Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 921


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Zhang Yu asked: “Where is the Zhankong Fellow Daoist now?”

He thinks that if Shangchen Heaven wants to capture Sect Master edict talisman, then it will definitely take all aspects into consideration, and Zhankong daoist and Xunshi are fellow apprentices, and they are firmly on the side of Celestial Xia. For those of you, you have to plan for Xun’s junior brother, and Zhankong Daoist will not fail to make arrangements.

Tomorrow’s daoist probed for a moment and said: “Reporting back to Shouzheng, Zhankong Profound Venerable is in the Northern Vault of Heaven, but now there is no silhouette, it seems to be hidden by something,”

Zhang Yu walked two steps before, using the map of the Shouzheng Palace to look at the place pointed out in the next week, and instantly saw it, and saw that it was covered by a layer of mist, and it was impossible to determine the situation inside.

At this moment, he ran the eye seal, and there was a divine light in his eyes, and he went directly through this layer of concealment, and saw two silhouettes inside being confronting magical power. One of them was undoubtedly the daoist.

And this has already proved that his judgment is correct. He did not hesitate, directly called Xuntian Dao Chapter, reported Shangchen Heaven’s attack on Spirit Pass and the attack on Zhankong Daoist to Profound Court, and said that he would first follow what edict talisman pointed out, and go to the back. Where people may exist, and try to win this generation.

After the report, Profound Court quickly responded, allowing him to deal with it according to the situation.

As soon as Zhang Yu changed his mind, he knew the meaning of Profound Court. This was for him to deal with the matter on his own in the name of uprightness. In this way, he acted alone, with little action, and would not immediately lead to a full-scale battle between the two.

Although we know that war is inevitable, Celestial Xia doesn’t want to do it too early. Because of the current situation, it will undoubtedly be beneficial for us to delay. The longer the time, the better the preparation.

At this moment, his mind turned, and the main body landed from the upper layer, directly down the outer layer Northern Vault of Heaven. This place is where the Zhankong Daoist is.

Not far away is a fog that is the size of an earth star.

He looked up and saw a bell-shaped magical item standing in the air. With a flick of his finger, a bright light fell on it, and then exploded a brilliance comparable to a raging sun, and the haze was dissipated in an instant.

Affected by this, the two players who are fighting each have a meal, and each is separated.

Zhankong Daoist realized that the newcomer was Zhang Yu, and was not too surprised, bowed to him, saying: “Zhang Shouzheng is polite.”

Zhang Yu replied: “Zhankong fellow daoist is polite.”

Pray that the daoist saw Zhang Yu’s arrival. Although he did not know him, he was sure that he must be the Profound Venerable from Celestial Xia, but he had no plans to leave.

Because the order from Shangchen Heaven is for him to entangle the Zhankong daoist, as long as there is no order to stop him, then he must continue.

But this insistence will not last too long, because under the confrontation with Zhankong, he was constantly defeated, but Grand Chaos continued to supplement him, which also caused the Grand Chaos to infect a lot. At this time, his sane was not very clear.

When his own cognition is completely wiped out, no matter whether he is ordered to leave or not, he will instinctively infect all living things into things like himself. This is also the purpose of winning, which is regarded as using him. To death.

At this moment, he took advantage of the pause, and his whole person spread into a cloud of black energy that melted into the void, and the star light in the void behind him was like ink stain, disappearing little by little, as if there was an invisible hand. They are erased one by one, and this trend is still gradually spreading towards the location of the two people, trying to swallow them both in one fell swoop.

Zhang Yu took a look. Chaos monster has been in contact with him in the past, and he has also seen the book records in the palace, he naturally knows how to deal with it.

At this moment, he was standing still, with the magnificent and dazzling Heart Light on his body spreading out. When it expanded to a certain extent, he collided with a circle of black mist.

Strength of Primal Chaos can infect the magical power Heart Light, but it also depends on what opponent it is facing. If the magical power Heart Light is enough, then it can resist all external infections. Only those with insufficient foundation will Be easily filthy.

Zhang Yu is not in this list. The void was originally dark, but as he continued to open his Heart Light, the black energy gradually retreated, and many star lights slowly bloomed, more and more .

In short time, a brilliant silver river stretched out behind him and pressed the other side a little bit. This whole process can be described as calm, Not slow, Not fast.

Zhankong daoist looks at and admires in his heart. This fighting can be said to use the power to the extreme, using the strong to suppress the weak, without making any mistakes, and not giving the other party any opportunity to resist, and under the background of the vast stars, the sight of the sight is actually a sense of magnificence.

I pray that the daoist has no other way under this kind of invasion and pressure. After all, he has only become a higher boundary. If changes are definitely not possible, it has been relying on the support of the Grand Chaos to fight against the Zhankong daoist, but Even the strongest point is that he can’t fight his opponents, and he has only to resist the way to go.

