Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 1229

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Lin Old Daoist gets the ORDER in advance, it has been closed in Great Array these days, and there is a tailor to fly, and I have taken it to see it. I will live him. Order, there is a print of Queen Wang.

The Red Light in his eyes flashed, and he said: “It is possible to move.”

At this moment, the out of the moment, and five Creation refiners have come in. Before the Daoist came to the stage, he held a ritual to him, said: “Lin Elder, the temple Here to with Lin Elder Transfer Array Pivot. “

Lin Old Daoist, one of the five Creation, Said with a sneer: “How did these portions work with me?”

Zeng Daoist Said with a smile: “There is always some inconvenient things that require people to do, these refining teachers can help.”

Lin Old Daoist is not more than the matter, he understands very, even if there is an agreement, as a high position person, the king will definitely pin the Great Array is in your own hands.

, he waves sleeves, said: “All, please sit down, wait for Great Array Transport, you don’t want to move, don’t you say it with you?”

Zeng Daoist looks, said: “This is nature, if there is anything wrong, I will not interfere with Lin Elder.” After that, I will leave a few ARRAY POSITION above. Sitting, it is not far from the Lin Old Daoist session, and also wrapped around a semi-circle and faintly surrounded.

Lin Old Daoist is only secretly self-cleared, he took out one time, put it on the side, and looked at the Creation Sunsette in the sky, put the movement Jade Tablet in his arms, waiting silently .

Soon arrived at the time of Tie Wang, he placed a jade tablet, allocating Array Pivot. In an instant, I saw One After ANOTHER SPIRTIUAL LIGHT flashed from the array, then a piece of arrogance, from all the Directions overflowed, stretched to the end of the sky. At the time of Array Pivot traction, countless Array Stregth is like a sea tide, and a wave is in front of it, but it is contained by a power, like dam water storage, only seeing water does not stop accumulating Lift, but did not have been released.

Zeng Daoist took a few words for a CREATION, but it was explained the reason why it was explained. These words are in front of the forest Old Daoist, which is both deterrence and reminding, telling him that the king moves with the array.

Inside sleep, Zhu Zongji has been seeing Great Array has a movement, and this time is informing them to inform them than before Lin Old Daoist, I can’t help but doubt whether their people have changed their ideas.

When you see the outer movement, he is also a strong in his heart. This can be much bigger than the situation of the hostille, no one can feel, the power is once released Come out, it is certainly the Weiwei of Heaven and Earth Turning Upside Down.

He asked Zhang Yu: “Mr. Tao, the opposite suddenly launched in advance, is it to abandonment?”

zhang yu: “Zhu Zong protects, this array is not put, the intention is convergent, although the moment is very large, but there is no intention, but it is just the attack That’s all.

Although it is attacked in advance, Array Pivot mobilizes the book without covering it. It does not have a hidden use of this matter. If there is no accident, this should be sent to the man, it is unavoidable. barge. But I can wait for him, please ask Fellow Daoist YAO to attack this Array, let him understand what I know. “

yin huanting immediately: “I went to say with Fellow Daoist Yao.”

, a bright and soft Sword Light blooms from the city, go straight to Great Array, just hitting the wall, but only throwing some waves, there is no shake Great Array.

Lin Old Daoist saw the opposite attack, but it was in his heart.

deal with Great Array, what is the use of one or two? Opposite Great Array, Impossible, Impossible, does not know this truth, this is clearly to show him attitude, indicating that it is willing to cooperate with him. His heart suddenly grasped a big increase, so he was more confirmed.

Zeng Daoist is sitting behind, I suddenly asked at this moment: “Lin Elder, opposite me, why not respond?”

Lin Old Daoist is full of air: “Zeng Gure, Great Array is standing for attack, and now it is driving the transfer, can you torch Streamth? If you go to Gu, you are entangled here. It is delayed Array Pivot to drive, but it is in this context. “

Zeng Daoist asking: “That is to face me, why do you only give one person to fight, not to attack, ask me array pivot?”

Lin Old Daoist responded: “The enemy’s array is the first-standing attack, you need to use my strength to attack me, I am Array Stregth has not been sent, and it can’t be anti-my trend, so he can now The move can only be sent out and I am fighting, there is no other law. ”

Zeng Daoist Nodded, he said in a few words to the Creation of the Creation next to it, so that it will pass this conversation to Wang Zhouzhi.

It is also understandable for the reason why Lin Old Daoist said, but he needs to return to Wang Wang, and some will not ask.

zhang yu looked more and more high in the hall, although Array Stregth has not had a formal collision, but the air is handed over, he can clearly feel opposite Aura.

