Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 919


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The little dao child noticed it at this time. When he looked back, he showed a surprise look on his face. He stood up from his seat and gave a polite greeting to the incoming person, saying: “senior brother, when did you come? “

Kuijing said with a slight smile: “I just came here for a while.”

He just stretched out his hand to hold another dao book on the case, and motioned, “You are very diligent, the original book can be put aside first, and it is good to come down and focus on this one.”

The little dao child has a straight face and respectfully said: “Yes, senior brother.” He raised his face again and said seriously: “senior brother, junior brother, there are a lot of unknowns here, and I’m about to ask my senior brother. .”

Kui Jing pushed down his glasses, said with a slight smile: “The senior brother has a lot of time, so I can teach you slowly. Before you finish your studies, the senior brother will not leave. You can rest assured here. Cultivate, although this World is dangerous, but some minor troubles, the senior brother will help you deal with it.”

Even though the little dao child is young, he can feel that there is something else in Kuaijing’s words. However, the teacher told him to listen to this senior brother, and he was also very smart and did not ask more.

After Kuaijing’s confession, he walked out of Daoju again. Halfway through, his silhouette flickered, and he came directly to the door of the Taoist temple. At this moment, I saw that there were more than ten flying boats in the distance. Fly here.

After seeing these flying boats, those daoists seemed to have been prepared, and immediately stopped doing things and retreated to the Spirit Pass.

Those flying boats quickly approached this mountain, and then a number of light spots under the boat belly flickered one after another. Even in the sun, the rays of light were extremely bright.

Next moment, the place where Kuaijing stood, was suddenly covered by a burst of white light, and then bursts of loud noises rang out, and a large cloud of smoke rose up.

But this not at all ends here. Those rays of light are falling like rain, actually blasting down the profound weapon carried on the boat.

In the main cabin of one of the flying boats, a black clothed daoist stood there, looking below coldly.

He and several of his colleagues followed the order of Ying Chong this time and came to kill the people here.

But they did not at all choose to go first. Instead, the divine ability magic affected a battalion of soldiers stationed in the field and let them use it for themselves.

To influence the mind of the battalion of more than 300 soldiers, including the profound cultivator in the station, this is not something that can be done in a short time, but through for a long time unnoticeable influence Impact. They used to hide secretly, until now, when the order was given, he used it in one fell swoop.

At this moment, the rays of light below have finally converged, and the sound has also weakened. It can be seen that the hill below has been razed to the ground, and this originally steep mountain has also been shaved off by a large part, and the middle has appeared. A huge pit, and the Taoist temple in front of the Spirit Pass has long ceased to exist, and even the prohibition is also shattered.

Although the smoke and dust have not been completely dispersed, the two flying boats at the front have rushed directly into the Spirit Pass.

However, when the two flying boats went to the front, they suddenly overturned. They were carried down from the sky before falling into the thick layer of dust covering the surface of the mountain.

The black clothed daoist expression congeals, he looked over, but saw that a young cultivator wearing glasses was standing there, looks at very elegant, and there was no dust on his body.

He was snorted, not surprisingly, he knew that things would not be easy for a long time, he took out a scarlet-red thunder bead from his sleeve, and then just tossed it where the young cultivator was!

This is the red star thunder bead. The explosive force is enough to raze a city to the ground. This thing is useless on the inner continent, because Profound Venerable is enough to generate induction and smooth it in advance, but in the wild, But it can be used unscrupulously.

As this thing fell, scarlet-red rays of light flickered silently, then there was a loud noise, and then a huge plume of smoke rose and rolled outwards.

Is it dead?

The black clothed daoist squinted at looks at, but at this moment he suddenly felt something wrong, and suddenly turned his head to take a look. He was horrified to find that the young cultivator with glasses, I don’t know when, actually appeared in the main cabin!

In the void of the outer layer, Zhankong Daoist saw a black mist spreading towards him, his expression immediately became serious, and said: “chaos monster?”

I pray that Daoist can use magic mantra to conceal his own breath, but this preparation can no longer conceal it.

Zhankong Daoist dare not look down upon this. Killing the chaos monster is not that simple, not to mention that the chaos monster has a clear understanding, which is much more difficult than dealing with the confusing congeners.

And the most annoying thing is that chaos monster has a certain infestation power, the internal qi magical power comes into contact with one of them, if you are not careful, then it is likely to be attached by the power of Grand Chaos, so he Instead of directly colliding, a circle of spiritual light wafted out of his body, but he moved the black mist that had enveloped him directly.

I pray that the daoist will see Zhankong daoist and stop to deal with it. What he will want is such a moment, throw the magical item of Shangchen Heaven entrusted him, and a cloud of smoke will cover all around. The people of Vault of Heaven couldn’t perceive the fighting here.

