Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 981


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When Zhang Yu and Cheng Dynasty met, on the other side of the void, Righteous Purity daoist and Wei Wei were still searching for the whereabouts of Shangchen Heaven.

Through the magical item on the flying boat, they found two sub-spaces of Shangchen Heaven one after another, but the two boundaries were empty, and everyone was evacuated in advance.

Righteous Purity daoist said at this time: “We have been out for a long time, and we have been infested by void external influence for a long time. It is time to go back and rest. After the spirit is restored, it will not be too late to come and search.”

Wei Wei was unwilling, and said: “Senior brother, we didn’t find anything. Just going back, wouldn’t it make people laugh?”

Righteous Purity daoist said: “I waited on the orders of the Profound Court to search for the enemy, how can I be arrogant? And if you are not in harmony with the internal qi, how can you do it?”

Although Wei Wei seemed reluctant to do this, Righteous Purity was his senior brother after all. Even though he seemed unwilling to admit defeat on the surface, he did not say anything again.

The Righteous Purity daoist was about to urge the Dharma boat to turn away, but at this moment, he moved slightly paused because he saw the jade spoon on the jade platform spun quickly, and then pointed straight to a certain place .

He moved towards where he was pointing, and he revealed an airspace above the branch in front of him. He concentrated on it for a moment, and said: “It seems that I can’t turn back for the time being.”

When Wei Wei saw it, he was in high spirits and said: “senior brother, shall we go in for a look?”

Righteous Purity daoist nodded, this airspace is also changing at any time. If you miss this time and come again next time, you may not be able to find it again.

As soon as he urged the ark, he hurried away there, and instantly turned into a flash of light, directly rushing into that piece of heaven.

Wei Wei looked out, and he quickly discovered a different place. There was a lot of vitality here, instead of just a dead silence like the previous two heavens.

He is slightly refreshed, which probably means that the people here have not left, because if there is a cultivator in a piece of heaven, it is impossible to have only the cultivator itself, and it also needs the existence of various creatures, and conversely, there are various Similar creatures exist, it is very likely that there is also a cultivator.

In the distant mountains, there is a floating hall hidden in the clouds and mist. A middle-aged daoist stands on the platform, looking at the water mirror in front of him with an extremely solemn expression. a flying boat, he said: “The order is passed down, and all the restriction arrays are sacrificed, and…”

He called an old daoist, “senior brother, you immediately report to Shangchen Heaven, saying that the people of Celestial Xia have found us, let them send someone to help immediately!”

The old daoist hurriedly said: “Yes, I will report the letter right away.”

Shangchen Heaven, Qingkong Tianyuan.

Ying Chong is coordinating the overall situation on the Rainbow Palace, and news from all aspects is passed to him, but he seems to be staring at something right now.

At this time, a discipline hurried over and submitted a letter, saying: “Sect Founder, Gushang Tianyuan’s Profound Venerable, through Tianzhi, said that he was attacked by Celestial Xia and asked us to help.”

Ying Chong took a look, considered for a moment, and said: “You go back and reply to him, and you want us to rescue him, and we also need to figure out who the person is, so we can treat people well, if he feels unsure of dealing with it. If you come, try to get away by yourself, and when you get to the place that you told him in advance, someone will naturally respond.”

The disciple replied respectfully and stepped back.

After winning the rush to send the recipe, return to the hall and continue to stare at a certain place.

At this moment, he can see through the Qingling Tianzhi placed on Cheng Chao’s body that it turns out that Zhang Yu was the one who destroyed the divine general everywhere.

Although he had already judged this in his heart, he still couldn’t help sighing at this moment. Zhang Yu is considered to be the opponent he is least willing to play against. The latter’s past record proves, even if it is the same. The cultivator of virtual attainment has no chance of winning against this one.

As expected, Cheng Chao was killed twice as soon as he came up.

He didn’t panic, because even if Cheng Chao couldn’t beat his opponent, as long as he still had his trust in himself, he continued to gain strength, and then this divine general could regroup, even if he couldn’t beat Zhang Yu. It is difficult to entangle it for a while.

And this sustenance is a blue spirit sky branch given to him by the three Guyang, and also gives him the authority to use part of the sky branch power in dangerous situations.

This is not without its shortcomings. After all, the power of sustenance is limited. Impossible to spend endlessly, but Zhang Yu doesn’t know this. He only hopes that Zhang Yu can avoid this divine general after repeated failures.

It’s not that he is thinking too good about it, but that there is a void external influence in the void after all. Zhang Yu is impossible and entangled for too long. After all, he has to retreat to rest, as long as it can be dragged. It was fine then.

In the void, even though Zhang Yu killed Cheng Chao twice in a row, he still stayed where he was.

Because he also understands that things like divine general have a sustenance place. As long as they can’t be trusted, they are impossible to kill with a single blow.

