Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 915


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Above the clear sky land, Zhong Weiwu and Chong Zhao are doing their own Dao Palace against Heavenly Secrets.

They have been doing this since Shangchen Heaven invaded the inner layer a few years ago, and they have never stopped.

Now they are in a state of covering themselves most of the time, and occasionally they can perform an inverse calculation against Shangchen Heaven, but these opportunities are not many.

In terms of calculating Heavenly Secrets purely, Shangchen Heaven has the upper hand and overbearing, while Celestial Xia is the defender, but it is not without the power to fight back.

It’s just a certain moment when the two suddenly felt that the calculation of Heavenly Secrets became more difficult.

In the past, the calculation of Shangchen Heaven’s Heavenly Secrets has fluctuated up and down, but it has not changed much, but it seems that this kind of sudden rise, like a turbulent ocean tide, has never seen the momentum.

Zhong Weiwu stove up, came to the temple wall, waved his sleeve to the front, the temple wall lit up, and the silhouette of Chong Daoist appeared inside.

He said solemnly: “Chong fellow daoist, the situation is not right.”

Chongdaoist said: “Is it possible that Shangchen Heaven is ready to do it?”

Zhong Weiwu pondered for a moment, shook his head and said, “It’s not like, if Shangchen Heaven tried summon Huanyang school, and asked the heavenly station hanging needle measurement, it can’t be covered.

Shangchen Heaven, even if we don’t know that we have this thing, it’s not difficult to infer that we have the means to monitor this matter. Since they also understand it, why bother? “

Chongzhao said: “Zhong Fellow Daoist means that this generation hides other purposes?”

Zhong Weiwu said: “Zhong thinks that this is the case. This matter is important. We can’t be the master. It is better to tell the court as soon as possible.”

Chongzhao agrees.

Then the two immediately drafted a report and reported the matter soon.

The first daoist received the memorial report soon. He did not delay and immediately invited Lin Court Manager over and said: “Lin Court Manager, how was the refining of the’root fixation’ before?”

The root fix is ​​to replace the magical item refined from the heavenly star plate, but most importantly, or for the calculation of Heavenly Secrets against Shangchen Heaven.

In fact, Celestial Xia has been trying to refining such magical items since the confrontation between the two parties, but this requires the use of many Profound Venerables to work together. For more than three hundred years, Celestial Xia has occupied the inner layer, but the situation It’s always undecided, so this matter is also intermittent and has not been completely completed.

Lin Court Manager replied: “The first officer, this magical item still owes some heat, and the magical item calculated by Heavenly Secrets is the most subtle and mysterious. However, the difference is a difference. And for the high rank, the magical item It is also in Heavenly Secrets, and Heavenly Secrets are not there. Refining is also a tool that’s all, and its effect is still limited.”

The first daoist will say: “Court Manager Lin, the report of the two Court Managers, Zhong and Chong, just saw it. Shangchen Heaven’s move must be useful. Although I am limited, I can’t count his deeds. There needs to be a response and cannot be allowed to do whatever it takes.”

Lin Court Manager thought for a moment, and said: “If it’s just for countermeasures, maybe you can release a “corner star”.”

The first daoist asked: “Is it appropriate to release this device now?”

Lin Court Manager said: “Lin thought that it was the right time. I had the training day Dao Chapter to implicate the days, so I lost the calculation and it was fine, and Shangchen Heaven relied on this and couldn’t shake its roots. , It can also make it messy for a while.”

Although Shangchen Heaven is trying to set things right out of Heavenly Secrets, it’s actually right in the chaos, otherwise you won’t even be able to use it, so to be precise, it’s just a concealment technique.

The “corner sky star” is the magical item of Celestial Xia’s secrets, which can completely disrupt Heavenly Secrets, and here is no distinction between the enemy and me. Once it is released, Celestial Xia itself cannot calculate it.

But since it was impossible to calculate, there is no loss in doing this. On the contrary, if all parties have Dao Chapter, they will miss the chance and it will be fine.

Shangchen Heaven is more dependent on it than they are because of the brilliant machine. The contact with all parties and the spying on Celestial Xia are all dependent on this. If it is broken off, it can be said to be a temporary loss. Its ears and eyes.

The first daoist thought for a moment and ordered the waiting daoist of Ming Zhou to say: “Ming Zhou, pass this discussion to the two Court Managers, Zhong and Chong.”

After the explanation, he said to Lin Court Manager: “If the two have no objections, then Court Manager Lin will immediately release the “Corner Sky Star” as a countermeasure.”

Lin Court Manager gave a salute to the chief executive and responded with a solemn response.

Shangchen Heaven, somewhere in the airspace. Jin Zhixing is holding a volume of dao book and is teaching the following disciplines to practice profound techniques.

He has been here for two years, but so far, there are still not many who can successfully transfer to Chaotic Chapter here.

The reason is that the mainstream of Shangchen Heaven is the true technique after all, and the profound techniques are despised as the method.

Actually, the disciplines that come here to study are lower sects and people who are not valued. The truly talented disciplines will never come to him to study the dao, and some of the disciplines don’t think they have a way forward. After all, there is always a kind of resistance to being forced to come here to study the Fa.

