Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 979


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Zhang Yu’s main body was cultivation in the palace, and when he was cultivating his spirit, the daoist suddenly arrived in the next week, saying that it was Wei Court Manager who asked him to identify something.

He came out of the palace, and followed him until the daoist of the next week came to a cloud platform, where Court Manager Wei was there, and a huge branch was placed on the sea of ​​clouds ahead.

At a glance, he knew that this was part of the Divine Tree in Ipar. He retracted his gaze, cups the hands politely, and said: “Wei Court Manager is polite.”

Wei Court Manager returned the courtesy, saying: “Zhang Shouzheng is polite, and labor Shouzheng came here to ask Shouzheng to take a look. Is this the Eastern Court different God?”

He took out the idol from his sleeve and passed it to him to watch.

Zhang Yu took a look. Although that idol has been reduced a lot, it is exactly similar to the original body, and he can feel the divinity power in it is no different from the Divine Race of Ipal that he has contacted. Go back and say: “It’s this different God.”

Wei Court Manager nodded, took it back, and said: “Shouzheng reported last time that these different Gods once clung to a Divine Tree that penetrates the outer layer of the inner world. Later, the era rotates, Divine Tree Part of the breakdown is scattered in the outer layer. I want to do this, but now it seems that the remaining Divine Tree of the Different God was used by Shangchen Heaven. According to Shouzheng, the Different God that fell outside is also absolutely extinct. There are more than one, and when there are still many out there?”

Zhang Yu said: “It should be so.”

Court Manager Wei said: “This time it’s Shi Fellow Daoist and I Fellow Daoist who met a different God. A single different God is not terrifying, but if they gather in one place, it is likely to be dispatched to me. The Profound Venerable and even the outer layer stars pose a threat, so I want to ask Zhang Shouzheng to inspect and clean up this generation.”

Zhang Yu nodded and said: “To fight against foreign enemies, it is the duty to keep the integrity, and this matter is handled by the imperial court.”

Wei Court Manager laughed and said: “Seize it here, just keep it up and take care of it by yourself.” After saying that, he took the statue, bowed, and left here.

Zhang Yu stood alone on the cloud platform, and he looked towards the branch floating above the sea of ​​clouds. Although some of the vitality was lost, a lot of it was left in it.

After a while, a divine light shot out from the center of his eyebrows, shining on the branch, and immediately recovered all this vitality into the place where the god Tree God hides. When the divine light disappears, the branch will also Then it turned into a cloud of fly ash.

He looked towards the outer layer, he was planning to go there to find the rest of the Divine Tree, but now it is just right.

Yu’s heart called silently, and a stream of light flew over and fell into his sleeve. After waiting for a while, a Dharma boat appeared in front of him.

This is the star boat that Lin Court Manager gave him to ride last time. Some of these things made it easy for him to find the Divine Tree branches and crowns scattered in the void.

He thoughts stirred and came into the body of the boat. As soon as his thoughts turned, an arched star trail appeared in front of him, and at the same time, there was a lot of traction.

He silently sensed the nearest place of resonance, and shifted the star trails, and there seemed to be countless stars in front of him. Only a moment later, he appeared in a strange void, visible in front of him. A branch comparable to a star exists, that section is even, and an idol is standing on it at this moment,

Different from the sleeping idol that Yu Chang and Shi daoist encountered before, this idol has already come alive, holding a wooden pestle in his hand, which uses that huge branch as a boat, The wooden pestle is an oar, wandering in the void.

When he discovered idol, this idol also saw the flying boat, and its body was shaking like a flame-like divinity spiritual light.

Zhang Yu looked at this idol indifferently. He sat in the flying boat and didn’t move. In the Heart Light, a sword light flashed. It had already flown out of the flying boat, and then cut it up.

idol roared silently and raised the pestle to try to cover it, but the flying sword came extremely fast. The movement was only half done, and it had already cut onto his body, and a burst of light suddenly burst out.

When the light dissipated, this divine general still maintained its original movement, but after a while, densely packed cracks appeared on its body, which then collapsed into countless pieces, and the divinity on its body The rays of light are scattered together, and then turn from bright to dark until it disappears.

Zhang Yu’s strength at this moment has improved more than a little bit compared to when he fought at the Ipar Temple, and what he faced this time was just an ordinary Ipar Divine Race, in his All-Severing Cut under the sword and was killed.

He turned his eyes to look at the branch, and the divine light between his eyebrows showed that all the vitality of this thing was collected, and the branches of the branch suddenly broke apart, leaving countless pieces.

In the whole process, he never got out of the Dharma Boat, and he didn’t even get up from his seat. At this time, he swept the star boat and looked for it next.

Two days later, Eastern Court Profound Mansion.

