Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 983


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Ying Chong stood in the Rainbow Palace, but his consciousness was a place where he looked to the void, where there was a green branch.

This is the blue spirit sky branch dedicated to the divinity of the dynasty, but now, three-fifths of it has become bleak.

The speed at which this object was destroyed was far beyond his imagination.

Once this branch completely loses its vitality, it means that the divinity of the dynasty has completely disappeared.

After Zhang Yu was able to find where Cheng Chao appeared, it was difficult for him to see the fighting scene of both sides through Cheng Chao’s sight, so now he has no idea what happened in the field.

He thought for a while, assuming that this was done entirely by Zhang Yu’s own ability, that’s okay, but if there is help from other places here, it is most likely that Profound Court has provided a helping hand. , Then this means that Zhang Yu and the Profound Court behind him are aware of his intentions.

This is not impossible. After all, Zhang Yu can accurately find those divine generals, so the divine general’s changes at the moment may be detected.

But whether that’s the case or not, this move of gathering all the divine generals is correct. Because gathering together still has several points of arithmetic, spreading out is the dead end, which is the best he can do under limited conditions.

At this time, he looked at a discipline and hurriedly walked into the hall and asked: “What’s the matter?”

The discipline lowered his head and said: “teacher, Gu Shang Tianyuan was attacked by Righteous Purity and his junior brother Wei Wei, Shen Profound Venerable failed to escape, and the sect has fallen.”

Winning rushed: “Righteous Purity? Gu Shangpai did not lose injustice. Shen Profound Venerable failed to get out, I think it is not because he did not try his best.”

The disciple asked: “Will this news be passed on to the other denominations?”

Win rushed: “Tell them.”

The discipline hesitated for a while and said: “teacher, they can’t enter the main heaven, they are already in a panic. If they know this, will they…”

Win rushed: “What will happen? Will you go to Celestial Xia? Their discipline is okay, their disciple can, and they are still the disciple, or the discipline, but if they pass by themselves, then it is nothing.”

That discipline looking thoughtful.

Ying Chong said again: “Not to mention that they don’t know if I don’t say it? Let them be prepared in advance. If the valley pie can be more decisive this time, Shen Profound Venerable will not be able to escape.”

The disciple said yes, and after a bow, he withdrew.

Ying Chong stood still and meditated.

Every Profound Venerable is the backbone of Shangchen Heaven, and he feels sorry to lose one. Although this Profound Venerable is only from a sect, this is the power of Shangchen Heaven.

If Righteous Purity is to continue like this, the loss may not be limited to Gu Shangpai.

However, he is impossible to violate Shangchen Heaven’s rules and put people who subordinate to the denomination into the main heaven, so he can’t change the situation. Speaking of which, Celestial Xia has much more rules than Shangchen Heaven, which can be reflected in reality, but on the contrary, he is more restrained here.

He can’t change the overall situation, but he can find a way to make up for the loss this time.

He turned his mind and walked out with incarnation. After two steps, he walked into a virtual realm, and then walked out along a long branch.

After his feet settled down, he already appeared on a plain. This was the help of the sky branch of the blue spirit, and he had directly landed in a certain place attached to the heaven.

After a few blinks, he appeared in front of a residence, where a gatekeeper was dozing off in front of the door.

He stepped directly into the door of the room and walked inside, and no one of the servant servants noticed him until he reached the inner hall. He stopped walking only after he reached the inner hall.

Jin Zhixing sat behind the futon, with a jade book spread out on the case, as if he was thinking about something. He looked up and saw that Yingchong was standing there. He couldn’t help but be startled, busy. Getting up from the seat, came to the case, bowed, and said: “How come to win Profound Venerable?”

Ying Chong took a look at the case and said: “What is Jin Fellow Daoist doing?”

Jin Zhixing hurriedly said: “Recently, as instructed by the professor, the professor chased the Grand Chaos, but felt that every time he taught the dao technique, he had to explain the dao technique again, so this Jin was trying to write it down. It’s also good for people to read and figure out for themselves.”

Ying Chong stretched out his hand and took the jade album over. In order to compile dao writing, he also delved into some profound techniques. Just by looking at it, Jin Zhixing was not perfunctory, but used it. Heart.

If you keep it in the past, if you see these things in Shangchen Heaven, he will destroy them without saying a word. The reason is simple. Since those disciplines that are not direct legacy clerks can get the dao technique by chasing Grand Chaos, Then why go to worship the ancestors again?

Only now, in order to make up for the power of Shangchen Heaven, he has to introduce the method of Chaotic Chapter cultivation.

He said: “It’s been a long time since Jin Fellow daoist voted for me, Shangchen Heaven. Last time, thanks to the help of Jin Fellow daoist, I had the first profound cultivator. I was Shangchen Heaven. Any merit will be rewarded, and any demerit will be punished. I also remember your merits.”