He didn’t care about it either. The learning of these disciplines only increased the power of Shangchen Heaven. He didn’t want to learn it but made it better. He also saved more energy.

After this time, he ignored these disciplines and went straight back to his residence.

I just walked into the room, but I suddenly realized that when I saw Hunkong Daoist standing there, he bowed and said: “Unknown fellow daoist, it’s rude.”

Hunkong Daoist indifferently said: “Golden Fellow Daoist, are the eyeliners given to Jin Fellow Daoist still there?”

Jin Zhixing’s heart jumped, but on the surface he calmly said: “It’s all there, but this Jin doesn’t know the meaning of the above, so it is not easy to use.” He looked up, and tried to ask: “There is a fellow daoist Any care?”

Hunkong Daoist said: “There is one thing, you need to use those eyeliners in the hands of fellow Daoist.”

Jin Zhixing said: “Please also give orders.”

Hunkong daoist indifferently said: “It’s not a major event,” he took out a letter, handed it over, and said: “Fellow daoist can do it the same way,

Jin Zhixing came over one after another.

Hunkong Daoist didn’t say any more, after an inspector, he turned into a white light and left.

After he left, Jin Zhixing returned to his original seat and sat down, opened the letter, and was slightly surprised, but this was because he wanted those eyeliners to start messing up the situation together inside Celestial Xia.

This looks at is not a major event. Originally, it only needed an explanation, but Shangchen Heaven sent a letter solemnly, which made him feel that things might not be as simple as he thought.

He thought about it for a while, not at all, he decided on his own, but secretly passed the matter to Zhang Yu’s office with Dao Chapter.

Zhang Yu has been sitting still since the beginning of the cultivation, feeling the arrival of Xuntian Dao Chapter, and then he turned his mind and attracted him.

After reading it, he thought for a while and called out, “Will the fellow daoist be here tomorrow?”

Ming Zhou daoist appeared to the side and said: “What’s the order for keeping the integrity?”

Zhang Yu said: “Is there any news about Shangchen Heaven recently?”

Tomorrow’s daoist replied: “Since Shangchen Heaven retreated, nothing has happened. Only a few days ago, the court rumored that Heavenly Secrets had been disturbed by a lot more than before. I calculated by Celestial Xia Heavenly Secrets It was even more difficult, so it was negotiated and decided to release the “corner sky star” in a few days.”

Zhang Yu asked, only to find out the usefulness of this magical item.

After asking, he was also thinking about whether there is any connection between these two things?

Shangchen Heaven These eyeliners are spread across all continents, and they live in locations that have nothing common with each other. Some are as prestigious as Banlan and can inspire people’s hearts, while others are dormant, and their weight is not important at all.

Everyone does this the same thing, and the results are definitely different. This strategy is very rough. It seems that simply didn’t plan to make good use of these eyeliners, and didn’t care about the results.

But things should not be so simple. The real purpose should be hidden under this.

He thought carefully. From the earliest attack on Shangchen Heaven, and then to recent events, the looks at are scattered, but there is always a feeling that seems to be connected to each other.

He vaguely felt that he had grasped something, but because of the lack of some key clues, he still couldn’t see through it.

Can’t find the answer, and he didn’t continue. He reported the matter directly through Xuntian Dao Chapter. I believe that the Court Managers in the court can judge by themselves.

On the ice field, the original daoist wake from meditation after half a month of cultivation. He raised his hand for a little luck with the magical power. Seeing wherever the magical power passes, the Avatar body seems to have disappeared from heaven and earth. When the magical power is circulated to his whole body, his whole person will disappear with it, and even the slightest trace of breath will not exist.

After a while, he appeared again. At this time, he had changed from a sitting position to a standing position, standing there facing him, as if he had never moved the position of Kuaijing bowed, and said: “many thanks Kuaijing. The junior brother protects the law.”

Kui Jingwei looks at him expectantly and said: “Senior brother is going to start cultivation after coming down?”

The original daoist said: “That’s right.”

Quai Jing said: “The senior brother’s cultivation technique is mainly to hide his traces, but it is useless to avoid it, because the higher boundary is there. If you want to go, you can get it by this.”

The original Daoist didn’t refute, he smiled, and said: “The truth is good, so, is there any idea about the junior brother Kuai?”

Quai Jing said earnestly: “One way, I will help the senior brother to cultivate, and another way, that is, the senior brother abandons the original cultivation technique and converts to another method.” He said sincerely: “But the senior brother road It’s already a little off, so I suggest that the senior brother use the latter method as better.”

The original daoist looked at him and said, “Transfer to other methods? Does the Kuai junior brother mean the profound cultivator?” He didn’t reject it immediately, but seriously considered it, then shook his head and said, “It is necessary to repair Chaotic Chapter. I have to accept Grand Chaos. There are too many dangers here, I am not sure.”

Kai Jing said with a slight smile: “That’s someone else, there is a way for my senior brother to help the senior brother get through this level, and can go further.”

“Further?” The original Daoist seemed to have thought of something. His heart was shocked. He looked up and saw that Kuaijing looked no different than before, but as his gaze moved down, the pupil light condensed slightly. , Under his feet, there is a ring of scorched earth-like black dust.



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