Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 864


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Don’t rob the bead imposing manner violently, two different gods, as Zhang Yu had expected, are unavoidable here, and they simultaneously uttered a roar that shook the golden palace, each with a group of dazzling division rays. of light burst out.

The Queen Iche took the initiative to take a step forward, half-kneeling and holding a shield to greet him, while Divine King Irus threw the axe in his hand towards Jiezhu.

But the axe hadn’t waited for it to get close, it was already stunned by the fire-like mist floating above the robbery beads. That round of white rays of light was unabated and slammed into it instantly. , A group of rays of light burst out violently in the place of impact!

The divine item shield reveals that it can disperse external forces. Whether it’s just the sword cut or the later Sun and Moon Shine Again technique, most of the might that fall on it will be removed. , But this time it doesn’t work if you run into the empty do not rob the bead. The power of this bead, when it hits, gathers in one place, there is no division, no move, and it is all taken over by the two.

Zhang Yu stared at it, and saw that the shield shattered inch by inch under the impact of the robbery bead, exploding into fragments in the sky, and the huge body of the Divine King behind was also in large chunks in a ball of glowing light. It broke apart, although it hadn’t been completely shattered, but the whole body was covered with cracks, which looked like a statue that had been eroded over the years, and it could collapse with a little force.

But there was a trace of rays of light emerge quickly among those fissures, rays of light passed by, and those damaged places were being re-closed, and more than that, even the broken shield was shining under the radiance of divinity. Momentum to reunite.

He didn’t have any room to recover for these two people. He changed his mind, and the techniques of “Zhu Heng Chang Yi” and “Heaven and Heart Same Mirror” fell on these two people at the same time.

Previously, the divine item shield was blocking, and even if the divine ability was used, it was impossible to impact the two of them. Now that there is no cover, the divine ability will fall, and the divine ability will appear to be mighty.

Under the same spirit of heaven and heart, the divinity power of the two people was forced to collide with his Heart Light. They were already severely injured, but now it is even worse. The body collapsed most of the time, and they were trying to struggle, but the power of the divinity moved. , Which immediately touched the constancy of the art of change, and the two bodies that were just close enough collapsed again.

This time the situation is even worse. Divine King Eros has only the head connected to one arm in the upper body, and the lower body is completely shattered, only relying on the power of divinity to support it.

The Queen of God Iche dropped all split up and in pieces to the ground, and the broken limbs were drawn by divine light, and gathered in one place to see that they were trying to reassemble.

At this moment, the concealed sword light jumped out again, moved towards Divine King. Elos cut down, and his person noticed the danger, and he raised his remaining hand and tried to open the golden spear. The sword blade, but when the sword light saw that it was about to be held up, it turned dexterously at a distance of only a short distance from it, then went around it, and quickly turned on the neck of Irus, his body was Zhen, the head fell to the ground.

The sword light did not end here. It flashed again, and Iche’s head was also cut off nearby.

Finally, the bodies and heads of the two different God broken were turned into a golden spot of light. These spots of light were all gathered together, and in the blink of an eye, the two of them appeared there intact. All the injuries on his body were removed in the process, but his figure was vacant and undecided, and it seemed that he had not yet turned into substance.

Zhang Yu is taking the initiative at this moment, but he will not let him recover. With his mind, the sword light turns, and the bodies of the two people split in response to the light, but at the next moment, the two of them repeat their old tricks, and their bodies become rays of light aggregation.

Tsing Yi Daoist saw this scene in the distance, but couldn’t help shook the head.

Although these two different gods seem to be unable to kill them no matter what, they are just refusing to give up entering the world, so the follower god is constantly fleeing power that’s all in the virtual land.

In his opinion, this is just struggling in vain, and it has no meaning other than consuming strength. Not to mention a sword cultivator like Zhang Yu, once flying sword takes the lead, if no one intervenes, then impossible will be overturned again.

He was slightly hesitated and looked up again. The interlayer that had just been broken was sieged and closed again. This is indeed the firm wall claimed by the other party. Although there are few changes, the methods are a little more rigid, but none The high rank magical treasure, indeed, cannot be forced out.

But he didn’t have to do this either. He reached out and grabbed the child’s shoulders, then shook the picture of Wanhua’s profound principles, and then concealed the two of them in it, and then looked for a way out among the interlayers, as the interlayers flowed like water. The normal operation came to the outside.

From the outside, he jumped out of the Golden Palace in the blink of an eye.

But don’t look at it here. He did it very easily, but it was based on his own old experience and extraordinary vision. Otherwise, even if you see it through, you can come out of it, you will inevitably stumble, it is impossible to be like him. So calm and comfortable.

