Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 1153


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Heavenly Secrets main institution waited for the result after trying a breakthrough at this time. They are ready for another failed attempt.

What makes Heavenly Secrets main institution upper layer puzzled is that Profound Court originally promised to inform and allow them to record the follow-up results, but many days have passed since the incident, but they still did not give them an accurate answer. So he submitted several enquiries, but only gave them a temporary response.

This answer puzzled many people, and at the same time it suddenly increased the guesswork within Heavenly Secrets Division, and also made some people add a lot of associations.

In the following days, more news about the outcome of this incident spread, some of which made many people in the main institution excited and grieving.

On this day, when Great Craftsman Yu was having lunch, he faced Great Craftsman Long who was just about to pick up a slice of dipping sauce and said: “Brother Long, have you heard the latest news? Maybe this time’s breakthrough The attempt was successful.”

Great Craftsman Long put the meat slices into his mouth and tasted the tender texture and delicious sauce. He slowly chewed and swallowed, then put down the jade chopsticks in his hand, and said: “I heard, but This may not be a big deal.”

Although he also hopes that this time will be successful, the attempt at this time is basically the same as the last time. After all, there is not much breakthrough in the skill, and there are not many improvements. At most, he just changed a spirituality power. There is no hope.

Actually, most of the great craftsman at Heavenly Secrets Institution are aware of this. Otherwise, the objection last time would have been more intense and would not be so easily appeased.

He shook the head, picked up the jade chopsticks, and was waiting to put meat on the porcelain plate.

Great Craftsman Yu looked at him for a moment, and said: “What if it succeeded the last time?”


Great Craftsman Long startled, action cannot help but pause.

Great Craftsman Yu said solemnly: “I mean, if the last breakthrough attempt…has been successful?”

Great Craftsman Long was stunned for a long time, his eyes showed a trace of astonishment, and said: “This, how is this possible? Last time, the last time…” He couldn’t say any more, because the creation body was mailed different last time. God’s spirituality was finally captured and taken to the Profound Court, and there is no result yet.

Great Craftsman Yu said: “I just made a hypothesis,” he lowered his voice a little, “It would have been very likely to succeed the last time, but some people in Profound Court are unwilling to see such things. , And foreseeing it in advance, so I inserted my hand horizontally and cut off the matter by inducing the divine general. Then it happened to be covered up?”

Great Craftsman Long raised his head and said: “But this is impossible, and it is easy for Profound Court to stop it. Let us try it, why bother to do this? Isn’t this an unnecessary move? Let’s talk about it again. Later, Profound Court still allowed us to try, which shows that they are not at all.”

Great Craftsman Yu shook his head and said, “But Brother Long, you should know that our understanding of the power of the upper layer is still limited. In this way, every attempt at the breakthrough upper layer requires both adequate preparation and certain Luck, and sometimes, all that is needed is just a coincidence, and it may not be possible to repeat it again and again, so as long as it is bad, it is most likely to succeed once.

And Profound Court still has mighty figures to support us. Some people are not good at blocking us directly, so we can only use some roundabout means. “

Speaking of this, his tone became more and more certain, “So it may be that our breakthrough attempt this time, maybe good luck, is going to succeed again, and someone who wanted to play the same old trick to abandon it, and Those who supported us were already on guard, so they didn’t let anyone succeed, but after all things were requisitioned by the above, and there were excuses left. Now because of the different opinions from the above, the opportunity is deadlocked here.”

Great Craftsman Long felt that he was thinking too much. Perhaps this time the upper layer was really just to deal with different Gods, without that many twists and turns.

But for the upper layer of the Profound Court, Heavenly Secrets Institution is always full of all kinds of judgments that favor conspiracy disputes among some people. Great Craftsman Yu is one of the people who support this view, so it is not surprising that he came to this in conclusion.

He considered the sentence and said: “Brother Yu, I am afraid that is not the case.”

Great Craftsman Yu sneered, said: “Then why didn’t you get the record from above, and didn’t tell me the result? Could Brother Long come up with a suitable explanation?”

Seeing his insistence, Great Craftsman Long didn’t know what to say, so he could only say: “Brother Yu, that’s the case. We can’t change anything.”

Great Craftsman Yu let out a long sigh, and slowly said: “Now there is no way, but we can change with power! This power is achieved by ourselves,” he extended the hand and went to the case. The whole plate of meat slices was brought in front of me, and the tone was exasperated: “We cringe and don’t take it, do we rely on others for charity?”

The jade pendant that Great Craftsman Long stretched out suddenly stopped in the air. After a moment of stiff, he reluctantly took it back, and could only pick up other dishes.

In mid-August, the chime sounded above the sea of ​​clouds, and the Court Managers came out of their respective Taoist palaces and successively sat down on the long river of phoenix.

The Court Managers are mainly talking about the Divine Race of Mochi. All signs now indicate that this ancient god is trying to turn around. Especially spirituality prophecies are active, so recent court discussions are mainly around This matter.

