Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 913


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After Tao Dingfu left Jade Capital, in order to avoid inspection, he took a creation flying boat to the south and crossed the continent, all the way to Jingqiu Superior Continent.

After passing the Yiluo Superior Continent, he continued southward along the vast desolate territory. Five days after flying, he came to a beautiful mountain range.

There is a very eye-catching white jade residence. It lives on a high platform in the heart of the valley. It is surrounded by flowers, trees are always green all the year round, and a large group of phoenix birds live here, making a clear sound.

Judging from the information he had received before, the Mei Yiyao Junior Sister Mei loves to plant rare plants and trees, and also likes to raise exotic cubs, so he opened up a Baizhen Garden, where he lives alone. As for the specifics, He didn’t ask in detail either.

As the flying boat came over, he looked towards the residence and sent out a dao technique symbol. After a while, the stone mirror in the residence turned around, emitting a light of guiding light, and the boat was guided by it and slowly stopped at Above a mooring station.

When I got off the flying boat, I saw a beautiful woman with good manners, picturesque eyebrows, gentle and graceful, standing not far away, with her hair pulled back, the green silk hanging straight down to the heel, and her body was dressed in yellow. Daoist Robe, holding a jade whisk in his hand, the jade color matches the white back of his hand that reveals his cuffs.

The woman met Tao Dingfu, curtsies, and said: “The senior brother Tao came from afar, and the younger sister was not able to welcome him far away. It was rude.”

Tao Dingfu also has a gift, saying: “Junior sister is polite.”

Mei Yiyao’s elegant eyes came in and said: “senior brother is handsome and handsome, better than before.”

Tao Dingfu laughed a little, and said, “Junior sister is too good.” At the time of Cultivating, this junior sister was used to saying good things, her little mouth was very sweet, and her relationship with the same sect was also good. Over the years, she is still familiar with it. a feeling of.

He said: “Junior Sister Mei, when I came, Junior Sister Nie also asked me to greet you, and she missed you too.”

Mei Yiyao smiled softly and said: “My little girl also misses the days of cultivating with Senior Sister Nie very much. Although I had a lot of disputes with Senior Sister in the past, she has always improved because of this. Think about it. The days at that time are also quite interesting.”

Tao Dingfu said: “Junior Sister Nie is in Jade Capital. If you really miss it, it will be convenient for you to visit.”

Mei Yiyao pursed her mouth and said, “Senior brother Tao, it’s still the best. If I met Senior Sister, I told my bad feelings, I was afraid that I would argue again in a couple of days, when the time comes I don’t expect my senior brother to come and persuade me.”

She asked her sideways, “senior brother, please sit down. I still remember that the senior brother loves to drink the fragrant tea from Eastern Court. I only have spiritual tea grown in my house. I don’t know if the senior brother is satisfied.”

Tao Dingfu said no problem, and followed her to a courtyard. There were a few furry little cats like rabbits and cats lying down here, all round and chubby. They were not afraid of meeting people. Curious eyes look at him.

After sitting down, Mei Yiyao personally made tea for him. After sitting down, she asked a created person girl to pick fresh precious fruits, and she talked to Tao Dingfu here.

After talking for a while, Tao Dingfu said: “Junior Sister Mei, have you had a same sect here recently?”

Mei Yiyao replied: “I haven’t had it. Little girl has few guests here.”

Tao Dingfu solemnly reminded: “Junior sister, you have to be careful alone.” After coming down, he told Mei Yiyao about Kuaijing.

Mei Yiyao was slightly surprised, then smiled lightly, and said seriously: “Nothing, senior brother Tao, you don’t understand the senior brother Kuai, when the little sister Fang started, she was very stupid, not as good as the senior brothers Senior Sister, senior brother Tao, Kuai senior At that time, my brother helped my younger sister in the cultivation. Said that my younger sister has today’s cultivation, the senior brother Kuai also contributed a lot.”

She showed empathy, “My little sister hasn’t seen the senior brother of Kuai in many years, but I really want to meet him, and thank him in person.”

Tao Dingfu thought, if this were the case, Kuai Jing might not really come to Mei Yiyao, but think about it, too, Kuai Jing has been away from Shen Cheng’an for a long time, so it is reasonable to say that she wants to come here, and she has come here early. Up.

It’s just that I didn’t come here. Who on earth is this person looking for?

At this moment, on the clear sky land, the Profound Court has already received the news from Fengdaoist. The court managers have taken this seriously, and they all voted for Shadow Transformation to discuss this thing.

The first daoist said: “From what Feng Court Manager said, Shangchen Heaven may call Huanyang sent back at any time. Lin Court Manager, ask the heavenly station where you need to watch.”

Lin Court Manager bowed, seriously said: “Lin will stare at any time.”

The first daoist said to Dai Gonghan again: “Dai Court Manager, please watch Lu Xingjie, Feng Court Manager must not come back, and this person must not leave.”

Hun Kong previously reminded Feng Daoist to go back, which actually hinted that it might be dangerous if he continued to stay in Shangchen Heaven, but Feng Daoist, as an envoy, would not leave easily without seeing the real result.

One more thing, Feng Daoist and Lu Xingjie are each other’s envoys, and in fact they are mutually qualitative, so to watch Lu Xingjie is to preserve the former.

Dai Court Manager also solemnly responded.

Because it is about how to deal with the cooperation between Shangchen Heaven and Huanyang faction, it has been discussed several times before and the corresponding strategy has been drawn up. Therefore, this time not at all has been discussed for too long, but it is adjusted according to the current situation. After discussing the details, everyone’s Shadow Transformation disappeared.

