Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 980


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Grand Profound Calendar January 15th, 388 years, Eastern Court Fuzhou.

Many disciplines in Profound Mansion suddenly saw that the giant tree located in the uppermost layer of Profound Mansion bloomed with golden rays of light, the tree body continued to grow, and the dense branches and leaves also expanded outward. In a short moment, it seemed to have reached the end of the sky.

In Profound Mansion, a few cultivators such as Xiang Chun, Chen Song and Cui Yue can find that this tree canopy is the part of the Mountain of Serenity occupied by the entire Eastern Court Fuzhou region, including Fuzhou. There is also the West Sea Territory and many islands are included.

Although the crown leaves are very large, after covering the entire continent, they quickly become faintly discernable, blending into the mist, and not affecting the sky at all.

At the same time, the vitality of infiltrating people’s hearts is also passed on to everyone in Fuzhou.

Many people are surprised to find that the old scars, scars, birthmarks and other things on their bodies are gradually disappeared, replaced by delicate and smooth skin, and some old man’s hair turns from white to black, from sparse to thick. The skeleton muscles have become stronger and stronger again, and some people even find new teeth are growing.

And some natives who have just entered the continent, faced these Gods Vestige-general scenes, they knelt down on the spot and worshipped the sky.

All the disciplines in Profound Mansion sat down like a blessed soul at this moment, and entered the meditation sitting.

These pure and moisturizing auras cannot enhance their cultivation cultivation base, but they can replenish the body, refine the divine soul, and consolidate the foundation to a certain extent.

Zhang Yu incarnation looks below on the star platform. In the continent covered by the Divine Tree, the environment will change in a direction that is beneficial to people. Ordinary people will get certain benefits if they bathe in this environment for a long time.

And more than that, this Divine Tree has its own mystical power, even if it is an ordinary person, as long as it is a citizen of Celestial Xia, then no matter where the person is in the continent, he can borrow one from the follower god tree at any time When the branch comes over, they can use this branch to pass their words to anyone who is also under the shade of this tree. This also means that even some deserted corners within the continent can be set foot in.

With all the benefits, more people can be attracted here from the 13 continents in the mainland, laying a solid foundation for the next expansion of the continent.

After watching for a while, he summoned Xuntian Dao Chapter, found Xiang Chun, and said to him: “senior brother Xiang, I have already seen the proposal from the two governments, and I am already outside of Anzhou. With the arrangement, Profound Mansion can start arranging.”

Xiang Chun immediately responded: “Subordinates comply with the order.”

In the Profound Mansion, all disciples came back to his senses one after another after a long time. They all feel comfortable physically and mentally, and have a clear and active consciousness. Although the cultivation has not increased, they feel that they are from the inside out. Was refined again.

In the Profound Mansion somewhere in the mission hall, Yan Yuming walked in from outside, holding a black and white tabby cat in his arms, with a triumphant expression on his face.

People who are familiar with him are all rolled the eyes. Yan Yuming has been showing off this cat these days, but in all fairness, everyone feels that this cat is black and white, it’s really pretty, and you can feel it There is also a weak mystical power above the cat, and he understands that this is a mystical creature.

Yan Yuming glanced a few times and found Yue Luo who was reading dao writing and called out: “Junior Sister Yue.”

Yue Luo found out that it was him, put down the booklet, curtsies, and said: “Senior brother Yan,” he also said hello to the cat, “Spoon fellow daoist, it’s polite.”

The tabby cat squinted her eyes, turned her ears twice, and looked at it as a response to her, but she knew that this cat looks at ordinary, but it has spirituality and can understand people. Said: “I really envy the senior brother.”

Yan Yuming laughed heartily, rubbing the cat’s head, while saying: “Luck, luck. Junior Sister works harder and gets the teacher’s gift, and he can be like the senior brother.”

Yue Luo gave a heavy hum.

Yan Yuming said: “I’m looking for Junior Sister today. Chief Xiang has already decided. The two governments will open up one or two more stations outside of Anzhou recently, as Anzhou’s screen guard and advance station. Point, maybe we will set up a new state capital here in the future. So we need to choose some disciplines to sit here, Junior Sister Yue, would you like to go with me?”

Yue Luo Xin happily said: “Is the matter settled? Senior brother, I am willing to go.”

This is a good opportunity for meritorious service, how could she miss it? She looked at the tabby cat in Yan Yuming’s hands. The more she looked at it, the more she liked it. She was also imagining, if she had been given the gift, what kind of creature should she make?

Only at this moment, she suddenly remembered something and said: “By the way, senior brother Yan, I heard that there have been many different gods recently in addition to Mountain of Serenity?”

Yan Yuming said with a smile: “Junior Sister Yue is you scared? This is not like Junior Sister Yue you.”

Yue Luo shook his head and said: “The little girl just heard that some people from the two provinces in Xuntian Dao Chapter recently said that the battle of Shangchen Heaven is now in sight, and it’s not right to open up the continent.”

