Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 977


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Above the Eastern Court, Chen Song looked at both eyes from the inside of the flying boat, then turned around and said: “Hu great craftsman, Wang great craftsman, and master craftsman, arrived at the boundary.”

The two great craftsman sitting on the seats looked at each other. They were both stove up and came to the edge of the bulkhead. At this moment, the bulkhead of the flying boat became transparent as if it were melting, revealing the bottom Scenery.

An island shaped like a horn is inlaid on the ocean. The island is filled with thick fog. It is not clear to see the whole picture. Only in the southeast corner can be seen a huge volcanic crater, from above, volcanic The crater is deep and dark and faintly discernible, as if it can swallow foreign things.

Out of caution, the great craftsman surnamed Hu asked, “Daoist Chen, is this here?”

Chen Song said: “It’s here. This is the place where we found a different God. In recent days, we often come out to find the trouble of my flying boat. Originally, I was waiting to destroy this place, but I wanted to do it here. The two creation weapons have to be tested.”

Hu great craftsman said: “That’s fine.” He walked to the seat, first took out a pair of goggles and put it on, then took out a metal box that he was carrying, and opened the places on the table. Later, cautiously took out a bottle of glass tube, which contained many fine silver white powder crumbs, which was slightly fluorescent.

Ann Young Gentleman couldn’t help but be eager to have a try, saying: “Two great craftsman, let me vote.”

The other king, great craftsman, laughed and said: “An master craftsman, let us know. Guo great craftsman can allow you to come here. It is already accommodating.”

An young man felt disappointed, but still had a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

Although Hu great craftsman was old, his hands were extremely stable. When he held the glass tube in his hands, the dust inside did not shake at all.

A platform stretched out beside the flying boat. He walked towards it, and the hatch opened naturally. He said, “Prepared.”

Hu great craftsman and An young man put on goggles neatly. Only Chen Song and the cultivator who walked with him were calm, standing there without any movement.

Hu great craftsman focused his eyes on the glazed tube, stretched out his hand and pulled the plug off, then slowly tilted the nozzle of the tube, facing the island below, and collapsed the debris.

When these pieces of dust are still in the glass tube, looks at like the softest snow particles, like they come out of the mouth of the tube. As long as they are blown by the wind, they will be scattered and swept away. When it fell, it became heavier, rustling like mud, falling like a snowball, starting from a little debris, and constantly tumbling and getting bigger, and when it reached the bottom, it was already the size of a fist. And moved towards the ground straight down.

Soon, the first debris touched the surface, there was no huge explosion, but a beam of light illuminating the sky flashed out, and follow closely from behind, more flashes burst out It kept flickering, its appearance resembled silent lightning raging back and forth in the sky, and it was over after a few breaths.

Chen Song has been looking below, even when the flash burst out, he did not look away. He saw that when the first fragment exploded, an eagle bird flying on the edge of the island was caught by the white light. As a result, his whole body was immediately stained with a layer of white, and then it fell on the surface of the sea, smashed into a mass of shattered debris.

The rays of light that lasted for a while gradually converged, and the two great craftsman took off the goggles and looked towards below. The young man was also lying outside the enclosure, tiptoe looking below, but the island was still foggy It is hidden, although it can be seen that the volcanic crater has been marginalized into white, the results are difficult to confirm.

Chen Song took out a piece of jade pendant and threw it out. The jade pendant rolled in the eyes of everyone, and went down, and then the shocking scene appeared, when the thing fell in that mass On the island’s thick fog, the fog is like a fragile glass wing being hit. With a crash, the whole is shattered and turned into countless small white gravels. Without this layer of cover, the whole view of the island It was also exposed to everyone.

The island in front of me has completely turned into a silver white world. All the trees and rocks that rise above the ground are turned into white dust. All the vitality is wiped out, including the mystical power that originally existed here. disappear.

Hu great craftsman was amazed at the moment, and said: “It’s just a little powder and it’s such a consequence,” he turned his head and said to the young man An, “Master craftsman, you have made a great thing. , This is a brand new profound weapon.”

The point is that this time they just took a little powder from the profound weapon, and this thing can exist for a long time, as long as it is not extinguished, it can be produced continuously.

Ann young man laughed, this is not entirely his credit, it is also something he made with reference to a weapon left by the original Divine Race of Ipar.

Hu great craftsman sighed: “With this, you can become a great craftsman in the next main institution and Heavenly Works Division evaluation.”

Wang great craftsman was a little worried, stroking his beard said: “This thing might be big or big, but it hurts the sky and the peace %”

Hu great craftsman disapproved and said: “What are you afraid of? This is used on the enemy. Those high position cultivators can cause more damage than this. It’s nothing.”

