Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 910


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After Zhang Yu turned out from the fighting airspace, he was not at all anxious to go back, but said: “Fellow daoist tomorrow, I will stay here to meet again/goodbye alone, I wonder if?”

Tomorrow’s daoist asked: “Shouzheng I don’t know who I want to see?”

Zhang Yu said: “Yu Chang Profound Venerable Yu.”

Ming Zhou Daoist said: “I will ask Wu Court Manager in the next week.” He paused for a while, as if communicating. After a while, he said: “Zhang Shouzheng, please come with the next week.”

He took the lead and led the way, Zhang Yu also followed. After walking through a long straight platform with no bottom view on both sides, the two fold back, but their feet are gradually descending along the zigzag platform.

Zhang Yu noticed that down this road, on the side of the wide and long steps, each floor has an old and tall stone carving of a strong man, with a powerful image, all with a helmet and armor, and ten zhang high. All kinds of mysterious and strange creatures that seemed to be in the ancient time, clung to the big wall that can’t see the end.

He can feel that there is a vitality under these stone sculptures, as if the surface of living creatures is covered with a stone shell. It seems that under a certain opportunity, they can immediately break the surface and come alive to participate in fighting. .

There is no doubt that these stone sculptures were refining by special means and should be part of the defense force.

After walking through the steps, the two came to a platform, and they could see that in the distance ahead, there was a big Heavenspan pillar, which did not reach the top or the bottom.

Tomorrow’s daoist walked to the edge of the front stage, took out a talisman, and threw it against the abyss below, and the talisman floated down.

After a while, a path of aperture surged up on the big pillar, seeming to lift up, and then saw a daoist silhouette tied to it. This person realized that he was moved out , Looked up and looked towards the opposite.

Zhang Yu walked to the front, raised his sleeves, and bowed to his person, saying: “Profound Venerable Yu is polite.”

When Yu Chang saw him, he was a little surprised: “Patrolling Protector Zhang…you, have you achieved Profound Venerable?”

He is now banned from cultivation, unable to sense the external internal qi, but with his eyesight, he can see that Zhang Yu’s body is clear and misty, and his energy is so powerful that he is clearly a Taoist person.

Zhang Yu nodded.

Yu Chang was a little disappointed and said, “Which path did the fellow daoist take?”

He was silent for a moment, and then said: “How unwise this is! With the help of a fellow daoist, after dozens or hundreds of years of hard work, I will be able to develop a Grand Dao for my profound techniques. Why are you so eager to ask? How about it?”

He sighed. Since the last time he was called out of the big pillar, he has known that he has not been detained for several years. In his opinion, Zhang Yu can accomplish this in a short time. It’s like waiting for someone, borrowing the seal of the predecessors to succeed, so it is difficult to get out of the shackles of the predecessors.

Zhang Yu calmly listened to what he said, and said: “I am here today, just to tell Profound Venerable Yu that the way you expect is going, and the world is absolutely profound cultivator. Go.”

Yu Chang startled, and then he seemed to think of something, “You…” He was a little excited, and a little bit unbelievable, and said: “fellow daoist you…”

Zhang Yu didn’t say anything more, he raised his sleeves and bowed again, then turned and left.

He walked out all the way, and then waited to fly there, because the prison is very special, so he can’t move back by heart. If he doesn’t fly by himself, he still needs to fly back.

Only at this time, he saw a golden chain that seemed to extend infinitely and suddenly extended, and then dragged a daoist into it.

When I saw that daoist, his pupil light flashed slightly, because it was tied by a chain, it was clearly another Ming Zhou daoist!

He said: “What’s this all about?”

Ming Zhou daoist said: “The Land of Primal Chaos in the clear sky will be opened up, and there will always be some incarnations that will be affected. Once a change occurs, it will turn its consciousness and cause my disadvantage, so it must be cleaned up.”

He explained again, because these Avatars are one with him, it is useless to kill them directly. Instead, they will incorporate the evil and it will be more difficult to eradicate, so they were imprisoned first, and waited to be washed away. Among them, the obscure Primal Chaos Qi will be eliminated at this time.

Zhang Yu knows the reason, nodded, this matter is within Qingqiong, not within the scope of his guardianship, he didn’t ask any more, stepped on the speeding car, and returned to the guardian palace.

On the inner layer, on the barren land, Shen Chengan is leading Liao Ling to the north. He said: “Junior brother, what do you think the senior brother Kuai is looking for this same sect?”

Liao Ling said: “Little brother can’t guess, he rarely interacts with Same sect here. But as long as you follow the wishes of the senior brother, he will not hurt people.”

Shen Cheng An Yi thinks so too. He can’t figure out who Kuai Jing will look for, but after leaving this time, he is not going to come back. After finding the passage, he will tell all the same sects and let them Just be prepared.

As the two of them galloped toward the Northwest and crossed the Weishan mountain range, but one day later, a plain cut by a glacier appeared in front of him. Shen Chengan said: “It’s just ahead.”

Liao Ling can also see that in the wilderness, there is a cloud of condenses without dispersing gray mist, which seems to have lightning flashing from time to time, and in front of that cloud of mist, there are dozens of exquisite cottages on the ground. On the top, there is a huge Mysterious Chaos cicada wings mark, which is where Celestial Xia is ruled.

Seeing this scene, he couldn’t help but feel relieved.

As the two arrived, it also attracted the attention of the cultivator in the resident. When the golden light flashed, three daoist came to the sky, one of them floated to the front, saying: “This is Azure Sun Superior Where did the two fellow daoists come from at the Continent Spirit Pass?”

