Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 1231

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Everyone in the sleeping Xiaocheng is at the moment, although it is ready, but the short while, the grandiose, as if the army that is not always, the seven-zero, which is destroyed, and the few do not have a copy, this The deputy scene is really impacting the heart.

Zhu Zongjing saw that Great Array is almost allocated into Scarlet Ze, like a group of Blood Mist, wrapped in the city, nothing to do, I don’t think ZHANG YU: “Mr. Tao, I don’t know how the situation is there? “

zhang yu is the view of Eye Seal, and most changes in the array are very clear.

Now Lin Old Daoist has killed the Overwhelming Majority military, but the most powerful Cultivator and some Creation refiners hide. These people account for the least number, but with absolute strength, it is a force that occupies at least 70% of the entire army.

Her way: “Wang Zhou, Wang Zhou, has not been damaged, but now it is pressed by Array Stregth, it is withdrawn, but there are many protection efforts around him, not there is no battle, if the forest Elder is very impossible to say it is very difficult. “

yin huanting: “If the Lin Elder is coming to kill the king, this is more beneficial to us.”

Sight is deeply sure, Zhu Zongjian does not need to take the name of the killing of the king, it is best, avoiding this, refreshing in the heritage of Zhu Zongcao to receive the throne of the throne.

yin huanting: “There is also a thing to pay attention to it, it is the name of the Wanling’s Control and Capture Jade Talism, which is carried by King, and the name of Zongzi has the name of Zongzi. The name is coming to take this place, it must be the same. “

Zhu Zongcao Cannot Help But Nod, he turned to Zhang Yu, said: “Mr. Tao said before, once the Lin Elder extorted my uncle’s army, it must be unable to restrain, then we must Before this, he wanted, only when did you shoot? “

zhang yu Looking at the king boat, there is a Dao Technique SPIRTIUAL LIGHT, said: “There is also a good protection man, this Lin Elder is not so easy, and you can wait.”

At this moment, the Wang Zhou, the king of the king, is mixed with the remaining ring hall, and the Spirituality force of each other forms a whole, and in this way to resist the push of Array Stregth. Because there are still many people with UPPER Layer forces in the Lianhu and Wang Zhou, it can support it, but the external Array Pivot power seems to be step by step.

This is natural, so huge Great Array, just by Lin Old Daoist, he has to deal with multiple goals, and the power of AT First is actually limited, not all Array Stregth, but Now the target appears in one, he can calm up the Array Stregth to the various corners to focus on dealing.

Under him, the power of Wang Zhou stacked the pressure is getting bigger and bigger, causing this boat to be hysterer hysterer since Array Streg, and then not easily abroad.

林 o o l 得 得 得 得 得 因为 因为 因为 因为 不 不 法 法 精 法 法 精 精 进行 精 精 进行 进行 进行 进行 精 精 精 精 精 精 精 精 精 精 精 精 精 精 精 精 进行 进行 精 进行 精 没有 法 法 法 法I can’t take Wang Zhou and it will take it from the Aceney Hall.

King Zhou, King Looks AT in the heavy surging array of Wang Zhou, the face is uable to move, the face is uten: “Wei HIGH MASTER, Wang Zhou can still stand?”

Wei Daoist said: “There is no problem in the day, you are attacking here, such a big move, should have a news, the rear of the reinforcements will be will soon will come.”

King is still a preparatory team behind him. This is an urgent moment to deal with border and rescue. This is not that he will fail to fail, but the necessary arrangement of the Qi people, no matter what people do The commander will arrange so.

This preparatory team is not far from here. After receiving the message, it will arrive at the time of up to two to three days.

王 said solemnly: “Na Lin is also known as these, will there be a means?”

Wei Daoist said: “The view of his own MAGICAL POWER is not enough, just can’t attack Wang Zhou within a few days, this person will be hit by you, then you will take your hand. Coping this person or may also try to find his existence, if you can kill it, Great Array does not attack it. “

王 气 气 SERIOUSLY SAID: “Then Entrust to High Master.”

Despite no one to kill him, his curse on his body will also take his life soon, but he is more hope that this is the result before you attack.

Wei Daoist one nodded, he vertical finger, Magical Power outward, Wang Zhou’s spirituality rays of Light becomes almost condensed, and the power of extruded by Array Streg is also lifted. .

Lin Old Daoist standing at the center of Great Array, with Devil’s Divine Ability expanded, he is now the image change, the hair is turned into a dark color, the black fog is flutter, and the two is even more A piece of scarlet light.

He saw the king boat, and Rays of Light, That Aura made him immediately thought of Daoist, and the look did not sink.

