Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 978


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Somewhere on the inner layer above the desolate territory, one of Zhang Yu’s Shadow Transformation appeared in the sky.

His Shadow Transformation is made up of a bunch of Heart Lights of his own, but even so, it is also a Profound Venerable level, which is enough to deal with the inner layer overwhelming majority.

At this moment, he looked down, and there were scattered high and low grotto towers underneath. These buildings were all carved out of the superior cultivator of natural mountains. It is not difficult to see that this place was originally a prosperous country, but I don’t know why Time has been abandoned, and now you can only see the magnificence of the past in the sunset.

His gaze went all the way down, looking directly into the depths of the underground, and soon saw an incomparable gigantic root buried there. As he had guessed beforehand, it really was the remnant root of the Divine Tree of Ipal.

The Ipar Divine Tree has infinite vitality, capable of changing the surrounding heaven and earth environment on its own. It should be that after this thing broke, the vitality exuded attracted many living things to gather here and build on this thing A prosperous country.

However, after the divinity power scattered outside the Divine Tree bridged the break, it converged back, and the surrounding heaven and earth environment was no longer the same. The foundation of this kingdom’s existence was lost, and it was completely dead.

At this moment, his eyebrows flashed, and a divine light fell below. The roots, which were huge enough to enclose the surrounding mountain range, were dry and decayed in a short moment, and melted into the ground beneath their feet.

This is when he fully recovered the vitality of this thing into the Divine Tree’s own God’s Storehouse, and then will part of it into the Divine Tree planted by the Eastern Court Profound Mansion, It seems that the branches he harvested before are also handled in the same way.

At the same moment, on the Eastern Court Profound Mansion star platform, Zhang Yu incarnation stood in the Profound Mansion high court, looks at the Divine Tree in front of him, the rays of light emitted from the body is a bit brighter, every piece there The branches and leaves seemed to be rejoicing and full of vitality, while the phoenix bird that lived above spread its wings and screamed loudly.

Those dispatched Shadow Transformation are gradually filling in those roots. According to his inference, even if all the roots of the Divine Tree cannot be retrieved, it is okay to restore the old view of the original 5-60%.

From the current findings, except for a few scattered branches, most of the resonances in the inner layer are the roots of the Divine Tree. Then the outer layer is probably the crown and The rest is dry.

Although his current needs for this Divine Tree are not particularly urgent, he is still very happy if he can make this magical item that can be used to nourish the virtual land more perfect.

After all, the next step of cultivation is to improve oneself while continuing to send the spirit to the place. This divine item can undoubtedly help him in this process, since there is a chance Suddenly appeared in front of him, how could he miss it?

He looked into the sky and thought to himself: “It seems that I need to go to the outer layer.”

In the void, after the idol was tightened and pinched by the five fingers transformed by Shi Daoist azure qi, the vague body outline inside seemed to be stimulated in some way, and he was also struggling with resistance.

That idol actually held it with his big hand, opened his arms, grabbed the surrounding branches and leaves, and squeezed out from the inside forcibly, and when his body was exposed, his own divinity spiritual light bloomed, in It looked particularly dazzling in the dim void.

Shi Daoist slightly surprisedly says: “It has several points of brute force.”

He also urged the magical power. The five fingers first loosened slightly, and then retracted inward again. The power displayed this time was even greater, and the idol was suddenly suppressed again, showing the entire All the details are suddenly reduced.

Yu Chang’s expression is not at all relaxed. He can see that this thing still has more power, and there is a force inside that seems to burst out, I am afraid it is not so easily suppressed.

But Shi Daoist also didn’t show all his abilities. He seemed to use divine ability to suppress this thing in order to try to find out its origins. The same is true. He not at all stepped forward to help, and then he was on guard. Always ready to help.

At this moment, a message came from Xuntian Dao Chapter. He glanced at it and said with a serious expression, “Court Manager Chao, I don’t know what to explain?”

Chao Huan said: “Profound Venerable Yu, Profound Court hopes that you and Shi Profound Venerable can subdue this idol, and temporarily take it back to the place where you will be detained. Later, a fellow daoist will come to pick you up, and the two will not let this thing escape. That’s it.”

Yu Chang solemnly said: “I will obey the orders.” He pulled out from Xuntian Dao Chapter, and said: “Fellow daoist, Profound Court hopes that I can catch this thing alive.”

Shi Daoist looked relaxed, and said, “It’s easy.” He shook his hand out, and a golden lock ring flew out of his sleeve, turning into a number in the middle, densely packed The aperture of the azure qi instantly penetrated the five fingers, falling on the idol and the entire branch, firmly binding it.

As soon as this treasure fell, the power that was about to burst inside idol was suppressed, and could only struggle there.

But this is not over yet. After Shi Daoist succeeded, he looked straight, and kept chanting Taoist mantras there. In this mantra, the idol body gradually shrank, and finally turned into a palm. -size statue.

