Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 1279


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In the void, there is Six Paths star light extending from the distant darkness, and finally gathered together to form a great stage like colored glaze, with countless petals floating down on it.

Hui Sect Master silhouette appeared here first. Soon after he appeared, four daoist silhouettes appeared here one after another.

Among the six sects beyond heaven, at this time the Shadow Transformation of the Sect Master of the five sects has all arrived, only the stand that represents the Changsheng sect has never been seen.

Various factions Sect Master has long been accustomed to this.

If the Sect Master of the Changsheng Sect participates in the discussion, if he speaks out that what he said is a deduction, just do it according to this. For other Sect Masters, is it compliant or not? If you obey, then you only need to listen to his instructions. If you don’t obey, there seems to be something wrong.

Therefore, the palm sect master of the perpetual sect moves to reduce his vocalization, which is good for himself and others, and no one will disturb him.

Participating in Hezong Sect Master Quan Daoist said: “Hui Sect Master said there is something important to discuss, and your faction fellow daoist Yu is doing business in Yangdu, but what’s wrong there?”

Hui Sect Master said: “It’s not about Yangdu, but it’s also related to this.” He told everyone about the incident, but everyone was puzzled. These few looked at each other. Sect Master of the Sectarian School opened the mouth and said: “Ancestral stone? What is this?”

Hui Sect Master said: “After I asked, I realized that this is the name of the Hao clan. It originated from the fall of the stars four hundred years ago. These Star Stones fell on the surface after more than a hundred years. It was taken as a divine item by the Hao clan, because at that time most of the we had been forced to leave beyond heaven, so the Hao clan believed that it was a gift from the ancestors and was used for calming air luck.”

The Ming Sect Master of the Shou Xingzong scornfully said: “Isaneness is ridiculous. It’s just that the emperor of the Hao Clan takes this fool that’s all.” He looked towards the side, and said: “I remember that those Star Stones are from the Sect Sect. The one who went to the past, should Sect Master know about this, right?”

Shi Sect Master pondered then said: “I remember what Hui Sect Master said. Indeed, there is such a thing. These Star Stones did not come from where they came from. The two missing stars are related, so I chose to collect some of those Star Stones and put them away, but I couldn’t find anything later, so I kept them there for hundreds of years. No one has been inquiring about them for hundreds of years.”

“Lost star?”

These words immediately caught the attention of several Sect Masters present. Sect Master Sect Master asked: “Is it because the missing star fragments are not made? If so, you can’t give it lightly.”

Shi Sect Master shook his head and said: “This matter cannot be determined.”

Gu Sect Master of the Golden God Sect opened the mouth and said: “I am a little interested. Why is the Tao high master sure that I have this in my hand? And it is so convincing?”

Hui Sect Master said disapprovingly: “Xu was told by his fellow Changshengpai, didn’t Changshengpai have been closer to many celestial/heaven and man before?”

Seeing what everyone else wanted to say, he couldn’t help but feel a little impatient. He took out the dao book from his sleeve and threw it out. It was still among the people, saying: “Sect Leaders, if you have anything to say, please read this Let’s talk about it after the book.”

Seeing him say so, the four Sect Masters stopped talking. They each looked up, the volume of dao book shook, and it turned into four Shadow Transformation and fell in front of them, and looked through them there.

For this book, they only looked at it with scrutiny at first, but as they examined it in depth, everyone’s expressions showed solemnity.

Quan Sect Master, who participated in Hezong Zong, let out a sigh, saying: “Are these written by the Tao high master? No matter what the purpose of this person is, trifling a few stones is absolutely impossible. It is equivalent.”

The other three Sect Masters also expressed their approval at this time. They are all knowledgeable and understand how important this book is.

The various factions for so many years are not just sitting there, but also looking for ways to make progress in Zen. Now I read the explanations in this dao book, plus my own feelings, Some of the problems in the past were solved in an instant. If you go back and continue to figure out, you can solve more problems now.

In fact, there are not many things recorded in this dao writing, and the other party must have more to come out.

Looking for missing stars is to solve the problem of Dao machine changes, but if you can still find a suitable method of improvement after Dao machine changes, then it is not so important to find missing stars, after all, what is in front of you Is the most tangible.

Ming Sect Master said at this time: “It’s really a pity. If this person had appeared for hundreds of years, no, even if it was only decades, then heaven and earth might not look like this.” [19459002 ]

Quan Sect Master said: “I don’t know if I can have a chance to have a long conversation with this person.”

Hui Sect Master said: “If we can fulfill his wish, there will always be a chance.”

The Sect Masters present are all nodded. If you can make friends with Zhang Yu, you should obviously guard a few useless stones.

