Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 1230

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is the past Half a day latern, four-party Array Pivot seems to be boiling hot water, surging the turmoil, the more accumulated Array Streamth, the strong horizontal strength is in the sky, I like the river Pour it, the mountains are pressed, giving people endless weights.

DAOST, because of understanding Array Pivot, hence his own induction and strong, was pressed on the head by this Array Stregth, and it feels that it is a deep weight.

Because the strength of the savings is too large, it is huge to let him feel the thrilling trend. In addition, he is also increasingly refined at the moment, so he can’t help but speak: “Lin Elder, isn’t there yet?”

Lin Old Daoist turns back and smiles and talks: “Fast, fast.”

Zeng Daoist I don’t know why, I feel that his smile is a different meaning, looks like Has Several Points, and the atmosphere around this moment is also more and more depressed, always feels some uneasiness.

he thinks about Creation, the CREAKENCHY: “Please tell us to tell the king, just think that the Array Stregth savings is enough, but Lin Elder is delay, I don’t want to release strength, I I thought that Lin Elder was too big, then I would like to collapse Array Pivot itself, leading to the prehealth. “

CREATION refinement immediately submitted to Wang Zhou.

Lin Old Daoist is also heard of this sentence on the pedestal, laughing, arrogant to this Step, there is no way to stop, and these people have never discovered that they have been breathing before ten breathing. The door and the bucket have been blinded, and any kindness is no longer passing by Wang Zhou.

Not only this, use the metamodes in the transfer of the square, and he will feel the Heavenly Secrets induced and shadowed, and a few Cultivator can’t be observed.

He looks at the starry sky at this moment, grabbing the board, and lifts it lightly.

Zeng Daoist is a nervousness, at this moment, he suddenly felt a lot of Warning Sign, and he was almost a heart and blood.

and this time is not just him, but the Cultivator that is blocked induced is also noticeable, but they don’t know where the problem is.

Zeng Daoist licks a swelling eyebrow, staring at the Guigang in the hands of Lin Old Daoist, he dares to affirm it at this moment, this Array Pivot must have a problem, his extend the hand, try to stop, however this is already too late .

As Lin Old Daoist, the pair of panels in the hand, in an instant, as if it is a sky, the people in Great Array only feel a buzz, and then a series of rumbles, front A Certain Array Restriction suddenly let go, then the power of a long time is over, it is like a rush to rise, at the same time, everyone is a soft body like a floating, then it is heavy Going down, sudden breathing is difficult, like a weightless burden.

In this moment, in the eyes and induction of everyone, the Array Stregth is going to the extremely high, if there is no accident, it should be opposite, like a hammer, and put the opposite Great Array’s housing broken.

It is surprising that the power is that the power is not as imagined, and it will continue to go up, and finally One after another flies, it is actually the top ten Creation Sun Stars. Swallow in!

Many people have changed, which is no longer reacted, but most people don’t know what is doing, but think that this is arranged in advance.

Those Creation Sun Stars original Rays of Light four shots, dazzling, can be scored in Array Stregth, but it is like a spirituality force, which is very bleak in several breaths. Finally, I finally returned a Jade Stone, and then broken, it was broken, and the Array Stregth ruined after the Creation Sun Star, did not have this point of the stars, but also a hard fall, but It is back to the original, it is back in pressure!

Central Army is witnessed that there is no TERRIFIED LOOK, all don’t go away, flying boat, trying to avoid, but the Array Stregth is really too fast, there is no burning, just a moment More than a thousand driving in the top and in contact with Flying Boat, SHATTER, even the restraint, there is no Shatter. Inside all Army Soldier is also lived, and its Essence, Qi and Spirit soul is refining it in the time, becoming a firewater salary that further promotes Array Streg.

That power is slightly struggling, but when setting up Array Pivot, it is already in the intersent Qi that ferry into most people. They are more resistant, the more weighted Array Pivot, but The force in which it is pressed is also bigger, just stick to one or two breaths, will step on the back of the ordinary Soldier.

and that Array Stregth continues to internal pressure, it is too much, and everything is Powder, and it is still going to go to the most inner layer breakthrough.

For everything, the Daoist in Array Pivot can only focus on the LOOKS AT, and there is no act, and the forest Old Daoist hand in the hand is stared at the hand, thinking to stop this, MUST seizes this .

He seemed to focus on the array strengthenth, did not take care of it, so on the body power, a grasp of the InterNal Envoy of the Seat. Divine Ability.

