Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 862


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Zhang Yu walked up to the wide and long steps and came to the gate of the Golden Palace, but saw the gate behind the pillars closed tightly.

He released the Heart Light and tried to push forward, but not at all resistance. On the contrary, he felt a sense of emptiness, as if Xu Xukong Yuanhai was in front of him and it was difficult to land.

There is light flashed in his eyes, and after seeing it for a while, he will understand the changes in his eyes.

The palace looks at in front of you, but in fact only one shadow is cast here. If the palace gate is opened, then it will be connected to it. If the palace gate is closed, the two roads will be cut off.

If you want to pass, it is the easiest for the owner to let go of the passage. If not, if you follow the normal number, you need to find it slowly. This may find thousands of interlayers, not knowing how much time it will take, not to mention the variables that may occur halfway.

There is still one way left, which is to force it.

As long as you are strong enough, you can blast away all obstacles here at once. After all, there is a photo here, which means that each other is connected with mystical power.

Because there seems to be a similar level of power in the Golden Palace, generally speaking, because the opponent has the advantage of the home court, it is not so easy to break.

However, if the opposite is a restriction array, then he really has nothing to do for a while, but at best it is just a clever use of interlayer that’s all, which can’t be considered too much of a hindrance.

When he called out in his heart, Kong Wu Jiezhu flew out of his sleeve, circled around, and came to him.

He stretched out his hand and stroked it. The rays of light flashed on this orb instantly. This action like a stimulated the power contained in the pearl, and it gradually brightened over time.

At this time, in the giant great hall of the Golden Palace, the Deity men and women are blooming with golden light, and their bodies are more than ten times longer than that.

They also seem to have become more vivid, as if they are changing from a dead thing with simple consciousness to a living thing that can distinguish the situation.

They walked forward under the light pressure of Wanhuatu, and every step they moved would shake the great hall. The huge body pressed like a mountain, and the distance between the two sides was getting closer.

At this moment, the man stretched out his hand and grabbed it downward. The boy hiding behind the daoist couldn’t help but widen his eyes. Looking up from his angle, the huge palm almost covered the entire roof.

The daoist stands there for half a step, pointing towards Wanhua’s profound principles to draw a little bit, the scroll of the picture is like flowing water, and the scroll of the picture that is revolving around the hall throws a brilliant brilliance from different directions. If the mountain is heavy, if the flowing sea is rushing, throwing on that pair of Deity, they actually pushed several steps later in their lives.

But it seemed that it was only a moment of lag, that’s all, only one or two breathing time, Deity men and women once again adapted to this pressure, and invaded forward again.

The daoist facial expression remained the same, but I sneered in my heart. Profound principles The Wanhua map has endless changes. The opponent’s strength can be increased by one point, and the strength in the map can be increased by two points, and even the opponent can only change there.

But he doesn’t need to do this. Although he has the intention of attracting the opponent’s power, he will not be too obvious. He always has to give the opponent a little room for attack.

One of the measures is just right, can be understood, but not described.

And he didn’t fully expect that these two people would go according to his own ideas, so he was still secretly calculating the place where these two people hide their power.

If you can find it, it doesn’t matter if you don’t receive the power of divinity, you can get in directly from Essence Soul, and you can get what you want.

The kid looked aside in admiration.

Although the own master doesn’t have any expressions, it’s almost impossible to be overwhelmed just by looking at the performance on the court, but he is still so close to being unable to succeed, which leads Deity on the opposite side to these two. The body within the body continuously casts divinity power.

This kind of acting has gone through thousands hammers, hundred refinements, and reached the boundary of moisturizing things without sound. This is exactly what he wants to learn.

At this moment, the Deity men and women raised their golden spears and waved them lightly towards the empty space, as if torn open an invisible crack. The rays of light that had been illuminated were all turned into it. Less than half of the body.

Originally, they were just part of the divinity power of Divine King Irus and God Queen Iche that fell into the world. Incomplete, they can only use the most basic divinity power, but as their power increases, they cannot respond to the enemy. So it’s straightforward and simple, and these methods are the best use of the dome of Ipal Divine Race.

daoist said coldly: “At last it’s a bit worth seeing.”

At this moment, he no longer insists on using rays of light to oppose each other. Instead, he shakes the picture of Wanhua’s profound principles, but the picture rolls into the light, and meanders and twists are formed under the feet of Deity men and women. The road comes.

Irus and Iche suddenly discovered that they could only walk along the scroll spread out, seeing that they could cross the edge with one step, but in fact they just embarked on another similar path, after several steps , Not only didn’t get close to the daoist, but looked farther and farther away.

