Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 1149


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After the separation between Court Manager Lin and Zhang Yu, they immediately found Court Manager Zhong and Court Manager Chong who talked about the matter and promised to allow Heavenly Secrets Institution to try again to compensate.

The two of Court Manager Zhong and Court Manager Chong said that this matter is related to Celestial Xia’s safety, and it is also a business matter. It was not deliberately targeted at them, but they did not say anything. After discussing it, they all agreed.

There is no need to go to court for such matters. The Court Managers spread the news and settled it.

After returning, Court Manager Lin spent a day refining and releasing many guard magical items. One batch was sent to the Shouzheng Palace, and the other batch was distributed to the guards of each continent.

Zhang Yu took advantage of the gap to disperse the talisman left by Lin Court Manager to everyone in the resident. Those who have seen this mystical creature can kill the resident in their consciousness with this, never seen You can also rely on this body protection.

The matter is also very smooth, mainly because the two people who captured the mystical creature at that time were Albert Gao and Jin Zhixing, not at all spreading. After they got the match and learned the whole story, they were also shocked. He was so powerful that he was busy removing his presence from his consciousness.

In this way, the attachments outside the subject of this mystical creature should be outside the territory of Celestial Xia. And because the main body is still trapped in the talisman, as long as the members of the God Restoration Group who awakened this creature are not running around at this time, it will not spread too far.

At this time, Heavenly Secrets Institution is still preparing for the breakthrough attempt in late July in an orderly manner.

This time they still placed the location on the outer layer. Based on the previous experience, the attempt was easier to succeed without the influence of Chaos Tide changes.

Heavenly Secrets Institution made a decision last time. This time I will try to no longer cover up, but will show the whole process to each academy with Xuntian Dao Chapter.

At the beginning, some people suggested that this could be shown to all Celestial Xia citizens, but this idea was too radical, so it was rejected, and they could not guarantee success after all.

Although the content in Xuntian Dao Chapter cannot be shown to ordinary people to watch, the cultivator has a way to copy what he sees in his mind, and then show it to others to watch.

Of course, this requires at least Essence Soul Shining Shadow, which is the profound cultivator of the fourth chapter, but it is still possible for each Superior Continent to find a cultivator willing to contribute, after all, they do not violate the rule and order. Things.

Even if the cultivator of the inner continent is unwilling, those Chaotic Chapter cultivators who live outside the continent are also willing, as long as they give a certain reward.

After learning about this, the academy is very interested, especially the creation academy, which is where the master craftsman and great craftsman of each continent are based, and they are all working hard to promote this to the students, so they attract many others The interest of academy students.

Not only all students, many Profound Venerables began to pay attention to this matter. They didn’t pay much attention to the lower layer creation changes, but after the creation of the body was entrusted by spirituality last time, and the joint submission of Profound Venerable such as Cen Chuan, it was also attracted attention.

Time flew by, and it was July soon.

There were no twists and turns during the period. The Heavenly Secrets Institution preparations went smoothly. Tens of thousands of craftsmen were once again transferred to the void of the outer layer, and this time I went to more experienced and qualified craftsmen.

Many great craftsman are also smug, many of them think that they might succeed the last time, so this time they also hope to see success.

This time because the enthusiasm is quite big, they feel that even if they fail, they can attract more people to the creation and attract more students to enroll. As long as there are continuously talents who can send blood to the creation, they will be able to breakthrough obstacles.

On the day of the trial, when there was more than two Xia hours before the set time, there was a sudden movement inside the Heavenly Secrets main institution. Many people stopped their movements, and some people hurried out.

Great Craftsman Long surprisedly said: “What happened?”

Great Craftsman Yu told the students around him, “Go and see,”

The student ran out and came back after a long time, saying: “teacher, a cultivator came to the main institution, saying it was a Profound Court envoy. Even the Vice Institution Lord and Wei Zongjiang had already gone to greet them and called teacher You and Great Craftsman Long are over.”

Great Craftsman Long surprisedly said: “What does Profound Court send envoy to do at this time?”

Great Craftsman Yu said: “Let’s take a look.”

The two left here and came into the main hall. When they arrived in the front hall, they found that many great craftsman had arrived, including the Vice Institution Lord, a familiar official from the Heavenly Works Division, and Wei Zongjiang who were working together A middle-aged cultivator is standing in one place.

The appearance of this cultivator made both of them feel vaguely that the newcomer might be bad.

Wei Shan said to the middle-aged cultivator: “Li Dao cultivator, people are almost there, let’s talk about it.”

The middle-aged cultivator said: “The Profound Court is dead, and I will requisition this creation body after the breakthrough attempt. This is to kill a mystical creature threatening Celestial Xia, so I have come to inform you in advance.”

As soon as this sentence fell, a loud noise suddenly sounded underneath, and many people showed dissatisfaction on their faces. Some great craftsman couldn’t help saying: “The last time Profound Court expropriated our prepared creation , Sent us back tens of thousands of people, which led to us not knowing the result. Why do we have to requisition this time?”

