Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 1349


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Wei Shan looks at the emotional student in front of him, he can understand the latter’s mood. He also has this idea, and he also feels that Heavenly Secrets creation needs the power of an upper layer, which he did until now.

But since the last incident, his vigilance has become very serious. I am afraid that someone will use his mind to do something beyond the scope of Heavenly Secrets creation.

After having the upper layer creation body, he felt that now he should do precipitation instead of rushing forward. Now he must close the reins, because he is afraid that if he doesn’t stop a bit, Heavenly Secrets creation will just charge ahead, and no one can control the situation at that time.

He was not in a hurry to appease his students, but said: “I just want to see Hechang, you just wait here and listen to what he says.”


The middle-aged man feels refreshed, because He Chang is a profound cultivator loyal to the Heavenly Secrets Institution. He is currently within the realm of the Heavenly Secrets Institution. Compared with the other profound cultivators of the Heavenly Secrets Institution, he has It is the person with the highest status. Every three months, he will come over to the Heavenly Secrets Institution to report on the progress.

The two waited not very long. As the hall door opened, a profound cultivator walked in. He saluted Wei Shan and said: “I have seen Zongjiang.”

Wei Shan said: “He Chang, have you gained something recently?”

He Chang respectfully said: “Reporting back to Zongjiang, the recent records are here.” Both of his hands held a jade board.

Wei Shan gestured, the middle-aged man hurriedly came forward and took it. He stretched out his hand and stroked it, and densely packed handwriting and graphics appeared on it, along with various creation skills, just waiting for him to see it. After finishing, he was disappointed and said: “Have you not found the skill of the creation trainer?”

He Chang looked towards Wei Shan and said with shame: “The subordinates are incompetent. Almost all the brilliant creation skills of the realm within the realm are in the hands of the Hao clan upper layer. The subordinates are only presiding over a creation factory, but It’s just to arrange some chores. The Hao clan guards the High Level skill strictly, and the non-Hao clan cannot approach it. The subordinates have been trying to find a way, but they have never done it.”

The middle-aged man said: “Didn’t you marry a Hao woman?”

He Chang helplessly said: “If it weren’t the case, I wouldn’t be able to host the creation factory, but it would be difficult to think about it further.”

Wei Shan said: “Why don’t you blame yourself, you have done a very good job of this.” He asked some more details, calmed a few words, and let He Chang retreat.

The middle-aged man said at this time: “Teacher, I heard that those profound cultivators go farther than us, and they seem to be closely related to the Hao Clan upper layer. If they want to get those skills, they want to be very Simply, maybe they have already got it, but they didn’t give it to us. I think they just don’t want to see me waiting for the creation to make progress!”

Wei Shan said solemnly: “Let’s not say whether they got it or not. According to the cultivator, the Dao machine on both sides is different. What can be done over there may not be done here.”

The middle-aged man argued for reason: “But the teacher, although the Dao machine is different, but the success of the creation body has proved that we creation can also climb the higher boundary. This method is feasible, but we still There is no real way to find the right way.”

As he said, he said annoyed: “If Profound Court promises to support us this time, we might be able to pass this level. Those cultivators just look down on us!”

Wei Shan glanced at him and said, “You are too paranoid.”

middle-aged man startled, raised his head and said: “teacher?”

Wei Shan said solemnly: “I used to think that Profound Court had suppressed the creation and did not want to give in. But then I thought about it carefully. Profound Court was not afraid of our progress, but afraid that we would go too fast and could not control it. A power that you can’t control.

How many years has the party walked? More than a thousand years. We have reached a similar level in just over two hundred years. In fact, this is the result of Profound Court’s promotion. Now we have everything we should have, and we can’t rush anymore. Just like a sprinter, we need to stop and rest. We don’t need to be so aggressive now, as long as we feel firmly on the ground and move forward. “

The middle-aged man said anxiously: “teacher, but this is obviously a great opportunity for us, why should we give it up?”

Wei Shan said with great heart: “Opportunity is an opportunity, but it also depends on whether we can hold it and fight for what we can’t get. That is to swallow a giant elephant to support ourselves. That’s it.”

He counseled: “You don’t have to think that there is no chance. Isn’t it enough to have this creation body now? When we fully understand this, we can control it freely, and have the real upper layer power, then it is natural. Go for what we can get.”

The middle-aged man was still unwilling, he said: “But such a good opportunity…”

Wei Shan shook his head and said: “I said, with our current strength, Profound Court is really pushing behind. It is just spoiling things through excessive enthusiasm, which is not conducive to the long-term. On the contrary, it will be top-heavy. If something goes wrong, That’s the mistake of creation. Heavenly Secrets creation is likely to be destroyed. I would rather be stable now. In my opinion, Profound Court’s decision is right,”

The middle-aged man lowered his head and said nothing, but he was obviously not convinced.

Wei Shan waved his hand and sighed: “Go back and think about it. Come to me if you figure it out.”