“Azure Sun Superior Continent?”

Shen and Liao suddenly came to know where this Spirit Pass leads to.

Shen Chengan stepped forward, and the chief inspector said in a polite manner, “This fellow daoist is polite. My name is Shen Chengan. This is my junior brother Liao Ling. It is from Youyuan Superior Continent.”

“Yuyuan Superior Continent?”

That daoist nodded, there is still a gift to raise your hand, saying: “Wan Ming, here is World Crack on this side of protection, I don’t know what’s going on here?”

I discovered in World Crack for so many years, the opposite of Azure Sun Superior Continent has actually been explored. It is very likely that the opposite is Yuyuan Superior Continent, but Azure Sun Superior Continent has a lot of internal affairs, and is currently in contact with Yiluo, Jade Capital and Eastern Court. More, the willingness to establish involvement with Yuyuan Superior Continent is not urgent, so just keep it as it is.

Shen Chengan said: “Don’t hide your fellow daoist, I’m waiting here to avoid a fellow daoist. I was imprisoned by him before, but now I’ve got rid of it, so I’m here to ask for asylum temporarily. A matter of moment. Fellow daoist is a profound cultivator, you might as well ask Yuyuan Profound Mansion to find out.”

Daoist Wan Ming looked at them and said: “The two have moved freely, the Youyuan Profound Mansion is close at hand, why not go back there, come here?”

Shen Chengan said: “That fellow knows all about the origins of me, so I am afraid that there will be an arrangement and dare not go here.”

Daoist Wan Ming nodded said: “I see two people, the magical power is profound, maybe even the two are afraid, it seems that the same fellow should have a higher cultivation.”

Speaking, he turned sideways and said: “The two fellow daoists are in danger, and I have to help. The two of them will go there and get the Spirit Pass when they can enter.”

No matter what Shen Chengan said is true or false, there are restrictions everywhere in the Spirit Pass, and no one can pass through without his permission. And just now, he had already informed Profound Mansion of this matter through Xuntian Dao Chapter. It was really purposeful for convenience, and it couldn’t make waves.

Shen Chengan and Liao Ling were both happy when they saw that he was willing to cover him. The inspector thanked him and entered the mist.

Daoist Wan Ming stood still at the door, still looking at the distance.

A cultivator came up and said: “fellow daoist, but what did you find?”

Daoist Wan Ming looks at the front, saying: “There are still people.”

The cultivator looked forward, but didn’t see anything, but after a breath, he saw a flying boat also moved towards them. I couldn’t help being surprised. He secretly thought: “fellow daoist Wan Ming cultivation has become more profound.”

The flying boat came to the front, hovering motionless in the distance of Daoist Wan Ming, Xu Chengtong came from the clouds by himself, he glanced at Wan Ming and the others, bowed, and said: “Poor Daoist Xu Chengtong, Shou Zheng Mr. Miyashita, dare to ask a few fellow daoist, where is the jurisdiction area?”

“Shouzheng Palace Subordinate Secretary?”

Daoist Wan Ming was a little surprised. At first, he thought that this was a fellow of Shen and Liao. After all, it was too coincidental in time. Moreover, just looking at Xu Chengtong magical power internal qi, he did have this strength.

But I heard the other party self-reported, but it felt a little different.

He also served as the resident officer of the Azure Sun Superior Continent Shouzheng Palace, but recently felt that the cultivation is getting longer, so it was in the closed-door cultivation of the Spirit Pass that he entrusted the position of the officer to others.

He immediately used Xuntian Dao Chapter to check and found that the other party is indeed authentic, but there is still a doubt, saying: “I am the Azure Sun Superior Continent cultivator, and fellow daoist Xu is the resident of Yiluo Superior Continent. Dusi, why are you here?”

Xu Chengtong didn’t answer right away, but sent a voice to ask the discipline to check Xuntian Dao Chapter, and saw that it was named Wan Ming and Huaying graphics.

If that’s the case, then you can be regarded as one’s own, and some words will be easy to say.

He puffed up his chest and said: “A good way fellow daoist Yu knows, this time I am here by the order of keeping the righteous.” He said the matter roughly, and then said, “I don’t know that someone will come from the fellow daoist Passing by?”

Daoist Wan Ming heard that the other party came under Zhang Yu’s order, and he also solemnly said: “There are indeed two people, one Shen Cheng’an and one Liao Ling. These two claim to be the previous recipients. After being detained under duress, he escaped.”

When Xu Chengtong heard this, he said: “That’s right, these two people are the people Xu needs to find. Xu wants to see these two, I wonder if?”

Daoist Wan Ming looked back at a certain cultivator and said: “Go and invite these two.”

The cultivator nodded, turned away. After a while, Shen Chengan and Liao Ling transferred out of the Spirit Pass again. After the two and Xu Chengtong paid respect, they talked to each other for a while, and they all sorted out the whole thing.

Xu Chengtong communicated with the discipline around him again, looked at the two of them again, and asked, “The two said, the man named Kuaijing imprisoned the two here? “

Shen Chengan said: “Exactly, these few days, the senior brother of Kuaisui said that he was looking for other same sects, so that we can get out of trouble.”

Xu Chengtong said solemnly: “Xu Chengtong said that according to what the two said, the disciple asked this person in Dao Chapter, but the booklet showed that this Kuaijing had been Died in a battle with an outer layer cultivator.”



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