Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 912


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After Zhang Yu asked this sentence, the aura around Huo Heng’s body suddenly became gloomy darkness. He smiled deeply and said: “The chaos Grand Dao is beyond words, forgive me for the truth. I can’t talk to the fellow daoist, but…”

He looked towards Zhang Yu with deep eyes, “If a fellow daoist can enter the chaotic Grand Dao, then he can know the mysterious in it.”

He laughed again at this time, “Fellow daoist can also rest assured, like those who wantonly tortured and trampled on others, even if the natural resources are good, I will not accept it.

This is not because they do not abide by the Celestial Xia rule and order, but because they dare to do whatever they want without even gaining power, and even their heart is unable to restrain themselves. This and the others have become my fellow? “

After this speech, his silhouette gradually faded, seeming to melt into the chaos and chaos, until the whole person is gone, only one sentence is still floating, “fellow daoist Zhang, and Remember what I said, if you get in the way, you can call me.”

When Zhang Yu saw him leave, he didn’t stay here anymore. With a change of heart, he returned to his dao temple. Standing in the great hall, looking towards the empty space outside Dao Palace through the pillars, he also thought about it.

Huo Heng’s existence should be allowed by the above. For what reason is he not in the position of Court Manager, it is still unknown, but it is conceivable that what is involved in this is definitely not a trivial matter.

It’s the obsession of Kuaijing mentioned by Huo Heng. If it is not eliminated, it will definitely stay within the realm.

He doesn’t understand the Tao of Chaos, but the conversation with Huo Heng and his inference, the power of the people who enter the Tao of Chaos should come from Grand Chaos, so it can’t be simply killed. Inhibition, the more likely it is to increase its strength.

Fortunately, obsession is not difficult to dissolve as long as you follow the flow of your mind and do not use force, and this obsession also follows certain inherent laws.

From the perspective of Kuaijing obsession’s previous actions, in a sense, he can still be regarded as himself.

For example, you can see that those same sects living in the inner continent will hardly look for them, only those same sects who are alone or alone, but in fact, with their current back Depending on what Grand Chaos can do, in fact, it is unnecessary to care about these at all.

If this is the case, the person himself is not malicious, so he can reduce it by himself, and he does not have to intervene more, so as not to introduce variables.

After sizing, he sent a message to the Jade Capital resident through Xuntian Dao Chapter.

After doing this, his mind moved, and a Jade Jue floated up and landed not far in front of him, but he was about to begin to refine the profound food.

In the conversation with Huo Heng just now, this person mentioned the difficulty twice. He judged that this person would not do meaningless repetitions, and he must have known or sensed something. There must be a different general reason here, but he can’t do much now. Instead of thinking about it, it’s better to take advantage of the two not Start fighting, hurry up and cultivation, how much the cultivation can improve.

In the Baizhen Mountain, Nie Xinying is plucking the strings, the sound of the piano is like spring water hitting a rock, ding dong flows out, clear and moisturizing, one song is finished, the white wrist is lifted, the empty string trembles lightly, and the remaining sound is long. Wandering beam does not go.

When her mind withdrew, she then asked, “What’s the matter?”

A female disciple walked over from a small step, curtsies, handed it with both hands, and said: “Pavilion Lord, the book sent from the guard station.”

Nie Xinying took it, and after reading it, rubbed his forehead lightly, instructed: “Go and invite the senior brother Tao.”

The discipline responded softly.

In a short while, Tao Dingfu dressed in azure daoist robe, walked into the hall from outside and asked: “Sister, is there something to find me?”

Nie Xinying handed over the letter, saying: “The letter from the junior brother Zhang. It is about the senior brother Kuai. It was said that the senior brother Shen, who was missing, was also found.”

Tao Dingfu took a look at the letter, and after watching it, surprisedly said, “Is there anything else?”

Nie Xinying laughed suddenly, and she said: “The senior brother Shen and the senior brother Liao are two of them. One of them is lazy and the other doesn’t like to cultivate. This time, they were tossed by the senior brother.”

Tao Dingfu laughed as he thought of the appearance of two people, and then he sighed: “It’s just didn’t expect, the senior brother Kuaisui actually took that inhuman way.”

Nie Xinying looks at the corridor, where a group of swallows are flying by. She said: “Everyone has aspirations, this is probably the path that the senior brother Kuais pursues.”

Tao Dingfu nodded, said: “This is the reason.” He added: “If it is the obsession of the senior brother of Kuai, then maybe everyone will look for it, and it may come to us.”

Nie Xinying turned his eyes and said, “The senior brother wants to eliminate the obsession of the senior brother of Kuai? According to me, the obsession of the senior brother of Kuai is good. He seems to want to promote the cultivation of each of us. She is willing to encourage cultivation for me, but the little girl can’t ask for it.”

Tao Dingfu said: “The younger brother couldn’t ask for it, but the senior brother Kuai might not come to look for the younger sister. According to the junior brother Zhang, after leaving the junior brother Shen, the senior brother went to find another person. Among us, except The senior brother Shen and the senior brother Liao don’t really like cultivate, who else is so?”

Nie Xinying said: “People who are alone may also be found by the senior brother of Kuais. As for who are not cultivated in Profound Mansion…” She looked up and said: “Junior Sister Mei?”

