Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 1151


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At the moment when Zom’s Crocodile was released from the talisman, many Profound Venerable guarding the constellation also saw it, and the Court Managers on the Profound Court were also looking at.

The shadow of Zom’s Crocodile with no opportunity. Generally speaking, as long as they are seen or sensed, they will invade their mind and consciousness.

However, all the Court Managers, except the wind daoist, are in the realm of vain, so they have no scruples. The wind daoist at this moment is the same as the Profound Venerable who is watching the void. There is magical item protection in advance, and it will not cause There is a gap to take advantage of.

In fact, there is an evil god in the void, but because it is not a living being, the thoughts are more chaotic. It is reasonable to say that it will not be attached to the crocodile of Zom, and it is difficult to say who infects who, but In order to be sure, the guards had cleared the surrounding airspace long ago.

After the main body of Zom’s Crocodile attaches the creation creature, it instinctively feels that it cannot be planted in the consciousness of Zhang Yu and Lin Court Manager, so staying in the void is meaningless to it, so Try to escape to the inner layer.

It found a fissure very accurately, but before it could penetrate into the inner layer, a heart light that resembled a silver river fell and immediately covered it all. The heart light is majestic and heavy. Just squeeze it to make it impossible to move.

At this moment, a spiritual light fell in the void again, and was falling on it. In the blink of an eye, it was once again banned by the talisman.

Zhang Yu reached out and took the talisman back, then put it in his sleeve.

When Lin Court Manager came here, he didn’t look towards Zoum again. He believed that Zhang Yu could handle this mystical creature. What he has been paying attention to is the creation creature from the breakthrough to the upper layer.

He didn’t move at all at first, and after a few breaths, when he saw that the creation creature broke into the higher boundary, he flicked his sleeves and threw a magical item outward.

This is a huge disc. The disc is composed of two sides of heaven and earth. The inner side shows the number of hexagrams and images, and it rotates and changes from time to time. It seems to contain profound principles. One point, just cut off the two ends, separating the creation creature in the middle, as if borrowing a section from the void.

He had already inferred that this mystical creature should fall into the spirituality prophecy. This power is embedded in heaven and earth and becomes part of the operation of heaven and earth. Once its root is found, it will be discovered by this spirituality force. , Either came out to block, or took the initiative to kill this mystical creature.

But being killed only solves the immediate problem, maybe there are more mystical creatures that can be sent out, so his purpose at this time is to find the source, if possible, he will one of them Get rid of.

At this moment, he is isolated from the invasion by the disk, temporarily isolated from heaven and earth. The spirituality behind this prophecy can no longer be found here. At the same time, he can go back to the root cause through this magical item deduction. .

As for why you start from the shadows instead of thinking about the main body, it is also because the greater the power, the more difficult it is to isolate it from heaven and earth. If the power is small, it is easier to manipulate, but it will Take damage to the attached creatures, but now this one creation body, you don’t have to care about it.

The disc is turning more and more urgently at this moment, that strand of the shadow is constantly being excavated, and the shadow instinctively draws vitality from the creation body for its own existence.

This creation body originally had no spiritual consciousness of its own, only the body’s instincts. Now it has been manipulated by one of them, but it has taken over the dominant power, and the two are gradually merging with each other.

Lin Court Manager didn’t take care of these, but continued to use the law disk to pursue it down, and it became increasingly close to the source of hiding.

At the same moment, Eastern Court Nanlu, inside the head of Giant Insect, the three of God Restoration Group were still there waiting for news.

Different from Lin Court Manager’s guess, they have a divine item passed on from the ancient gods to protect them. In fact, Zom’s crocodile not at all left any shadow in their minds.

So even if this mystical creature is wiped out, there will be no chance of resurrection from them.

It’s just that it’s been a long time since they released the crocodile of Zom at this moment. Because the mystical creature hasn’t responded for a long time, they also suspect that something is wrong.

But they have seen that the stone wall attached to the four gods is still there, indicating that the crocodile of Zom is still there, not at all, taken back by the ancient gods like a buggy.

They speculate that Zom’s Crocodile may be looking for a suitable target out of caution, but it may also be a change they don’t know about.

Because the crocodile of Zum is the only force that can be released in their hands, they have to wait before the result is determined.

However, at a certain moment, the place where the three of them stood was shaking, but the Giant Insect on which they were standing was twisting eagerly.

The woman in the golden robe cried out in surprise, trying to stand firm and said: “What’s wrong with ‘Eta’?”