The child lit up before his eyes and asked, “teacher, what is this?”

Daoist didn’t care: “It’s just a little trick to escape that’s all, let’s see how they crack it.”

Irukuga looked at the master and disciple at this time. Daoist spoke with a voice transmission. Although he could not hear it, he knew that he was definitely explaining the change.

But he felt that this might not be able to trap Irus and Iche. If the god Ipal used the space to shuttle, he could jump out in one step.

Sure enough, the Deity men and women picked up the golden spears in their hands and swiped them, and a gap was torn open in front of them, and their bodies disappeared from where they were.

But they immediately discovered that they had just moved a little bit that’s all.

They seemed very dissatisfied, and suddenly there were more divinity rays of light converging on themselves. These forces could not help triggering the resonance of the Golden Palace, and the roads transformed by Wanhua were suddenly broken. This situation only appeared for a moment, and then condensed again.

But taking advantage of this gap, the Deity men and women turned into two golden lights. They immediately broke through the obstacles and appeared directly in front of the daoist. Two golden spears pierced down at him at the same time.

The child suddenly became a little nervous.

daoist binocular bright light flashes, still standing unmoved, the magical power on his body bursts, as if a wall of air was erected in front of him, two lances fell on it, but as if pierced into it, it felt like entering a thick Above the mud wall, farther you go harder it gets harder to enter.

Irukuga eyes flashed. In his opinion, the two sides are undoubtedly entering the divinity power competition at this moment, and it depends on whose divinity power is stronger.

At this moment, neither of the two sides can get rid of it, because whoever withdraws will give up the initiative.

He smiled faintly, body flashed, and instantly retreated to the outer corridor of conquest, then extended the hand and held his hand!

Suddenly, one after another divinity brand lit up in the Golden Palace, covering the daoist boy, as well as the Deity man and woman.

Although this is the God Palace in Ipar, after the previous Great Annihilation, he or his brother Ichmandan managed to remodel and decorate here, so that one day Irus and Yi Che was imprisoned so that he could seize their power, but Ichmandan was still uncertain about this decision, but he had no such obstacles.

This is why he didn’t panic because he knew that the power of these two people could not be prevented before.

Even if the daoist didn’t arrive, he would do the same.

After the rays of light cover the four, he will be sure.

Although several people can still see each other now, they are no longer in the same vault.

He slightly smiled and looked towards daoist and said: “Celestial Xia Gods, you did a great job. I thank you for bringing both Irus and Iche over, but I’m sorry. Now that I have entered here, I too impossible Let you go alone, besides, we are both hostile parties, right?”

The boy looked at him and asked puzzledly: “teacher, why doesn’t he wait for our both sides to suffer?”

daoist said with a sneer: “Because he knows that I am also guarding him, there is no chance of doing this, and he is not allowed to be a teacher. Now that I am confronted with the opposite God, it is time to start. “

The child thought for a while and said: “Then if the teacher cooperates with the different God, isn’t he lost?”

daoist said: “Don’t apply the knowledge of we to these different God leaders. They are arrogant and ignorant, pretending to be out of the ordinary, and look down on everything except themselves, not to mention being a teacher is just to capture How can you compromise with these two people?

This different God is very accurate. At least the situation is not bad. You should study hard and ignore him now. After I deal with these two people, I will pay attention to the matter again. “

Irukuga heard their conversation and said with a slight smile: “Celestial Xia Gods, I’m afraid it’s not as you wished. This is the Yipal clan who built a long-term defensive wall to ban Iru. For Si and Iche’s, we prepared according to the power of amplifying them. Even if they work with you, it is impossible to break out of here.”

He was paused, raised his sword and spear, confidently said: “Here is an absolute cage! No one can open this place.”

Only when he said this sentence, the entire Golden Palace was overturned and shook violently, and Irukuga also noticed a strong heart palpitations at this moment.

He hurriedly turned sideways, and then he was horrified to see the gate of the Golden Palace shattered, and a group of light wheels like the raging sun rushed from the outside, through the corridor of conquest, straight into the giant great hall, this path A golden light dazzling huge gap was penetrated from the top, and all the pillars and flags along the way were shattered!

He looked at it with a bit of consternation and dullness.

The daoist also squinted.

Outside the door, in the vast white light, a figure emerged from far and near, but that was a young daoist wearing a jade white daoist robe. Above the daoist robe was jade mist star light. There was a group of grand and fresh air, as soon as the person stepped into the great hall, the light suddenly illuminated the entire Golden Palace.

At this moment, the blazing light that rushed into the hall turned around, returned to the young daoist’s side, and turned into a jade bead hanging on his side, where it flickered. .



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