Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 1280


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After getting another Qiyin fragment, Zhang Yu’s main body continued to sit in retreat, while the clone continued to arrange the array outside.

Time passes unconsciously. On this day, the clones of the array that were being distributed on the plain suddenly felt. When I looked up, I saw a densely packed flying boat emerging from the southern sky, from far to near, and then leaping over the top of my head. Speeding to the north.

It’s already evening. Not only did this boundless fleet not make the sky darker, but because of the spirituality that blooms on each flying boat, heaven and earth shine brighter. It was upside down in an instant.

After nearly two years of preparation, Emperor Xi finally made his way to the north.

After Zhang Yu watched for a while, he withdrew his gaze and continued to focus on the great array.

Now his array has been arranged on the Fifth Layer, which is only one layer away from the 6th-layer great array he expected at the end.

Every time the array is heavy, might double, but it must be added to the 7th-layer. It must be used for dozens or hundreds of years. It is not that it can’t be done, but there is no need to wait for so long. Time made him wait so long.

If he can continue the endless cultivation here, then sooner or later he can reach and surpass the “superior me” level, but if this is the case, then the law will be so dangerous. As he had previously thought, since “Shang Me” is higher than his dao technique cultivation, it is also possible to make breakthroughs and make the upper layer first.

How long is it here, he doesn’t know. But now that you have certain clues and certainty, don’t hesitate, do it decisively!

He is now thinking about whether to move the “Simultaneous Creation” to ensure that there is no accident, and put it here first.

The scale of Xihuang’s army this time is larger than ever before. This time the troops were divided into two groups. He led the main army, Yuyangdu, set off, from the north to the Huangdu. There are also various sects, leading a squadron with a strong main force, set off from Guangdu, from west to east, threatening the flanks of King Lie.

In addition to the fleet, the power of the upper layer is also extremely important. At this time, Emperor Xi has almost dispatched more than 60% of the creation and cultivator in the territory. Once again put on a posture determined by World War I.

In order to deal with the aggressive offensive of Emperor Xi’s army, the military headquarters under King Lie also made corresponding arrangements in time, and the commander in the army led the main force to confront the Emperor Xi’s army head-on. The assistant elder leads another squadron to deal with another offensive.

Because it is an inside battle, even if King Lie’s military strength is not as strong as Emperor Xi, it is not without the power of a battle.

The six factions also knew that King Lie could not be destroyed, otherwise the efforts of rooting the Hao clan for hundreds of years would be in vain, so a large number of upper layer cultivators had already been sent to the territory of King Lie. They built a whole line of defense around the north-south dividing line.

The six cultivators also used the method of changing mountains and rivers. Thousands of mountains rose from the ground. In the past, the plains also became thousands of people. Numerous creation floating mines were placed in the middle of the sky. The fortresses on the top tightly grasped the shape of the mountain below, condensing into a wall of air everywhere. And under the air wall, there are countless array restrictions.

Most of the creation factories, mines, farmland, rivers, etc. are almost all transferred to the underground, and small creation sun stars provide endless spirituality.

This can be said to be the first close integration between the creation faction and the dao faction, making the entire northern region almost a huge military fortress.

At first, Emperor Xi’s counsel also discussed whether to use the power in his hand to directly attack Huangdu across the front line of defense, so as to achieve the goal of quickly defeating King Lie. But after seeing such a defensive force, I stopped mentioning this matter. If you want to regain the north, there is only a direct attack left.

And such a large-scale mobilization of military forces, King Lie would naturally not be unaware of the fact that the leading forces of the two sides have launched a fierce confrontation on the long border, and the creation factory in the rear has started day and night, continuously creating more War weapon to make up for the consumption ahead.

In today’s situation, Emperor Xi is undoubtedly taking advantage of his superiority, and he is also the one who has the initiative. It is easy to advance and retreat. King Lie can only insist and use his own advantage to persist until Emperor Xi can’t bear the consumption and retreat. It is their only chance of winning at the moment.

Over the western army rampart group, the assistant elder looks at the enemy from the opposite side through the cabin, even if it is just a squadron, it is more than twice the military power of their side. Fortunately, they are on the defending side, even if they face several times the military strength, they can fight.

He turned around and returned to the case, looks below all the officers and lieutenants who participated in the military meeting, and said: “The enemy is here, what do you think?”

So everyone on the scene expressed their opinions. Most people think that the defense should be safe, but there are also a few people who demand a defend counterattack. The reason is that the defense will never result. If you don’t fight out, you can only get beaten. Consumption does not necessarily have to fight Xihuang.

Among them, a young lieutenant made a sonorous suggestion: “Assistant, we must try to break this squadron!”

