Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 923


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Su Zhan doesn’t have any sorry for this remark.

Although he still has many Su Clan people, they are just some mortals and lower-level cultivator that’s all. Win Chong said that he would go back to cover him, but how much can he believe?

If he is passed away, who would really care about Su Clan?

As long as he saves, he saves Su Clan.

As for the winning disciplines, he didn’t even mention a word. These disciplines didn’t even care about winning, so he naturally didn’t need to pay attention to them.

At this moment, these disciplines can’t make their own voices. Without the magical power protection of Ying Chong, they can’t stand the impact of Profound Venerable internal qi. They all lie down and collapse to the ground one by one. wake.

Zhang Yu looks at him and said: “Are you the discipline chosen by Ren Yinping?”

Su Zhan hurriedly said: “Yes, in the next Su Zhan, it is the junior brother Ren.”

Zhang Yu said: “You said you want to belong to Yuandu School? But I need to tell you that as early as 300 years ago, Celestial Xia didn’t have any Yuandu School anymore.”

Su Zhan immediately changed his mouth and said: “Then I will vote…” But when the words came to this, he suddenly stopped.

Because before he came here, he had already set up a heart oath under the requirement of winning, and he was required to serve Shangchen Heaven instead of going to Celestial Xia, let alone falling into the hands of Celestial Xia, otherwise he would collapse on his own Die.

The same is true. He just said that he is willing to belong to Yuandu instead of Celestial Xia, because Shangchen Heaven needs to master Yuandu Xuantu, so only this title is not contradictory.

However, since the Yuandu faction is gone, Celestial Xia does not recognize the Yuandu faction now, and this road has also been blocked.

He sighed suddenly. Win Chong really counted everything dead, leaving him no place to drill. If this is the case, then it is better to go to the front and give up a battle, what if a fluke survives and is born?

He took a deep breath, where he tried to reconcile magical power.

Although winning the rush away, but finally did not take the authority of the earth star magical item, this thing is still stable, although it is being shocked by countless star lights, it trembles and shakes, it can be seen in the breath. But insist, he still has the opportunity to adjust slowly and think about countermeasures.

After a while, he looked up at the silhouette of Zhang Yu at the far end, and he had an idea in his mind.

He has been cultivation before and is not good at fighting. Shangchen Heaven does not need him to do this, so he has no fighting experience, but some basic judgments still exist. He just saw Zhang Yu’s ranged attack technique and felt that he couldn’t fight it, so he could only rush to the front and fight.

The Yuandu method is also good at doing this.

He has a divine ability, which can send his opponent to a void interlayer that he has condensed, making it impossible to move it out in a short time. If he succeeds, he might still Can escape there.

After deciding, he leaped forward and got out of the earth star, which had gradually collapsed, and rushed toward Zhang Yu as if he had just won.

But the one rushing in the front is just a virtual body that looks the same as him, while the real one is turning the void and lurking on one side, as long as the opportunity appears, he can rush into the inner circle .

Zhang Yu has an eye seal in his body, coupled with his own divine ability induction, which is usually not an abnormally brilliant dao technique divine ability. He can tell at a glance. Like Su Zhan and other methods, he immediately understood clearly Which changed.

His pupil light flashed slightly, waving his sleeves at random, and a Cicada Wings Flowing Light was already moved towards that phantom. At the same time, the Heart Light, which had been open all the time, had converged a bit.

When Su Zhan saw it, he consciously had the opportunity, and immediately took the opportunity to make a move, and immediately broke into the inner circle. Although he felt that the move was too smooth and something was wrong, but the arrow was on the line and he had to send it. Up.

He was waiting for his divine ability to send Zhang Yu into that airspace. I saw the latter standing still with the negative sleeve, but behind him there was a ray of light bursting out of the void.

Su Zhan was suddenly horrified, and a great sense of crisis rose in the mind. He immediately wanted to move out, but suddenly realized that there was a heart light that was able to break through at will, but at this moment it was suddenly surrounded. Pressing it up, immediately squeezed him into an impossible to move even a little bit.

He knew that this was the juncture of life and death, and immediately turned a “staying life” mystery that was obtained when he achieved Profound Venerable.

This mystery can enable him to transform his body and consciousness into nothingness in the true sense, thereby avoiding the calamity, but if this process of turning into nothingness continues for a little longer, then he will truly disappear from the world. Therefore, he only dared to maintain it for a short while.

After he withdrew from the mystery, he was shocked to find that the earth star behind was pierced by the rays of light that almost fell on him, and it evaporated and dried up for a moment. net.

Seeing this scene, he couldn’t help being thankful that he had escaped a disaster, but at this time, it was face changed.

He raised his hand and looked at him in horror as he was falling piece by piece from his arm to his finger. The parts that escaped were all turned into debris and dust, and then fluttered out, and finally turned into nothingness.

Zhang Yu looked at him with calm eyes. He didn’t just use “all the world in the same day”, but used the technique of “constant and ever-changing” as soon as he came up.

