Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 857


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Zhang Yu walked out of the hall, looked into the sky, and a cloud of light swirled out above.

His thoughts turned slightly, and a Shadow Clone walked out of him, stepped forward and took the Ichmandan who was lying there, turned the light together, and took his person to the top of the sky, and plunged into it. In the cloud light, the swirling current slowly closed until it disappeared.

He retracted his gaze and looked towards the Il giant statue that banned the evil god.

He also knows some item refining. From his point of view, Ipar Divine Race also has some remarkable points on the skill, but it can’t go beyond the scope of his own divinity power.

In order to ensure that evil god does not escape, evil god’s mystical power is banned by the overwhelming majority, and the remaining power is enough to control this solid giant statue that’s all, and it’s not profitable to deal with ordinary enemies. , But if you want to deal with Profound Venerable, it’s almost useless.

If this thing breaks during fighting, it will do more harm than good.

As a guardian, the evil god who invaded the inner layer must be eliminated. As for the two giant statues, they can stay.

As soon as the Heart Light was put on him, a cloud of clear light covered it. At this time, the giant statue shook, and the rays of light of crimson appeared in the two eyes and looked down at him.

He looked indifferent, as if he hadn’t seen him. After a few breaths, the vibration of the giant statue slowly calmed down, and the crimson rays of light in his eyes also extinguished.

But he didn’t stop at all, he continued to suppress it with Heart Light. After a while, there was rays of light flashing on the giant statue’s body and the crash-bang collapsed.

He waved his sleeves and put them away.

He raised his hand casually, and the big boat behind it rumbling, he was sent back to World Crack, ready to go back and deal with it. He turned his head and looked in a certain direction. Even though Ichmandan had been captured, he could still feel that the sense of pressure was still lingering.

An explanation from Mr. Qing has been sent from Avatar. He is already an understood god. He thinks that if this matter is to be solved completely, he may have to go there.

At this point, he released a glorious light on his body, and he rolled the river up the ground and went straight into the sky.

And at the moment when Ichmandan was restrained, the bodies of the two God Restoration Group who were originally trying to awaken the faith in God shook suddenly, and the golden rays of light between their eyebrows were pulled away. Generally eliminated.

At the same time, there seemed to be a shadow in their consciousness receding, and some memories that had been concealed resurfaced.

The golden mask man said solemnly: “I must have something wrong.”

The woman in the copper mask said: “Then what should we do now?”

The golden mask man thought for a while, said solemnly: “Go back to the hill, don’t forget that our mission has not been completed. Only to reach there, through the guards of the upper layer like Ill, awaken the god of Divine Race in Ipar , We forgot about this before, it should be because Il managed to be blinded.”

The woman in the copper mask hesitated and said: “Ill’s accident is probably related to Celestial Xia Profound Venerable. We are now going back now…”

Golden mask humanity: “We are almost close to success. If we miss this time, we will never have a chance. Moreover, something happened to Il’s place. Even if someone finds it, it will never be so fast. We move a bit faster, it’s still too late.”

The woman with the bronze mask was persuaded by him and said: “Okay.”

The main reason is that they were planning to return to the sacred hill at this time, and now they are only half a day away from there. If it is faster, there is still too much time.

Only after half a day, although the two successfully entered World Crack, they did not have the Illight given to them by Ichmandan, so they went through the Gemini Gate again.

The golden mask man said solemnly: “Let’s go to the left this time.”

The woman with the copper mask was nodded, she suddenly said: “Is the Il we summoned the good god or the wicked god?”

The golden mask said humanely: “I don’t know, but we have no choice.” He looked towards the magnificent twin door in front and said: “Let’s go.” As he said, he kept walking into the left door Went in.

The woman in the copper mask looked at it and quickly followed.

At this moment, in the deepest part of the hill of Quimesimpa, thick vines coiled around here, and under the vines hung a huge heart-like fruit.

But both the vines and the fruits below are in a petrified state, and it is obvious that a long time has passed here.

At this time, suddenly bright rays of light radiated from the fruit, and there was a thumping sound like a heart beating.

It seems to be rejuvenated, and the petrified shell gradually changed to the color of sapphire.

The cane above could not support the weight of the fruit, so it broke, and the whole fruit fell to the ground, breaking a huge crack in the hard and rough stone slab.

