Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 776


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Somewhere in the void, take the Star Fragmentation around the white star.

The empty old ancestor stood on the Golden Lotus pedestal. He was looking at the silent and motionless white star in front of him, but at this moment, he suddenly noticed and took out a dark-green Magic Talisman in front of him.

He saw that the rays of light were originally exuberant, which seemed to be a sign of vitality, but now it suddenly became bleak in rays of light, as if the grass withered, and never recovered after that.

He said solemnly: “It seems that Yan Fellow Daoist has been found out.”

On another Golden Lotus pedestal not far away, a daoist standing there said: “When the Yan Fellow daoist entered the inner layer, there was a blue spirit sky branch covering it, and he wanted to Yan Fellow daoist found out that Celestial Xia must use the heavenly star disk. Although I have lost it, I still have a gain.”

Hunkong old ancestor said: “This retracement has brought back two fellow daoists in the same industry, and finally the loss is not too big.”

The daoist shook his head and said: “We cultivation is not easy, that is, the achievement of Profound Venerable. If you want to embrace a deep cultivation, you must go through several hundred to above 1000 years of painstaking practice. This is better than Celestial Xia’s support. The profound cultivator that came up is far worse. They are not afraid of damage, but we are incomparable.”

He was slightly paused, and then said: “Hunkong fellow daoist, you said that if I borrowed profound techniques from Shangchen Heaven, could it bring back the current decline?”

The old ancestor said slowly: “The profound techniques have been promoted so far, but in just over three hundred years, Celestial Xia has mostly been Mysterious Chaos, and I don’t know what will happen in the future. If I use this, Shangchen Heaven I’m afraid I’ll follow this mistake too.”

The daoist said: “Hunkong fellow daoist is too worried. My Shangchen Heaven and Celestial Xia are different. What I need is a weapon, not a person.”

Hunkong old ancestor said: “If I use a good curse, I must use an evil curse. I have a method for people, and a method for myself. Heaven and earth, everything becomes yin and yang. I use this now. The generation can benefit, but the future may be troublesome, let alone this generation is a person of spirit, how can they be willing to use it?”

The daoist said meaningfully: “I know, however, that a fellow daoist has a method that does not fall into the cycle of curse and robbery. The fellow daoist can do this, why cannot we do this?”

The old ancestor never answered this time.

The daoist said again: “As soon as Xuntian Dao Chapter came out, Celestial Xia gained three points out of thin air. It is hard to say how many variables there are in the future. If I don’t try to change the system, I am afraid it will be difficult to fight with it. .”

The empty old ancestor said slowly: “This is not my decision.”

The daoist said: “I will report a few High Venerable. If the enemy is strong, I will be stronger. There are some things that we can’t hold on to the old rules. When we need to work around, we still need to be flexible.”

Qingqiong land, guarding the palace.

Zhang Yu’s eyes fell on the two swords. When he moved his mind, a clear light was spilled on his body, and both swords were illuminated into the Heart Light.

For a while, the two crystal clear swords seemed to be immersed in a clear water, and they looked like they were inconsistent, and they seemed to be unreal, but the two sword shadows were incomparably clear in him. It was reflected in the mind.

After a long period of practice, he only feels that his mind and body and the sword have reached a subtle internal qi synergy. At this moment, just a slight turn of the mind, it is like plucking a string, two swords There was a sound of clank trembling together.

At this step, he knew that the refining was completed, so he collected the Heart Light, and the surroundings were full of the clear light of the palace, and it faded like flowing water.

He didn’t at all put away the sword, but continued to wiping the sword with internal qi wiping. From this, he felt that the sword shadow in his mind became brighter and brighter.

This is undoubtedly the technique of “sword births the divine” has been improved in this fight.

“All-Severing Cut” is not a disadvantage. Usually, if a sword cultivator obtains this method, I am afraid that I will devote myself to it and use one sword to fight the enemy’s world.

He does not deny that sword cultivator cultivation does have this ability after reaching a very high boundary, but on the path of cultivation, it is not necessarily able to have this ability. They often encounter various setbacks and failures.

This is just like turning a hard stone into a fine jade, which is also one of the necessary sharpenings, but it is undoubtedly dangerous in seeking a path. If you are not careful, you may not be able to get to the time of Sword Art Great Accomplishment. .

In fact, sword cultivator is extremely rare among true cultivators, and it is because of this. Most people either voluntarily abandon this way by themselves, or die halfway through. However, there are still many people who are determined to walk this way for the sake of high rank attainment and to prove their own heart.

But now is not the time of ancient Xia. Now Celestial Xia cultivator’s fighting is nothing more than just satisfying one’s own dao-seeking path or fighting for foreign object, but between the dao technique concepts. Collision is a confrontation between the old and the new path. In addition to itself, each cultivator needs to consider its own responsibilities.

The dao-seeking path is certainly important, but you should not despise yourself for the sake of seeking the way. You can or demand stability, like those true technique sword cultivator, because the only method is that you have been taking risks throughout your life. He thinks this is very undesirable .

The way he walks is not that I follow the sword, but the sword follows me, so the sword is not the only one.