Zhankong Daoist took a look, and still stood still. He knew that the other party must have found himself for a purpose, but he was impossible to throw away such a threatening chaos monster, only staying in this battle. , At least worthy of the Xuanliang that Profound Court gave him.

inner layer, Eastern Court Fuzhou.

Yuan Xin walked down from the creation flying boat. This was the first time he took this thing. In the past, he used to fly back and forth, and he used his own refining magical item.

He was originally from Eastern Court. After going out for ten years, he is now back here again. Looking at the greatly changed Auspicious Light City in front of him, he also feels a lot more.

Auspicious Light City used to be Eastern Court Protectorate’s office, but now it is only a port city in Eastern Court Fuzhou, and the real continental administration is already in Anzhou, far east of the Mountain of Serenity mountain range.

Even if you are standing above the harbor, you can still see the magnificence, almost the entire Mountain of Serenity can be regarded as a giant high platform surrounding the city.

At this moment, he was not the only one standing here looking at it, but there were also many passengers who got off the flying boat. They were all shocked by the scene in front of them and exclaimed again and again.

The mooring station managers around are not surprised at this, but have a sense of pride.

It can be said that people who have come to Eastern Court for the first time now will often show such performance after seeing Anju. Even people who have been here several times will inevitably come to admire it once.

After Yuan Xin got out of the mooring station, walk towards the arched bridge on one side.

This arched bridge is in the shape of a flying rainbow. It crosses the air from one end of Auspicious Light City to Anzhou at the other end, which can directly cross the two boundaries, but it is mainly used for military purposes. , Generally not open to the private sector.

Yuan Xin’s own flying is actually not slow, but now flying above Eastern Court, he needs a token. In order not to delay time, he comes directly from the lower end of the arched bridge, and the guarding cultivator said: “I have something important. Meet Profound Leader Zhang in person.”

The guarding cultivator cautiously said: “Dare to ask the dao cultivator identity?”

Yuan Xin said: “My name is Yuan Xin, and I have been cultivation under a teacher with Profound Leader Zhang. Please report it to the fellow daoist.”

The guarding cultivator didn’t dare to neglect, and directly reported the past with Xuntian Dao Chapter. After a while, he bowed his hand and said: “Original dao cultivator, Profound Leader said, allow the original dao cultivator to take the arched bridge to Profound Mansion.”

Yuan Xin allowed him to let him go, so he walked inside and successfully boarded the arched bridge. At the moment he stepped on it, he only felt that his surroundings were flying by like a rainbow.

After just a few breaths, his body took a while, and he found that he was already standing on a platform on the top of the Mountain of Serenity. Looking back, Auspicious Light City was already at the far end.

He is thinking about such a speed, but he is also a cultivator. If he changes to an ordinary person, he has to use creation outer armor protection.

He turned around and saw that in front of him was a spacious flat covered bridge, connecting from the Mountain of Serenity to the Profound Mansion, spanning a wide canyon and river.

He walked along the magnificent covered bridge, walked under the towering star platform, and saw a Profound Mansion disciple waiting there. He cups the hands politely to him and said: “Original dao cultivator , Please come with me.”

The original daoist glanced up, and from this angle, the star station seemed to have no end in sight. He was nodded and followed the profound cultivator disciple into the stage.

The Star Terrace occupies a very large area, and the interior is as wide as a lake and sea, and there are no steps between the upper and lower sides. It gives people a sense of profoundness and infinity. Once you walk in, you feel that you are incomparably small.

The discipline went in for a hundred steps, stood still, turned around and said: “The Profound Leader is waiting on it, and the original dao cultivator can go up by itself.”

The original Daoist said: “Many thanks.” He raised his head and glanced a few times. After a while, his body suddenly turned into a stream of light and rushed upward. After a few breaths, he seemed to break Layers of soft water appeared on a flat round great stage.

Seeing is a young daoist silhouette standing there covered in a cloud star light. He stepped up to an inspector and said, “Zhang Shouzheng is polite.”

Zhang Yu replied with a first nod: “The former senior brother is polite.” He heard Tao Dingfu talk about this senior brother, and said that he and Tao Dingfu are all Eastern Court people.

Yuan Xin said hurriedly: “Don’t dare.” When he left Eastern Court that year, Zhang Yu hadn’t gotten started yet. There was no friendship between the two parties. There was only one same sect name that’s all. Big.

Zhang Yu said: “The former senior brother said that there is something important to find me, I don’t know what to do?”

Yuan Xin’s face straightened, said solemnly: “Yuan, this time, came to send a letter.”

Zhang Yu said: “Letter?”

Yuan Xin took out a letter from his sleeve and said: “According to Kuai’s junior brother, this letter was written by Master Xun and sent to me by Kuai’s junior brother, but I am not at all Open it and read it, please also Zhang Shouzheng to have a look.”

Zhang Yu’s heart moved slightly. He glanced at it, and the letter floated from Yuanxin to the front. He stretched out his hand to hold it and opened it.



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