With a sneer, one hand stretched out from the fruit, and after turning it, grabbed the edge of the fruit, and another hand came out to buckle the other side, separating it to the two sides, and one was wet. , I can see that only three or four-year-old black hair children walk from inside.

But as he breathed, he was growing rapidly, and he soon became an adult man, his face and figure exactly the same as the previous Ichmandan.

At this moment, divinity rays of light flashed on his chest, illuminating him completely.

His eyebrows were slightly frowned, and then he showed a trace of contempt, and said: “Ichmandan, if I didn’t take your divinity back, then you have been captured by Celestial Xia Gods.”

“Yes, if it wasn’t for your strength to decline, I wouldn’t be able to wake up, but who told us to be one?”

Ichmandan and Irukuga are a pair of good and evil twins in legend. In fact, they share a body, usually only one divinity power is the ruler, and whenever one of the divinity power fades, the other divinity power will wake up.

But after the last great annihilation, Ichmandan was the first to wake up. He used a divine item to dug out his heart and successfully separated most of his brother Ikuluga’s power. , And sealed in a Divine Tree fruit, and the body is dominated by himself.

But the frustration at this time caused Ichmandan’s power to recede drastically, and Irukuga’s divinity power naturally revived, bringing back that part of the memory and a little power of the former, and A new body was regrown from the original heart.

“What do you want me to do?”

Ikuluga laughed, “Of course I am going to awaken God Father and God Mother. Now there is no Serenity God/calm the mind tree. Without God Father and Mother God, we will be impossible to create more clansman. .”

He licked his lips, “I’m sorry, now I am leading the body. It is useless if you object.”


He joked and said: “Don’t forget, we are one, I know what you think of, face your heart, you don’t want to wake up God Father and God Mother, it’s not because What you say you hate their brutal rule and fear his power, but you yourself want to be the master before the next great annihilation.

What a stupid thing, my brother, no matter how powerful you are, you are the only one. Ipar can become the master of the world. That is the power of the entire Divine Race. Now the power of Ipar Divine Race is fading. It is necessary to find a way to restore the strength of the ethnic group, and not rely on you alone.

Too late?

No, no, I found an interesting thing in the memory of that mortal. These Celestial Xia Gods are also some enemies. I will try to make good use of these things, just like you did before, go directly up and test, and It was too stupid to show obvious hostility. ”

After speaking here, he was sneaked and stopped talking to Ichmandan. Instead, he stretched out his hand, tore a crack open, and stepped in.

The other end of the fissure is obviously a weapon storehouse. On the two half-arc-shaped open corridors are stone statues. The statues wear various armors and hold various weapons.

He strode towards the pedestal illuminated by rays of light. There is a statue of the young Ipar Divine Race, wearing extremely beautiful golden thin armor that looks like a work of art, with a handle in his hand. Golden sword and spear.

He came closer, reached out, took the sword and spear, and said to himself: “Although it is the weapon of the previous Great Annihilation, it can barely be used. If it weren’t for the idiot of Ichmandan. Lost the Il Golden Spear, why should I use these already outdated things?”

At the same moment, a daoist in Tsing Yi brought an eight-nine year old child to the outside of the sacred hill. The daoist looked at the magnificent silver hill and said in a negative way: “Sure enough, it is here. The people of the God Restoration Group are still Some useful ones, I finally found it here.”

The child said curiously: “Is this what the teacher said can reshape the foundation of the discipline?”

daoist said: “It’s just a part of that’s all.”

The child rolled his eyes and tried to ask: “Then…senior brother don’t need it?”

Daoist said: “Your senior brother has passed this level a long time ago. Moreover, your senior brother Innate Dao’s fetus will hinder his cultivation. However, if you can change your body, you may be able to Surpass your senior brother.”

The child asked carefully: “Can that be better than that person…”

daoist sneered, said: “You can’t compare with him now, neither can your senior brother. My senior brother chose a good discipline. It’s not worth it that he has been looking for it for many years, but I will find it all. Those things have made up for your shortcomings, and it is not difficult to catch up.”

The boy looked at the god hill and said: “teacher, is there a different God in there?”

Daoist casually said: “It’s just some of the remnants that’s all lost. Chaos Tide has several points of what it can do before. If it doesn’t hinder, then don’t bother about it. If it gets in the way, just sweep it away. “



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