Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 775


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Yan Qiying escaped hundreds of times in one breath, hurriedly away ten thousand li.

His precious pill is called “Xing Xing Pill”. As long as it is not blocked in the middle, the escaping light will become more and more irritated with the urging of the pill, until it is almost over the streamer, to that At that time, even if the pill power is exhausted, the cultivator can take advantage of this momentum to fly a section of the road.

In fact, if it weren’t for the mighty “don’t rob the bead” just now to cover several thousands li, and this time, it will take some time for the star pill to be sent to the extreme. At the same time, he was afraid that Zhang Yu would have another hindrance to stop him. To use this thing.

Of course, he didn’t want to escape, because it’s useless to escape. He doesn’t forget that it’s in the inner layer. Celestial Xia can find him once, and he can find him a second time, so he just wants to escape. To open Zhang Yu, there must be a chance to reorganize.

After the rectification, he will turn around to fight, and then wait for the opportunity to kill the opponent. This method will not work, and it will be considered a hard fight, and there will be no regrets on this trip.

It’s just that at this moment he discovered that the two flying swords that were chasing behind him are coming faster and getting sicker, and they have not been thrown away by him.

He immediately guessed that there was a mystical on the sword, but he never thought of the technique of sword births the divine.

Because in his cognition, Zhang Yu is just a profound cultivator, and does not seem to rely entirely on the sword, he has seen true cultivator with the technique of sword births the divine, which one is not the sword Besides, there is nothing else?

So he didn’t think about it at all.

He examined himself at this moment, and saw that the current pill power has not been exhausted, that is to say, the speed has not yet reached the extreme, so he urged his luck at the moment. The figure that was still moving intermittently has reached this point. Became the point of flashing a line.

And his actions seemed to have worked, the two sword lights finally paused slightly at this time, as if they were thrown away because of his sudden acceleration.

Seeing this scene, he couldn’t help but feel relieved.

Although the fight was only a moment, the confrontation was extremely fierce, and he also consumed a lot of magical power. If you want to go back to the fight, you need to make a little supplement.

He took another pill from his sleeve to supplement the magical power, and began to take in the pill.

But he didn’t notice that it was on the blade of the Song of Cicadas Sword at the back. At this moment, there was a divine light flashing by, and at the same time, it suddenly became ill, as if it disappeared between the two sides. The distance, Yu in an instant hit him!

He couldn’t help being shocked, because when the sword light came over, it gave him a sense of extreme threat. The key is that he didn’t even have a warning sign before the sword momentum arrived.

In fact, he felt it, and there was no time to avoid it, because the sword light came faster than he thought. When his consciousness turned, he had already penetrated his precious clothes defend. And pierced from above the chest.

He couldn’t help shaking his whole body, and his silhouette, who was about to move again, could not help but lag for a moment.

However, he still seemed to refuse to give up, looking towards the front, where he could see, Essence Soul emerged from the void and threw it towards his main body.

He has a divine ability. As long as Essence Soul gets into the body and then leaves the body, he can take his own damage out together, so he can continue to persist.

But at this moment, I saw the Firmament Startling Sword that came afterwards leaping forward, suddenly slashing on the Essence Soul, and blasting it into a sky full of light in the blink of an eye.

But even at this step, he still refuses to give up. One hand is slowly raised, as if to pinch some magic mantra. The light spot that Essence Soul melts is pushed by an invisible force. The bottom slowly gathered together, seemingly about to reunite, but the Song of Cicadas Sword, which had just penetrated his body, turned back at this moment, the sword light flashed, and once again cut from behind him. Entered, and shot out from the front of his chest!

His movement stopped, Essence Soul, which had only condensed from the far prescription, shook for a while, and then drifted away like smoke.

He stood in the sky for a moment in a daze, his breath fell like a blown flame, and then he leaned back and fell from the top of the cloud.

Zhang Yu saw this from a distance, shaking his sleeves, but throwing something out.

This thing looks like a mass of white light, but when it gets to the outside, it turns into countless filaments of light in the blink of an eye, moving towards Yan Qiying, and when it comes to this person, it clings up one by one, wrapping around his body After a short while, he wrapped it into a silver cocoon floating there.

The sword that he suddenly slammed, he moved the “lack of karma” mystery to cover his senses, and then he was able to successfully complete the blow, otherwise the battle would still be entangled.

However, for the last two swords, he also retreated slightly. If the power carried on the “All-Severing Cut” burst out at that time, it would be enough to explode his person into a pile of flesh and blood powder.

Yan Qiying is far more valuable to live than to die. Of course, he is also prepared. With this person’s temperament, if any perish together method is used, he will not let it succeed easily, and will try to stop it.

At this time, there was a strange sound. He looked up and saw a hole in the sky. Then a rays of light fell from there, covering Yan Qiying’s body, following that The rays of light retracted upward, dragging the person back together.

When the person’s rays of light are closed, the dome in the sky is reunited, and everything is calm again.