Lin Old Daoist face floating a smile, he just sleeves, sweeping Divine Ability, and then waving outward, once a Daoist body blur, blurring between blinks, blinking, cultivation of numerous dust Going, and the few Creaters behind him have also wanted to work with the hands, and they are rushing forward. But there is no waiting for them to reach the seat, the Array Streg twisted, just a body Collapse, like the sand of sands.

Song’s Song Scene, the whole person trembled, Look Pale is incomparable, he can’t say a word, just plum it down, he really does not understand, clearly settle down, Lin Old Daoist What can I do if I do this?

Lin Old Daoist has not returned him, just concentrate on the crowd, because he doesn’t know whether the king will give the Magical Item Creation for his Daoist and the Others, in order to ensure its own safety, so he will pull a lot of array pivot to deal with In front of this, Facts Prove, he is too careful, there is no special thing in these people.

Daoist and the Others’ sacrifice is not complete, Array Stregth is much here, elsewhere is weak, some of the Upper Layer Cultivator and Creation Mind, feeling light, Go to the most secure Wang Zhou.

The slightly slower who runs is hid into the nearest garden, and these war weapons are very strong, plus the people in the inside, so in the first wave of Array Stregth Surpling Stick down. However, there is still some good luck in the outside, and Lin Old Daoist, which is successful, has a large number of Array Streg, which is successful.

It can be seen that someone is bursting into the sky blood mist, and then absorbed by Great Array.

The most UPPER LAYER power in the hands of the king is those Creation, every death, the Blood Essence Evil is part of the refining as part of Array Pivot.

Lin Old Daoist is now very urgent to kill these Upper Layer power, on the one hand, in order to reduce the people who can make it hindered in the shortest time, on the one hand, these people’s death injury can increase Array Stregth, Consolidate the results.

is just those Upper Layer Cultivator, because of the Magical Item, and Essence Soul can escape, always support some time, one by one is too wasteful, but the Creation refinesier is better than It’s more to pay, so he first took this generation.

Because it is unable to start, almost everyone has no preparation, plus the intensity of the Sin, and the Creation Sun Star is also destroyed. Everyone is almost the battle, the shape is not a whole, so Lin Old Daoist’s first wave of killing brings extremely heavy damage to the army.

The flying boat of Jiucheng is destroyed, and the rest is only the king of Wang Zhou and some zero-scattered neocets, but they are as not connected to each other, floating in the island of Wang Yang.

王 This moment of Looks AT is a tragic scene, the red silk in the eyes is coming out, and the hand holding the whip is more green, and he can’t stand it more than the army. Old Daoist’s foolish and deception!

he bite his teeth: “Wei HIGH MASTER may kill this?”

Wei Daoist said: “Now we can only wait for him to attack, because I can’t find him, if Great Array is holding him, he can appear in any corner, if I leave, I don’t want to still It can be found back to the way, and if he attacked the king boat, the people around you may not only live you, but if you want to leave here, I can try to take you away. “

王道: “Can the High Master leave this place?”

Wei HIGH MASTER: “If I want to leave, I can at any time.”

Wangzao whip waved, it seems to be measuring, after a while, he turned to the Creation Langchuan around him: “You will take my own with my definitely HiGH Master. “

Creation Lynch STARTLED, but he does not dare to be illegal, “Yes,” is the following. “

Wang Wang looked at him, then Extend the Hand, holding his arm, holding hard, then letting it, just standing there.

He is from the throne, Stood Up, said: “Wei HIGH MASTER, labor, let everyone go to me,”

Wei Daoist said: “I tried my best.”

He first reached a finger, One after another spiritual light rushed out, did not enter the arrogance, and flew in those ring halls, and the king boat blooms A Bright Light, this is temporary The role of Creation Great Sun, making everyone distinguished Wang Zhou, Yu Lian Lian Hall, there were roughly here.

Lin Old Daoist see this scene, red light flashed, 王 is his obsession, just since the king did not run, then he did not mind to attack the Upper Layer forces in the Hall, continue to enhance Array Stregth.

often only dozens of breathing, he will break a lobby, then kill the people in the hide, every success, it is a huge benefit, but there is still some of the Lanternar Hall final success. The king’s king is coming into one place and covering each other.

Lin Old Daoist is cold, he refused to see the peripheral power in this case, nor to delay, put Jade Tablet, one, one, full, force the Array Pivot, focusing on Wang Zhou !