Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 1150


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In the Shouzheng Palace, Zhang Yu is sitting on the platform outside the palace, with an incense burner placed in the corner of the case, with smoke and incense swirling in it. His gaze looked towards the outer layer, as well as the Heavenly Secrets Division’s attempt.

As soon as the creation creature broke into the upper layer this time, the Court Manager Lin tried to find its whereabouts. Once there was a result, he would find the past.

He still remembered the four stone walls he saw when he was watching the Zerg’s roots. Except for the two worms and a crocodile he had already seen, there should be two other creatures resembling mystical.

To be fair, these two mystical creatures are also very powerful, that is, they ran into Celestial Xia, so they were easily taken and seen through, and it was not that easy to deal with.

If Ipal Divine Race woke up at that time, the result would be hard to say, and this generation may not be able to handle it.

Not to mention, there are four such things. The remaining two don’t need to be too powerful, as long as they are as difficult as the previous two mystical creatures, then it is a serious threat, so it is serious to find out as soon as possible, and it is too passive to just defend.

He looked at the sundial, and it was about half an hour before the time arranged by Heavenly Secrets Institution.

He took a sip of the tea at the table and had a mellow taste. It has been a long time since enter the dao, but he still thinks Eastern Court’s tea leaves are his favorite.

The cultivator is looking for Heavenly Dao, and in his realm, everything can be simulated naturally. The taste at this moment is not just a simple taste, but also the past experience, the past nostalgia.

When he was sitting alone, he felt in his heart. When he looked out, he saw a grand golden light falling outside the Shouzheng Palace. He immediately took care of the Deity Officer in the distance and said: “Go get things in. “

The Secretary of Deity gave a respectful salute and was ordered to leave. After a while, he walked in with a jade ball made of clouds of smoke.

Zhang Yu knows at first glance that this is a result of Jiao Yao’s magical power. Obviously, there is something else to discover.

He waved his hand to let the Deity Secretary retreat, took this thing over, and watched it for a moment, then he rolled up his sleeves and lightly waved on it. The smoke immediately dispersed, leaving only one crystal jade that looked like amber. , Inside are dozens of creatures enclosed in it, the big ones are like mountains, and the small ones are like shell beads.

These creatures are still moving freely in the crystal jade at this moment, and they don’t even know that they are trapped in an airspace. It can be seen that each of these things are mystical creatures, but spirituality is relatively low and weak, and some of them look at are actually familiar.

He distinguished it. The mystical creatures he had seen in Luancheng’s consciousness before besieging the cave have several similarities and common features.

On the crystal jade, there is still a piece of Jiao Yao’s thoughts. After a while, I know the original story. As the old dragon deepens, new discoveries are gradually made.

After entering the depths of the interlayer, he kept discovering some broken airspaces, some of them found many man-made buildings and temples in them, most of which were empty. As far as I have seen, there is only one place that is still complete, and I found these remaining mystical creatures in it.

Relying on the support of the mystical power inside, the temple garden still maintains its vitality. There are quite a few types of mystical creatures, forming a perfect self-circulation.

Jiao Yao felt that this seemed to be an important clue, so he picked more than a dozen of them that he felt was valuable and sent them over, while he continued to investigate in depth.

Zhang Yu took a closer look at the buildings with Jiao Yao’s memory. They have a unique style, not only without losing the neat beauty, but also taking into account the meaning of nature, but they can find something similar to the creation building of Celestial Xia common ground.

He doesn’t know what the residence of Machi Divine Race looks like, and what style it is, but he is familiar with all aspects of the Divine Race of Ipar. It contains a lot of Divine Race’s style. It’s not pure, it just occupies a part. It is even more likely that Ipal Divine Race continues these styles.

Will this place be left by Mochi Divine Race?

If this is the case, then this place may be the first Divine Race discovered so far. This shows that he made Jiao Yao the right direction to explore, and it may even be the place where Moqi Divine Race upper layer was withdrawn.

At this time, the Deity Secretary came from a distance, stood on the side of the platform, and bowed and said: “Court Manager, Court Manager Lin is here.”

Zhang Yu nodded, he got up and came out of the temple, and greeted him on the platform, and paid respect to Lin Court Manager who came down from the speed car. However, this time, Lin Court Manager did not come alone, and he was accompanied by a fifteen- A sixteen-year-old young dísciple.

Lin Court Manager said: “This is my dísciple, don’t I pay respect to Court Manager Zhang?”

The dísciple bowed respectfully to Zhang Yu, with a little admiration in his eyes, saying: “Junior Chu Shu has also met Zhang Court Manager.”

Zhang Yu nodded, he invited Lin Court Manager to come inside, and the two sat on the empty and misty platform, one left and one right, while Chu Shutong stood on the side.