Someone said angrily: “Does Profound Court don’t want our Heavenly Secrets Institution to gain the power of the upper layer?”

But as soon as this sentence was shouted out, some great craftsman frowned, and others became vigilant, faintly feeling that the words were a bit too much.

Someone winked at him and motioned to him to stop.

Daoist Li said with a calm face: “All of you present are people with identities, virtues, and profound creation skills. You should know that there are some things that should be said, some things should not be said, let alone speculation.”

Wei Shan stood up at this moment, looked at everyone, and the commotion underneath suddenly subsided.

When no one speaks again, he said solemnly: “Heavenly Secrets Institution or Heavenly Works Division under the jursidiction of? Or is it not Celestial Xia deployed? Profound Court tells you that this matter involves the safety of Celestial Xia, Heavenly Secrets Institution, do you have to complain? Are you still Celestial Xia citizens? Have you forgotten the original intention of Heavenly Secrets Institution for creating creation?”

One person couldn’t help complaining: “But why does Profound Court have to use my Heavenly Secrets Institution’s creation body. I used it last time, but I still need to use it this time? I don’t believe it. Leaving our Heavenly Secrets Institution, Profound Is there no other way for Court?”

Wei Shan glanced at him and said: “The expropriation is not expropriation without compensation. Profound Court also allows us to try again after this time, and also allows us to record the passage of this time, which is equivalent to giving us one more chance. What are you dissatisfied with?”

He looked towards everyone: “My colleagues, I still said that, Celestial Xia is the most important thing for safety. If one day, for Celestial Xia’s safety, Heavenly Secrets Institution is to be destroyed, then I will also make you without the slightest hesitation. Go and smash, but as long as Celestial Xia is still there, even if all this is smashed, it can still be rebuilt!”

“Remember, Heavenly Secrets Institution is to Celestial Xia, not Celestial Xia to Heavenly Secrets Institution. Don’t put the cart before the horse!” He said, “I know, some people have ideas in their hearts. Be careful, I don’t care what you think, as long as I’m still with Wei Shan, that set will be obediently and honestly put away!”

All the great craftsman and many master craftsman listened to his training, but they stopped talking.

Wei Shan waved his hand and said: “I have finished speaking, you guys don’t stand here anymore, just go back and do things.”

Daoist Li took a look and remembered the attitude of everyone present.

This time it was Wei Shan’s personal prestige to advance the matter. But in the future, this must try to appease, blindly forcing is not a good thing, he will try to report it up

He said: “Wei Zongjiang, since the situation has been communicated, then Poor Daoist will resign first.”

Wei Shan nodded, said: “Li Dao cultivator can reply to Profound Court, Wei will make this attempt stable and there will be no negative Profound Court’s explanation,”

Daoist Li said: “Then many thanks Wei Zongjiang, Wei Zongjiang, this time the Profound Court will let me Li come to you first, just hoping to comfort everyone in the Heavenly Secrets Institution,

Li also said one more thing. If Profound Court really doesn’t care about Heavenly Secrets Institution, then there is no need to do it again. Just place an order. Even if you don’t have Heavenly Secrets Institution, you can transfer great craftsman from elsewhere. This happened, Wei Zongjiang, right? ”

Wei Shan knows that he is heart shivered with cold. This is not a lie. The great craftsman who participated in this incident was originally transferred from various continents, and the skill level of Heavenly Secrets Institutions everywhere It is also constantly improving. Apart from anything else, the former Azure Sun Heavenly Secrets Institution Institution Lord Fang Yuzhong, who is in prison, has a brilliant skill and can do this. Celestial Xia can do things even if it leaves the main institution.

Daoist Li said: “If nothing happens, Li will go back to his life.”

Wei Shan said at this time: “Dare to ask Li Dao cultivator, I don’t know which Court Manager gave this advice?”

Daoist Li looked at him and said: “There are many major events in the court. How can Li, a person who spread the word, know that when he came, the Court Manager Zhong asked me to explain to Wei Zongjiang. The last time Wei Zongjiang report provoked Too many people don’t like it, so we have to converge a little later.”

Wei Shan suddenly knew it, he solemnly cups the hands and says: “Many thanks.”

Daoist Li raised his sleeves and bowed, and walked out.

Great Craftsman Yu and the others returned to the inner hall with everyone. He said with a calm face: “There must be a Court Manager in the Profound Court who doesn’t like me Heavenly Secrets Institution. Everyone suppressed us. After this matter is over, I I have to ask Wei Zongjiang again. If I don’t ask clearly, I am still upset.”

Great Craftsman Long said: “Finally, Profound Court gives us one more chance, doesn’t it?”

Great Craftsman Yu said with a sneer: “That must have been won by the mighty figure that the court supported us, but how long can they cover us? What we saw above is just that we failed again and again, and wasted time and time again. Manpower and material resources?”

Great Craftsman Long said: “Regardless of these, it is important to try breakthrough at this moment. Let’s take care of our eyes first.”