Jin Zhixing said respectfully on the face: “Shangchen Heaven took in this Jin during the time of crisis. This Jin is grateful and should serve Shangchen Heaven. Such facts cannot be praised.”

Ying rushed: “These words don’t need to be said. In Shangchen Heaven, everyone has some thoughts in their hearts. You also have Golden Profound Venerable, but I can tolerate it at Shangchen Heaven.”

When Jin Zhixing heard him say “think carefully,” he seemed to have a point. Although he looked at calm on his face, he was really shocked in his heart.

Winning rushed: “Golden fellow daoist has come to me, knowing that in my Shangchen Heaven, the benefits of Profound Venerable are by no means comparable to the outside. Paused, slowly said: “It is not comparable to Celestial Xia . “

Jin Zhixing lowered his head slightly and said, “Yes, this Jin understands it, otherwise he would not come to Shangchen Heaven when he came out of Gloom City.”

Ying rushed to see him for a moment before he said: “I already know the request made by the Fellow Daoist before. It is nothing more than the discipline that’s all with aptitude. I can allocate this to you as much as possible.” /p>

I treat the fellow daoist with sincerity and hope that the fellow daoist will report to me. I need the fellow daoist to try to teach at least another Chaotic Chapter Profound Venerable within one year. Is it possible for the fellow daoist to do that? “

Jin Zhixing didn’t dare to refrain, replied: “This Jin should be able to do it.” He said in his heart: “As long as you bear the cost of losing these disciplines, then I can be cruel.”

Win Chong got his affirmative answer, saying: “Okay, then I will wait for the fellow daoist when the time comes to give me back.”

He turned around and walked out. Regardless of whether Jin Zhixing is a person or not, as long as he can teach Chaotic Chapter Profound Venerable for the professor, even if there is only one, then he doesn’t care about the rest.

Outside the palace gate, his incarnation disappeared like a smoke.

After he left, Jin Zhixing stood up straight again and snorted in his heart, secretly thought: “And let you be proud of it for a few days, when Celestial Xia breaks down to Shangchen Heaven one day, see if you have anything else Airy.”

In the void, a sword light fell in a ball of fiendish qi. After the condense came and couldn’t hold on for two breaths, he shattered away again.

Zhang Yu feels at this moment that after he successively killed, the internal qi of this person is not as good as before.

Not only did it not come from his destruction, but every time his person was cut, the jade-pecking crane pecked away a part of the divinity from his body.

This is the basis of this person’s existence, just like the essence of a cultivator, if you don’t go away, you will become weak.

At this moment, he clearly felt that those divine generals who were in different realms were speeding up.

This subtle change undoubtedly shows that Cheng Chao is almost unable to hold on, so he is eager to call these divine generals to his side.

While thinking about it, the jade crane’s long beak fell, and it accurately hit a fiendish qi. In fact, it was more like pecking Cheng Chao out of hiding. When he saw this scene, he was about to shoot. , Suddenly felt, the pupil light turned, and saw a divine light stabbing shatter void in the distance, and moved towards him with a fierce imposing manner.

He immediately discerned that this was the divine general that he was going to deal with after he got into this void, but after Cheng Dynasty appeared, he had no time to pay attention to it, but this divine general did not join the fighting later. , Has been dormant aside. But now he has launched an attack on him, don’t need to think too much, this must be the goal to be able to gather his body, so let the divine general contain him.

He sat still in the flying boat, and the rays of light flashed behind him. As the rusty star dust fell, there was a brilliant star cicada flying out of itself, like a silver river-like thin wing. With a fan, the ten thousand star lights in the inner center were lit up one by one, and then these rays of light gathered in an instant, moved towards the divine general that day, and the void suddenly lit up.

At the same time, the flying sword accurately landed on the body of Cheng Chao Ju, and Yu He followed up with a peck, piercing it like a bubble without any suspense.

At the time of its shatter, the sky light also fell by itself, and the divine general had already scattered ashes and dispersed smoke under that “all worlds and same day”.

Zhang Yu expression was indifferent, the divine light of the eyebrows fell, and the light fell on the branch of the Divine Tree in the distance, taking advantage of the opportunity to take back the vitality left there, and then sent it to God’s Storehouse.

Mysterious Chaos Cicada hovered around outside of him, and wherever he passed, there was a dazzling star dust trail,

Mysterious Chaos Cicada has been staying in the God’s Storehouse of Divine Tree before, harvesting vitality from it, and nourishing itself. As the vitality of Divine Tree is gradually recovered, Mysterious Chaos Cicada has benefited from this, and its strength has also continued. grow.

The current Mysterious Chaos Cicada visualization picture is actually equivalent to another him, but if you want to display all his divine abilities and might, you can’t be too far away from him. Entering this range is the time for it to show off.



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