Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 922


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Su Zhan looks at Zhang Yu walking step by step, only to feel tremble all over and his scalp numb, because the oppression given to him by the latter is too strong.

The rest of the disciplines present were also look pale. Their consciousness became sluggish for a while, and their bodies swayed. If they weren’t still within the scope of the magical power protection of the rush, at the moment Zhang Yu appeared, they were afraid None of them can stand still.

At this moment, Ying Chong spoke to the far end and said: “It turned out to be Profound Court Zhang Shouzheng. I don’t know why Zhang Shouzheng is here?”

Zhang Yu looked towards him and said: “Why am I here, do you not know?”

Win rushed: “I am not above the Celestial Xia boundary. I really don’t know where to hinder the ride.”

Zhang Yu lightly said: “I am not here to argue with the driver. Since I am here this time, I naturally want to discuss a result.”

Ying Chong nodded and said: “That’s right, since the fellow daoist is here, what’s the point of talking about reason now?”

He knows very well that although Celestial Xia is usually more reasonable, it also depends on the time and the airport. Once Celestial Xia feels that there is no need to be reasonable, it will naturally stop talking nonsense with you.

He was slightly hesitated, looked up, and said sincerely: “Before he does it, would Zhang Shouzheng listen to me?”

Zhang Yu looked at him for a moment, and he could see that this person was not delaying time, and now there is no possibility of delaying time. It is so close to Celestial Xia, even if Shangchen Heaven arrives for rescue, he can’t save anyone. , But gave it to them for nothing, saying: “Please tell me.”

Ying Chong said with emotion: “For this plan, Ying-mou has prepared for a long time. If this plan can be successful, then it will be a good thing for both parties.”

Zhang Yu said: “A good thing? I’m afraid it’s just a good thing for you, right?”

Ying sighed: “No, this is Zhang Shouzheng’s short-sightedness. Just imagine, if Shangchen Heaven can enter the inner layer and occupy the Yuandu Xuantu, what will be the end? It’s me, Shangchen Heaven, but Celestial Xia, and Celestial Xia can’t help me!”

He moved towards Zhang Yu and looked back, “Because neither of my two families can do anything about it, and we are scrupulous about each other, we will fall into a confrontation from now on. This balance will last for a long time. You can avoid those wars at home, is this a good thing?”

Zhang Yu said: “What Zunjia said is absurd and nonsense, and don’t say that Yuandu lineage has long been merged into my Celestial Xia. You are trying to snatch the belongings that belong to my Celestial Xia. As Jia said, how long can the so-called balance play last?”

Winning rush is a serious return to the sentence, saying: “According to Yingmou’s inference, 200-300 years should be no problem. If the two sides retreat each other one step, then it is possible to continue for a thousand years.”

He laughed again and said, “Perhaps Zhang Shouzheng is about to ask, my two families are going to fight a battle after all, so what is the meaning of this balance? Yes, Ying Mou admits that it will still be the same in the end, but no one There is no guarantee that everything will work consistently, and things will change after all. How can you win a certain situation by the strength of oneself? But from the perspective of the victory, the two can have a momentary balance, that is already good, and the rest depends on The two colleagues have worked hard again.

And who can say that my two families can’t find a better way to coexist? At least by that time, my two families have been together for a long time, and talking about this is no longer a castle in the air. “

Zhang Yu said: “Zunjia is wrong. My two families cannot coexist. As early as more than 300 years ago, Celestial Xia gave Shangchen Heaven the opportunity, but Shangchen Heaven was unwilling to seize it. Throw it away. If Shangchen Heaven does not abandon the old system of the sect, then this road is destined to be unable to go anymore.”

Win rushed: “Why should Celestial Xia want me to give up the sect system? Isn’t it better as before? Celestial Xia doesn’t care about me, and I won’t care about Celestial Xia. , So wouldn’t it be beneficial to both of us?”

Zhang Yu said: “Before you say this, you need to reflect on yourself. Your generation regards the people of the world as lowly livestock, wantonly slavery and bullying, and even seizes and seizes the lower cultivator, treats them as slaves. I don’t have any scruples about what I do. It’s called “transcendence xiaoyao”. I still have the face to ask me why Celestial Xia wants to control you?”

Ying Chong as it should be by rights said: “The system of the sect has been like this since ancient times. It can be said to be immovable for all ages, so why should it suddenly change? When I become immortal, I am a mortal Different, you should be at ease and enjoy the benefits. If you want to accommodate mortals, then what transcendence do you want?”

Zhang Yu sighed coldly, and did not continue the theory with this person. The other party has cultivated for thousands of years. He has already had a set of his own inherent knowledge. It is impossible to change it. Even if the debate continues, there will be no results. In the end It is better to use the dao technique to discuss the superiority directly.

He looked towards his person and said: “Profound Court keeps Zhang Yu, and learns brilliant here.”

