thinks that he can follow this trip, why did he get it?”

The first daoist said slowly: “I think Celestial Xia needs an enemy.”

When all Court Managers heard this, they couldn’t help thinking.

There are several Court Managers, but they are slightly nodded.

For a long time, Celestial Xia has been harassed by Shangchen Heaven, but it is precisely because of the presence of Shangchen Heaven, a not-so-weak rival, that Celestial Xia maintains the momentum of forging ahead.

After this battle, Celestial Xia can be described as an incomparable rival inside and outside. Although there are evil gods and some unknown events in the inner layer, this is only a trivial problem that’s all at best, not comparable to Shangchen Heaven. Threat to Celestial Xia.

This for a long time the enemy is divided. At this time, even if it is a cultivator, I am afraid it may be slacking because of this, and there will still be battles, but I am afraid that it will turn inward, and some internal factions will engage with each other. The opposite consumption.

For example, the struggle of true and profound that Court Managers know well, and the struggle of order, or the struggle between creation and cultivation, etc., before these forces have reached a certain balance, they will The damage that can be done is probably far greater than that caused by external enemies.

But if such a foreign enemy exists, and there is one that may threaten the existence of Celestial Xia again at any time, then Celestial Xia can always maintain a forward momentum without stopping its forward pace. Appropriately less internal consumption.

As for whether Huanyang, Shenzhao, and even Shangchen Heaven will be killed one day, everyone at Celestial Xia has infinite confidence in Celestial Xia. They occupy the upper layer at this moment. Celestial Xia is becoming stronger every day. As long as there is no problem with itself, then what will happen to these groups?

Wei Court Manager asked cautiously: “The chief executive, we are willing to retire. I wonder what the Huanyang and Shenzhao factions think?”

The first daoist said: “If we don’t move, they will also retreat.”

Everyone understands that on this point, the upper layer mighty figures have already communicated, or reached a certain consensus. But the initiative is still with them for now.

After thinking about it, the court managers communicated with each other again. Court Manager Chen bowed to the seat and said: “The chief executive, this matter is not a decision.”

The first daoist nodded: “Can.”

Chen Court Manager looked towards everyone and said: “This time I am waiting to conquer Shangchen Heaven. My original intention was to destroy this faction and prevent foreigners from entering the world. Now Shangchen Heaven is gone. I have been blocked out of the world, and the goal of this battle has been achieved. I agree with the chief executive and stop the war.”

Speaking, he took the jade mallet and knocked on the jade chime.

Behind him, Court Manager Wei and Court Manager Chao also picked up the jade mallet and struck the jade chime in front of them.

Chong Court Manager said: “After this battle, Celestial Xia is stable, but Celestial Xia can go forward and cannot retreat. There is a big enemy outside, which is beneficial to me. It can also be used as a reference, vigilant and self-examination. It can prevent future generations from forgetting our current achievements, so Zhong also agrees with the chief executive.”

He picked up the jade mallet and knocked the chime, and then there was a chime from the seats of Chong Court Manager and Changsun Court Manager.

After thinking about it, Zhu Court Manager, Dai Court Manager, and Fengdaoist all agreed with this opinion and rang the jade chimes on the seat one after another.

At this time, everyone’s eyes couldn’t help but move to Yusu daoist.

Yu Su Daoist said: “I think that if you do it, you can’t stop, and you can wipe out the enemy in one go. The trouble will completely vanish, but the words of the chief executive and you have several points of reason. This is a pros and cons. No, I won’t argue with you anymore.” He didn’t ring the jade chime, but his attitude showed no objection.

The first daoist nodded nodded, he held the jade mallet and knocked the jade chime in front of him, and the sound of the chime on the seats of Court Manager Wu and Court Manager Lin also sounded. He looked towards everyone and said: “This is the discussion It is decided that this battle can be ended here.”