Just now, he took a look at it with an eye seal, and found that the sustenance was not here, and it was difficult to attack the root.

But it doesn’t matter. Every time the Cheng Dynasty gathers together, it also has to pay a certain price. The person is impossible to return infinitely. At the worst, kill it over and over again, until its end.

This divine general is not here to kill himself today, so he will go elsewhere to deal with other people. Since he is defending and hit this thing today, he must be dealt with.

At this moment, the fiendish qi whirled out of thin air, reappears towards reappears and rushed towards Zhang Yu location, but when it was still halfway up, countless Cicada Wings Flowing Lights approached.

He snorted and squeezed the two arms behind his back into a magic mantra. The golden crown on the top and the silk robe on his body were all shining brightly, blocking this out.

The five-color wheel in the front of his hand was not moved, and he kept the flying sword to guard against possible attacks. After all, he was beheaded twice, so he had learned a little more cautiously.

Sure enough, he suddenly noticed a sharp warning sign coming from the induction. He hurriedly moved the five-color wheel, but the magical item had not yet activated its effect, his head burst open, and the headless body was turned back. When the sword light is twisted, it turns into countless shatter light spots.

Zhang Yu has already tried out the details of the magical item in Cheng Chao’s hands in previous moves. This time sword light has already increased his strength by 30%, and All-Severing Cut has both power and speed. As the strength increases, the speed is also faster. If Cheng Chao uses his previous experience to resist, he will naturally be destroyed in one blow.

And this time, after killing his person, he looked into the void, with rays of light moving in his eyes. After a while, the flying sword hovering outside flashed until somewhere, there was a fiendish. Qi emerges out of thin air. Cheng Chao just revealed himself from the inside, but was suddenly hit by this blow. His expression became stiff, his silhouette swayed like bubbles, and it was shattered.

Zhang Yu played with a sword and never received the sword. He continued to watch the void there. Although he could not find the thing he had put in, he could hardly eradicate one of them, but after several fights, he could already see him. Internal qi, with the ability of eye seals, can first find the place where it becomes incarnation again, and directly kill it!

When Ying Chong saw this, he sighed.

Although Cheng Chao has no fear of life and death, his fighting ability is far worse than Zhang Yu. If it continues like this, there will be no suspense in this battle.

It’s just that he thought about it. There is actually a fighter plane that is not a fighter plane.

If all the divine generals scattered at this moment are gathered, is it feasible to help Chengchao? One or two Tiangang divine generals are not Zhang Yu’s opponents, but all of them are left to besiege, then Zhang Yu is also impossible to pass the enemy, and then go further, or they may besiege Zhang Yu.

Although the Profound Court has the Yuandu Xuantu, it can quickly move the helping hand to Zhang Yu’s side, but he also knows that the more people the Yuandu Xuantu mobilizes, the longer the preparation time will be. The divine general is there, so even if one or two come in a short time, it will not have much effect on the battle.

Do you want to do this?

As soon as this thought passed through his mind, he made up his mind.

Because the dynasty is ruined, the remaining divine generals can’t get rid of the fate of being wiped out one by one by Zhang Yu. Unless they return to the main heaven, it will be useless no matter where they flee, but the main heaven cannot be exposed. Yes, in this case, it would be better to take this opportunity to let them gather together in advance.

Regardless of whether Zhang Yu can be besieged or not, when so many divine generals gather together, it is not so easy to deal with.

Under the plan, he immediately began to send orders.

Because those divine generals are only half the success of refining, it is difficult to accept complex commands, so at first he just gave this generation a command to harass Celestial Xia or Celestial Xia Profound Venerable, but it became the god of the gods, but Able to issue commands to gather these divine generals to themselves. Therefore, through the involvement of Qingling Tianzhi, he directly gave this order to Cheng Dynasty, asking him to try to gather those divine generals to his side.

At this moment, Cheng Chao was killed by Zhang Yu again, but he also learned to be smart, divinity avoided in the virtual domain, and did not rush to show up.

Different from the cultivator, these methods actually also cost the essence of the sustenance, but it is much less expensive than killing it and reuniting it. At this moment, he also received a winning pass, and followed this order without the slightest hesitation.

Those Tiangang divine generals can be regarded as his believers at this moment. There is a connection between the two sides. When they heard the call, they fell to him and gathered.

Zhang Yu is waiting patiently for Cheng Chao to appear at this moment, just like the living body of Ji Xu cultivator killed in the world, where his person is destroyed, after returning, he can only fall there. Although the specific location is different, But the large range is still fixed.

And at this moment, he suddenly had some inexplicable induction.

This feeling came from the hiding place of follower god Tree God. He found that the branches that resonated with Divine Tree were moving. Seeing that, it seemed to be moving towards the same place. He silently checked in his heart, but he suddenly discovered that this generation was actually coming to his place!



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