Ying Chong shook his head and said: “Zhang Shouzheng, I am not here to discuss the law today, I am afraid that I will not be able to keep the righteous wish.”

While speaking, the earth star under his feet suddenly moved, and the surface land rock cracked, exposing the silver white inside.

It turns out that the entire earth star has already been refined into a magical item, and as the earth star rotates and moves, it emits a circle of heavy golden rays of light, and its location is protected. .

Zhang Yu saw this scene and immediately recognized that it was a magical item purely for defending. On the surface, it was solid, but this kind of practice requires foreign aid to make sense. If it doesn’t have it, it also makes sense. It’s just a cage that traps oneself, that’s all.

He doesn’t care about what this person thinks. Together with his mind, a star light flashes and lights up behind his back, looking like it is connected to the vast stars. After a breath, there are countless star lights. It flickered, next moment, as those stars flickered sharply, a stream of tens of thousands of stars moved towards this refined earth star.

Winning looks above, a little apologetic: “Su Fellow Daoist, this time it hurts you.”

Su Zhan hurriedly said: “Senior is serious. Although that person is powerful, but I and Senior can work together, and I may be better than this person.”

Winning Chong shook his head slowly, and said: “Su Profound Venerable joked, if you can handle the treasure of Yuandu Xuantu, it is not difficult to fight this one, and you can go the last time. But what about the current victory? This place is not far from Celestial Xia, and I have repelled this person, and others will come. This time I am waiting for the defeat.”

Su Zhan was silent for a moment, and said with some difficulty: “Then according to Senior, are we bound to be defeated this time?

Ying Chong said with a natural expression: “Su Profound Venerable was wrong. The only one who lost was Su Profound Venerable, you, not me. I was already vain, I gave up this body, and I can return it again, Su Profound Venerable, when I go back, I will take care of your clansman.”

Su Zhan couldn’t help being stunned for a while, he looked at and didn’t know what he should say at the moment.

Ying Chong did not pay attention to his psychological changes. He looked at the star light that kept hitting the earth star’s prohibition and shook the entire earth star. His eyes were full of regret. Since this plan has failed There is no point in entanglement here.

But he is not going to fight Zhang Yu head-on here. Zhang Yu seems to have arrived alone, but behind him stands the entire Profound Court. Now I don’t know how many people are watching here.

If he goes up to fight against this person, over time, he may be calculated where his dignity rests. If his dignity is taken away, then he will really be defeated here, so now there is only one choice. .

He said: “Su Profound Venerable, don’t pass this. Please cherish yourself.”

After finishing speaking, he took a step forward and soared towards the far end of the void. He started to castration not quickly, and he could see the daoist robe floating all over, but as the momentum intensified, the whole person gradually became a stream of light, rushing towards Zhang Yu location, and there is a terrifying force in the body at the same time.

He wanted to abandon this body in one fell swoop, and vent his whole body’s magical power in an instant, in order to cause unprecedented damage and might!

It’s good to burn both jade and stone with Zhang Yu. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get hurt. It’s just to return to the world after you change your spirit.

Zhang Yu stood in the quiet void, looks at that stream of light moved towards himself from the earth star, and the pupil light is also fixed on it.

A cultivator with a false cultivation, if it explodes with all its strength, it will be a great threat to him. He still remembered that when he was in Yuandu Mountain Gate, none of Ren Yinping’s incarnation could withstand this impact. It was just a ray of Essence Soul Shining Shadow of the Court Managers.

Now that Ying Chong is turning all of his own into the impact of this time, a careless response is enough to take him out of the world.

Therefore, he did not hesitate at the moment, and waved his sleeve forward. The Firmament Startling Sword that was hidden in his sleeve suddenly flew out and rushed toward him.

The “All-Severing Cut” on the sword body has already gained momentum for a long time, even if it was not used in the last fight, and this moment, he attached the whole body heart force to it. Where he passed, there was actually a sword mark of Tearing the Void.

The blow to win is not going to return, and there is no idea of ​​evading it at all, so the two collided in an instant!

His power burst out in an instant, but the attack of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, but after a sudden flash that illuminates the void, no more momentum came out.

All the magical power it vented was actually slashed by the “All-Severing Cut” attached to the Firmament Startling Sword!

Of course, this is also because the winning blow was too rough, and there was no change, and Zhang Yu never feared this straight-on collision.

But he is not without a price. The sword momentum he has cultivated for several years is about to start all over again.

However, in the eyes of outsiders, Win Chong is a life-threatening blow, but Zhang Yu took it away with a single sword. It didn’t even cause any waves. The impact of this scene is really too. Big.

Su Zhan witnessed this scene close up, his pupils contracted sharply, then his face straightened, he arched his hand upwards, and said loudly: “Zhang Shouzheng, I am Ren Sect and also the Yuandu School of Disciple. I am here today. Pray, I hope I can return to the sect door……”



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