If a person with this divine ability cannot keep his magical power Heart Light within a certain limit, his body will collapse on its own.

Although it was only a moment of fighting, Su Zhan did not pay attention to the changes here at all in order to deal with the oppression of the law of the same day, but even if he noticed it, there was no way. After all, he did not do it at that time. If you evade, you will die on the spot.

Although he woke up at this moment, it was too late.

He looks at his body in pieces, and smiles bitterly. He looked at Zhang Yu and suddenly said, “Can I ask Zhang Shouzheng a question?”

Zhang Yu looked towards him and said: “Please speak.”

Su Zhan said: “At the beginning, the Yuandu sent a mysterious map of the Yuandu, and no one can hinder the advance or retreat. Wouldn’t it be better to be independent from the outside? Why must I merge into Celestial Xia?”

“I will answer you this question.”

Zhankong daoist stepped out of the void and appeared not far from Su Zhan. He said solemnly: “The reason I am willing to merge into Celestial Xia is because Celestial Xia is for people, not Forsaken people for the Tao.”

Su Zhan was startled, and said: “Is it that simple?”

Zhankong Daoist sighed: “The truth is simple, but how many sentient beings from all realms can truly achieve since ancient times?”

What more did Su Zhan want to say, but at this time, he obviously couldn’t do it anymore, but his expression moved, and his face broke together. After a few breaths, the whole person completely disintegrated into a ball. The ashes melted into the void.

Zhankong daoist sighed silently, Yuandu sent dao technique cultivation is not easy, ordinary disciplines can be described as a thousand choices, Su Zhan can be regarded as a genius who can cultivate to this level, and it is also remarkable when he only uses divine ability. Point, but he also knows that the other party has always been with him from beginning to end, so he can only let it go.

Zhang Yu looks at the death of Zhang Yu, but I don’t realize it is a pity. People who have been instilled by Shangchen Heaven since they were young, even if they are on Celestial Xia, they are only about being sent to prison in town. When Shangchen Heaven is suppressed one day, it may be released again.

Zhankong Daoist looked at all around and saw that there were some restrictions set by Shangchen Heaven at the far end, and he said: “Pan Dao, as a contemplation and governance, should also exert some effort and maintain integrity. The following matters will be left to Pang Dao. Right.”

Zhang Yu nodded and said: “Then trouble the fellow daoist.”

He changed his mind and returned to the upper layer guard palace, and then reported the situation to the Profound Court upper layer through Xuntian Dao Chapter.

After submitting the submission, he turned to look towards the temple on the side, where there is a brief map of Shangchen Heaven, which is mainly assembled according to the successive reports of Jin Zhixing. Although it is not complete, it can Look at a rough idea.

He stared at this picture, and then he will see how Shangchen Heaven reacts. It is not impossible to start a war directly with excuses, but if it is just to question or exert pressure, then there is no need to worry about anything.

Because Heavenly Secrets was disrupted, and the people who participated in the capture plan were killed on that day, and for the sake of stability, Ying Chong did not use Xuntian Dao Chapter to transmit, which led to the news of his failure not at all Can be transmitted back immediately.

A few days later, Lu Xingjie, an envoy stationed at Celestial Xia, obtained the Celestial Xia pass, and this was the way to report the matter to Shangchen Heaven.

After Gu Yangzi got the report, he immediately ordered someone to fetch the talisman that Yingchong had left in advance. It was a pity that he had seen the whole plan of the latter.

The feasibility of this plan is still great, especially if you don’t have to fight with Celestial Xia. This must be supported by everyone, but didn’t expect, and ultimately fell short.

He sighed: “The strategy of winning fellow daoist won’t work. I really missed a great opportunity at Shangchen Heaven.”

Tianhong Daoist said: “No matter how good the strategy is, it doesn’t work, so you don’t have to think about it. If it doesn’t happen, then I will do it according to my previous calculations. Just recall the Huanyang faction. What does the fellow daoist think? “

Guyangzi sighed slightly, and finally nodded and said: “That’s it.”

Tianhong Daoist was unconsciously refreshed, and said: “Okay, I will go down here to prepare.

Tianhong daoist thought, and said: “This matter can be prepared for the fellow daoist first, but before we start, we need to pick up the win dash fellow daoist back. These things are indispensable to the win dash fellow daoist’s plan.” /p>

Tianhong Daoist said: “This is natural, we can still afford to wait for a while.”

If the living body of the Jixu cultivator is destroyed, it will take at least a few years or more than ten years to return. If someone obstructs it, it will be too late to return, and usually return in the same place, unless It is someone who does the introduction, or leaves the arrangement ahead of time, before they can go elsewhere.

However, Ying Chong is always accustomed to leaving behind, and he was prepared before he came out, so he wouldn’t fall to Celestial Xia.

Guyangzi slowly said: “Lingdu Fellow Daoist, let me say that this is our last feasible strategy. Only the Huanyang School is not so friendly, this time… We always have to focus on one place.”



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