Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 777


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After Deity retired, after a while, Zhu Feng was seen walking in from outside the hall, wearing a scarlet-colored Taoist gown without any accessories.

Zhang Yu knows at a glance, this is to show the meaning of removing the old and renewing, and this person has not been famous in Celestial Xia, and there is no seal.

Zhu Feng arrived in the hall, facing the curtsies above, said: “Zhang Shouzheng is polite.”

Zhang Yu raised his sleeve with a gift, saying: “Zhu Profound Venerable is polite,” he put down his sleeves, “It seems that Zhu Profound Venerable has already returned to Celestial Xia.”

Zhu Feng said: “I got permission from the Profound Court to return to Celestial Xia, and allow me to re-establish a dao temple in the Obscure Land of Primal Chaos, and without Zhang Shouzheng’s words, I would not have this way. , So this time I am here to thank Zhang Shouzheng.”

Zhang Yu said: “You don’t need to say thank you, Zhu Profound Venerable made the right choice before he got what he got today.” He stretched out his hand, “fellow daoist Zhu, sit down and talk.”

Zhu Feng gave another gift and went to sit on a seat, but at the moment she was lightly sighed, saying: “The gains this time are not without a price. In the future, I will encounter a battle with Gloom City and even Shangchen Heaven. , I also need to come forward to meet the enemy.”

Zhang Yu said: “This is also supposed to be, like those Profound Venerable cultivation in the sea of ​​clouds, which one has never done anything for Celestial Xia before? Also, they have to enjoy peace. Zhu Profound Venerable was in Celestial Xia came here but chose to leave. Now it needs to settle in the upper layer, and it has to pay for Celestial Xia.”

Zhu Feng sighed lightly: “The truth is right. It’s just a fight to kill, and it is inevitable to be contaminated. I escape the second hundred or so years. I am afraid that I will not escape a disaster in the future.”

Zhang Yu said: “Although we are Profound Venerable, it’s just super mundane. It doesn’t have to have a big transcendence. There are too many things that can control oneself. As long as the fellow daoist Zhu still thinks about seeking the way, he will sooner or later. Those who are involved in this struggle, instead of hiding and avoiding, it is better to forge ahead. Celestial Xia will benefit, and fellow daoist will also benefit.”

Zhu Feng is gently nodded.

As a Profound Venerable, she is naturally also a Taoist. Although she is talking about avoiding the world, in fact she really wants to avoid the world. How can she still need to come out and pay her favor?

It’s just that she didn’t like rule and order before, because under rule and order, her actions could not exceed a limit. As a true cultivator, she was very uncomfortable with it, as if It put a shackle on itself.

Just want to fight Celestial Xia like Shangchen Heaven cultivator, she didn’t dare, so she took an attitude of avoiding the world.

After waking up this time, she didn’t act rashly immediately, but from Jian Yuan’s letter and Xuntian Dao Chapter, she found out the specific power changes now, and then decided to help Celestial Xia.

It is a bit uncomfortable to follow the rules everywhere, but the people at Shangchen Heaven want to use her to guard the two-world passage. This is her life, and she naturally knows how to choose.

And not long ago, after she learned about the end of the outer layer cultivator that invaded the inner layer this time, she felt both fortunate and fearful. If she had chosen to stand by Shangchen Heaven, she would not be killed at this moment. , It was suppressed.

Zhang Yu said at this time: “In the eyes of Yu, Zhu Profound Venerable returns to Celestial Xia. It is not a calamity, but luck. Zhu Profound Venerable should encourage himself.”

Zhu Feng thought for a while and agreed: “Zhang Shouzheng is right.”

Although she was a little bit resistant to Celestial Xia rule and order at first, because she left her words and made contributions this time, she naturally gave five minutes of profound food according to the rules.

She tried her luck.

Well, that’s great.

As long as she is doing meritorious work against the enemy, she can continue to give profound grains without mentioning this. Being in the upper layer, she doesn’t need to deliberately restrain aura, as long as she doesn’t fight with others, she uses magical arrogance. power, then there will be no loss.

Actually, she knew this before, but at that time she had not paid the debt and she was afraid that she would be caught in the battle between the two families, so she avoided it far. Inconsistent, which is why their three people went their separate ways.

She sighed at the moment and said: “It was also Bi Ming’s fellow daoist who was missing later, otherwise I would also convince him to return to Celestial Xia.”

Zhang Yu also read the records of the three. He said: “Yuan Tong is an authentic evil cultivator. He left Celestial Xia to facilitate his own refining of foreign law. Bi Ming’s Profound Venerable and Zhu Profound Venerable cultivation All are the Dhamma, Zhu Profound Venerable, you are to avoid the disturbance of the mundane, but what is Profound Venerable?”

Zhu Feng said: “This is about a secret, but I only heard Bi Ming mention it…” At this point, she did not say it bluntly, but conveyed an idea to Zhang Yu .

Zhang Yu discerned it, but the pupil light moved slightly. It was the first time he heard about this. It was indeed a secret.

As a defender, he has the right to read the book, but there are many things that are not directly recorded in the book. Only the Court Manager or the chief executive can know.

