Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 982


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Zhang Yu noticed the intention of the other side, and couldn’t help but change his mind. Those divine generals were unable to withstand a single blow when fighting against him alone, but this time the divine generals were no less than ten. Counting, if you add Cheng Dynasty, he is not necessarily sure that he can overcome it.

At this time, the safest choice is to report the matter to the Profound Court, and those waiting to be dispatched come and work together to kill it. After all, if there are more people who can bully fewer people, then why should one go up and fight alone?

But he thought again, would Shangchen Heaven have any other arrangements behind this policy?

After all, it is easy for Yuandu Xuantu to send people one by one, but it is not a simple matter to transfer people together. The more people, the more difficult it is to transfer.

Although the treasure of Shangchen Heaven has been constrained, it is hard to say how much power can be left outside. If it sets a trap for this, or it has no intentions, it can gain enough results after seeing it. Later, I decided to use it. It’s all possible.

In this case, it is better for him to fight here alone. It is easy to advance and retreat, or encounter danger, Yuandu Xuantu with no difficulty can transfer him elsewhere.

After thinking about it, he immediately called Xuntian Dao Chapter to talk about the situation in general, and also told Profound Court his concerns.

Profound Court received the news, and after a little discussion, he responded.

This time I was talking to Feng Daoist. This one has returned to Profound Court at this moment. He said: “Zhang Shouzheng, Profound Court has adopted your suggestions and agrees with what you said. This is an excellent way to clean up this generation. Opportunity.

But you can rest assured that if you see that the situation is not right, Profound Court will ask the Court Manager Chen to personally pick it up. This time, these divine generals must be killed!

Also, the Profound Court will send you a treasure through Yuandu Xuantu later, so that you can suppress the four-armed divine general by being upright. “

Hearing what he said, Zhang Yu knew that the Profound Court had been properly arranged, so he nodded and said: “many thanks fellow daoist.” After speaking, he took back the Grand Dao Chapter.

After a few more breaths, the oval shadow above the zenith appeared, a golden light fell, and a white rainbow flew towards him.

He stretched out his hand to hold it, and took a look in front of him. He saw that this was a vivid jade crane with one word on the left and right wings, and together it was “Zhuyu”.

The heart turned inside, knowing what to do, and now he flew the Heart Light into it. This jade crane was so excited, his wings flapped twice, and his feet flew up from the palm of his hand with a kick Into the void, first turn around in all directions, and then moved towards a certain aspect like a sharp arrow shot, and a peck at a certain void!

The place where you pecked was clearly empty, but it seemed as if it had hit the real thing, and there was a mass of fiendish qi gushing out, but the Chengchao was forced into the world from the void. Forced to show up.

It has just appeared, and before it condenses, a sword light has flown in, killing its silhouette instantly.

At this moment, that Yuhe also raised his neck, and his beak pulled out a strand of internal qi from Cheng Chao shatter’s body, and swallowed it into his abdomen, and at the same time he let out a joyful spirituality cry. Obviously what benefits have been gained in this process.

After the long sound, the jade crane continued to soar without waiting for him to urge, and circled around, pecking at a certain place like the last time, and it was once again forcing Chengchao to manifest itself.

Zhang Yu is easy to play now. With this treasure, you just need to sit in the flying boat, send the flying sword and kill it, and if you can kill it first, he doesn’t have to Staying here, you can directly escaping light to find those divine generals that surround you, and destroy them one by one.

In Gushang Tianyuan, the old daoist hurriedly came to the middle-aged daoist and passed the letter up and said: “senior brother, Shangchen Heaven has replied, and asked us to confirm who came, and then report back. , Lord Heaven can send people to help.”

The middle-aged daoist took the letter and looked at both eyes, but sighed: “That’s all, if it is reported, Shangchen Heaven will definitely not send it to help.”

The old daoist asked in surprise: “Senior brother, why is this? The main heaven doesn’t care about our denominations, don’t you care about the senior brother?”

He said anxiously: “If the Lord Tianyu abandons us, and other sects hear about it, wouldn’t everyone be in danger? Who else is willing to help them? And if there is no we support, Shangchen sent another family Why should we negotiate terms with the Huanyang faction?”

The middle-aged daoist sighed and said, “How can Shangchen Heaven not understand this truth? But if someone else is here, the Lord Heaven will come to help, but this person who comes back…” He shook his sleeve. Poke a cloud of mist in front of you, “Let’s take a look.”

The old daoist took a look and saw two daoists appeared there. One of them was extremely high, and the daoist was very clear, and this one seemed to have noticed his peeping and looked at him. There was a sting in his eyes, he couldn’t help but back two steps, and said in amazement: “Righteous Purity?”

Although he is not Profound Venerable, he has cultivated five-six hundred years, and he naturally recognizes Righteous Purity. Knowing that this magical power is extremely high, there are few Profound Venerables that can be compared. In fact, he It’s not sect magical item protection, I just looked at that, I’m afraid it will be hit hard.