Zhang Yu incarnation stands on the star platform and looks at the Divine Tree in front. As the vitality continues to flow in, the branches of this Divine Tree become stronger, and the branches and leaves of the crown are like Wang Yang. Extending, it almost covers the entire Anzhou, which already has several points of Azure Sun Superior Continent great azure banyan imposing manner.

At this moment, he looked towards the distance, pondered these proposals for the establishment of the mansion handed over by the two provinces. With a thought, the two branches separated from the main trunk and drifted away with the wind, each in Anzhou. It fell somewhere outside, quickly took root inside, and within a few breaths, it grew into two towering trees.

Anju is almost stable as the Eastern Court state capital, but the endless jungle west of the Mountain of Serenity is still of great value. It is an uncultivated virgin land, where cannibals and non-Human Races reside in the jungle. There are so many abnormalities, and different Gods are also emerging in endlessly.

Although the Taibo Gods and Monsters, which should have come from outside in this era, were blocked in the outer layer, now only sporadic ones are still on the inner layer land, but the different God, which once prospered in the last era, is now on the rise again Signs.

Take the Eastern Court here as an example. This generation uses jungle as a cover, constantly trying to invade the Eastern Court continent, and trying to turn a large number of people and natives in the inner territory into its own followers, although under the restriction array defend It’s useless, but you can’t just let it go. Because there are always some people who will try to seek the power bestowed by the so-called gods.

And he has not forgotten that although the God Restoration Group disappeared under the successive suppression of Eastern Court, it was not at all really dead, so he planned to set up a military garrison outside Fuzhou as a shield, and planted it first. Two Divine Trees, and then strongholds can be built around here.

Shangchen Heaven, Rainbow Palace.

Ying Chong Daoist stands in the hall with negative sleeves, looks at a picture on the wall of the hall, on which is painted a section of emerald green horizontal branches with thirteen branches, but now two have turned gray.

This shows that two divine generals have been wiped out. Although he knew this thing could not stop Celestial Xia, they were wiped out in a few days, but they were not what he wanted to see. If this continues, it will not be able to contain Celestial Xia at all.

In fact, in addition to these, he does have chips in his hands, and there are more than one, but these were originally intended to be used in subsequent confrontations and should not be used too early.

Important chess pieces must be used with caution. If they are taken out now, it will be difficult to deal with any changes in the game.

Only when he turned this thought around, he was suddenly surprised to find that the picture had changed again, and another branch had changed from its original green color to a gray color.

He couldn’t help frowning. It stands to reason that these divine generals are scattered in the void. No one knows where each one falls, but it was broken so quickly. This should not be a coincidence, but rather like After a targeted attack, perhaps Profound Court has mastered the way to find these divine generals.

Considering that the branches that provide shelter for these different Gods are originally grown in the inner layer, then Profound Court may also have a part of it, so it seems that it is not impossible to find the outer remnants in this part.

He paced back and forth in the hall. If that is the case, then he needs to change his strategy as soon as possible, or simply give up these Tiangang generals and throw another chess piece decisively, or try to remedy the situation.

Generally speaking, direct remedy is not a good way, so you can deal with it passively. The only way to attack the enemy is to save, or to start another situation.

The problem is that the current Celestial Xia has no weak spot. The Profound Venerable two people are parading in a team. They could have started here, but this generation is backed by Yuandu Xuantu. Even if it can be defeated, it will only temporarily retreat , With the slightest lossless, next time you can come again, this is almost an unsolvable problem.

Outer layer Twenty-eight lodges, each lodge is guarded by Profound Venerable incarnation, and there is also a ban on defend. They can get the support of the Profound Court at any time. If they can attack by force, then they can’t make it to attract Huanyang faction.

So thinking about it, only to use offensive to offensive, to block the enemy who is clearing the divine general, at least to repel them, this is the only way to save this game at the moment.

After making up his mind, he no longer hesitated, and went straight to the side hall, where a four-armed daoist idol was enshrined, with a five-color wheel in one hand, a sun and moon plate in one hand, and two hands behind each other. Jue, he wears a golden crown on his head, a robe with silk armor, auspicious clouds around him, proudly looking around.

This is the real divine general.

He usually leaves behind in his work and makes best use of the available conditions.

When he first discovered those different Gods, he not only tried to refine these different Gods into generals, but also guided the thoughts of these different Gods in an attempt to create a god.

Because of the lack of training time, this divine eye on the gods is not yet complete, and has not reached the true expectations in his heart, but it can be used.

He took a talisman from his sleeve, chanted it several times, and threw it forward, and a cold light fell into the center of the divine general’s eyebrows. At the same time, he said: “Tiangang protector has become the order to hear the dynasty, order you to go out quickly Retreat from the offender.”

The divine general narrowed his eyes and moved his body, but the follower god walked directly down from the seat, came to him, half-kneeled, and bowed to cup one fist in the other hand, saying: Fate.” After the words, a fierce wind rolled up in the hall, flew directly out of the hall and rushed away.



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