In the battlefield, the sword light has been killed several times, and the divinity power of the two different gods has obviously become weak. After all, every time you gather your body, you need the follower god to flee from the void. The consumption is not insignificant.

Irukuga has been hiding from the distance since the three of them played against each other. He stared at the two divinity rays of light transformed by the Divine King, his eyes became fiery, and his heart began to stir. stand up.

The purpose of his until now is to take the power of Irus and Iche as his own, replace these two as the masters of Ipar Divine Race, and reproduce a new race.

It’s just that his abilities are limited, and he can only steal a little bit of the opponent’s power, but now an unprecedented opportunity is placed in front of him.

He contemplated that if the weakened divinity power of the two could be swallowed in, then he could fully inherit the power of the two, and he would definitely be able to promote himself to a higher level.

And even if you don’t talk about it, the risk is worth taking. Because Zhang Yu will definitely not let him go after solving the two of Irus and Iche, then he must find a way to save himself, it is not difficult to make a choice here.

After thinking for a while, he also made up his mind, raised his sword and spear high, mobilized the interlayer with all his strength, tried to directly transfer the weak divinity power of the two to him, and then swallowed one bite.

But at this time, he felt a strong resistance, and was shocked to find that the layer of clear light outside Zhang Yu was supporting the surrounding interlayer. It was impossible for him to do this.

He couldn’t help but clenched the teeth. Since he couldn’t move it, he went over by himself, took his sword and spear to the ground, and the silhouette fell down. When he reappeared, he had already landed on the battlefield.

He knew that he could never be Zhang Yu’s opponent, so when he appeared on the field, he did not immediately grab the divinity power, but raised the divine item shield on the ground.

This is the “Ivatar Aegis”. The holder can make any attacks from the outside land on the shield first, and as long as the shield has not been broken in one fell swoop, it can repair itself even if it is hit If it is split, it can also recombine in the divine light of the Ipar.

Originally, most of this thing has recovered. At this moment, under the shining of his divinity rays of light, the entire shield was restored to its original shape in an instant. With this thing in hand, his confidence suddenly increased, and then his chest bulged, moved Towards the divinity power of Nayrus and Iche sucked hard, trying to pull them over.

Immediately, his expression changed, because he found that the two divinity rays of light had been shrouded by the clear light on Zhang Yu’s body first, and he went up by himself, like a mayfly shaking a big tree, unable to move half of it. Not to mention absorbing the power through the clear light, this one made his previous actions useless.

Zhang Yu didn’t pay attention to him at all, but flicked his sleeves. As a cloud of green smoke floated out, a smooth white jade pot appeared in it, with jade pig dragons on both sides, and the top buckle The arch-backed dragon head Gianni is exquisite and dazzling, with extraordinary charm. This item is called “Ling Precious Dragon Pot”, which is another magical item he brought here this time.

He came here mainly to deal with different Gods, he made preparations in advance, and the magical items he brought were also for this generation.

Different Gods that are generally weak can be killed directly, but for some powerful different Gods, the power of divinity can come from the emptiness, which is not so easy to destroy.

And this treasure pot is used to store and block the power of entering the world, some power can even be reused by Celestial Xia.

When the pot reached the middle of the sky, the two eyes on the lid of the dragon head lit up, and a gap was raised in the lid of the pot, and there was a huge suction force in it. Two different Gods forcedly suppressed the pressure in Zhang Yu Heart Light It has been maintained in the state of divinity rays of light, and failed to aggregate again. At this moment, when I was sucked by this precious pot, it was forcibly sucked into it. After everything was collected, the lid of the pot was closed. The pot fell from the air.

Zhang Yu flicked his sleeves and took it in. Then he looked at Iru Kuga. He just saw that this person and the original Ichmandan are one, and most likely to divide it. The one that the power took away.

Since these two people are one, he will not let it go.

Irukuga just missed, and he hesitated in retreating and continuing to try to seize power. As a result, he still couldn’t wait for the opportunity. Seeing him at this moment, my heart couldn’t help but jump.

He has the memory of Ichmandan, plus witnessing the Divine King queen with no difficulty was suppressed by him, where he dared to fight against him, while the Aegis of Ivatar was still in hand, he went to the interlayer Retreated.

Zhang Yu looks at him back, lightly said: “Forbidden!”

Irukuga’s body shook, and mystical’s power was immediately imprisoned inside the body. The Aegis could resist direct attacks from outside, but it was impossible to resist such methods as Speech Seal.

Almost at the same time, the Song of Cicadas Sword jumped out, and the sword light dashed forward like a thunderbolt, hitting the Aegis. This happened when he lost his power. After being shaken off from his hand, Fang felt bad in his heart. As soon as the neck got cold, a head was cut and flew out.



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