NaURA is not sent to sleep, but it is ready to go, this shows that Daoist Lin is not preparing to violate himself, it is indeed ready to first use Great Array Refining King soldiers.

In fact, the other party really has to sleep, he is not possible. Since these days, he will take Great Array, run Earth Artry, and the array has accumulated enough power, not if it is no offense.

is that the other party really refining has a king army, that is indeed the ability of Breaking The formation, but there is no possibility that there is too much time to intervene. The contest between them is where Daoist Lin can go to. At this moment, he made Avatar allocated Array Pivot, and Array was also encouraged.

Lin Old Daoist At this moment, I saw Array Pivot fluctuations in the moment, first shock, observed, but found that there was a lot of light in the gantry, but it did not include any attack, it was obviously cooperated with him. Result. He is also a happy, the surface is SNORTED, and it is also a three-point Array Stregsth.

Between the time, both sides are big, but the light is seen, they are not moving, and they are in Mo Toto.

Daoist is a little wrong, not saying that he began to suspect that Lin Old Daoist, but he felt that Lin Old Daoist used the savings Array Stregth, and then release it outward. However, there is a certain load limit, and now the more rising, the more you have not stopped, is it not afraid of yourself?

I can’t help but ask: “Lin Elder, when are you going to put Array Streamth?”

Lin Old Daoist huh, said: “Zeng Ze said that I still have countless cars in Great Array to traven this force? If you don’t accumulate it, how can I dare to break? The array? Zeng Zuli is not appropriate, then you can go all over, you can know if I have true. “

When he said Remark, he stretched out, he referred to the day, he finished him, and his gods, a big trend in my hand.

Although he has the truth, it is necessary to tell the truth, it is really far until the limits, so speaking of which is also straightforward.

Zeng Daoist looked at him, didn’t talk, just think that Lin Old Daoist did not like the sighful look of Normally in Normally, guess, is probably Array Stregsth.

Aside next to Creation, asked: “Zeng Gaw, is there any problem?”

Zeng Daoist said yourself, Creation, whispered: “If Array will collapse?”

Zeng Daoist is aesthetic: “The Array Stregth will not only go to the opposite side, will also be discretion to me.” Paused, as well: “However, Lin Elder is reasonable, this is not a person, as long as an observation Four, you know whether it is a pass, and I will ask me. “

Whole Great Array is only a person who is not willing to be held by the Old Daoist, and all Array Position has a Cultivator who knows Array. He tried to ask, it is still far from the time, but in the end Where is it, they are not very clear, but this will not say it.

After him responding, he also reported these words along with Lin Old Daoist, and also reported to Queen.

Wang Wang looked at Report on the throne, and the pole whit waved a few times, he thought for a while, summoned: “Song Sao.”

Song Song: “In the Hall, please tell.”

王道: “You go to Pass On the Command, let Lin Elder stop the ship.”

Song Song is shocked, and then: “Yes.”

王 continues: “If he is willing to follow, let him continue, if it is unwilling, he will take him first.”

Song’s Song Song is jumping, there is another way, telling the king boat, out of the outside, he first with Zeng Daoist, there will be some Creation refiners, and then to Lin Old Daoist was told the words of 王.

Lin Old Daoist is listening to this order, in the eyes, red light flashed, the heart is a few times, in fact, he is worried that this is the matter. Since 王 can make him in advance, it can also make him interrupt or delayed. This is not to make it right, but a doubt that I am a doctor, I am not trustworthy, even if he signing Contract does not have complete trust.

If he has no preparation before, it is indeed a charming of his arrangement. It can control Great Array mainly in Gui Bo. The king is not thinking, this Guiki is behind him, it is already all He is inevitably running in advance, even if it takes it to others, it can’t stop.

Tot: “I have said that I have to launch a few days later. The king wants to stop, then I stopped, but this Array Pivot turns, but it is necessary to fight over a few days. I am afraid that there will be many omissions and will be enemy, “

Song Song stared at him and saw a few eyes. He did not insist on him, immediately changed his mouth: “Slow, the temple is not really Lin Elder stop, just listening to the speech Ask the forest Elder, since there are many problems, then Lin Elder continues to be well-held. “

Lin Old Daoist Nodded: “Originally, that poor daoist is grateful to the hearts of the Hall.” He wondered in his heart, but he knew that he had passed, this should be the last trial of 王.

He is a sleeve, sitting back in the seat, back to the Song Song and the Daoist people, show a strange and exciting smile on the face, “Fast, it is fast.”