Now in Xuntian Dao Chapter, it is not only the profound cultivator who speaks, but the officials of all continent government continents can pass on their own speech through the profound cultivator, and most of these speeches are from the local The transferred official.

These people say so, based on their own past experience, and think that at this time they need to cooperate with a big strategy. It should not provoke additional powerful enemies.

But the local officials of Eastern Court are different. For a hundred years, he has been living on this land that has been constantly invaded. He understands that simply defending will only lead to a narrower and narrower range of activities. In order to have more living space, even if there is a restriction array now, they have not changed these ideas.

The two sides have also been arguing.

Yan Yuming curl one’s lip and said: “If we don’t deal with those different Gods, won’t those different Gods come to disturb us? Eastern Court here, can’t compromise with the different Gods.”

Yue Luo ah nodded, said: “senior brother, when shall we set off?”

Yan Yuming said: “Just the past few days, the teacher has already established the Divine Tree branches there, and we can stand on our feet in the past.”

Zhang Yu main body is floating in the void at this moment. Since reaching the outer layer, he has eliminated two Heavenly Fiend Divine Generals one after another. Now, he also understands why he can clearly sense the existence of this generation. Up.

After the Divine Tree broke, all the remaining branches and trunks were actively closed in order to preserve themselves, condensed their vitality, and broke their involvement with divinity.

From the perspective of the divine generals who were destroyed by him, the Ipar Divine Race, who had survived or avoided the outer layer, relied on the remnants of the Divine Tree to sleep forever, and was found by Shangchen Heaven for some reason. And used it to refining, so that it became a weapon in Shangchen Heaven’s hands.

And when every “divine general” wakes up, it will inevitably stimulate the hidden vitality in the divine tree branches, which also triggers resonance with the power of Divine Tree divinity, which in turn makes those tree roots in the inner layer emerge Based on instinctive wishes, he sent out a response to reintegration.

He predicts that in the next few years, these inductions will not disappear, but he thinks that it won’t take so long for him, no matter how slow he moves, he can find all the stumps scattered in the void within a year. came back.

At this moment, the rotating star trails in front of him stopped, and he looked out, and he saw a remnant again, and the divine general there seemed to have not fully awakened.

It’s just at this time, he suddenly felt strange, his eyes turned away, and he saw that there was a violent wind blowing in the void, and before he came to the flying boat, the fiendish qi scattered, and a four-armed divide general appeared inside. Holding the sun and moon plate in one hand, holding the five-color wheel in the other, he was full of flames and proudly, he looked towards Zhang Yu, shouted: “You are the daoist who killed my followers?”

Zhang Yu focused his gaze and saw a smoke above his head with a divinity spiritual light behind him. Knowing that this is a god, he said: “Who do you respect?”

Cheng Chao raised his head and said: “I am Cheng Chao, the divine general guardian of Shangchen Heaven, that daoist, if you kill my disciples, you should be blamed!”

Zhang Yu’s gaze was calm, with a flick of his hand, a Sun and Moon Shine Again sent out, and at the same time there was a flash of light in the Heart Light behind him, and a sword light had already been cut over.

Cheng Chao took the sun and moon disc in his hand to sacrifice. This disc rose to the middle of the sky. After just turning, he directly collected all the might put in Sun and Moon Shine Again, and at the same time threw the five-color wheel outwards, and came to sword Although light is not biased, it is slow for a moment.

Zhang Yu nodded, this guardian divine general looks a bit divine general, much better than those forcibly modified Ipal Divine Race clansman.

But that’s all.

He used the divine ability to test again, and put the Heart Light on him, as if a round of light sun suddenly lit up in the void, continued to expand, and moved towards the person.

Cheng Chao didn’t dodge, his body divinity rays of light vacated, and he was not to be outdone who wanted to have a head-on confrontation with him, but at the next moment, his body was divinity rays of light with no difficulty. Destroyed, and then he was completely submerged by that piece of Heart Light.

After Zhang Yu took the Heart Light back, nothing was left in the void, but he didn’t leave here at all, nor did he leave the Divine Tree not far away, but Waited there.

in just a moment, there was fiendish qi floating in the void again. After dispersing, Cheng Chao appeared there again. As soon as he appeared, he took the initiative to rush towards him.

Zhang Yu sat still in the flying boat, still pressing the Heart Light up.

This time Cheng Chao seemed to know that he couldn’t carry it hard, so he suddenly turned into a fiendish qi and dodged it out, seeming to be ready to attack when Heart Light turns weak.

Only at this moment, a flying sword suddenly came up, and the five-color wheel in his hand responded by itself, as if he wanted to control the flying sword like the last time.

However, at this moment, a divine ability fell on him. Even people with magical items were paused. In such a gap, he was swung around by the flying sword that came over, and his head fell down, but his arms Still waving there, at this time the sword light turned, and came in from the back. Under the explosion of power, the body was burst into countless fragments!



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