Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 1152


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Lin Court Manager started out of thin air, and a jade mirror appeared in the void. A white light appeared from the height, and it was shone directly on the two stone walls, giving birth to a powerful wave. Traction.

The two stone walls still resisted, but under Zhang Yu’s indifferent gaze, the confrontation gradually diminished, and finally seemed to give up struggling and was taken in by the mirror light.

These stone walls seem to be supporting the main body here. When the main body is cut off, the all around airspace faintly vibrates, as if it is already in collapse.

Seeing this, the two of them knew that there was no point in staying here, and their hearts were awakened, a golden light on top fell, and they had already turned out from here.

In the void, Lin Court Manager Shadow Transformation stayed here to clean up the aftermath. Not far in front of him, there was a creation body floating.

It is reasonable to say that this creation body should have collapsed by this time, but in fact it is not at all, it seems that something mysterious has happened during the transformation process of the talent, which not only really crossed the original limit, and maintained this moment. The state has become a de facto upper layer creature.

He can clearly see that there is still a remnant of Zom’s crocodile in this shell, but because the shell itself has no consciousness, there is no desire, which leads to its not at all way to grow. , But it’s always inappropriate to keep it, it’s better to eradicate it.

If it is to save effort, then it is the easiest to directly turn it into nothingness, but his method is never to kill them all together, but to adopt the most appropriate and appropriate method to deal with.

He caught a talisman transformed by the clear air, stretched his finger, and injected it into the consciousness of the front body, as if clear water washed away the dirt, instantly disappearing the remaining presence.

After doing this, a golden light fell not far away, Zhang Yu and Lin Court Manager’s main body also turned out of the interlayer and came back into the void.

Court Manager Lin received Shadow Transformation and came back, and said: “Court Manager Zhang, it is time to remove the subject.”

Zhang Yu nodded, he took out the talisman that sealed the main body of Zom’s crocodile, and looked inside. After missing the basic attachment, this group of spirituality is like water without a source. Becomes a lot erratic, as if dissipating on its own.

But this process may last for thousands of years. During this period, there are infinite variables, and only early elimination can eliminate the residual problems.

At this moment, his five fingers are united. With this action, the endless Heart Light penetrates into the talisman, and the spirituality trapped inside immediately resists. This is obviously futile, but it aggravates its demise. , In confrontation and attrition, like the water stains under the raging sun, gradually reduced, and less and less, until disappeared without any suspense.

However, with the use of such a Heart Light, the talisman outside was not damaged at all. It can be seen that his control of the Heart Light has reached the point where he can follow his mind without any deviation.

This is not only because of his own innate talent, but also because he has mastered three Grand Dao Seals, so once his own cultivation arrives, he can easily master it.

Speaking of his current shortcomings, that is, above the changes of the dao technique, this is accumulated over a long period of time, and there is no way to make up for it in a short time. Anything else, I am afraid that he has not passed the dao technique level. For the sake of it.

After the incident has been processed, as long as there is not much change, he will go to the five directors to find out what happened.

Lin Court Manager saw the whole process of killing all spirituality forces beside him, and he secretly praised him. He is the refining person of this talisman, and he knows how difficult it is to do this.

Aside from the identity of the device owner, he can actually do this, but it is absolutely impossible for him to be like Zhang Yu Lifting The Heavy As Though It Was Light.

Zhang Yu confirmed that there was no problem with the talisman in his hand, he just looked up towards the empty body of the creation creature, but at a glance, he knew that this thing had crossed the boundary.

I have to say that this is a very coincidental thing.

Originally, this creation body didn’t have the spiritual consciousness to dominate itself, and when it reached the upper layer, it would collapse on its own, but when the image was taken into it, it unexpectedly became a life-saving straw.

The creation body is not conscious, and the presence is conscious. After discovering the danger, in order to own existence, it must draw vitality from this body to maintain itself, so first of all, this body can exist, so it helps This creation body has been stabilized to a certain extent.

But after all, this resident was unable to escape Lin Court Manager’s means of killing, and its subject and attachment were also eliminated one after another. It has completely disappeared from the world, so that there is no consciousness left. But it is indeed a creation body that has crossed the horizon.

Although this shell is incomparable to the strength of the upper layer, it can still crush all the strength of the lower layer. If it can be controlled, it is also a weapon.

There was a hint of emotion in Lin Court Manager’s voice, saying: “Heavenly Secrets Institution is also a success this time.”

Zhang Yu thought for a moment, and said, “It’s half-finished. There are many coincidences. With the skills of Heavenly Secrets Institution today, it is very difficult to make a creation equivalent to it. And how to control is also a problem.”

It’s useless to get the upper layer body. The Sui Ren remains Heavenly Secrets Institution has mastered a few of them. Those are creatures who master the power of the upper layer.