An young man turned his head excitedly at this moment and said: “Daoist Chen, can we go back? I want to dedicate these to the teacher, the teacher will be very happy.”

Chen Song said: “An master craftsman, wait a moment, I will check it here again, and I will send you back.”

In the void, as the flying boat approached, Yu Chang and Shi Daoist gradually saw the branch clearly, but the two of them stared at this moment and said in their hearts: “What is this?”

On this branch the size of an earth star, a huge multi-armed idol is carved out of it. The idol’s eyes are closed, and the body is deeply buried in the branches, like a deep sleep. It is close, the more I can feel the majestic vitality, as if this thing is a living thing.

Shi Daoist glanced a few times, and thought: “This thing is a bit like the legendary Tiangang divide general, it’s Shangchen Heaven’s handwriting.”

The divine general of Tiangang was the divine title given to the military commander by the human dynasty at the time of ancient Xia. Because it did not specifically refer to a certain person, the divine general of Tiangang differs in shape and legend, but is called that’s all The opposite is the Heavenly Fiend General, which is the private priest secretly, but it is only circulated among the people and is not published.

But if such idols appear here, then it is most likely that Shangchen Heaven did it.

Yu Chang said: “What does Shangchen Heaven leave this thing for?”

Shi Daoist said: “Shangchen Heaven has been expelled for more than three hundred years. Who knows what they have made? From the point of view of vitality here, maybe this thing is alive? No… this idol is still there. There is something.”

Yu Chang looked carefully, and through the surface of idol, he could indeed vaguely see that there was a huge body inside, which seemed to be just wrapped in idol, and it seemed to have grown inside.

Shi Daoist said: “I am a fellow daoist, I think it is better to report this to Profound Court as soon as possible.”

Yu Chang nodded, he immediately called Xuntian Dao Chapter, ready to pass the discovery back.

But at this time, he suddenly felt a tremble feeling. He looked out, but saw that idol’s originally closed eyes did not know when they opened. It seemed that the original deep sleep was disturbed by them, and at the same time the surrounding The atmosphere suddenly became depressing.

Shi Daoist hesitated and said: “Interesting, let me see what you are.”

A puff of azure smoke gushes out of him, flying in the sky, transforming into the appearance of spreading five fingers in the surging, grabbing towards the idol.

It seems that I feel the danger, and suddenly there are layers of branches on idol’s body that actively unfolded, and the peaks stretched upwards and plunged into the five fingers, and then wound up in circles, preventing them from going down. Coming down.

Shi daoist said with a smile: “Sure enough, it is a living thing.” The blue clouds shook their five fingers, and suddenly there was fire and fog spreading above them, burning off the branches that were pierced and rolled up, and then continued to fall, and handed them down. Idol, including the entire periphery, grabbed the whole branch, and then squeezed it in.

Eastern Court Fuzhou, in the Profound Mansion Star Hall, Zhang Yu suddenly incarnation wake from meditation, he walked out and looked at the Divine Tree in the courtyard. Rays of light were released from the canopy of this tree. It seems to resonate faintly with something.

He can feel that these resonance objects seem to be distributed in different realms, some seem to fall on the outer layer, and some seem to be on the inner layer land.

His pupil light moved slightly. Judging from the records of Ipar, this Divine Tree originally connected the inner and outer sky with many domes. After the collapse of this Divine Tree, part of the crown and trunk fell into The outer layer is in the void, while the root of the lower half of the tree remains in the inner layer.

Assuming that the things that are sensed in the inner layer are leftover roots, will those sensed in the outer layer be the canopy?

But why hasn’t it been sensed before, but now it suddenly appears? More coincidentally, this happened at the time when Shangchen Heaven began to attract the Huanyang Sect. This time point was extremely delicate.

He pondered for a moment, and he couldn’t help but make a bold conjecture, whether the canopy and branches of the tree that fell outside would be found and used by Shangchen Heaven?

This is not impossible. The treasure of Taoism similar to Shangchen Heaven is the Qingling Tianzhi, and the woods are naturally close to it. If so, it might be Shangchen Heaven’s plan.

He thought about it carefully. Anyway, this is a clue. He can’t touch the resonances in the outer layer for the time being, but he can try to explore the resonances in the inner layer to see if it is as expected. Like that.

Thinking of this, he sent an idea to the upper layer, and the main body could sense the cause, immediately changed his mind, and instantly differentiated into more than a dozen Shadow Transformations, which differentiated the resonance go with.



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