Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 863


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Irukuga was stunned, and hurriedly tried to bridge the passage that was penetrated so as to prevent the divinity power of Irus and Iche from escaping.

Here, the palace is piled together with overlapping domes. There are no special tricks in it. This is completely built by his brother under his influence.

However, the interlayer is not frozen, it is spinning all the time. To put it simply, it is just like sea water. Even if a gap is punched in it, it will quickly close, just like a hole in the sea, and the sea from all sides will come and fill it up.

At this moment, the Tsing Yi daoist’s eyes flashed, but he secretly relaxed a little.

This is a subtle change. It is said that the two sides are fighting, and he suddenly relaxes here. The other party can choose to continue attacking him, but they can also make other choices.

However, he has rich combat experience. Knowing that the Divine King queen is trapped here, what this generation thinks must be to get out of here first, not to clean him up first.

In this way, it will inevitably conflict with the one who comes at this moment.

Of course, as he just said, the different God’s way of thinking is not fully understood by him, but even if this generation makes a choice that is not conducive to both sides, he is sure to suppress it again, so why not give it a try?

Deity men and women are aware of the reduction in the strength of confronting themselves, and at the same time they see that the gap is just ahead, as expected, they have no intention of continuing.

As the power of divinity increases, they also have their own rational thinking. They continue to fight to kill only an insignificant person, and eventually they may be blocked by Iruku, and when they leave here, these people But can look back to clean up.

How to choose here, they naturally know. Therefore, both of them turned into two rays of light at once, and moved towards the main entrance where Zhang Yu was standing rushed over.

The daoist of Tsing Yi turned around, holding his hands on the sidelines.

Irukuga raised his hand subconsciously at this moment, but then his eyes flashed, but he also slightly slowed down the action of closing the Golden Palace.

Zhang Yu stood before the gate of the palace and did not move. He raised his head and glanced at the two rushing people. His body was clear and light. The rays of light surged up from behind him like the surging sea. It was running like a wave, booming. With a sound, the rushing two were shot on the solid ground in one fell swoop!

The Golden Palace shook again.

daoist eyelids twitched, he can see very clearly, this is simply not a divine ability change, but purely suppressed by his own Heart Light.

He fought these two different Gods head-on, knowing that mystical’s strength is not weak at all. Although he still has spare power, but at the same time, he also used a means to suppress them.

But this time collision, but it is not a bit tricky. Zhang Yu completely forced the two down in a frontal collision. In the history of fighting, this type of confrontation has undoubtedly the strongest impact and easier Make people feel shocked.

Irukuga was taken aback when he saw this scene. Immediately he saw that the pair of Deity men and women were crushed there, not to mention resisting, even the slightest struggle could not be done, because the two were still shot down during the forward movement. It looks like two people are crawling in front of Zhang Yu and worshiping him.

He felt an unpleasant feeling in his heart. This is not only the fear of Zhang Yu, the overwhelming majority is directed at Irus and Iche.

Because he knows very well that from beginning to end, the divinity power that these two descended is only a part of themselves that’s all. Even if this part is trapped or killed, even if these two are unwilling, the final result may be They also chose to return, because this loss happened to be stuck in their psychological acceptance.

But as World Controllers in the past, these two cannot bear such humiliation, and they are also impossible to accept.

Divine King The divinity of Erus has the crowns of conquer and king, and the divinity of the god queen Iche lies in the power of reproduction and the mother of all races. These divinities are all exalted and never allow others to offend.

Now the dignity of both is almost shattered by this blow. If they can accept it, it will definitely lead to the decline of divinity.

If they don’t pursue it, although they won’t be defeated because of this, their involvement with the world will inevitably fade away, and it may be impossible to return in the future.

Irukuga’s fear was soon fulfilled. A powerful mystical power instantly enveloped all the areas he could perceive. At the same time, ethereal singing sounded, and a faintly visible Heavenspan tree could be seen. Phantom appeared in the field, with countless beautiful spirituality creatures flying around.

Under the phantom of the big tree, the silhouettes of a man and a woman emerged. They are both young and handsome. The men are dressed in gorgeous and majestic armor, with an axe in one hand and a spear in the other;

The woman wears a flower crown on her head and a gorgeous manicure. She holds a half the height of a person shield with complex patterns in her hand and a lance in her other hand.

At this moment, the image of these two people can be regarded as the Divine King and God Empress of the Divine Race of Ipar, because they have gathered most of the divinity power in their bodies.

They were supposed to have been awakened and returned after the previous Great Annihilation, but the harsh deprivation of clansman made no one want to do it.

Irukuga awakened them this time, and the conditions were actually fulfilled. The reason they didn’t return right away was that they didn’t have enough sacrifices. They needed to spend their own power to do this, and this power is still in the world. If you don’t hold on for long, you have to return, then it doesn’t make much sense to hold on to drop.

But now in order to satisfy and maintain their divinity, they have to send their strength down.

Zhang Yu not at all to stop all of this. His purpose here is also to solve the threat that exists here. If the other party hides in the place of the gods, it will be very troublesome to solve it. Since he is willing to come down, it is the most It couldn’t be better.

The young man took the golden spear and pointed forward and said solemnly: “In the name of Erus, those who blaspheme the throne will pay the price!”

The young woman also solemnly said: “In the name of Iche, Ipal will dominate the world!”

Irukuga expression changed, this is the oath of divine decree. Once you say this, you must do it. There is absolutely no room for compromise. If you can’t do it, then the price will be this part. The power of divinity dissipates forever.

But another benefit that can be obtained is that the two of them can be sworn to stay in the world for a long time. The heavier the pledge, the longer the stay.

In his opinion, if the newly arrived Celestial Xia Gods is knocked down, then it will be his turn. He lifted his sword and spear and secretly closed the Golden Palace again.

Zhang Yu looks at the front with a calm gaze. He doesn’t care what the two Deity men and women say. At this moment, seeing the power of these two people has become a real body, he will not be polite anymore, his mind will turn, a sword light in an instant Flying out, like a thunderbolt, flashed abruptly in the field, and then thunderbolt-like echoes.

At this time, a crack appeared on the half the height of a person shield in the hand of God Empress Iche, but it quickly faded.

Zhang Yu cast a glance, just now he controlled the sword where he cut the neck of the two men, but the last damage appeared on the shield. He knew in his heart that it was a defend divine. item. As long as you attack the two of them, no matter where they fall, they will inevitably bear it.

Perhaps it is not only a flying sword, but also other attacks.

While he was attacking, Divine King Elus also raised Lance over there, and a sense of incomparable danger spread across the court.

Irukuga’s heart jumped. He knew that once the golden spear named after the clan was about to be thrown, it would surely fly towards the enemy.

He couldn’t help but rejoice that this time was aimed at Zhang Yu. If he is facing him, even if the overlapping interlayer can temporarily block the throwing of this golden spear, no matter where he goes, he will be In pursuit of this golden spear.

And when he thought so, he saw the golden light flash in the field, but the golden spear had been thrown away by Erus.

Zhang Yu stood there calmly and did not move. After entering the layer of clear light outside of his body, lance seemed to be plunged into deep heavy water. The momentum became slower and slower. Suddenly, even though he is still going deep forward persistently, the speed of such advancement is completely negligible.

After Zhang Yu was filled with spirit essence in the last six seals and Heart Light Seal, Heart Light is already stronger than ever before. At this moment, he does not go to the mysterious divine ability at all. He directly uses the Heart Light to resist, and then this divine item is blocked.

He didn’t care about the golden spear, raised his hand, and pointed at the two!

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