Hui Sect Master said: “There is one more thing I forgot to tell you. Tao high master has already agreed. As long as you get the’ancestral stone’, then you will no longer help the emperor Xi to resolve the curse. This dao technique Cultivation base profound, since you have promised this, you can do it if you want to.”

Hearing this, the Sect Masters were unconsciously excited. The dao technique is of course important, but the threat of the Emperor Xi is also the first major event. If this thing can be done, it will also be of obvious benefit to them.

Shi Sect Master said: “It seems that the harvest was huge this time.” He looks at Hui Daoist and said: “The Fellow Daoist Yu of your faction seems to be well done this time. It is really the right choice for him to do the right thing. People.”

Hui Sect Master said: “Okay, these words can be said again, everyone, since this Tao high master has shown enough sincerity, then we can’t let this be unrequited.”

All Sect Masters are nodded, they discussed again, and after reaching a consensus, they went back separately.

After Sect Master returned to Sect, he ordered the dísciple to check the ancestral stone in the door.

There are actually a lot of ancestral stones. When they came in hand, there were hundreds of large and small. However, since Zhang Yu wanted it, he was not stingy, so he simply gave away all the ancestral stones in his hand. These stones have been placed in the door for so many years, no one can figure out what to do, so it is better to just be personal.

Ten days later, these ancestral stones were successfully delivered to Yangdu City and handed over to Daoist and Wupao Daoist.

Wupao daoist looks at these jade stones of different sizes, saying: “Give these ancestral stones out, will the Tao high master really agree not to help the emperor Xi?”

Yu Daoist laughed and said: “What do we cultivator want?”

Wupao daoist startled, saying: “The cultivator naturally seeks the truth.”

Yu Daoist said: “Yes, the wealth and prosperity of the world are like me in Fuyun, only transcendence is the truth, and everything else is the foil on top of this way. Tao high master is also a cultivator, so I don’t understand this. Reason, he needs this thing, maybe it will help them to climb the cultivation of celestial/heaven and man.”

Wupao daoist felt reasonable, and at this time he was a little worriedly said: “We are doing this today, presumably Emperor Xi is also in the eyes? Will not stop it?”

Yu Daoist didn’t matter: “Since Tao high master is not afraid of this, what are we afraid of? We are just masquerading here. Now even Essence Soul is gone, just a deposit. What if you lose your mind? Okay, I don’t think I need to wait any longer. I will send these jade stones as soon as possible.”

In order to prevent long dreams at night, after daoist cleaned up a little, these ancestral stones were put into the magical power, and then they went to the living room where Zhang Yu was located, and soon reached the boundary of the earth.

In front of Fang Zhimen, he was invited in by his servants. When he came to the hall, he saw Zhang Yu, with a gift, and said: “Following Tao high master’s request, you have already got the’ancestral stone’ you need for high master.” He has a piece of magical power, Hundreds of large and small ancestral stones were laid out.

Zhang Yu took a few glances. Last time he only mentioned envoy, but didn’t expect the six factions to deliver these things to the front. It seems that the dao book is really useful. He said: “I’m tired of envoy.”

Yu Daoist said: “Yu just brought a message, and the decision is made by several Sect Masters.” He paused, “Now that the things have been delivered, Yu has also completed the entrustment, and the hall has returned. There are some things, let’s say goodbye.”

Zhang Yu nodded and said: “Then I won’t stay in envoy anymore.”

After a salute to daoist, he left.

Zhang Yu walked into those ancestral stones after he left.

Some of these jade stones are about zhang high, some are as small as a longan, some are as smooth as a mirror and can be mirrored in silhouette, and some have many vivid moirés that resemble birds and beasts. There are so many unique appearances, which are still formed naturally, and some of them seem to be mystical. It is no wonder that they will be collected by the people of the six factions.

He didn’t stop very much, he walked directly through the jade stone group that was extremely unique in appearance, and came to a half-human stone block. Compared with the jade stone next to him, it was unimposing in appearance, It’s small, but the corners are rounder, and it looks like it has been polished.

But he knew that this was the fragment he was looking for.

As he stood here, it seemed that because of his internal qi, there was a dark light emitting from this stone, which seemed to have some resonance.

At this moment, he took a deep breath. At this moment, the “Qiyin” on the Profound Chapter of the Grand Dao seemed to be a little complete, and he also immediately filled in the spirit essence. Then another bright light fell on him.

When the light dissipated, he withdrew the Profound Chapter of the Grand Dao, and looked at the jade stone. Although it was still the same as it was, it was still so round and smooth, but at this moment it seemed to be less spiritual. Among the ancestral stones, they are becoming more and more unremarkable.

Zhang Yu Heart Light is released outwards. After a burst of light flashes, all the ancestral stones in the hall are disappeared.

He turned his head again and looked to the north. Of the three pieces of Qiyin that he had sensed before, two have already been taken, and now the rest is the one from King Lie.