Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 858

On the other side, the daoist has already taken the boy into the sacred hill. As a newcomer, they also walked in along the existing passage of the Twin Gates.

The child looked curiously at the murals on both sides, then he gave a sigh, pointed and said: “Teacher, see, is this us?”

The daoist looked and saw that above the mural, it appeared that a daoist was walking into the canyon with a child, sneered, and said: “It’s just the technique of’observing the undiscovered’ that’s all.”

The child asked: “teacher, what is the technique of’observing the unbroken’?”

daoist said: “Regardless of cultivator and mystical people, they see different worlds because of their different levels of cultivation. People with high abilities can also observe future changes by themselves. Only the future changes are uncertain. The more variables there are in the mighty figure, however, mortals don’t have many choices. They can’t come and go but these changes are naturally obvious at a glance.

This picture is like this. The mystical here just knows that I am coming, so it will be shown first. This is just to deceive the mortal that’s all, and it is worthless to put it bluntly. “

The kid suddenly looked back, and saw that the daoist was standing there, with a giant blocking him in front of him, and a broken and broken stone statue behind him.

There are a few more pictures behind this painting. Some are daoist fighting with giant, some are talking with giant. There is a kind of contradiction between each other, and some places are very vague and can only barely distinguish. It looks like it has gone through countless years, causing many places to peel off.

The child stretched out his hand and said: “These pictures below look like this, I think it is because the teacher said there are too many variables.”

Daoist said: “Yes, what I want depends on my heart. My heart changes. Naturally, it is rare to see the accuracy. I can only show it in an ambiguous meaning, or even appear overlapping pictures.”

The child looked around, but the more he looked, the more he realized it was wrong, and he asked carefully: “teacher, why is there no discipline on these pictures?”





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