The assistant professor elder said: “What does Han Junwei plan to do?”

Lieutenant young said: “Although the frontal army of Xihuang has now contacted me and has gradually confronted me, some subordinates have noticed that because the Xihuang army is too large, the follow-up troops have not yet been put into battle. , Still adjusting. But now the western army threatening my flank has already arrived first.”

His eyes are shining, not without excitedly said: “This is a short gap! It was an oversight by them! We can seize this opportunity, draw the army from the front, strengthen the flanks, so that we can be here. On the one hand, form an advantage, strive to quickly defeat the enemy on this side, and then the whole battle will be alive!”

Assistant professor elder said solemnly: “Did the lieutenant ever think that if the frontal force is drawn, it may lead to a frontal emptiness. We can’t lose sight of it because of a small mistake, and King Lie will not agree.”

Lieutenant Young argued for reasons: “The assistant professor, we don’t need to transfer the main army. We still have a large number of reserve teams in the rear. If the assistant professor can persuade the palace… Your Majesty calls it, the same. Can form an advantage!” He said seriously: “The subordinates know that although this is a risk, it is the only way to win.”

Assistant professor elder said: “What about then?”


Lieutenant Young startled, he clenched his fists, loudly said: “Then naturally took advantage of the situation to go deep into the hinterland of the upper realm and rush to the rear of Emperor Xi to disturb them! If Emperor Xi does not return to the army, then turn around and go north again, Flip back and forth with the main army and destroy them!” As he said, he hit the case with heavy punches, which aroused the excitement of many military officers of the same age present.

The assistant elder shook his head. He said solemnly: “Although Lieutenant Han has a good idea, at any time, it is the upper layer power that determines everything. Even if we win this battle, we will not be able to fight it out.

Once out of our territory, because of the lack of upper layer power, we are unable to protect ourselves, and there may be no way to return smoothly, even more how, we are impossible to devote our limited power to the competition with the Emperor Xi. in. “He emphasized his tone: “The decisive battle is exactly what the Emperor Xi wants, and we can’t give it to them!” “

Lieutenant Young could not accept this statement. He also tried to refute. This fierce military discussion lasted for a day. The assistant professor Elder temporarily suppressed the young lieutenants under his command.

After everyone left, the assistant professor elder sat on the main case, rubbing his forehead to soothe tired body and mind. The confidant came over and said, “Assistant professor, it is not easy to convince these youngsters.”

Assistant professor elder said: “But it was also persuaded.”

In fact, the real military meeting has been held long ago, all the strategies have been arranged, and various rehearsals have been done. The strategy has long been set. Today is just an opportunity for the youngsters of the various military to speak out that’s all.

Facing the overbearing army of Xihuang, King Lie had to carry out several rounds of army expansion, which resulted in too many young factions coming in, and these people were stuffed into the defensive flank army, the assistant elder. The millions of military boats he himself brought were piled up to the front.

The counselor asked: “Assistant professor, can we not win this battle?”

The assistant professor elder stopped rubbing his fingers and slowly raised his head. He said, “No, there is still a way, but we need to wait.” He has a deep vision: “There will be a way, just wait. “

In the Palace of King Huangdu, Emperor Lie sat alone in the inner room. Yesterday he had already taken the place and called the emperor, but he was not used to the imperial robe and crown on his body. He felt too heavy and too heavy, and he was overwhelmed. Come.

At the moment he is looking at the box in front of him.

This was given to him by the assistant professor elder. Originally, he could feel the resistance of this thing to him, and he couldn’t open it anyway, but after taking the throne and proclaiming the emperor, this feeling disappeared.

He is very curious what exactly is in it. Why do you have to be able to open it after you have boarded the throne He reached out, but this time, he went to the box lid with no difficulty.

On the thick soft cloth cushion, there is a large white seashell upright, which has been polished very smoothly, with some small vermilion lettering on it densely packed.

He picked it up and looked at it in detail. They were all closely related contracts, under which were stamped all the seals of the Elder regiment, as well as the seal of the previous emperor.

He looked at the date and, as expected, all this was arranged by that person.

His complexion is a bit complicated. From the perspective of Qiwen, the elder group is indeed not very clean, and there are too many thoughts, but now they are almost at the end of the mountain, but they have to follow this again.

He looked at the articles again and sighed: “This is really embarrassing me. I don’t have much benefit, but I have to pay a lot.”

He has the intention to wait any longer, but he knows that he still has to make a decision in the end. Maybe he will be persecuted and do it passively. Instead of doing this, it’s better to make up your mind earlier. Point loss.

In his mind, he clenched the teeth, without hesitation, took out a hand knife, swiped on his finger, and came down using a finger as a pen, and wrote his name on the sea shell!