Seeing this, he also retracted his gaze, and then moved his mind. The two swords of Song of Cicadas and Firmament Startling flew back and fell into his Heart Light again.

At this time, there was a flash of light in the atmosphere, and the Kongwu Jiezhu also came to his side, and it was always inviting credit to spin in front of him.

He nodded and said: “This time you have your own merits.” He said, raising his sleeves, and he was praised. He seemed very happy and satisfied. Without waiting for him to urge, he fell into his sleeves and waited. It doesn’t move there anymore.

He stroked his sleeves. This time he had transported the orb to the extreme. If he refining this magical item again, but if he wants to reach the boundary of do as one pleases, it is impossible. . After all, this thing is not refining, it can only be said that it is a little more convenient than other magical item use.

Moreover, this magical treasure is not useful every time, it can only be taken out at the right time.

The tools were taken back, and the matter was over, he looked up at the sky again, and the sky was instantly melted, and his body was clear, and he returned to the upper layer.

On the viewing platform, Zhong Daoist saw that Yan Qiying had been successfully captured, and he stopped to transfer the astrolabe, allowing the astrolabe composed of the golden light talisman to disappear under the sea of ​​clouds again.

After he withdrew the magical power back, he stood there and adjusted his breath silently.

Transporting this magical item is not an easy task, regardless of his own spirit or magical power, it consumes a lot of money.

Wu Qingxu has been standing there. After he adjusted his breath, he said: “Zhong Court Manager, just transferred the astrolabe, have you seen any changes?”

Zhong Daoist shook the head said: “Just to maintain the astrologer to observe the world, I have done everything that Zhong can do. To observe the changes in the world, that is definitely not what Zhong can do.”

Wu Qingxu is nodded, saying: “The Court Manager Zhong has worked hard this time.”

Zhong Daoist is just bowed.

Dai Gonghan remained silent. This clear heavenly star disk is useful for checking Heavenly Secrets and dissolving the calamity. You only need to use this tool to calculate where the calamity fell, and then act accordingly. Avoid all dangers.

But in fact, don’t look at this time. Most Court Managers in the court think that when this disk is enabled, no one has proposed to use it to solve future dangers.

It can be said that for a long time, all Court Managers are cautious about using this device.

Because if you act according to the instructions of the magical item, it is useless if you do it wrong, and it is useless if you do it.

Rather than being trapped in the cycle of debate of “devices from people” or “people from devices”, it is better to put them aside for the time being. If there are any dangers, they can solve them by themselves.

Of course, the Court Managers will not give up food because of choking. The artifacts are made for use. If it is a crisis that people can’t recover, they will naturally ask for this item again. After all, survival is the first Yes, it is easy to talk about other things with existence. If there is no existence, then everything else is empty talk.

Wu Qingxu said at this time: “Yan Qiying has captured him, and I will come forward to interrogate him, the two Court Managers, and Wu has taken a step forward and left.” He bid farewell to the two, and then walked away.

Dai Gonghan also said to Zhong Daoist: “Dai has also replied the palace.” After he exchanged a salute with his people, he stepped off the stage, out of the observatory, and got on the flying car, flies through the sky. Up.

On the stage, Zhong Daoist was the only one standing here. He turned to look at the “Ask heavenly station” on the side for a few moments, then he adjusted his robe and went down the stage.

Zhang Yu returned to the Shouzheng Palace directly after returning to the upper layer.

After walking into the hall, he glanced at the Jian Yuan letter in the corner that was still there, and then he retracted his gaze and walked to the inner hall.

When he sat down on the stage in the inner hall, he adjusted his breath. Not long after, he felt the heart force had been restored, and he flipped through the report underneath. Seeing that there was nothing unusual, he thought about the gains and losses of the previous battle.

This battle is not so much a fight between him and Yan Qiying, as it is a fight between Celestial Xia and this person. Although he was the one who was fighting against this from beginning to end, in fact, this person had no intention of victory and knew that he would be defeated. What he asked for was just that’s all that could kill him and not ashamed himself.

It is precisely because this person has all kinds of burdens and scruples that he has taken a conservative approach to many places that should have made more decisive choices.

But his cultivation cultivation base is not fake, not counting the magical item he carries with him, there are many divine ability methods, and he can be regarded as a qualified opponent.

After judging the opponent’s pros and cons, he came down to look at himself. In this battle, he has to say something strange, that is, he has made good use of the robbery, and the premise is that Zhong Weiwu has covered Heavenly Secrets. This is in Celestial Xia. Benefits within the territory.

Without this magical item, this battle might not have ended so easily. He felt that besides the Speech Seal, he still lacked a winning method.

Thinking of this, his heart called out and two flying swords jumped out together, hanging in front of him.

He looked at the one white, one azure two sword light ahead, raised his hand and stroked it lightly. Compared with a few months ago, his heart force has improved again, and the two flying swords should also be Do some more refining.



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