He nodded and said: “many thanks Zhu Profound Venerable told me.”

Zhu Feng leaned back in the seat and said: “Where, this is just an unconfirmed news that’s all, why don’t you have to say thank you for being upright.”

After the two came down and talked for a few more words, Zhu Feng tried to ask Zhang Yu about the obscure Land of Primal Chaos.

Although Daoist will tell her these things tomorrow, the latter is not a cultivator after all, and some things cannot be explained clearly.

Zhang Yu made no secret of this, and raised some key points. After Zhu Feng heard this, he thanked him earnestly, and then left.

After Zhang Yu sent away Zhu Feng, he was going back to continue refining the double swords, but at this time he was also thinking about it. After a few months, the dao temple he opened before must have been qi Theoretically, it should be possible to take a look at the past, and sacrificing swords in one’s own dao temple can also avoid external disturbances.

But there was another thing before that. When he was chasing Su Wei, he once found an abandoned city site. There was a gem on it that was very conspicuous. At that time, he ignored it and was free now, so he could go and see it again.

At this point, he sent an incarnation to the inner layer to find it, but he was moved by his mind. The next moment has already fallen into the dao temple opened by him.

He looked around and saw that the surface was densely covered with rivers, undulating peaks, and misty clouds in the sky. Spirit Peak was faintly discernible in the clouds, and it had already begun to take shape.

Moreover, countless innate vital souls are attracted over, transformed into various creatures here, and multiplied on the earth, giving birth to countless descendants.

However, these descendants are not inferior to the first generation of Deity evolved from the innate vital soul. As they live and multiply, the descendants are gradually becoming the same.

Now that the dao temple has evolved to the end, the innate vital souls that have entered here are becoming less and less, so the creatures here are living and dying in this heaven and earth.

However, this place where heaven and earth are not closed internally, so it is not working well. It can continue to open up and attract more innate vital souls to this place. This is like drawing living water in and running, attracting clear water. Bring out the filth, so that it can last forever.

In fact, the most important thing here is his master of the dao temple, because the entire dao temple can be said to be transformed by his internal qi idea, and it can be called a part of himself, so the changes in his mood are all involved here. Internal qi, if it is reflected here without any cover, the thunderbolt is born in anger, and it is definitely not a boast about the things of the bright light.

Like the Canglu, because it is a one-hearted pursuit, then everything in the dao temple is dead and silent, and there is nothing but heaven and earth.

After he looked over, he stretched out his hand at this moment, and suddenly there was a Dao Palace rising slowly with the height of the peak, and it stopped after the momentum of chasing the clouds and hanging the moon. At the same time, small peaks and mountains flew over. Bu Gongwei is on the side of Dao Palace.

Suddenly the thunderbolt vibrated in the sky, and there was a pouring rain falling. After a while, the rain passed and the sky cleared. It was seen that the waterfall curtain was hanging down from the flying peaks. Bird clouds gathered here, whistling and flying around here.

After Zhang Yu was arranged, the rays of light flashed on his body, and it turned into a great clear light to droop down, and fell into the Dao Palace. Once inside, he instantly gathered into his original body.

In the inner hall of Dao Palace, the ground formed like a black gold jade stone is as flat as a mirror, reflecting the fuzzy silhouette. The colonnades on both sides are illuminated by rays of light, and the snowy peaks of the gray and blue mountains are clearly visible in the distance.

He stepped forward until he came to the jade couch on the platform, stretched his sleeves, turned and sat down.

At this time, there are a series of pocket small dragons flying in from outside, some clinging to the pillars, and some falling into the hall. These small dragons are all born of innate vital souls, and they are also specially made by him. The ones used to defend the palace are very close to him.

Seeing his eyes coming over at this moment, they are all cautiously leaning up and surrounding him, but these little things can feel a little bit of his heart and know the rules. They all stop three feet away, no Relying too much.

He sat for a while, and suddenly he moved his mind slightly and flicked his sleeve slightly. If these small dragons get an order, they will all be clouded under their claws. They will fly away and fly away in a while, only one is left. An empty and quiet palace room.

At this moment, above Dao Palace, there is a rays of light falling, falling onto his body, but his incarnation is turning back from the inner layer.

When the rays of light disappear, there is a prismatic gem in his palm, which looks like a human eye, but the brilliance on it is dim, and it may be extinguished at any time.

This thing turned out to be huge, but in fact it was a shell shaped by gold and stone. It was the thing in front of me that really possessed spirituality. I held it in my hand at the moment, and felt that there was a wave of heat coming from it. He took a shot. Those heat streams surged into the body.

This hot current is not as fierce and manic as the divine item I saw last time. It feels very peaceful, like a calm stream. After about ten breaths, this gem turned into a pile of dust in his hand, rustling Fell down.

He felt it. Although the spirit essence he got this time was far less than the divine item last time, it was a reward after all. After the inspection, he settled his mind, summoned the two swords, and began to slowly refine the sword according to the method recorded in the Profound Court secret book.

Xu is because of his deep roots. Just three days later, a clear sword light split from the Song of Cicadas Sword!



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