He quickly judged, with the Defend power of Wang Zhou, if he wants to break, it is always necessary for five or six days. However, the variation will undoubtedly increase, the longer, kill the possibility of killing Wang Wang The smaller it.

There is a method under the eyes, that is, he is self-cultivating the king boat under the Array Stregth to help, and then it will follow this person. But the strength of the Wei Daoist is really taboo, which makes him don’t dare to take this.

It is not ready to face this situation.

If he is this in order to kill the king, the Divine Soul Blood Essence from the Great Array, that is, it is what he is ready to enhance its CultiVation Base Cultivation.

In the previous killing, although he fails to kill all Upper Layer power, the resulting Blood Essence Yuanqi is enough to refining a big medicine. Coupled with Array Stregth, he can take a more layer of Dao Fruit, to That Step, God, the enemy, even if you have died his body, no way really killed him. .

devil means is simple and rude, as long as you can get the results you want by killing Sacrificial Offering, you can get the results you want, and you will undoubtedly, this is the road, although this is a lot of flaws and various post-happening. The Cultivation Base obtained is really strict.

But he is not really worth these. If you can kill the king, you can kill most of the hidden dangers on the occasion of Obsession, and then slowly want to adjust it again in the future.

has strength, some things are afraid of can’t do it?

He reached out at this moment, countless blood color gathered, under the refining of Pang Great Array, but One Hour became a bloody PILL on Tempering.

It can be seen in this PILL to be rich in blood color, but in the heart of Dan, but there is Golden that flashes and transparent. It is a black smoke that is like a thin snake in the golden mist. Twist struggle.

He vertically, PILL is turned into a golden gas, drifting into it from his eyebrows, and suddenly a cold is deep into the bone marrow, his body can’t help but Shivered.

can be next, but it feels like a drink, and the breath is gradually climbed.

The moving Jade Tablet is floating on the side, with Array Stregth, not only push him up, and there is still his PATH.

At this moment, many of the obstacles to the Sect Founder portrait during the Sect Founder portrait Dao Technique, this is also flowing from the heart of the heart, and he is quickly understood by him, and his whole person is gradually A strong aerosol is wrapped.

he has been waiting for hundreds of years.

Because the Heaven and Earth truncation, many people have empty Dao Technique, which cannot be taken further attainment, but in Great Array, it is proposed to HEAVEN AND Earth before the initial truck has not changed. This makes him take a few more than the DAO FRUIT process.

is two hours, that is scorn around the aerosol around him, it can be seen that he has recovered the previous look, but it is not only a bit more than the original young, there is a fairy-style bone. posture.

He is taken into DAO FRUIT with devil means, but the Devil’s law will change due to its own heart, if he wants to come, if you see it, you will give you hostile alert, then Plot Againsta It is necessary to double difficult, not as good as a good look, people feel close, and he thinks that he will go back to the right way sooner or later.

Although he now Cultivation is already greatly improved, he is still reluctant to go straight to Daoist, so he rejubled, and took a blod energy vital Essence, and it will be a temporary body, down Essence Soul is inserted, and it will be made into an avatar that can play his Overwhelming Majority strength.

he sleeled, this avatar, an escaping light, it is necessary to go to the front of the king boat, but did not go directly to Wang Zhou, but in the ARRAY Streamth, first attack in those ghounts. And go.

There is no place to arrange within Wang Zhou, and it is a biggest force that he has mastered in the hands of King, is the all kinds of MyStical spirit of Wanling, and he has never seen it. In particular, in the Upper Layer forces of the square, SIMPLY does not exist such a creature.

Is it not brought?

He feels some unimaginable, which is the biggest relying on Wang Wang, close to his own life, and it is not possible to take it.

Is it other arrangements?

is also based on this. He decided to take the first prize leaves. If the Upper Layer forces in the Hall of the Lantern Festival is killed by him, then it is also a good thing, every destruction of a lion hall, kill it. People, absorb Vital Essence Blood Energy, then Array Stregth and itself can be strong, if it is removed, then there is enough bottom gas to kill Wang Zhou.

Wang Zhou’s spirituality power is in combination with the Hall Hall, the impact of Lin Old Daoist, Wei Daoist immediately missed, he said: “Tudu, this person is trying to attack, if it does not stop, stay After killing everyone, refining blood energy vital Essence, with Great Array’s power, I can’t protect him even if I can block him, I can’t protect the rest. “

王 frowned: “Wei HIGH MASTER wants to save outside?”

Wei Daoist IndifanceLy Said: “Don’t, Essence Soul can be.” He fell, and an Essence Soul came out from the body, just a sway, it disappeared within the hall, and Next Moment, It has already appeared in a large ring hall.