The middle-aged daoist sighed: “It is Righteous Purity. Its cultivation base is so high. Shangchen Heaven is afraid that there are only three High Venerables who can fight against it. The three High Venerables can’t get out at all now, even the others If we are willing to give full support, there is nothing to do with this person, let alone we are not from Shangchen Heaven’s school, even if we are, they will never do anything for this.”

The old daoist’s heart suddenly panicked, and said: “senior brother, then…Shall we go now? Shangchen Heaven also said, you can meet me and wait…”

The middle-aged daoist said: “But there are so many sect members and disciples in our door, do you just leave it alone?”

The old daoist was busy persuading him: “Senior brother, as long as we are there, then I will send inheritance. When we find a place to stay, we will ask for some people to come over, and we can still establish a sect. Of the door, will the sect be re-established in hundreds of years?

But if the senior brother…and me, if we are all lost here, then we will be cut off here, senior brother, time is running out, we must make a decision! “

The middle-aged daoist was silent for a moment, sighed, and said: “For the sake of the sect, I can only keep this body. It’s better to evacuate first.”

The old daoist was busy and echoed: “Yes, yes.”

The middle-aged daoist said in a sincere tone at this time: “It’s just that if I leave, someone needs to stop here, so I will trouble the junior brother to guard here.”

old daoist expression changed, and said anxiously: “senior brother, brother is not Profound Venerable, how can he take on this important task?”

The middle-aged daoist said: “But besides you, who can keep here?”

The old daoist hurriedly said: “You can’t do it, you can’t. There is a heart seal given by sect on the boy. If he is lost, wouldn’t he be ashamed of the sect?”

Middle-aged daoist nodded and said: “That’s right, the seal of the Zhenxin must not fall into the hands of outsiders,” before the old man looked relaxed, he said resolutely: “In this way, the junior brother, you give the seal of the Zhenxin I’ll take it away. With you, it’s hard for me to get away. If you want to pass on sect and preserve it, you are willing to do the same?”

“No, I…”

old daoist subconsciously retorted, looks at the middle-aged daoist, staring at himself indifferently, his heart beating wildly, gritted his teeth and said: “senior brother, the younger brother is a big plan for the sect. For the sake of the sect, I am willing to stay.” He took it from him. I got out of the jade seal and handed it up trembling.

The middle-aged daoist nodded and said: “Then please ask the junior brother here.” He stretched his finger up, and the jade seal suddenly turned a white rainbow and flew out.

In the stunned gaze of the old daoist, Shen Daoist’s body gradually dissipated, and finally turned into a breeze and drifted away. Only then did the old daoist realize that he had already left alone before talking to him. After going, he was simply not discussing with him, but just to take away the Zhenxin Seal, he couldn’t help but curse in secret.

At this moment, there is a disciple coming to the heavenly station, and the first salute, and said: “uncle master, you guys same sect come to ask me to ask, what restriction array defend should be?”

old daoist snorted, said ill-humoredly: “What to guard? Your uncle master is gone, without Profound Venerable guard, do you think I can guard it?”

The disciple was surprised, “Then, what should I do?”

The old daoist waved his hand weakly, and said, “Go down and let go of the mountain gate, so you can save your life.”

The discipline hesitated for a while, gritted his teeth and said: “Uncle master, if we surrender Celestial Xia, then there will be no Gu Shangpai in the future.”

old daoist sneered, “Gu Shangpai? What is Gu Shangpai? Is it you or me? I tell you, only the senior brother Shen and his Shen Da Sect Master are. Don’t take yourself too seriously. ”

He paused and said: “Now that Shen Sect Master is gone, then there is nothing more to send. Send me an order to remove all restrictions from me!”

Shen Daoist took the first step to escape, and came out of the heavens without any trouble. He looked back and saw that no one was chasing him. Then he felt relieved.

But at this time, he suddenly noticed something was wrong, and suddenly turned around, but saw a young daoist standing there. He couldn’t help but feel shocked and said: “Righteous Purity?”

Righteous Purity daoist look indifferently said: “Fellow daoist Shen, why must anxiously leave?”

Shen Daoist’s expression changed several times, and at this moment, he suddenly saw that the void was filled with clear light, which suddenly filled his own vision, and his figure suddenly became a rainbow light and flew away.

However, no matter where he rushed, he couldn’t get out of the scope of the clear light. He displayed various divine ability dao art, but he fell into the clear light without any response until he was completely swallowed by the clear light.

After a few breaths, in addition to the clear light, Shen Daoist appeared out of thin air. This time he turned the rainbow light and fled outside without turning his head back. Although he has no attainment, it may be cultivated until now. There are also techniques to replace the dead, but not far after he went out, he saw a talisman crashing down.

He was about to dodge in shock, but when the rays of light flashed on the talisman, it was muddleheaded and then involuntarily thrown into it.

The talisman took him in, and the rays of light grabbed it and turned it into a piece of ordinary talisman paper, which floated down, and was finally held by the Righteous Purity daoist. He put the talisman in his sleeve and he looked The calm riding light left here.



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