As the black mist was pressed back a little bit, it shrank from vast to tiny, and finally returned to a deep black spot the size of a grain of rice. It seems that all rays of light cannot leave a trace on it, even though it is tiny, But in the void it is very eye-catching.

While the Heart Light was still firmly pressed down, this black spot had to continue to shrink inward, but it quickly reached its limit and could no longer support it, and finally flashed abruptly. , This is like the last rebound, but under the vast and widespread clear light, it could not struggle at all, just flashed like an unremarkable spark, and it completely disappeared,

In the entire void, only a dazzling light was left.

Zhang Yu sensed at this moment and was able to confirm that this person or chaos monster had been killed by him.

In fact, as long as there is a little remaining in the world, the chaos monster can continuously supplement its power from Grand Chaos, but all traces of it in the world have been erased by him, and it doesn’t exist anymore. .

The Zhankong daoist witnessed this battle, and he was amazed. This is to use pure power to crush the opponent, and despite many changes, he has to admit that it is undoubtedly the most direct and reasonable to deal with chaos monsters in this way.

He bowed and said: “Many thanks Zhang Shouzheng helped.”

Zhang Yu nodded in return: “Fellow daoist is serious.

Zhankong daoist asked with a little worry: “This person came to me inexplicably this time, and the fellow daoist found me at this moment, but what happened to Yuandu?”

Zhang Yu said: “There is no change in Yuandumen, but one thing is related to Yuandu, but now it has been resolved.” He generalized the matter of Xun Ji’s book.

Zhankong Daoist came to understand and said: “so that’s how it is, the senior brother originally made this arrangement with the edict talisman.”

He shook the head. Xun Ji had never told him about this before, so he obviously didn’t want him to take the matter back, but now facts prove that this arrangement is the best.

Zhang Yu said: “Now I am going to chase and suppress the people behind the plan, so I won’t stay here.”

Zhankong Daoist thought for a while, and said solemnly: “Since this matter involves the Yuandu lineage, the poor Dao can’t ignore it, Zhang Shouzheng, if you rush like this, the people behind it may escape. Poor Dao can use the power of Yuandu Xuantu to send you to where edict talisman refers.”

Zhang Yu said: “Oh? If this is possible, then you will have to trouble the fellow daoist.” He was going to follow Magic Talisman directly, but since Zankong can send him there, there is no need to spend more time.

Zhankong daoist solemnly said: “Please keep the righteousness and take out the edict talisman.”

Zhang Yu nodded, he took out the edict talisman, held it in his palm, and glanced at the empty daoist. After a little sense, he formed a mudra. After a while, he saw an oval shadow falling from above. Then a rays of light fell from the top!

Zhang Yu suddenly felt that there was a great force falling on him, as if to push him, he did not resist, letting this force drive himself, as he relaxed his mind and body, just for a moment, the silhouette disappeared from the void. Among them disappeared.

At the same moment, the win is still standing on the desolate star and looks at the inner layer. After the command is sent, they can only wait for the result outside, and they can’t manipulate the whole process.

He is also very calm, and now he has done everything he needs to do, and he is just doing his job and obeying the destiny that’s all.

If this time is unsuccessful, we can only try to recall the Huanyang faction.

Su Zhan has been standing beside him, and now he said: “Senior, besides opening Zhankong, will Xun Ji find another Profound Venerable protection for his discipline?”

Ying Chong shook his head and said: “No, Xun Ji is not at all as the Court Manager. The protection of the empty space is already maximized. The people who I send need to deal with, at most, it is Essence Soul Shining Shadow. Cultivator that’s all.”

But he said so, but he also knew that things were never absolute, and if such a situation really happened, he would not have the power to change.

He is also impossible to send a Profound Venerable to Celestial Xia out of thin air. If he can do it so easily, what else has he tossed about before?

Just at this time, an oval shadow suddenly appeared above the earth star they were standing on, and then a clear light fell.

Several disciplines around Yingchong are complexion changed, Su Zhan also has a heartbeat, he hurriedly said: “Senior, this is the mysterious map of Yuandu, when Celestial Xia found us over there, I need to quickly Avoid it.”

Ying Chong looked up, but calmly said: “I can’t leave.”

He knows very well that once he is found by this town’s dao technique, as long as he can’t immediately return to Shangchen Heaven or protect him from the Qingling Tianzhi, which is also the treasure of the town’s road, he will eventually be overtaken. .

While he spoke, he saw a silhouette emerge from the clear light. As the silhouette became clearer and clearer, you could see clearly. It was a prestigious young daoist surrounded by star light jade mist. , There were waves of misty and celestial sounds following their walk, and they were walking step by step at this moment.

Ying Chong’s expression was slightly condensed, and said: “Profound Court is upright, Zhang Yu.”



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