The middle-aged man raised his hand to give a salute and walked out without saying a word.

The silhouette of Wei Shan looks at, secretly sighed and said: “When I put you in the Heavenly Secrets Institution, I didn’t know whether right or wrong.”

The middle-aged man walked outside, he did not return to his residence, and then took the underground speeding carriage to a remote courtyard of the Jade Capital Heavenly Secrets Institution. There is a tea room with a normal face and dressed in silver. The old man of Robe was waiting for him here. After he sat down, he said, “What did the master say?”

The middle-aged man was depressed and resentful, saying: “old fogey may have been scared by the last time. He has long lost his original ambitions. He also said that Profound Court did the right thing. It is said that Heavenly Secrets creation should be slowed down, and no more triumphant progress can be made.”

The silver robe old man sighed: “The foundation of the Heavenly Secrets Institution lies in elite students. Now it is competing with the profound cultivator. How can you make it at this time? If you don’t advance, you will retreat.”

“Who said no?”

The middle-aged man said: “The appearance of the square level proves everything that creation can do. Such a good opportunity is the help of the gods, but it was taken away by the Profound Court.” At this time When a waitress came over, he stopped talking and ordered a cup of tea.

The silver robe old man as it should be by rights said: “Suppressing us is as it should be by rights, because they are afraid.”


The middle-aged man is a little puzzled, “What are they afraid of? Afraid of us?”

The silver robe elder said: “Look at that level, how superb is the creation skill? The cultivate sect there is forced to go beyond heaven, and it must have been seen on the Profound Court, so how could they support us? Are they not afraid that we will do this one day?”

The middle-aged man suddenly focused on the development of skills and creation. Regardless of other things, the old man said so, he also felt that this is the truth. He said: “Then what we have to do is to make impossible possible! “

The silver robe old man leisurely said: “It’s useless to shout. Wei Zongjiang is unparalleled in prestige. If he disagrees, then from within the Heavenly Secrets Institution, we can’t do this.”

The middle-aged man realized something, and said: “Inside? Sir, can I think of a solution from the outside?”

The silver robe old man said: “There is a way to try, but it depends on whether you are willing to do it.”

The middle-aged man said anxiously: “What is the solution? Mr. Please give me some advice!”

silver robe old man said: “Do you know An’s?”

The middle-aged man said without hesitation: “I know. The outer layer is a well-known craftsman family, a family of five generations, and each generation has outstanding craftsmen. There is a child of Anshi, a student of Guo Ying, who was said to have been influential figure. Accepted as a student.”

The silver robe old man said: “It is not said that, it is true. This influential figure also gave An’s children a lot of antiquity god creation skills. Last time, Jade Capital Heavenly Secrets Institution also asked him several times to ask for skills. He refused to give it, and Heavenly Secrets Institution also rejected his request for a great craftsman.”

middle-aged man startled, said: “Is there anything else? I just came back not long ago, but I don’t know.”

He commented on discussing the dao: “This young man doesn’t know the general situation. The creation thing should be shared with your colleagues. Only this can promote the progress of the creation skill. How can value one’s own old broom be? And Heavenly Secrets Institution It’s not right. If the young man in an family really has the skills of great craftsman, then he should be given his name, not as a threat, because there is no room for others, it seems like a villain.”

The silver robe old man looked at him and said: “We are not here today to comment on who is right and who is wrong. An’s children have not only mastered the skills of antiquity god, but also some of the high rank skills of that level. It seems that it was also given by the influential figure.”

The middle-aged man was taken aback for a moment, then he leaned forward and asked eagerly: “Can you confirm it?”

The silver robe old man took out a jade board and said: “Recently, Eastern Court Fuzhou has launched a lot of creations, you can take a look.”

The jade board was not handed to him, just held in his hand, but he looked at it. Although bringing forth the new through the old, his eyes can still see that there are many places above the creation. Those who have absorbed the essence of the realm and have not obtained specific skills are impossible to achieve this.

He thought for a while and frowned: “But that doesn’t prove that this young man has the skills of a creation trainer, but the above creation is only related to people’s livelihood.”

The silver robe old man said: “No, it doesn’t matter. He must have received much more than I waited. If he can’persuade’ him to take it out, then the two sides can complement each other. And if he really masters these skills, then More energy.”

The middle-aged man agreed: “You are right, but this young man has already rejected it last time. Will he still agree to us now?”

The silver robe old man whispered: “I have a way.” His lips moved, and the middle-aged man listened carefully, nodded, his expression was sometimes tense, sometimes hesitant, and sometimes excited.

After discussing for a long time, the two finally decided something and left.

And shortly after the two left, the waitress came up to clean up the mess. She looked at the tea cup in her hand, which was very strange because she saw that the middle-aged man was sitting here just now. ‘S moved towards talking to the other side, but he is obviously the only one from beginning to end?

But think about it again, these master craftsman, great craftsman are very strange tempers, maybe this is also normal?