The first daoist remained here after the Court Managers left. He took care of him and said: “Tomorrow, go and call the Righteous Purity fellow daoist.”

A daoist of Ming Zhou standing in the corner of the temple, his body disappeared.

After a short while, a delicate and pretty daoist shining shadow fell into the hall. His brows were blue and his appearance was extremely high, but his eyes were cold and cold, and his breath was like clear water, without a trace of impurities. .

He bowed upwards and said: “The chief executive is polite.”

The first daoist also has a gift, saying: “The Righteous Purity fellow daoist was called to say to the fellow daoist that Shangchen Heaven may move soon, and if this generation starts to attract people from the Huanyang faction, follow me Wait for the strategy set before, and you can’t allow it to be wrong. Use a surprise attack and try your best to stop the matter, or at least delay it. Here you need a fellow daoist to come forward.”

Righteous Purity daoist said: “I work for myself, but if I go to Shangchen Heaven, there will be magical items to rely on. I am not enough alone. Dare to ask who Profound Court arranges to go with me?”

The first daoist said: “What does the fellow daoist think of Yusu Court Manager?”

Righteous Purity daoist does not say: “Yusu Fellow daoist cultivation is not weak, but he and my temperament are not in harmony with each other, and they are afraid of difficulty in tacit understanding. It is better not to use it.”

The first daoist said: “What if Zhu Court Manager and fellow daoist go together?”

Righteous Purity daoist thought for a while, and slowly shook his head: “It’s still wrong, Zhu Yisheng can save his life but he can’t give up. If you go to Shangchen Heaven, you have to be brave, he is not suitable. “

The first daoist said: “How about the Court Manager Chen and the fellow daoist?”

Righteous Purity daoist thought about it for a moment, and then said: “Chen Court Manager cultivation is similar to me, and he is a secondary clergyman, and if he goes to Shangchen Heaven this time, he must be divided into priorities, but I don’t want him to listen. What I said is still wrong.”

The first daoist looked towards him and said: “Then I don’t know what righteous Purity fellow daoist can choose?”

Righteous Purity daoist said in a serious manner: “I think that Zhang Shouzheng who is keeping the palace in Profound Court is very suitable.”

The first daoist said: “What is the reason for a fellow daoist?”

Righteous Purity daoist said: “I know this Zhang Shouzheng’s past. I know that he is good at fighting and cares about the overall situation. The cultivation is not weak. One person who successfully raided Yuandu faction is even better than the others. With experience, such a character can be my deputy in this trip.”

The first daoist un’ed, said: “I know the meaning of Righteous Purity fellow daoist, fellow daoist can go back first.”

Righteous Purity daoist bowed, when the rays of light flashed on his body, the Shadow Transformation had disappeared.

The first daoist stood still in place. After a while, he said: “Ming Zhou, go and bring the Court Manager Chen, Court Manager Yusu and Court Manager Zhu to the temple again.”

Tomorrow’s daoist said yes.

After a while, as a few rays of light flickered in the hall, three silhouettes of Court Manager Chen, Yusu Daoist, and Court Manager Zhu appeared in the hall.

The first daoist repeated the words of the Righteous Purity daoist just now, saying: “Righteous Purity fellow daoist means Zhang Shouzheng. I wonder what the three Court Managers think?”

Yusu Daoist said: “From the perspective of ability and experience, Zhang Shou is the right candidate.”

Chen Court Manager looked on the stage at this time and said solemnly: “Chen thinks this is extremely inappropriate.”

The first daoist said: “I wonder how Court Manager Chen thought about it?”

Chen Court Manager said: “I didn’t think Zhang Shouzheng could not do this, but Zhang Shouzheng was the person of Xuntian Dao Chapter create, how can he do such dangerous things?”

This raid is different from the Yuandu faction. Even if the Yuandu faction failed that time, it was trapped in the inner layer, so it was able to transfer its spirit and illuminate the world again from the place of Jixu.

But when I went to Shangchen Heaven, it was different. Even if there was a way out, in case of failure, even the air of sustenance might be destroyed.

Speaking of this, he said again: “It is the recall of the Huanyang faction. I can do it with Celestial Xia. If I lose the talent for a surprise attack, it will be more than a loss!”

Zhu Court Manager pondered for a moment, opened the mouth and said: “Zhu also disagrees with this view.” He carefully said: “Zhang Shouzheng is very talented and has great potential. If he patiently cultivation, he will achieve future achievements. There is no limit, and I should put more on my body. I shouldn’t wait to use it early.”

Chen Court Manager sneered, and said: “In fact, this matter is not so troublesome. Meishang is also upright, and it is the same sect as Righteous Purity. Just let it follow.

Even if Righteous Purity dislikes his weak cultivation, doesn’t he still have a junior brother locked up in the jail, let him set up a heart oath, with the reward of torture, and go with Righteous Purity. “

Zhu Yisheng nodded and said: “Chen Court Manager is a good idea. They are the same sect, and there is nothing wrong with their cooperation, and their temperament is incompatible.”

Chen Court Manager coldly said: “If even the same sect doesn’t work well, then no one can get along with him.” He looked towards the first daoist, “Chief executive, I don’t think it’s the case, right?”

The first daoist looked towards Yusu daoist. Seeing that the latter had no objection to this, he nodded and said: “You can make this decision first.”



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