Perhaps in the opinion of some true cultivators, one cannot go to the most refined and pure way without entrusting the whole body and mind to the sword, but his Tao is not a sword dao, but only uses the sword to protect the law to complete the Tao. Say that’s all.

And using this heart to protect the Dao on the sword, it does not prevent him from improving the power of sword, because the ultimate goal of the two is the same, and it does not matter whether he wants to get Grand Dao or not. Something.

He turned this thought, and returned his attention to the sword in front of him.

As his own heart force improves, the sword might becomes larger, and the “All-Severing Cut” can perform better. But before reaching Peak, this technique is easy to be Other means of restraint, such as Yan Qiying’s “Li Yuan Yubi” on both sides, unless his sword momentum is about to kill the opponent before the magical treasure has been used, otherwise it will be impossible to take it.

But if the other party keeps surrounding the magical treasure all the time, it will be impossible to break with the sword alone.

even more how, in addition to magical items, there are all kinds of divine abilities that can avoid sword edge, but they can deal with them calmly when facing two swords. What if it is ten, hundreds or even more?

At his boundary, it is already possible to practice the sword and divide it. It is also at this step that the power of the sword cultivator is truly manifested.

It’s just that not all sword cultivators can do this technique. The cultivation base must be enough. He has been consolidating the foundation before and is also preparing for this. And after practicing the sword at this time, he I feel that the heat is enough, I can try a refining method.

When he was about to try to retreat, he suddenly felt his head and looked towards the outer layer.

Those evil gods that have emerged from the depths of the void have retreated some time ago, but now they have completely receded, and the originally chaotic Heavenly Secrets are now gradually becoming clear. This should be Shangchen Heaven The family and Gloom City learned that the plan had failed, so they temporarily withdrew their hands.

He changed his mind, Yan Qiying’s arrest was a temporary solution to the hidden danger, but Shangchen Heaven and Gloom City will not give up because of this, especially this time Celestial Xia was moved to clear the heavenly star plate. It must be What will happen.

While he was thinking, his heart moved slightly, and he got up and walked out of the inner hall to the main hall.

Wait for a while, when the rays of light flashed under the stage, the daoist of Ming Zhou appeared below. He faced an auditor on the stage and sent an edict to the next one, saying: “Zhang Shouzheng, I am instructed to send the gift of this time to.”

Zhang Yu lowered his gaze and took the decree into his hands out of thin air.

He opened it and took a look. This time, because he found Zhu Feng’s words in front of him, he made it in time, and prevented Shangchen Heaven and Gloom City from attacking. It was considered a merit and gave a hundred minutes. After catching Su Wei, it is considered a success, giving fifty minutes. After that, it is the capture of Yan Qiying, which is considered as one merit, giving eighty minutes, three merits in one place, and merits giving Xuanliang two hundred and thirty minutes.

In addition, there are thirty minutes left. The main thing here is the payment. Shou is the one who has the right to take the magical item from the opponent’s body as part of himself.

However, apart from the Jian Yuanfeishu, he left nothing, so after Su Wei and Yan Qiying’s utensils were confiscated by the Profound Court, they were converted into Xuanliang to supply him.

After reading it, he put the decree away, and asked the daoist of Ming Zhou a few more words, and learned that he was not the only one who had given credit this time.

Zhong Daoist also had to give a lot of profound food because of his calculation, and Chongzhao did the same. After a little bit, he might be able to show up in the court again in one or two years.

But apart from this, there is another person who has also done a lot this time.

Tomorrow’s daoist said: “The Profound Venerable of Righteous Purity lineage has also made a lot of credit this time. Of the two Profound Venerables from Shangchen Heaven, one of them was forced by him and had to Escape to the lower layer, and finally get away, only this Cen Profound Venerable does not rely on anyone in the pursuit, purely relying on his own ability.

Because Cen Profound Venerable has almost eliminated the cultivator that used the name Righteous Purity lineage before, so this credit must also be written down. After the next court meeting, Cen Profound Venerable may return to Profound Court. “

Zhang Yu thought about it briefly and said: “I heard that this Profound Venerable used to be Court Manager?”

Ming Zhou daoist said: “Yes, only after the righteous Purity lineage was expelled, Cen Profound Venerable was also robbed of the title, and all the contributions he made in the past have been eliminated.”

Zhang Yu changed his mind. This Cen Profound Venerable returns to Profound Court. If he wants to return to the position of Court Manager according to the normal number, then he will have to serve as the guard or Profound Leader again, and then slowly Accumulate work.

But he could see that the court recalled the Righteous Purity lineage in order to suppress the Mysterious Chaos Second Path, so it is difficult to see how this will be arranged specifically, but from the perspective of his preaching, This one will undoubtedly be the opponent of profound techniques.

He said to the daoist of Ming Zhou: “many thanks fellow daoist to tell.”

Ming Zhou daoist bowed, saying: “If there is nothing wrong with keeping the righteousness, you will leave tomorrow.” After saying this, his silhouette disappeared.

Not long after the person left, a Deity duty officer walked in, bowed and said: “Shouzheng, there is a Zhu Profound Venerable outside the temple who is visiting, saying that he is here to worship Xie Shouzheng.”

Zhang Yu nodded, said: “Please.”



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