Although this creation has no sense of autonomy, it is still alive. It can be regarded as a living thing. The meaning is very different. But how to control and use it for others involves the power of the upper layer, Heavenly Secrets Institution currently does not have this capability.

Lin Ting thought about it, and said: “Court Manager Zhang thought how to deal with this thing?”

Zhang Yu said: “Although this thing is made by borrowing the power of mystical creatures, it is still valuable. As long as there is no filth contamination, Yu thinks does not need to destroy it. It just involves the power of the upper layer. How to deal with it is beyond the power of the king.”

Lin Court Manager nodded, he looked towards the creation body, and said: “This matter seems to need to be discussed by the court.” Because this thing is not good for staying here, he waved his sleeve and used a technique After covering the object, he put it away, and when the golden light on top fell off, both of them turned back to the upper layer.

What happened outside the void, in addition to the Profound Venerable guarding the foreign residence, the Court Managers also saw the creation body that had crossed levels. Some people didn’t care, but some thought about it.

The Court Manager Zhong looked back at this moment. He pondered for a moment. Before he got up to the side wall of the temple, he flicked his sleeve. Between the rays of light flickering, the silhouettes of Chong Zhao and Chang Sun Qian appeared.

He said: “Did you see the two Dao brothers?”

Chong Court Manager said: “I see, didn’t expect Heavenly Secrets Institution this time it is really successful.”

Zhong Court Manager said: “It’s just a coincidence that’s all.”

Chong Court Manager said: “Coincidence? It is not so much a coincidence, but rather that this is where the chance lies. Chong has already said that in the next few decades, it is the time when the creation is flourishing, so this is a coincidence , But it is by no means a coincidence.”

Zhong Court Manager thought for a while, nodded, but agreed with this view.

When some things are prosperous, things around them tend to be more favorable to them, just like the tide is rising, there is an unstoppable trend. The profound techniques also experienced this process back then.

However, things cannot be completely dependent on this. You need to win the owner first, and then have the general help. If Heavenly Secrets Institution is not trying again and again, even if it fails, it will not give up, then it is impossible to wait until this time. Luck.

Chong Court Manager said: “How are you going to do this, brother, since it’s a success, do you have to give Heavenly Secrets Institution an explanation?”

Zhong Court Manager said solemnly: “This matter already involves the power of the upper layer, it is not you and I can decide.”

At this time, Chang Sun Qian said indifferently: “The creation body has actually been requisitioned by the court this time, so this thing does not belong to the Heavenly Secrets Institution at this moment, and it has not been returned.”

Court Manager Zhong said slowly: “The eldest grandson dao brother well said, if there is any Court Manager who is tougher, or uses the remaining poison as an excuse to forcibly wipe this thing out, then Heavenly Secrets Institution will not get this. In fact, if we want to hand over this article to Heavenly Secrets Institution in its entirety, we must first preserve it in the court.”

Chong Court Manager said solemnly: “It seems that I still need to make a decision on the court meeting. Then I will have the results when I have the results, and then I will talk to Heavenly Secrets Institution.”

The eldest grandson Court Manager indifferently said: “If I don’t say it, they can know it from elsewhere.”

Zhong and Chong looked at each other and understood what he meant.

Actually, there are some Profound Venerables that are similar to them and support creation, and there are some Profound Venerables that are hostile to creation. They may also leak the news. This is deliberately provoking Heavenly Secrets. The Institution’s purpose is, if Heavenly Secrets Institution really does this, it will indeed disgust some Court Managers.

Bell Court Manager said solemnly: “. Then take care of them cry, let them hear, no matter what, are not going to bother law-abiding try some of these time”

Zhang Yu after returning to the upper layer, after Lin Court Manager and exchanged a few words, and send it dísciple leave, to be returned to the house, there in training days Dao Chapter Communications, the idea of ​​a care, but Seeing the wind daoist looking for it, he sat down in the inner hall and asked: “Is there anything wrong with the wind fellow daoist?”

Wind daoist asked: “fellow daoist Zhang, this Feng ask, creation break open the shell but the layer limit?”

Zhang Yu first point and said: “As fellow daoist seen.”

Fengdaoist said seriously: “Creation is now under the support of Court Manager Zhong and Court Manager Chong, and the momentum is gradually rising. Profound techniques bear the brunt.”

Slightly paused, he said again: “Fellow daoist Zhang, this is not the limited amount of this Feng, but the heart of the people. If you can embrace great power without cultivation, who would go to cultivation? But creation is a convenience can now creation of energy, but far from the point where it has yet to be negative for the energy, premature play, is not something good. “

Zhang Yu Road: “fellow daoist in fear, can serve the truth, how to reconcile the various machines, it would be the responsibility of we.”