Tao Dingfu said: “It’s possible, it’s better to say it all.”

Nie Xinying shook his head and said: “Junior Sister Mei is not a profound cultivator, so it was not easy to pass on the matter last time. Maybe the senior brother Kuai has already found Junior Sister Mei at this moment.”

Tao Dingfu thought and said, “In that case, I have nothing to do recently, so let’s go there.”

Nie Xinying said: “Alright, that little girl has to revise a book and let a profound cultivator fellow daoist go with a senior brother. At least I can use Xuntian Dao Chapter to pass it on.”

Tao Dingfu did not refuse, saying: “Then I will trouble the younger sister.”

Nie Xinying plucked the string lightly at this time and made an agitated string sound. She said: “If the senior brother sees the senior brother Kuai, please try to invite him to me. The younger sister used to think he was not easy to get along with, but now But I was about to ask him for advice.”

Tao Dingfu smiled and said, “If I see the senior brother Kuai, I will take the words to him.”

Shangchen Heaven, Lan Yuan.

Feng Daoist talked about another piece of knowledge, let the students disperse, stove up, and bowed to the empty daoist not far away, saying: “Thank you fellow Daoist waiting.”

Hunkong Daoist walked over and said: “Does the fellow Daoist know? When I just came here, the spiritual capital High Venerable signaled me to wipe out these creatures.

The wind daoist moved in his heart. If the other party really wants to do this, there is no need to say hello to him. He immediately understood that the other party was using this to hint him. He tried to ask: “Can you still ask for a favor Huh?”

Hunkong daoist indifferently said: “Since the fellow daoist values ​​these creatures, then I will give the fellow daoist a face, so I won’t do anything to these creatures, but I am afraid it will be hard to say in a few days.”

The wind daoist saluted him and said: “many thanks fellow daoist.”

The empty daoist turned around and looked at the blue sky on the edge of the sky, saying: “It’s getting late, it’s better for the fellow daoist to go back earlier.”

Wind daoist nodded, said: “There are two students today and the future, this Feng promised to make up a lesson for them, this Feng is not greedy for anything, just hope that there is a beginning and an end.”

Hunkong Daoist didn’t say anything, as the gray mist dissipated, the person was gone.

Feng Daoist looked serious after he left, and immediately called out Profound Chapter of the Grand Dao, and then sent some words back through Xun Tian Dao Chapter.

Above the sky above the sky, a magnificent golden palace floats above crimson’s rainbow light, surrounded by golden flood dragons flying back and forth, and more than a dozen big-headed fish slowly floating among the clouds. With.

Tianhong Daoist stands on the high platform of the great hall. In front of him is a great cauldron with a simple style. He is holding a book of ancient scroll in his hand and is reading it carefully.

As soon as he raised his hand at this time, a strange fish flew in and fell into the great cauldron, and all kinds of strange sounds and strange phoenix gushed out from it, as well as strands of foul air. Coming out, it took a long time to be quiet.

After a while, a white gas rushed up, supporting a gray pill the size of a fingertip.

He looked at both eyes and seemed to be dissatisfied with it. He waved his sleeves and removed it, and then continued to observe the ancient scroll. At this time, a discipline came over and said without raising the head: “What’s the matter?”

The disciple bowed and said, “Master, Shi and Zhan daoist have all agreed with what the Master said. They are signing the book here now.”

Tianhong daoist took a look and said: “Very good.” Then he tossed the book back into the arms of the discipline, “Now a few people in Lingdu refuse to sign the book.”

The discipline said: “Master, should Feng Zixian want to cover it up? Lingdu High Venerable has recently gotten closer to this person.”

Tianhong Daoist said: “It doesn’t matter. If we recall the Huanyang faction, would Celestial Xia not notice such a big movement? Let him say, if Celestial Xia gave in, wouldn’t it be better? ?”

The disciple said: “The disciple thinks Celestial Xia will never give in.”

Tianhong Daoist said: “Yes, it’s ridiculous, even you can understand it, but some people just don’t understand it.”

While speaking, the rays of light outside the hall flashed, and a dazzling golden light appeared.

When Tianhong Daoist saw it, he waved his hand, and the discipline bowed back. He walked to one side of the corridor and saw a twinkling silhouette standing there.

The silhouette said to him: “Tianhong fellow daoist, have you made up your mind?”

Tianhong daoist negative sleeve said: “Guyang Fellow Daoist, at this step, do you still expect Celestial Xia to give in? It has been half a year in the past, and all that should be said is what we can offer. Yes, do you still have to give up?”

The silhouette said: “What do you say about the Fellow Daoist in Lingdu?”

Tianhong Daoist said: “Why do you have to speak up? As long as Guyang Fellow Daoist stands with me and tells the matter to the three Sect Founders, Sect Founder agrees, then what is Lingdu? Attitude doesn’t matter.”

The silhouette said: “What if the three Sect Founders disagree?”

Tianhong daoist did not hesitantly said: “That is naturally to give up this discussion.” Then he confidently said: “However, what the three Sect Founders did to me must be clear. Blocked, blocked long ago, so this matter is probably not blocked. Fellow daoist may wish to think more about how to win this battle.”



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