The old man is still calm, but his eyes also show fear, said solemnly: “This shows that someone is trying to find us and is coming soon.”


The woman in the golden robe suddenly panicked.

The young man looks at the swaying golden light in the middle of the hall, and the abnormal rays of light suddenly appeared in the star map. He suddenly thought of something and pointed to loudly and said: “The room of the four gods, the four gods Room! It must be Celestial Xia following the trail of Zom’s Crocodile to find us!”

The old man said solemnly: “Don’t panic, there is still a chance!”

The room of the four gods exists in a unique place, it can also be said to be an interlayer, not in the same place with them, so as long as they are willing to cut off their involvement, they may not be found.

Although doing so may cause them to lose the four gods, in order to save themselves, that can’t be taken care of. In addition, for the benefit, people who come will not necessarily find the room of the four gods, and they may be able to find it again in the future.

The old man shouted: “Get out of here!” He stretched out his hand and pressed it on the metal platform in the middle. The woman in the golden robe and the young man also immediately reached out and placed their hands in one place.

The three people’s minds fell, and the Giant Insect carrying them suddenly stopped twisting, and the body changed from real to unreal, gradually disappearing from the world.

This is directly hiding in the interlayer, and this action also disconnected them from the room of the four gods.

At this time, Court Manager Lin looked up and said: “Found it!”

He saw a place where the interlayer was, and this place wandered, it was a bit like the situation of Yuandu Xuantu, which was too far apart, and he couldn’t get out of the induction when he saw it. Up.

It’s just that there is a unique feature here. If there is no response from the outside, once you enter, it will be difficult to retreat to the original place, and someone needs to take care of it here, so he waved his sleeve and a Shadow Transformation walked out of him. , Still staying here, but he said to Zhang Yu: “Court Manager Zhang, let’s go.”

Zhang Yu was also nodded, a golden light fell in an instant, and the next moment, the two appeared together in a hall with only four stone walls.

It can be seen that one of the stone walls has collapsed, and one side is blank. Although the remaining two sides have murals incomplete, they are vague and it is difficult to tell what the painting is.

Zhang Yu’s gaze swept away, which was exactly similar to the scene he had seen before, and it was obvious that he had reached the right place.

He turned and looked towards the blank stone wall. The internal qi that came out of it was consistent with the mystical creature, it should be some kind of attachment.

Without the slightest hesitation, he stretched out his hand and pressed forward, and felt a barrier, but the spirituality contained in it couldn’t stop his vast Heart Light. Under the rush, he quickly collapsed and the entire wall Then it broke apart and vanished in an instant.

After doing this, he looked down at the remaining two stone walls. If there is no accident, there should be two mystical creatures attached to them, but they haven’t really entered the world yet.

After staring for a moment, he suddenly understood.

The reason why the mural is fuzzy is that it is incomplete at this moment. It takes a certain kind of force to attract another part and restore it to completeness. Now even if the broken stone wall damages it, it is because some of the power is still If you hide somewhere, you will be able to become condense again, and it will not be completely eradicated.

The divine light in his eyes flickered. This is actually not a hindrance to him. It does not matter if he is incomplete. Since some of the power is already attached to it, he can see it as long as he looks at the power For the rest, once he saw all the spirituality power, then this picture would be pieced together.

It doesn’t matter if there is that particular power.

As he keeps gazing, the mural on the stone wall gradually becomes clearer and becomes more and more complete. It quickly makes the whole picture clear. On the left wall, what appears is a Only a gorgeous flying butterfly, and another place is a swimming fish with thin wings.

Although the picture is gorgeous and colorful, there are countless eyes on the wings of the flying butterfly, and the swimming fish have rows of spiral teeth. The looks at are hideous and ugly.

As soon as Zhang Yu raised his hand, all he had to do next was to remove it completely.

He thought so, as if he felt threatened, the two stone walls faintly vibrated, and rustling wall debris fell down, as if these two things were trying to struggle out in advance.

At this moment, Court Manager Lin said: “Court Manager Zhang, wait a minute.”

Zhang Yu’s already bulging Heart Light receded slightly and turned to look at him.

Lin Court Manager said: “Lin just distinguished it. If I didn’t misunderstand it, these mystical creatures should have been transformed by those different Gods who separated their powers. I may be able to explore these things. When it comes to this generation, you might as well take it back and suppress it in the upper layer, so that there will be no future troubles.”

Zhang Yu nodded, destroying it is once and for all, but if there is a better way, he doesn’t have to insist on it, so he said: “If Lin Court Manager is sure, then so.”