This time to deal with the mystical creature, to ensure success, the two of them will act together.

Zhang Yu said: “Lin Court Manager, just now Jiao Fellow daoist sent another thing, and I also asked Lin Court Manager to take a look.” During the speech, the Spirit Crystal floated by itself and came to the case. .

Lin Court Manager watched for a while and judged: “These are mystical spiritual objects that were originally created, and they should be placed outside to reproduce themselves.”

paused, he said again: “The reflection of this and the previous one should have the same origin, but compared with the creatures in the reflection, it looks much more natural and rounded. It should have been a long time. Evolution process.”

He unconsciously nods said: “It seems that the different Gods who created these creatures are also aware of the principle of’the human will is finally divergent, and the natural manifestation of Taoism’, so it seems that the skills of these different Gods have also reached an extreme. brilliant level.”

Chu Shutong was suspicious: “teacher, why isn’t this left out for some reason?”

Lin Court Manager said: “Because although it is roughly the evolution of everything, you can still see a lot of traces in small places. You can look carefully, it is not difficult to see the clues.”

Chu Shu read it for a while, and if he can find something, he seems to think of something at this moment, said curiously: “teacher, I wonder how these mystical creatures compare to my Celestial Xia?”

Lin Court Manager smiled and said: “Incomparable.”

“Incomparable?” Chu Shu said strangely.

Lin Court Manager said: “This generation can be considered as skilled, but this method is based on the above. If it continues, then a hundred years and a thousand years will have to go forward.” He stretched out his hand, “Like these evolutions, If we use the upper layer method to promote, we can achieve it within Celestial Xia within one year, and if we are purely self-reformed below, then within one or two hundred years.”

Chu Shu also thought about it and found it reasonable. Although Celestial Xia creation has a long history, it has really risen and developed greatly, which is about two hundred years. However, today it has reached the point of trying the breakthrough upper layer. It really didn’t take long.

Lin Court Manager said: “And the strength of my Celestial Xia lies in the fact that a day is stronger than a day. I have been with me and Dao Idol, and I will finally be able to walk before them. Why is Shangchen Heaven? This is the reason for rushing to attack me and not staying far. They know they can’t afford to wait, and they can’t wait.”

Zhang Yu nodded, Mochi Divine Race has long lost its dominance, and is already behind, and after the epoch cycle, there is no progress.

It’s just that all the creatures created are upper layer creatures, so the threat is greater. But the price also exists. It is necessary to separate one’s own power, or to borrow something, which cannot be built without limit.

Now these mystical creatures throw one head and one less, and use a little less chips.

Rather than confronting him directly, he is more inclined to block this generation in the depths of the interlayer and try to kill it. So after the interlayer is roughly ascertained, he will try to set up various defends in the interlayer to deter this generation. Ipar Divine Race did the same in the past, facts prove that the method was successful. At least during its dominance, Mochi Divine Race not at all can emerge again.

At this time, Court Manager Lin looked at the sundial, and looked towards the outer layer of the void, and said: “Heavenly Secrets Institution’s attempt has begun.”

Zhang Yu also looked over. He stared at the desolate star where the Heavenly Secrets Institution placed the creation body this time, and everything in it was clearly reflected in his eyes.

Heavenly Secrets Institution’s previous steps are the same as the previous two. First, the moss that absorbs spirituality is sent into the body of the creation creature, and then the object contaminated with the upper layer internal qi is dropped, forcing it to the upper layer Step forward.

This time may be due to the more abundant spirituality. Two days later, the creation was changed. A strong spirituality wave rushed out of the creation body, and at the same time a burst of strong rays of light erupted. Even the surrounding stars are eclipsed.

At the same time as this brief moment happened, as the golden light of the Yuandu Xuantu shone down, all the craftsmen inside were once again passed away in an instant, leaving only a desolate star empty.

Court Manager Lin said at this time: “Court Manager Zhang, I should also leave.”

Zhang Yu is nodded. At this time, a brilliant golden light drops from the sky, covering the two of them. The silhouettes of the two immediately disappeared from the upper layer, and came into the void in a blink of an eye.

The creation creature has been integrated into the rays of light emitted by the spirituality, and the entire desolate star is illuminated by this rays of light, and its body is moving towards the upper layer under the urging of the spirituality.

Zhang Yu judged based on the situation in the last two episodes that this time should last for about 30 or forty breaths. At this time, he waved his sleeves, and the talisman that sealed the main body of Zom’s crocodile floated over and untied it. Banned.

Once the ban was removed, this mystical creature immediately looked for surrounding creatures that could be used as enclosing creatures, but this place is void, and the only thing that can let it invade consciousness, that is, the creation creature that is rising, so Under the divergence of the internal qi, the spirituality is intertwined at once, and the image of oneself is sent into this body.