It wasn’t until everything was roughly agreed that Court Manager Lin opened his mouth and said: “In order to capture mystical creatures, Court Manager Zhang and I borrowed the creation of Heavenly Secrets Institution, but this inadvertently made this creation grow stronger. After the upper layer closes, I don’t know how to dispose of this thing? So I’d like to ask you what the Court Manager has in mind.”

Chong Court Manager said: “Lin Court Manager, this was originally expropriated from the Heavenly Secrets Institution. Since it is of no use to me, it is better to return it to Heavenly Secrets Institution. Xu also promotes creation. .”

Court Manager Lin thought about it and said, “It’s all right.”

Yu Su daoist said: “This thing has been filthy with different God, and it has been in the middle of the period. I think it is better to destroy it, so as to avoid future trouble.”

Chong Court Manager first glanced at Chao Huan vigilantly, and then said: “Why does Yusu Court Manager give up because of choking? Besides, Court Manager Lin has long been driven away from the shadows, so why worry about it?”

Lin Court Manager said: “Yusu Court Manager’s remarks are also serious and understandable.” He thought for a while, then looked towards Zhang Yu, and said: “What does Court Manager Zhang think?”

The court managers also seem to think that this incident was handled by Court Manager Lin and Zhang Yu together. It was also the first suggestion made by Zhang Yu, and he was one of the few in the court who picked high rank attainment. cultivator, so he really needs to listen to his opinions.

Zhang Yu said: “Yu thinks can go back, but here is a suggestion.”

Court Manager Lin said with a solemn expression, “Court Manager Zhang, please tell me.”

Zhang Yu said: “Now Chaos Tide frequently occurs, and there are even different Gods waiting to move. This creation body has no god and is easy to take advantage of. Therefore, it is sent to Heavenly Secrets Institution and needs to be monitored by a cultivator. In the future, whether you are trying to drive or observe normally, you must report to Profound Court in advance every time, and you can only move with permission.”

Slightly paused, he said again: “Before Heavenly Secrets creation can really break through the upper layer boundary, it must not be advertised downward.”

Wei Court Manager said: “We agree with Court Manager Zhang that Heavenly Secrets creation still has many flaws. It is not a good thing to promote creation at this moment.”

Fengdaoist also said: “Everyone, people are lazy. If you know that you can enjoy high rank only by adding your body, then why bother to cultivate? This is not good for my Celestial Xia overall situation.”

The words of the two make many Court Managers nodded. They think this is reasonable, because the more the creation is, the more difficult it is. Even if the breakthrough reaches the higher boundary, it is not the end, and creation cannot be used. It will solve everything.

Above them, there is a higher boundary, and Grand Dao is in front. The cultivator needs to guide the Celestial Xia sentient beings forward, and the creation still cannot bear this responsibility.

In addition to this one, there is a more realistic problem, that is, Celestial Xia needs to face all kinds of powerful enemies. Creation pushes the power to their level. I don’t know how long it will take, so it is impossible to let them wait completely. Occupy the lower layer.

Chen Court Manager said: “This creation body can be returned to the Heavenly Secrets main institution, but this matter should not be publicized.”

Court Manager Zhong did not dispute this. If this breakthrough was made by Heavenly Secrets Institution himself, then he can still speak out with confidence, but this is only occasionally achieved by the power of different God, it is not worth mentioning, as long as it can be returned, He has achieved the result he expected.

Because the Court Managers no longer disagree with this, the court quickly approved the proposal.

Eastern Court jungle, somewhere in the Profound Mansion resident, a literary minor official who once served as a teacher at an academy in Eastern Court, is currently teaching Yaoli various Celestial Xia scholarships.

When the lecture was over, he walked out and exclaimed to Zhao Rou: “The dísciple of Fellow Daoist Zhao is smart and wise. Everything can be taught as soon as you can teach it.”

Zhao Judao: “I have Mr. Lao.”

That literary minor official said with a smile: “I am not tired at all. Such a student can teach well if another person comes over. It is my husband who can teach such students.”

After Zhao Rou sent away the literary minor official, she browsed slightly wrinkle.

She knows that many things in this dísciple will be taught once, but that’s all that she wants to infiltrate into the body and mind. Only in this way can she better integrate into Celestial Xia.

She discovered that this is impossible in this station. But she had been punished here, and she couldn’t leave here. It seemed that she delayed her dísciple.

At this moment, Yaoli came over and looked up at her and said: “Where is Yaoli not doing well, has it made the teacher upset?”

Zhao Rou touched her girl’s corner and said, “You learned the discipline very well, and the teacher is very pleased, but it’s too small here. There are not many things you can learn. Disciple, you are willing to go to Eastern Court. Huh?”

Yao Li thought for a while and seriously replied: “If the teacher wants Yao Li to go, Yao Li will go there.”

Zhao Rou smiled and said: “Okay, the teacher will definitely help you arrange, and I will send you to Eastern Court in the near future.”