Shi Daoist stretched out his hand at this moment, and the statue broke away from the branches and fell into his palm.

Yu Chang praised this unconsciously: “I often hear people say that the lineage of the Fellow Daoist holds the curse of wishful change, but this time I have seen it.”

Shi Daoist shook his sleeves and said with a smile at the corner of his mouth: “Where, where, this thing actually has several points of strength, but there is no magical item for protection. This is what Shi has made that’s all.”

Yu Chang said: “I heard that Shangchen Heaven old ancestor is also very good at spells, but I don’t know if he casts Profound Venerable on this person, has several points of assurance?”

Shi Daoist pondered for a moment, and said: “I and Hun Kong have discussed the law in the past, but I regret that because he hurts others and hurts himself, he has never really discussed it. It’s hard to say how high or low it is here. , It depends on the array pivot to change. If you have to say, it is because he beats me in a curious way, and I control him to change.”

At this moment, an oval shadow appeared above, a golden light came down, and Bi Ming daoist stepped out from inside, and appeared in front of the two of them. He glanced at the scene and then bowed and said: fellow daoist, the Profound Court ordered me to come here and take the catch back.”

Shi Daoist threw the idol to Bi Ming Daoist and said: “I’m tired of the fellow Daoist.”

Bi Ming daoist took it, checked it, and put it in his sleeve. At this time, he looked towards the earth star-sized branch. After asking a few questions, he realized that it was the place where idol lives. He thought about it and decided I brought this thing back together, so I crossed over and settled down on it. After waiting for 20-30 breaths, the golden light flashed, and I already left with this thing.

At this moment, in Shangchen Heaven, Ying Chong is talking to Hun Kong old ancestor, who suddenly expression changed, looked somewhere, and win rushed: “What did the fellow daoist sense?”

Hunkong old ancestor shook his head and said: “It’s okay, it just seems that someone mentioned me. Maybe it is some Celestial Xia deceased, I think I will have the opportunity to meet.”

Ying Chong nodded and said: “I recruit Huanyang, Celestial Xia will not tolerate me.”

Hunkong old ancestor said: “Celestial Xia has been searching for the location of our main heaven and subordinate heaven recently. Those subordinate heavens are also that’s all. As long as Profound Venerable can escape, even if it is lost, It’s a pity, but if you don’t stop it, if Celestial Xia finds out where the main heaven is, then I’m afraid things are not going well.”

Win the rush: “Hunkong fellow daoist can rest assured, I have already deployed a manpower to deal with the Celestial Xia cultivator in accordance with the instructions of the three High Venerable, which can support a period of time, now I don’t have to worry too much.”

Hunkong old ancestor questioned: “Oh? I don’t know what means to win fellow daoist?”

As far as he knows, all Shangchen Heaven Profound Venerable are now in the inner territory of the main heaven, and most of them are cooperating with the Guyang trio to control the treasure of the town.

The Profound Venerable, which is attached to the universe, is now free from the constraints of the main universe. It is good to be able to guard itself without exposing itself, and it is impossible to go out to deal with Celestial Xia Profound Venerable. Where is the manpower for winning?

Win rushed: “Some things can be said to the fellow daoist now. After I was expelled from Shangchen Heaven into the void, I found something.”

He took out a branch from his sleeve, “This is it.”

Hunkong old ancestor looked at it and felt the rich vitality on it, and commented: “This thing is somewhat similar to Qingling Tianzhi.”

Ying Chong said: “It is somewhat similar. This thing belongs to a certain different God group in this world. It seems that this thing can be borrowed to cross the inner outer layer world, but it is a pity that this thing has long been broken.

When I discovered this thing, I also found more than ten bodies of different gods. Because of their mystical and the shadowing of these branches, they have not been melted by the void external influence, so one by one All in long deep sleep.

Therefore, the three High Venerable felt that it might be possible to change it slightly and refine these different Gods. If it succeeds, I will be able to obtain more than ten Profound Venerable level defenders. “

Hunkong old ancestor said: “If this is the case, I, Shangchen Heaven, can add a great help.”

Ying Chong threw the branch away, let it fall, and said: “But now it can’t be done. To successfully refining these different Gods, you need to get into the green spirit heavenly branches. It should be another 100 years It was successful, but now we need to draw back all the power of the Qingling Tianzhi to find the Huanyang Sect, and at the same time cover the main heaven, so these actions have to be stopped.

Once you stop, you can’t continue unless you start from the beginning. Instead of doing this, you might as well just take it out. Although only half of the refining is successful, it can only support more than ten years at most, but it can at least give Celestial Xia Some restraints will give us more time to attract the Huanyang faction. “

Hunkong old ancestor was silent for a moment, then said: “It’s a pity.”

Winning rushed: “It’s not a pity, it just means that this thing has nothing to do with me. Now that we can use it a little bit, it won’t be a waste of our previous efforts.”



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